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Special dedication to: Botan Urameshi and Nirvana1 for obvious reasons.

They were both so different, but together they were so right. So alike, but such a mistake. Two people, how can only two people do something like put the world in danger for such a thing as a forsaken love? Until this day I continue to ask myself was it worth it?

Just like an angel, you're gonna make me fly
into your arms, you're wrapping me up so tight

" Ha. Beat that Yusuke!" the blue haired beauty exclaimed.

"Damn, you've never played video games how did you get so good?" he asked.

"Deities secret and I'm not revealing it!" she giggled back.

The brown eyed young man looked down fondly at the girl beside him; to him she was unreachable. He belonged to someone just as she did.

She returned the loving stare. Just she understood perfectly. It wasn't going to happen ever. They would be best friends forever.

Yes, to each other they were both unreachable. A thing so perfect and so coveted, yet you couldn't have it. It was like the apple on the tallest branch. It's the ripest and it's so high up. You know you can't have it. But you want it anyways.

You had me crawlin so bad
Had me heels over head
You got me easy, you got me easy
Tangled up in my head
Quit trying to hold and to help me
Cuz we're already beautiful

" Its not fair, I want to stop playing now. You've beat me about 6 time now." He said grumpily.

" That's what makes it fun." She said sticking her tongue out at him.

"Not fair." He replied grumpily.

"Hey Yusuke?" she asked suddenly.


"How exactly do ningens show they love each other? I still don't get it." She said puzzled.

They often talked of love, not realizing they were in it. Both were captivated by each other and had it realized. One would go to hell and back for the other and so would the other. Yes, friendship is a beautiful thing. But the thing that made them beautiful was that unspoken love they had

So don't make me cry
Cuz this love don't feel so right
You cant push a river
You cant make me fall
But you can make me unreachable

He sighed. " How many times do I have to explain it to you?"

She smiled sheepishly. " I just don't get why ningens enjoy interchanging saliva?"

He smiled, " Its hard to understand, but its one of the greatest feelings there are."

" Yusuke?"


"Have you kissed anyone before?

" Yeah."



He didn't see the girls face fall as she quickly regained her composure.

"How did it make you feel?"

He didn't realize the love she felt. He didn't realize how wounded he could leave her with a few simple words. He didn't realize how many times he'd made her cry. He could have made her unreachable before the hurt came. But he didn't. And he'd soon regret it

I may be sweet, but I'm still on the vine
you couldn't wait, no you had to take your bite

"That's kind of hard to explain."

"Pleaase." She gave him puppy dog eyes.

" Well you feel kind of warm and then kind of tingly but after some time it starts to disappear. And you don't fee; that anymore."

Botan looked pensive. " I hope I can feel that one day."

If he only knew that when the sparks disappear you know you're not in love anymore. But he continued to push it anyways.

You had me crawlin so bad
Had me heels over head
You had me easy, you had me easy
Too late to go back
To realize what we had
We were already beautiful

" You will I'm sure of it." He replied a bit uneasy thinking of her kissing someone else.

" But how will I know?"

" I don't know I guess you can feel it… it like... you feel…"

He couldn't concretely describe love, when one is in love, one does stupid things, becomes incoherent. Love is cruel, but at the same time so blissful. How can something be so beautiful, yet so painful?

So don't make me cry
Cuz this love don't feel so right
You cant push a river
You cant make me fall
but you can make me unreachable



"Do you love Keiko?" the light in her eyes was so intense, he felt he couldn't lie to her.

" I don't know." He said truthfully.

" Why not?"

"Because at first I thought I did and now I feel attracted to someone else."

" Well you should make your mind up, your giving people the wrong signals and hurting them." She said referring to herself.

"Botan I…"

How he hurt her, but it was inedible. It was destined to happen. But if I could sacrifice myself to willingly erase all the pain and hurt I undoubtedly would. It was too much.

Sometimes love is addiction
Sometimes it hurts like hell
and sometimes you just cannot get enough
You can't make me love you,
Any more than I do
But you can make me unreachable

" I don't get you Yusuke. Beside you haven't explained kissing to me yet anyways." She said trying to change the subject.

" Why do you make such hard questions "?

"Because you give blunt answers"

"But it's so hard to explain."

"Then show me." She said in a low voice.

Slowly they inched together until their lips met together and a feverish kiss began.

So it began, the beautiful yet wretched, lovely yet cursed, warming yet cold feeling mortals call love. A kiss isn't much, but that depends on with who the kiss is and who sees it.

Don't make me cry
Cuz this love don't feel right
You cant push a river
You cant make me fall
But you can make me
So don't make me cry
Cuz this love don't feel so right
You cant push a river
You cant make me fall
But you can make me unreachable

I will tell you their story. The story of two lovers. The story of a forsaken love that was mean to be. But even until now we still ask ourselves was it worth it?

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