Duo tilted his head back, one hand protecting his eyes from the bright sunlight as he watched the ancient Irken vessel take off. He had given the SIR unit, ZAR, explicit instructions on how to get to his base. It was ruined and good portions where decaying, need the touch of more then one human hexed Irken to return it to its glory, so ZAR was more then welcome to scavenge what he to repair his ship. Though he had made it quite plain that his Voot was to be left untouched. It was the only thing that was truly his and definitely NOT junk. He felt a slight nudge in his squiddly spooch, oh how he would of loved to work on that ancient craft, but alas that was not to be. Pretending to be Irken again hurt far worse then just living with the knowledge that he was hated horribly by his entire race. Anyway the little SIR needed to find its master again if the Invader was still alive.

The ship was out of sight now, and Zim turned his attention to what he could see of the safe house. Briefly he toyed with the idea of sneaking off to DeathScythe and escaping the questions of his comrades… He twiddled with the end of his braid NAH! They would just hunt him down and ask the questions anyway, after beating his brains out first of course. He started to make his way to his doom, weaving agile through roots, under brush, and plants bearing waaaaaaaay to many thorns to be healthy. For plant or Irken.

He was closer now and could see Heero waiting for him on the porch Deathscythe was pretty close… no, these four humans where to well trained for their own good sometimes. Besides a good Inva- Zim wavered briefly, a good soldier never left the fight before it was over.

Duo pranced up the steps and shot Heero the largest and silliest grin his arsenal. Anyway it might be amusing to hear their excuses for what happened, after all no human currently living could guess his secret, right?

"Don't worry Hee-chan the ship is going to lead Oz on a merry chase before vanishing. We're safe for now."

"Hn." And a jerk a Perfect Soldier's chin Duo sighed gustily and bounced into the house, never a home, looking for the place that would be his inquisition. "Geez, don't know why I bother talking to you sometimes man, I swear talking to a robot would be more interesting!" Talking to GIR had been interesting if completely maddening.

"We're in the kitchen Duo!"

Ah yes making the blond peacekeeper to lead me to my doom. Heero was walking behind him cutting off any hope of him trying to run for it. Duo entered the kitchen with his normal bounce and grace, violet eyes locking on his comrades. The three where sitting at the country style round table. Quatre gestured for him to take a seat, which he flopped bonelessly into; Trowa was helping Wufei with his wounds. He saw Heero take the seat between him and Wufei out of the corner of his eye.

"Phew, that was a narrow escape for a mission!" he chirped deciding that it would be best to get it over with.

"About that Duo, how did you know how to fly that ship? It didn't even respond to Heero's touch." The hidden Irken had to hold down a snort as he listened to Quatre, it was allll about Heero "I didn't even recognize the style of writing! Did any of you?"

"Three silent pilots shook their heads, then wonders of wonders the cobalt eyed boy spoke more then one syllable "I memorized a couple of symbols and I am currently trying to find anything on them. However the only hit so far is for an outdated alien conspiracy site."

Dib's website was still up? Wow he would of thought it would have been deleted by now. The others where looking at him now so it was time to face the doomy music.. sorta.

The braided "boy" put on his biggest grin. "I learned those symbols when I was young," he shrugged "As for the ship flying for me, heh maybe it liked me?" avoiding the truth was so much fun.

"Liked you?" Wufei blinked "I doubt that was the reason."

"Who taught you? What was it used for?" Heero's stare could scare rocks Duo thought to himself.

"I have a question." Trowa's voice brought all eyes to him "Duo could you undo your braid?"


"Could you please undo your braid?"

"Er?" What did his hair have to do with anything? Shifting slightly as all eyes turned to him. Zim knew that refusal would lead to more uncomfortable questions. "Ooookay, but I have no idea why you're asking me to do this." With a practiced motion he pulled off the hair tie and shook the braid out till his hair hung loose. "So what's the question that needs my hair loose?"

The coffee pot behind them started to bubble over.

"Excuse me." Trowa stood and went to tend to it.

"Are you going to answer my questions Duo?"

