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Chapter 20: Dysfunctional Family

They traveled to the nearest town to rest until the next day. Sanzo was only able to get two rooms, since they had to convince the innkeeper that Shiey had just given birth. And just so you know, it was not a pretty sight.

Gojyo convinced the innkeeper that Shiey had just given birth to the child in her arms. He also included Hakkai was the father. The scene ended up with Shiey slapping Gojyo across the face while the three other men, together with the innkeeper, just stood there and sweat dropped.

They convinced him pretty good and they were able to get the two rooms. "So, we'll stay together?" Goku asked. "In one room? The four of us?" Gojyo asked. "There's not much of a choice." Sanzo interjected.

"It seems we have a problem, guys." Hakkai informed. "What's that?" Sanzo asked. "The room is only suitable for three persons. The innkeeper was able to put two futons and a bed. There's no more space other than that. One of us has to sleep in a room with Shiey." Hakkai replied. "And that would be you… let me guess." Gojyo smirked. "Well, I don't think you nor Goku could. Unless Sanzo wants to…" Hakkai said. "Be my guest." Sanzo replied coldly as he sat on the bed. "I get the bed." He added. "Hey that's not fair!" Goku and Gojyo said in unison. BOOM! "Anybody who has anything to say better be ready to sleep outside." Sanzo remarked. Hakkai chuckled as he closed the door and joined Shiey in the next room.

"Lullaby… And good night, close your eyes, sweet baby…" Shiey sung.

Hakkai smiled as he closed the door behind him. "How's the baby?" Hakkai asked.

"She's waking up occasionally. I think she's hungry." Shiey said.

"Well then, why don't we go get her some milk?" Hakkai suggested.

Shiey smiled, "That would be great." She walked out together with Hakkai, still carrying the baby in her arms.

The couple walked down town, looking for the nearest store they could buy some milk.

"You think? I mean, the baby has crimson hair and eyes. One of them has to be a demon." A bystander whispered.

"Yeah… I think so too." Another agreed.

Shiey and Hakkai heard everything. They looked at each other and smiled, deciding not to pay any mind to anything the people were saying.

They entered a store, considered to be a supermarket, and looked for some milk. After which, they walked to the counter and paid for it.

"Hey," the old man by the counter started. "You the parents of that kid?" He finished.

Shiey and Hakkai looked at the man cautiously. "Um, no. We found her in the woods just outside town." Hakkai answered.

"Then I guess you don't know about the rumors then." The man replied.

"What rumors?" Shiey asked.

"Just a week before, a woman came to this village. Everybody talked about her since she carried this basket everywhere she went. Also, she would go around town, asking for food or any milk. A man, downtown, tried to be nice to her, giving her bread and a few bottles of milk. She would accept it and just run to the woods." He said, taking a breath.

"One day, a notorious demon came to town, killing everyone who gets in his way. Unfortunately, he caught sight of the woman and held an unexpected interest in her. She grew afraid and thought of leaving town, but before she could, the demon swallowed her whole."

"What does that have to do with us and the baby?" Hakkai asked.

"When the demon left, we decided to see what was inside the basket. We were surprised to see that it was the baby… and she was taboo. We pitied it and Sirei, from town, decided to care for it. But the next day, she, like the mother, was killed by demons. One after the other, we'd care for it, but those who would eventually find themselves being massacred by demons. And from then on, we cast the baby in the forest, thinking it was cursed by a bad omen. So I highly advise that you do the same." The man suggested.

"Thanks for the warning, but no thanks. We've handled demons a lot so we think we can take care of it." Hakkai replied, motioning for Shiey to go ahead to the inn.

"You go ahead, I have some things to do." Hakkai said.

"Are you sure? Maybe I can help?" Shiey suggested.

"I insist. Just let the others know I won't be coming back until supper." Hakkai said.

"Sure, be careful." Shiey smiled as she made her way back to the inn.

Hakkai went around town, inquiring about the baby, and what the man at the store told them was true.

"So, you're saying that all of them died?" Hakkai confirmed.

