Gomen…I gotta stop this fanfic…

Unya….sadly, I can't continue this fanfic…(bows head down) all due to the guidelines…(sob) Thanks for the reviews! I loved them all…but I can't continue this because of the guidelines from the staff…should I take this story down?

lightyearsaway: That was cute! Good job!

Nya, thankies!

Craze Izumi: Of COurse you should continue it really funny so continue please

I would love to continue this one…but I can't…(sob) gomen!

akari-hayashi: HAHAHA... This is freaking hilarious! And all of them are so in character! I am so amused by their nicks, especially Ryoma's and Momo's. Burgerjoint... Oh man... Can't stop laughing. But I don't think Ryoma will alternate the cases of his nick. And... Think he will probably call himself 'Karupin'. :)

eh…about ryoma's sn…umm…I couldn't think of anything else so I just thought of using his racket as his sn…I'm so pleased I actually got the PoT boys in character…I was afraid I couldn't pull this off at first…heh-heh…

Windy Hurrice: Lol, Very nice!

However there are a few things I'd like to point out.
When you're saying 'Arigatou' are you trying to say Goodnight?
'Arigatou' means 'Thank you'
'Oyasumi' is probably the word you're looking for. It means 'Goodnight'.
Unless that really is what you mean, 'Thank you everyone' as Fuji says.

Also, well this is my opinion, I thought Ryoma would be more inclined to call himself Karupin and Fuji wouldn't really call himself a Tensai. ;;

Good story!

Uwah! Yes! I meant to say oyasumi but then my brain turned off and I thought arigatou meant "good night" or "bye bye"…then during midnight when I was staring at the ceiling, I suddenly realized that I wrote it wrong! Sayonara was "bye bye" and oyasumi was "good night"! GAH! Thanks for pointing it out! And yeah, I should have picked a better name for Ryoma but I wasn't creative enough, haha…

Risa-Chan: Amusing story but there is one thing I'd like to point out. Although it would be interesting for you to continue but I HIGHLY suggest you stop.

If you check the FanFiction . Net Content Guidelines, Number 6, Under "Enteries Not Allowed", it says : "Chat/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries."

and sadly, your story is a "chat/script" format, which sucks. You can continue if you want but please be advised that the ff . net staff WILL take action if someone reports you. (which I'm not ;;) and their WILL be consquences.

Anyways, other than that, it was a good story. Very funny and amusing! hope to read more from you nya -

O.O…nya…I think I'll stop this fanfic…thanks for telling me though! I better read the guidelines someday…(bows head shamely)

Sakura-chan: It's a great story... but can't see where it's going XD

………I thought so…XD

Thanks for all the reviews! But because of the guidelines, I'll have to stop this fanfic...I really wanted to continue it, but I guess I'm just kinda scared…here's the 2 options I'm considering: 1.) take this entire fic down 2.) continue (at a very high risk….which I hope not…)