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Sheik patted him on the back happily. Link could almost hear him smiling from underneath his face wrap as he said, "That's what I was hoping to hear."

"So, what, we're buddies all over again?" Link asked with one eyebrow cocked.

Sheik laughed as his eyes regained a stern stone-like quality. "No. You know what you'll have to do if you want to mend a broken friendship," he said as he headed over to the locked bathroom door and quickly unlocked it. "Just don't blow your cover or I'll disavow any knowledge of this discussion and any chance you'll have will flutter away on the wind like a helpless leaf caught in an updraft." He swept his hand upwards for effect. "No pressure, right?" He then opened the door and people flooded in.

Link stood there listening to the assimilated voices complaining about the bathroom being locked as Sheik vanished into the crowd effortlessly. Link shook his head and left the room. Returning to the party, he scanned the tables for Saria. There she sat, looking perfectly miserable. Link snuck up from behind her and placed a hand on her head causing her to jump.

"Why so gloomy?" he asked sympathetically while twirling a chair next to her around so he could rest his arms on its back as he faced her.

"It's just Mido..." she said with a sigh and placed her head in her arms.

Link scratched his chin. "Well, look at it this way." He paused to poke her gently. "I think he still likes you."

"Really?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Or at the very least, it seems that way," he said, giving her a reassuring nod.

Saria gifted him with a half-hearted smile.

Link looked towards Zelda and the man that he'd newly begun to hate. "Wasn't she supposed to be here with Fado?" he asked.

"Supposedly," she said with a shrug as she scanned the floor for him. "There he is! Apparently, he was off getting some drinks for himself and Zelda." Her words were lathered in discourse as she noted the bottle of vodka protruding from his pocket.

"That slimy fucker was gonna spike her drink!" Link growled.

Fado's brow furrowed as he noticed the new guy dancing with his date. He walked calmly up to Dark and tapped him on the shoulder. "Unless you want a tall glass of punch smashed into the side of your skull, I'd advise you to quit dancing with my date." he informed smoothly.

Dark laughed and turned around. "You don't say?" he asked in smirking challenge while sizing Fado up.

"I do." he retorted simply and smiled suavely back at him.

"In that case..." Dark paused to release his hands from Zelda's waist, face Fado completely, and pull the glasses from his hands "...I'll take these. Violence is completely unnecessary."

"Glad you saw it my way." Fado smiled.

"If you say so," Dark said, then grinned maniacally as he took a deep swig from one of the glasses and poured the other one down Fado's ruffled musketeer shirt.

Fado's face turned bright red.

"Hey, what's that on your shirt?" Dark pointed to his chest.

Fado looked down momentarily, and Dark burst out into a broad devilish smile.

"Made you LOOK!" he exclaimed as he turned his finger into a fist and drove a fierce upper-cut into Fado's chin. He then closed his hand around his face and slammed him to the ground, knocking him out quickly and efficiently. Nimbly and confidently, he slid the now unconscious Fado under a nearby table.

He walked back up to a very shocked Zelda. She appeared almost frightened. Dark just smiled sweetly.

"Sorry about that, I don't take to threats very well. That, and in this world, it's survival of the fittest. I want you to be all mine and you were apparently with him tonight. Hope you don't mind being rid of that loser," he told her and ran his hand across her face affectionately.

Realizing her mask had fallen; Zelda put up her fa├žade again and smiled deviously. "Not a problem whatsoever. I like strong men, but the minute you even think of laying a hand on me..." she trailed off while sidling up to Dark, much to his pleasure...

And much to his dismay when he realized her fist was clenching around his package. "I will feed you your own appendage." she whispered with a dangerous gentleness.

Dark gulped, wincing painlessly. "Aye." he responded and Zelda relinquished her vise-like grip on his precious belongings.

Link's eyes darted to where Zelda's hand had hid itself. "Where did she just put her hand?!" He exclaimed.

Saria shrugged. "I don't know, honestly, but it's very unlike Zelda to do something like that." She stated at Link's concerned look. "Why don't you just go over there and steal her from him? I'm sure you can more than take him. He only looked tough because Fado's a wimp."

Link nodded determinedly. "Alright, that's it!" he proclaimed, standing up and straightening his tunic as a relaxed, firm look entered his darkening azure eyes.

Saria looked at him. "What's it? Don't do anything you'll regret, Link!"

Link smiled calmly at her. "I won't," he told her. Those few words brimmed with his returning charisma.

Link strode through the crowd with his eyes trained on his goal, his ultimate motive, and his love for Zelda: a burning passion he had never felt for any woman in his entire life...

...when his vision was cut off by a whore in a bunny outfit.

"Hey there Link! Where's this date you were telling me about? Looks to me like you got none," Marin said smugly. Her costume barely skirted by school regulations and showed as much flesh as humanly possible.

Link scowled. "She's-"

But Marin cut him off as she began rubbing his chest. "Who really cares, Link? Wanna dance? Maybe go in the bathroom and do some more than that?" she questioned, giving him a suggestive wink.

