Chapter 3

He held her hand and led her to his Mercedes. He had left the Tahoe at work because he had the next two nights off.

"I wondered when I would get a chance to ride in this sweet ride, Grissom." Sara said admiring the car.

"I am glad you approve. I had nothing else to spend my money on, so I splurged and bought this." Grissom explained.

He opened her door for her and helped her inside. "So, Griss, where are you taking me?"'

"It's a surprise. You will see. I talked to Catherine. She told me that you and her worked it all out and everything is fine." Grissom said giving Sara a chance to tell him about it.

"I was wrong. I admit that. It is time for me to step to the plate and take back my life. I shouldn't expect to have someone to get me out of trouble. I figure if I get myself into trouble, I should be able to get myself out." Sara explained.

Noticing that they weren't heading into town, Sara asked again, "Grissom, where are you taking me?"

"Do you trust me? I would never hurt you on purpose, Sara. Please just trust me. OK?" Grissom pleaded.

"I trust you, Griss. I just don't like being surprised." Sara said nervously.

About five minutes later, they pulled up in front of Grissom's townhouse. Sara was confused. She thought they were going to dinner.

"I know what you are thinking, Sara. You think that I just didn't want to bed you in your apartment so I brought you to mine. No, that is not it. I have a surprise for you." With that, he walked around to her side of the car and extended his hand for her to take. He kissed her hand and then intertwined his fingers with hers, leading her to his front door.

Inside, she could see where he had lit candles all over the living room and on the dining room table. There were two plates sitting on the table.

"If you would be seated, Sara, I will get our dinner. I hope you like it. I made it for you." Grissom told her.

She could smell the light aroma of baked salmon. She was glad that Grissom had paid attention when she told the group that being a vegetarian didn't include fish or any other type of sea food.

He clicked the remote to his stereo system and light jazz music filled the air. She smiled at him. They ate in a comfortable silence. Sara ate her whole salmon.

"I am sure glad you aren't like most women, Sara. You ate everything. I've been out with Catherine and she barely touches her food. She says I make her nervous. Glad to see that I don't make you nervous." Grissom said reaching over and squeezing Sara's hand.

"What is the story with you and Catherine, Grissom? Did you two date or have an affair or something?" Sara said and looked away from him.

"Catherine and I never dated or had an affair. I've never so much as kissed her in anything but a friendly way. She married Eddie and at the time he was a good friend of mine. He turned out to be a jerk. By then Catherine and I had become good friends. She and I started working together and she stood up for me and to me. Through all that, she's been my closest friend. She's the only one that knew about you before I knew that I was in love with you. She called me on it once. Back when I sent you that plant. She should have kicked my ass then for not sending you flowers like I had intended to do. I got scared at the last minute and sent you the orchid instead. I noticed that you had an orchid in your apartment this afternoon. Is that it?" Grissom asked.

"Yes," Sara answered.

"I am glad to know that you didn't throw it away." Grissom said and smiled at her.

"I was just glad I didn't kill it. I almost did, and Warrick's Nana helped me nurse it back to health." Sara told him.

"I didn't know that you knew Ric's Nana. What brought that about?" Grissom wondered aloud.

"Warrick and I used to go and watch movies in the afternoon when we couldn't sleep. We always watched comedies. Anything to get our minds off of our jobs. Whatever works, huh? You said I needed a diversion. You weren't ready to be my diversion then. So Warrick took me. Nick did too, when he was having a rough patch. Hell, I think even Greg went once or twice. We don't do it anymore since the team split. Our schedules don't permit it anymore." Sara told him honestly.

Unchained Melody began playing on the stereo.

Grissom stood in front of Sara and extended his hand to her, "Would you dance with me, Sara?"

Giving him her hand, he pulled her to her feet and led her to the living room close to the stereo and held her close to him and danced with her through the next two songs.

Not wanting to admit to her that he wasn't good at dancing, he just wanted to hold her close to him. He reached up to her face and traced her jaw line with his fingers. He reached even farther and pulled the clasp out of her hair and letting it fall around her shoulders.

"I like it better this way, Sara. You are so beautiful." Grissom whispered into her ear.

He kissed her tenderly. She was wrapped in his arms to tightly that she didn't ever want to leave them. His hands were everywhere. In her hair, down her spine. She melted in his arms. She knew that he would have this effect on her.

"You fed me. Now bed me, Grissom. Make love to me, Gil. Please make love to me." she whispered into his ear.

At hearing his name, he moaned hers. "Sa...ra."

"I love you, Sara." Grissom whispered back. He kissed her again before picking her up and taking her to his bed. He lay her in the middle of his king size bed, and suddenly, he was shy. He wanted this to be perfect, but could he live up to her expectations...only one way to find out. With that he slid his body onto hers and began kissing her pouty lips. She divested him of his jacket and tie and was working on the buttons when he lifted her shirt over her head, then slid his hands down to the button on her pants. After undoing them, he slid them down and pulled them off. She had his shirt undone and off before he could reach her mouth again. She was working on his pants. He stood up and took them the rest of the way off. Then came her bra and panties.

"They match." Grissom stated.

"Always investigating huh, Gil?" Sara teased.

He caught her lips with his own and pressed her back down on the bed. After removing his own underwear he parted her thighs.

"Is this what you want, Sara?" he asked her. He didn't want to push her into anymore than she was ready for.

"Yes, Grissom, I want you to make love to me." Sara told him before pulling him to her again.

She could feel him between her legs now. He placed himself at her entrance and entered her slowly. He wanted to savor every moment of this, especially since they had both waited so long. He felt her shudder. He was sure it wasn't from being cold. He held her tighter and slowly made love to her.



"Grissom, I'm about to..."

"Don't talk, Sara. I can feel you, Honey. Just let it happen." He whispered.

With that she was over the edge and flying. He was right behind her. "I love you, Gil." Sara told him in a whisper.

"And I love you."

He rolled off of her pulling her with him and holding her close. They feel asleep in each other's arms.