"Yes, my sister, Sirei, took care of that baby and the next day I saw her dead in her room while the baby was crying." A 20 year old girl narrated.

"Thank you." Hakkai bowed, smiling, as he made his way back to the inn.

"Sanzo, I'm hungry… when are we eating?" Goku asked.

"When Hakkai and Shiey come back, now shut up." Sanzo replied, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

The door opened and in walked Hakkai, "Hey guys, you hungry?" He asked.

"You took the words right outta my mouth." Goku said.

"Let's go down then… I'll go get Shiey." Hakkai remarked.

"Shiey? She hasn't arrived yet," Gojyo yawned.

"What do you mean she hasn't arrived yet? I told her to go ahead." Hakkai replied.

"Well, I just went to the bathroom earlier and the door of your room was open, so I took a peak. She wasn't there, man." Gojyo explained.

Hakkai's eyes widened. What if Shiey was attacked? He ran to their room to see if she was there.

"Shiey?" Hakkai called.

She wasn't there.

"Shiey's gone! She must've been attacked by demons!" Hakkai panicked.

"Pull yourself together, man! She's just over there." Gojyo remarked, pointing to the door.

"Hakkai?" Shiey stood there, unmoving.

"Shiey! Please don't worry me like that ever again." Hakkai said, hugging her.

"Sorry… I… uh, just needed to get some other things in town." She explained.

"Well now that that's done, can we go eat? I'm starving." Goku interjected.

And so, they all went down to eat their supper. But it was then that Sanzo noticed that something was missing. They all went up to Sanzo's room to talk about what Sanzo had discovered.

"Hey Shiey, where's the baby?" he asked, sitting on his bed.

"Oh, I took the old man's advise, so I left her back at the forest." Shiey said.

Sanzo stood up and held the gun up to Shiey's head. "Sanzo, what are you doing?" Shiey asked.

"You're not Shiey… are you?" Sanzo said as he shot her. She flew in the air and landed on the ground with a thud then completely vanished.

"Sanzo, what was that gunshot we heard just now?" Goku asked, rushing in. Hakkai and Gojyo running behind him.

"Look for Shiey, Spread out. I think she's in trouble." Sanzo said plainly.

"What? What happened to the real Shiey?"

"That's what we're going to find out." Sanzo replied.

Meanwhile, behind the town was a mountain range. And as rumor has it, they say that demons were notorious in those parts.

"Let me go!" Shiey yelled, echoing through the halls.

Upon that mountain range, a huge castle was built. Shiey was held captive by the 'big boss', as the demons liked to put it.

"What do you want with me and the baby?" Shiey asked.

"Oh, I'm not interested in the baby… I'm interested in the mother…" a demon with long, silver hair and blue eyes.

"You're sick! And just so you know, I'm not the mother!" Shiey exclaimed.

"I know…" he replied.

"Wait a minute… then you must be the demon the old man was talking about… You're the one who killed the mother of the baby!" Shiey concluded.

"The one and only…" he replied snidely.

"Why?" She asked.

"You must be familiar… with the tribe of Hyakuganmaoh." He assumed.

"I'm a distant relative… name's Kasuke." He introduced.

"Hyakuganmaoh… the women hunter!" Shiey said.

"As everyone knows, the head of Hyakuganmaoh, which also happens to be my cousin, hunts down women, plays with them and then eats them afterwards. When I heard about what happened to my cousin three years ago, I couldn't help but plan vengeance. I started a tribe as well, with the same objectives as Hyakuganmaoh's." Kasuke replied.

"You are one sick bastard… then what will you do with the baby?" Shiey asked.

"I ordered some of my men to do away with it. It is no longer of use to me." He explained.

"Now… to more important things…" he said, slowly approaching Shiey.

"Stay away from me!" Shiey yelled as she tugged on the chains that held her to the wall.

"I plan to have fun with you, don't you think so?" Kasuke grinned.

"HAKKAI!" Shiey screamed his name.

"Shiey!" Hakkai called, looking for her.

Suddenly, Goku looked behind him.