The braided alien turned towards Heero "S-"

CLASH!! Two pot lids banged together right behind the violet boys head.

"AH!" Zim was out of his chair glaring death at Trowa's calm features as he put the metal lids on the counter "HOW DA-"

"My question Duo, is what are those?" he pointed to the top of Duo's head. Without the restraining weight of the braid his antenna had stood straight up and in clear view quivering with his anger. The alien blinked, the antenna lowered and twitched "I would also like to know why your smallest finger passes through solid objects."

Zim's antenna snapped close to his head and he hunched his shoulders slightly. Ignoring the three pairs of wide eyed stares he sat back down in his chair, took a deep soothing breath… and started to slam his head against the table surface.


Quatre blinked again shaking the shock of seeing his best friend with a real pair of antenna on his head. What really brought him out of it was the tumble of emotions Duo was feeling. Reaching out the empathic blond put a friendly hand on Duo's shoulders. "Duo its okay" BAM "I'm sure none of us mind you being some kind of um…" BAM "Mutant?"

Zim paused his head banging, his now aching head resting on the cool wooden surface of the table. His shoulders began to shake.

"Duo?" a golden voice filled with concern.

"Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!" he threw his head back with a cruel cackle "A-a mutant?!?! Ahahahahaha!"

Wufei blinked feeling something cold run up his spine at the sound and a memory of glowing ruby red eyes flashing in a darkened hallway. Heero and Trowa traded a confused look over Zim's head as he cackled away. Eventually his energetic cackling faded to a mean occasional chuckle. The Perfect Soldier watched Duo carefully as he dashed tears of mirth from his eyes. The antenna on his head seemed to be in a resting position at 45-degree angle.

"I am guessing it is not a mutation then." Heero said slowly

Wufei's dark eyes narrowed slightly "Duo do you wear contact lenses?"

"Heh… sometimes… hehehe" The alien boy smiled.

The Shenlong Pilot nodded "Your eyes are really red aren't they? And appear similar to an insects eyes."

The three boys looked at Duo as the boy sighed, and shrugged in a what do I have to loose gesture. "Mhm similar but not exa-" A thin antenna twitched and he turned his head towards the door frowning. "Do you hear that?"

Quatre blinked "Hear what?"

Trowa and Heero grasped their handguns with out even thinking about it. Instinct was far stronger then their current mystery.


"Tha-ooph!!" The human pilots had no time to react as the tiny kitchen door smashed open and a small green blur, moving faster then the human eye could follow, flew in and knocking Zim out of his chair across several feet ending, and ending up against the wall. Four hand guns trained on it but none fired at the ridiculously and oddly unbearably cute green dog that was currently trying to squeeze the life out of their braided friend.

"MASTER!! I found you! Mr. Pig didn't think I would but I did and you need a hug! Why do you look furry now Master? Are these new friends? I like new friends but they don't taste as good as waffles or tacos! TACOS!!!"

"Uh… Friend of yours Maxwell?"

Duo pride the little dog off his chest with major difficulty, holding it infront of him looking at the vapid smile with wide disbelieving eyes "GIR?!" he shook the little robot "But? How?"

Quatre rubbed an ear lowering his gun slightly this GIR was no threat, though how Duo made it into those octave ranges the blond would never know.

"The Big Headed Boy woke me from my nap and I couldn't find you!" he sniffled for a moment "I was ALONE!! Except for Mr Pig and Mini Moose, but then Big Headed Boy said I should look for you in my head." A huge vapid grin took up most of his face "First he let me play in a fun place with soft walls and funny humans. There was yelling and fire and jello… JELLO!! And then I found you!"

Duo blinked not sure which shocked him more, GIR being here and functional, GIR giving him an answer that made sorta sense, or mention the "Big Headed Boy" twice. After all GIR had called only one human worm baby by that particular name and he was long dead.

Heero took two steps forward glaring at the green dog who was giggling and squirming cutely in the violet eyed boys grip.

"ZIM!!" A shadow blocked the now ruined open door a voice filled with a mix of exhaustion, relief, and raw desperation.

GIR looked at the door. "HI Mr Big Headed Boy! I found Master!"