Link swatted her hand away in disgust, but Marin just smiled wickedly.

"I'm sure you're more than aching for some good hard sex figuring your little slut of an ex doesn't put out for you anymore-"

"I am SICK and TIRED of your SHIT, MARIN!" Link roared lethally. "You better watch your FUCKING step from now on because if you EVER get in my way again, I WILL pay Ganondorf to stuff your ass full of his radioactive cock."

At the commotion, Dante pushed through the crowd and found Marin.

"Marin what happened?" he asked. His face was red with hate and his eyes were glazed and crazy.

Link saw a glint of silver in the dim light of the dance floor and was stunned. Dante had a knife! For some odd reason, his fear for his life caused the world around him to decelerate and, as if to savor his impending doom, he couldn't seem to move his limbs. Was he going to die?!

No... he couldn't die here. Not now... not when he hadn't proved his loyalty to Sheik... not when his undying love for Zelda had not been fulfilled... NO. He was NOT going to die. Suddenly, he realized he could move, as his blood pumped with renewed vigor, and adrenaline fueled his body.

"Move... and you'll die, Dante." Link threatened as blood dribbled down Dante's neck.

Link had unsheathed his rapier at breakneck speed and with great control, had leveled the slim tip with the underside of Dante's chin. It penetrated the skin just deep enough to, ironically, get the point across.

"Drop. The knife." Link commanded deliberately.

Dante's face was crimson and his eyes were clouded over by the controlling toxic addiction that Marin pushed through his veins. Link looked into his eyes, and he could see the influence of drugs affecting his inhibitions... normally, he would've never done something like this, it would've compromised their little smear campaign on Link's name.

Off to the side, Zelda stood with Dark. Her eyes were wide with horror as she tried to peer over the gathering of people. "Oh my Goddesses! Is Link ok?" she gasped out, as Zelda's innocent caring inner self came out at the prospect of Link potentially being killed.

Dark looked over the people easily. "Link's perfectly fine. Very quick chap, he is." He chuckled. "Buuut, we ought to get out of here soon. I'll give you a treat." he offered with a sideways smile. Suddenly, a dangerous darkness entered Dark's eyes as he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder.

"That'll be quite alright. Thanks though," Sheik said, looking at him sideways, with one crimson eye bared.

Dark's red eyes quickly brightened up. Although of the same color, Sheik and Dark's eyes differed. Dark's were comparable to the color of a deep pool of blood, shed from thousands of dead left from war. Sheik's were more akin to the color of passion, of feeling. Ironic, considering he barely ever acted upon such things. The two peered into each other's brotherly crimson eyes which were both born of the same affliction. It was an affliction many noted but few could portend. After a few moments of silently reading one another's eyes, they parted.

Dark bowed his head slightly to Zelda. "I'll see you soon, beautiful..." he promised, with a smile, that sent shivers down Zelda's spine, making his way for the door away from the two.

Sheik looked to Zelda with silent eyes. "We need to get out of here. Some snitch called the cops, and the police will be swarming this place soon."

Zelda nodded. This situation was getting way too heavy for her tastes. As she and Sheik headed towards the back door, Zelda glanced over her shoulder. Through the dispersing crowd, she finally saw Link holding Dante at bay with his rapier. She noted how he'd never looked nobler... or sexier, for that matter, she thought deviantly as she followed Sheik out with one eye on Link, as they headed out of the door and into the parking lot.

Link pressed the tip deeper and Dante winced. "I'm not kidding! If you don't drop the knife, I won't be held responsible for any decapitation that may happen to you..." he warned, all seriousness embodying his voice.

Dante dropped the knife.

"That's right." Link smirked. As he closed the distance between them, he kept the pressure on the tip of his blade against the soft spot under Dante's chin. Kicking the knife aside, Link withdrew the blade from his chin. "Sleep tight," he said as he slammed the hand-guard of his blade against his temple, knocking Dante clean out.

"You deserve the headache you'll have in the morning, bastard. And stay away from Zel, if you can still hear me." He spat venomously as he added a swift kick to the ribs of his unconscious foe.

Link sheathed his blade and looked towards the table that Saria had been sitting at. When he didn't find her there, his confident smirk faded a bit. "I wonder if she saw me being assertive" he muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the sirens of police cars began blaring over the music. People began scrambling and scattering in all directions. Link sprinted towards the nearest door attempting to make his way out of the school. All of a sudden, a cop in a SWAT team uniform and packing a twelve-gauge shotgun turned the corner into the dance hall.

"FREEZE, OR I'LL SHOOT!" the officer blared at Link, noticing he had a weapon.

Link froze and placed his hands in the air. The SWAT team began frisking the other party-goers and checking them for weapons. An officer read Link his rights as another agent disarmed and slapped cuffs onto him for assault and possession of a potentially lethal weapon in public.

One word flowed through his mind amongst a myriad of meaningful thoughts:


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