"What is it, Goku?" Sanzo asked.

"I heard Shiey… just now… calling out your name, Hakkai." Goku explained.

"Shiey…" Hakkai thought. He was so mad at himself for leaving her to go back to the inn alone. This would never have happened to her if he had been there to protect her.

Just then, something paved its way back to his mind. 3 years ago, the same thing happened. He was unable to protect his beloved as well. But that could still be changed, because now…

"Goku, do you think you can trace Shiey?" Hakkai asked.

"Uh—sure, I'll try." Goku responded.

…He wasn't the only one who cared about her… for now, he had friends.

"Stop it!" Shiey yelled, mustering whatever power she could to repel Kasuke from doing what he wants.

"You can stop me now… but pretty soon your powers are going to go." Kasuke remarked.

When Shiey felt a large amount of energy leave her body, she felt weak. Kasuke took the chance and grabbed her shoulders and kissed her roughly. Shiey resisted to the best that she could, but he was too strong for her.

He took the advantage and released her from her chains, then he ripped the bottom part of her shirt, from the part that covered her navel down to the bottom.

"HAKKAI! HELP!" She yelled.

Just when she did, Goku came bursting in from the window, breaking it to little pieces and hitting Kasuke on the head.

Shiey stood up and ran to Hakkai, tears flowing from her eyes. Hakkai caught her in his arms and hugged her tightly. "Shiey, I'm so sorry… This was all my fault." Hakkai whispered.

"Hakkai… he's a distant relative of Hyakuganmaoh's…" Shiey remarked.

"What?" Hakkai said.

"Stay away from her, you sick bastard!" Goku threatened.

"You'll pay for that…" Kasuke replied as he charged.

Hakkai summoned his chi and in one blast, killed Kasuke.

Goku and Shiey stood in awe when they saw what happened.

"Hey Goku, where's Sanzo and Gojyo?" Shiey asked.

"They took care of the other demons and looked for the baby." Goku asked.

"Shiey, did he hurt you?" Hakkai asked, his tone was serious.

"… Hakkai…" Shiey remarked.

"Tell me what he did to you!" Hakkai demanded, shaking Shiey roughly.

Goku just stood there, surprised at what he saw.

"What did he do to you!" Hakkai yelled.

Tears formed behind Shiey's eyes and when she couldn't control them anymore, she cried.

It was then that Hakkai realized.

"Shiey, I'm sorry… it's just that… I don't want the past to happen ever again. I want to be sure that you're safe." Hakkai said.

"I know, Hakkai. And you did a really good job." Shiey smiled.

Hakkai, Goku and Shiey walked outside to go see what Sanzo and Gojyo were up to.

"Hey, you guys ok?" Gojyo asked.

"We're fine." Hakkai answered.

Sanzo noticed the tear on Shiey's shirt and he looked at her in the eye.

"Then what's that?" Sanzo asked, pointing to the tear.

Shiey looked away and Hakkai covered up for her. He knew that if he told them what really happened, they'd just ask more about it.

"Oh, it's just… Shiey caught her shirt on a hanging hook and so, this happened." Hakkai lied.

"So, did you get the baby?" Goku asked.

"Sorry, we couldn't find her. But… we managed to meet somebody." Gojyo replied.

"Who'd you meet?" Shiey asked.

"She's kinda related to you, Shiey." Gojyo said.

Gojyo and Sanzo led the other three to a house in the woods. They knocked on the door and a middle-aged woman opened the door for them.

"S-shiey… Is that really you?" she said.

Shiey looked at her for a while, pondering if she did know this woman. She was quite surprised when it came to her…

"M-mom?" she said.

"Oh, it really is you!" she exclaimed, running to hug her child.

Shiey looked at Sanzo, "Mom, I have somebody else with me too." She said, leaving her arms.

"This is Kouryuu…" she introduced Sanzo with his former name.

Their mother's eyes welled up with tears, "Kouryuu! Shiey! You've returned to me!" she said, hugging them both.

Little did they know that they were being watched with two, bloodthirsty eyes.

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