Hi there, cant talk, read and tell me I mean review me I mean review the poem please

Ash: She's jumpy today

Ash, get a move on! The disclaimer please

Ash: Yes Ma'am

Ash belongs with...

Misty or May

Says everyone I know

Many say Misty for reasons unknown

Why don't they like May?

There's nothing wrong with her

Like many say

I don't like Misty

I hate her

Why does she belong with Ash

Like things once were

People say Misty's perfect

And to those I say

Hell with Misty

AshMay! AshMay!

Misty's too tall

A year older than Ash

Ugly is what she should be called

May's perfect, you see

Not too tall, not too skinny

Sure, pokemon is not her best act

But that's why she needs Ash

My last words to say

Is to you May haters

What's wrong with May

Just look at it My way

May needs Ash

Misty doesn't

Mays perfect with Ash

Mist isn't

If you've got something to prove

Misty's good and Mays bad

Tell me about it lad

I may change my ways

If you can prove

Misty's better than May

Which do you choose?

(Ash: Ahem)

And to those who just love Ash

Can't stay away

Wants him to be their's

Not Misty's or Mays

Tell me that too

I want to know

If you think Ash belongs to you

Ash: Better

Who'd love you?

Ash: You never know

Uh-huh, anyways, if you are a Misty fan feel free to flame me, just remember to say why you hate May. I just don't understand.