Naven: After how many years of not writing?

SK: …. Three….

Zim: hmph. And with a brand new story.

SK: Yeppers! It's a cross over but I'll keep you guess what it is till the end! Mwhahaha! Enjoy.


Duo stalked through the small American suburb, a cloud of depression hovering above his head. Everything had changed absolutely every-, he passed by a pitch black house that seemed to have an eternal thunder and lightning storm over it, alright not everything but fairly close. He walked quickly past an elementary school, refusing to look at it. Nostalgia wasn't just the only reason for his depression though, he'd had a huge fight with his comrades, he wasn't ready to call them friends, all over such a small thing as him leaving for three days.

A scowl crossed his features somehow managing to look alien and completely at home on his heart shaped face. Just the thought of it brought the fresh memories racing across his mind, each flavored strong with anger.

With infinite care Duo finished backing the last item he'd need. It wasn't like he was going to be gone long or anything, but he did like to be prepared, after all who knew what the world would throw at him. A nearly silent sigh of the carpet told him that someone had walked into his room and leaned up against the wall. His hearing was far better then he let on but it didn't tell him who the interloper was, but he had a guess. Not letting on he knew someone was there he zipped up his back.

"Where do you think your going?"

Ah it was Heero, he wasn't surprised really. "Out, I won't be gone long. Three days at the most." Came his unusually short reply

"Is it a mission?" of course all about the missions

"Nope, just something I need to do." He placed shoulder strap onto its proper place on his arm and turned to face the blue eyed pilot.

"Negative, we need you here in case a mission arrives."

"There won't be. G knows that I'm not available for these three days so there won't be a problem. If something big does come long he knows how to contact me. By Hee-chan see you in three days."

His only reaction to the fast moving fist that slammed into the door jam to block his way was a surprised blink. "Your staying here, its to much of a risk for you to leave here by yourself. Oz could find you."

The braided boy sighed and shook his head. "I've done this for more years then you can count Hee-chan, no one has caught me yet. Excuse me." He ducked under Heero's arm and started to make his way towards the door. A quick hand that could easily bend steal snagged his braid causing his head to snap backward. "ACK!"

"Your staying here Duo."

"No I'm not, and if don't let me go right now I'm going to miss my plane, which will make me stay away longer, and you find it very hard to pilot Wing with just one hand unless you let go of the hair right now." Actually he had gotten used to his braid being tugged, its just that at this moment it was forcing his hair to press painfully tight on something else entirely.

His braid was pulled back a little more, and refused to hiss in pain.

"Your staying Duo, it will be to much of risk for you to got alone for a fools errand!"

"Its not a fools errand." Was the hissed reply, "Now let me go before I hurt you."

"Not until you agree to stay. If you turn yourself into a risk you will have to be eliminated"

"Well it's a good thing I'm not a risk then. However you are!" he moved far quicker then one should of, at an angle that should have been impossible. His foot struck Heero's stomach and he perfect soldier, who wasn't expecting it, doubled over the wind knocked from him.

In the end Heero's cussing over the blow attacked the others and he had to argue his way through them all to finally reach the door from there he ran. He just barely me it to his plane. Thankfully he had not needed to strike the others.

But in the end it was worth it, he had a promise to keep and he never broke his promises. Alight there was that one time, but he didn't like to count it, a. it was to painful to remember and b it was based upon lies. Anyway he couldn't of missed his appointment.

Looking up sharply he realized he had arrived at his destination, a small forgotten graveyard from about the twentieth century. Weaving through the forest of stones Duo made his way to a secluding corner with lonely vine covered head stone. Carefully he cleaned up the gravesite. That done he sat down slowly with a sigh of relief.

"Sorry I'm a little late, my comrades didn't want to let me come." He fiddled with his watch for a moment, turning it off then he made himself look at the head stone. "I miss you Dib," he reached out and caressed the engraved name with a bright green hand.

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SK: Ow. Anyway if you didn't uses by now, this is a Gundam Wing and Invader Zim cross over! I'm not to sure about this story about though I have started work on the first chapter. All feedback would be appreciated. Also I need a beta reader for this!