Summary: AU-She was kind and too forgiving. Everyone picked on her, beat her. She never seemed to hear them, but it was a heavy burden. What happens when she meets Syaoran, a seemingly ordinary bully? Will she forget the past, and move on? S/S

AN: My first CCS fanfic…… flames, plz…Only this chapter, and parts of the story will be in POV.

Crystal Dropplets

By Dream4luv

Chapter 1-Meeting Syaoran

It's so quiet at home. I wish someone was here…but no one ever is. It's so depressing. Maybe I should call….see how dad's doing before I leave?

It's empty at home. No one's ever here…anymore…

except me.

I grab my backpack and head towards the door. I have to walk to school. And I hope no one sees me.

Pulling open the front door, I slowly step outside. The street seems so quiet, almost deserted. I smile sadly and before I shut the door, I whisper two lonely words into the vast emptiness of the hallway, "Good bye…"

The roads are foggy from last night's rain. Everything's so quiet. It's a new school year. Grade eleven. But I wish it were graduation. Only a few more years…no biggie. I mean…Sakura Kinomoto can take it, right?

Of course.

Because I have no choice to.

Besides, I should be glad I can go to school, with how chaotic it's been.

I'm almost there now. I can see all the social cliques going about their usual chatter about the latest gossip, music, and fashion, etc. It's nice to belong somewhere.

Too bad I don't.

I shuffle silently to my locker. I hope they don't come.

"Well, well, look who it is." A voice from behind me sneers.

PLEASE don't let it be them. But I know it is. School's a nightmare.

"Oh, hello…Daidouji-san." I reply with a (hopefully) pleasant smile. As I turn around, I notice that there are two new members of their group. One is a boy with sharp, cold amber eyes, unrelenting. And the other is a girl of about the same age with a slightly more red tinge to her eyes, and quite a fascinating hair style.

"Kinomoto." The girl glares at me. "Syaoran, Meiling…stay away from her. She's trouble."

So those two are with her? Great. Now I have two more tormentors to deal with. This is just the best first day of school I've ever had!

I walk into my first period English class. And I notice, that boy from earlier is here as well. He looks at me with a cool gaze before turning his head away. I sit down in the back of the classroom.

The teacher walks into the classroom. She smiles at all of us. "Well, every semester, we will have a new seating chart, so you can get to know your peers. The chart right now is placed in alphabetical order, when I call your name. Please move to your seat."

And so she starts placing us in alphabetical rows.

"Kinomoto, Sakura!" she points to a desk in the first seat of the third row.

"Li, Syaoran!" To my horror, she points to the one behind me. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!

I shiver. I doubt that kid's up to any good.

The class goes by smoothly. 'Syaoran' hasn't done anything yet. Maybe he's better than them…

A stray hair falls into my face and I quickly brush it back quickly, but my fingers are stuck to the back of my head! How-?

I turn around and look at the amber eyed boy. He's smirking at me, and looking pointedly at my hand, which is now stuck to my hair. I just smile at him. I don't want to fight. I raise my free hand to ask for the bathroom pass.

"Yes, Kinomoto-chan?"

"Um…may I please use the restroom?"

"Class is almost over, surely you can wait for a few minutes?"

I blush. "Yes." I whisper quietly.

"What was that Kinomoto-chan? I don't want your attitude in my class!"

The class stares at me and snickers.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I say politely.

"I sure hope it won't. I'll be keeping an eye on you."

I look away.

Li Syaoran snickers behind me. And then I can feel his breath on my neck, and I know he's smirking again. "This is just the beginning, Kinomoto. There will be a lot more to come."

The bell rings, and everyone heads out for their five minute break. I hurry out of the classroom and head into the nearest bathroom.

My back faces the mirror as I try to look at what's in my hair. GROSS! It's a piece of gum!

I hastily pull it out and dab water on it, trying to rub out all the pink spots in my hair. But, today is just not my day. Daidouji and her groupie come in to use the bathroom, and reapply their makeup. And they see me standing in front of the mirror. They grin at each other and advance toward me. The new girl, I'm assuming is Meiling, pushes me into the sink rim. And the other girls turn on the faucets and throw water all over my uniform. Everything is soaked except for my skirt.

They give me devilish grins. "Kinomoto! Makeover time!"

Before I know it, I have huge mascara blobs on my face, with sketches of eyeliner in a few places. Bright red lipstick is drawn in two ugly circles on my cheek bones, and lip gloss is all around my lips. My clothes are caked in layers of foundation and eye-shadow. The girls smile sweetly at me. "Catch you around, Kinomoto."

They leave laughing.

I hear the late bell ringing outside, and I sigh. I have to get cleaned up first. I turn on the faucets and leave them running as I catch the water in my cupped hands. I splash the cold water over my face, scrubbing as hard as I can. When I finally look in the mirror, I see that the makeup has washed away. My clothes…well, they'll just have to stay this way until I get home. I catch some running water, and the crystalline liquid drips through my fingers.

My mother used to tell me I had beautiful fingers.

'They're long and elegant, just as a princess's should be. They're beautiful, just like you. Never forget that. Never lower yourself to think that you are inferior to anyone because you aren't.'

That was a long time ago, though.

And things have changed…