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Chapter16 How things always went

"Leaf!" Carathwan sighed. "Get off the roof!"

"But Mother," he whined, peering down at her from the overhang.

"Legolas!" she growled, even as she tried not to remember how many times she'd been up there herself at his age… and younger.

With a sigh he jumped down, dangling for a moment by his fingers before letting go. Carathwan closed her eyes in some relief when he was safely on the ground. She'd have to apologize to her parents, someday.

Lunian laughed as she came outside. "I understand why he wanted to remember his other friend Legolas, but it's still disconcerting to hear you calling my husband to get off the roof."

"I know," Carathwan agreed ruefully. "But we agreed. I got to name the first girl, he got to name the first boy."

"What about the third, fourth and fifth?"

"There are no plans for a fifth at the moment… But we left that free for arguing."

"And I'm sure you have," Lunian laughed brightly as the dark-haired Legolas looked up at her, his bright eyes wide. "What is it, Leaf?" she asked, tilting her head down slightly to better reach his height without straining her back.

"Can I talk to the baby?" he asked, hands clasped behind him as he swayed impatiently back and forth.

"Alright," she agreed, guiding his small hands to the right places on her distended abdomen.

He stared at it for a while, then grinned, inclining his head slightly in thanks before running off again.

"Leaf! Dinner is soon so don't go too far!"

"All right, Mother!"

"I don't know where he gets it," Lunian mused dryly.

Carathwan laughed brightly. "Well, most who knew me at that age think he's completely mine. But those who knew Glorfindel insist he's a miniature version… with dark hair."

A tall, willowy young elf with bright golden hair and blue eyes came out of the hall. Her head was bent over a bit of blue cloth. She tilted her head up, tucking some of her hair absently behind her ear. "Mother, could you come look at this? I can't seem to make it lie flat," she fretted.

Carathwan moved over to the young elf, and looked at the cloth, smiling slightly. "You're almost done, aren't you?"

"Yes. I just need to get this little bit done. Then I can give it to Ada when he gets home."

She smiled and showed Neintolli how to stitch it properly.

Neintolli smiled and rushed back inside, so it would be hidden if Glorfindel returned before she was done.

Carathwan shook her head with a slight smile, checking in on the youngest before rejoining Lunian.

"Still asleep?"

"Contentedly," she agreed, smiling faintly, tilting her head back against the balcony's pillar.

Lunian laughed as she heard Leaf and Rothalin arguing in the trees just out of sight. "I think you're going to have to make them wash up again."

"I know." She looked at the east again, then sighed, shaking her head. "Well, it seems we might as well start—" she stilled when Lunian suddenly smiled, getting to her feet. "They're close?" she asked quietly, not wanting to tip the children off.

Lunian smiled, nodding. "Yes."

Carathwan waited only until she saw the two golden heads. She leapt from the balcony, racing forward, lifting her arms.

Glorfindel caught her with a laugh and a series of hungry kisses, before setting her feet back on the ground. "Hello, Fiery One," he murmured, nuzzling her cheek. He tucked some of her long dark hair behind her ear with a slight smile.

She opened her mouth to reply when Leaf and Rothalin swarmed him, getting muddy prints all over his traveling clothes. "Go wash up!" she protested with a laugh, shooing them all towards the halls.

"How is the little one?" Glorfindel asked, wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her to his side.

"He was sleeping. He's probably awake now, with them barreling through like wild horses."

Legolas chuckled softly, tilting his wife's head slightly as the other couple passed them, entering the hall. He studied her eyes for a long moment before kissing her. "How has he been behaved?" he asked quietly.

"He's missed his Ada," she replied quietly, taking his hand from her cheek to rest it over their child. She closed her eyes, smiling slightly as the child calmed within her as Legolas reconnected with him. "How was the trip?" she asked softly when he pulled her close.

"Interesting," he shrugged.

"Meaning?" she laughed.

"We were both wishing we'd made Haldir come to visit us," he answered, kissing her gently before leading her into the halls.

"But he's still chasing after her… isn't he?"

"Which is why he didn't want to leave."

"Next time just remind him that absence makes the heart grow fonder."

He smiled slightly, kissing her.

They broke apart with a laugh as Glorfindel was piled with elves. Carathwan, Leaf and Rothlin swarmed him, the gold of his hair all but covered as they wrestled with him. Neintolli watched with a smile from the door, the cloak she'd sewn hidden behind her back. When Glorfindel came up swinging Carathwan around, no one was really surprised—that's how things always went.