Shizuka had to suppress a giggle. Her brother was doing it again.

"I don't want you anywhere near my sister, Otogi!"

She thought it was rather cute. Jounouchi invaded Otogi's personal space with all the subtlety of a falling rock. His finger would wave back and forth, arms occasionally thrust out to his sides with such force it was a surprise he didn't take off in the air. The blond forced himself further into Otogi's space step by step.

It was Otogi's reaction Shizuka found interesting. Tension was absent from his lankier form and he took a smooth step back for Jounouchi's every aggressive step forward. Otogi's hands rested in his pockets and a lazy smile graced his lips.

She ducked out of sight, a slender finger tapping against her lips to hold back the delighted laughter that wanted to spill forth. The urge to look back was irresistible; she settled instead into breathless silence for the chance to hear them.

"You hear me, pretty boy? Stay away from Shizuka." Her brother's voice had dropped to a growl.

Otogi's voice was as bright as an untarnished coin in comparison. "Why? It's really her choice who she associates with."

"Yeah, well it's my responsibility to look out for her. I don't care if you've got everybody else fooled, 'cause I know what kinda creep you are. I've been watching you real close."

Silence followed his flat statement. "I'm flattered," Otogi said at last. (Shizuka knew without looking he was grinning.) "I didn't know I got that kind of attention from you."

"Hey!" Jounouchi yelped. "What in the hell are you doing!"

Otogi purred, "Don't worry, Jounouchi. I won't chase after your little sister anymore."

Shizuka heard a startled groan dissolve into a low moan. She risked a quick peek. Otogi had a hand curved around the back of her brother's head, pulling him into a kiss. She watched as Jounouchi wound his arms around Otogi's waist. Neither looked like they'd be going anywhere soon. She walked away and left the two alone.

Jounouchi always had been stubborn in admitting when he liked someone.