May: Hi the names May. And Uzamaki Hinata had asked me to open the chapter. Part 2 to Ash Belongs with...

Ash: Part 2?

May: Yeah, now enjoy

Ash: Part 2, huh?

Thank You

To those who helped me see

That there's more to Misty

I thank you

For telling your point of views

You have convinced me

To see

That I have been wrong to say

There isn't more to Misty

We will always have our sides

To this fight

But for once in my life

I have opened my eyes

Misty can be cute

And height doesn't matter

Thanks to you

I see that now

Without your reviews

Without you

I would have been blind to see

That there's more to Misty

Now that I have done my part

May haters, search through your heart

Find me a good reason to hate May

Maybe I'll change my ways

Saying she's annoying won't be enough

Give me something that's really tough

Look, everyone can be annoying

And that's no reason to hate

If everyone did that

Why life would be sideways

Remember, I have opened my eyes

Now its your turn to tell me Why?

Why do you hate May?

When annoying can be anyone

Isn't that enough to say?

May: Boy isn't that something to think about?

Ash: Uh-huh, Part 2

May: What?


DISCLAIMER: Uzamaki Hinata does not own any thing of pokemon

Ash: Although, she used to own a copy of pokemon yellow. Part 2.