Titel: Calling of the Shadows

Author: scap3goat

Short Cut: Sixth year for Harry Potter in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But he his plagued by nightmares and then finds out that he is only adopted. What will the future bring for him?

A/N: Not for Lucius-lovers! Ever heard of Lucius Sergius Catilina? He was a real bastard and we are translating some text by Sallust about Catilina's conspiracy in Latin and – surprise, surprise! – I was influenced by them…

Hey, and the guy who inspired Catilina also was named Lucius… must be a bad-guy thing…

Warning: Will be SLASH, means guys on guys. If you don't like it, please don't read it.

Calling of the Shadows


Prologue – Shadows in the darkness

The door opened and a tall lean man entered the room. He held a bunch of flowers and sighed.

"Lils… shit, I shouldn't have brought you flowers…"

"No," came a shaky reply. "That's okay, there has to be some vase in the shelf…"

James lowered his head and conjured a vase.

"Why look for a vase if there is air to transform?" he mocked and placed the flowers in the vase. "How do you feel?"

"The flowers are beautiful! Have you talked to Dumbledore yet?"

"The room looks fine. Are they treating you alright?"

"Have you brought me the book I asked you for?"

"Moony and Padfoot asked about you…"

"Have you heard something about the Longbottoms?"

"What's the food like?"

"I guess I need some company…"

"My parents constantly ask why you aren't at home…"

Silence fell and Lily lowered her head.

Suddenly sobs escaped her throat, ragged and painful. James sighed and pulled her in his arms.

"Sh, don't cry, love! Please don't cry…" he whispered, cursing the tears in his own eyes.

But neither of them could hold back the pain.

"It's unfair!" sobbed the redhead, "It's so unfair!"

Her husband nodded, biting his lower lip hard, trying to not cry out loud.

"Lils, I know we talked about this and… yes, I said no… but what about adopting a child? I-I don't want to replace… or something… I'm tired of trying and losing…"

Lily looked up, biting her lower lip.

"Yeah… I guess… it's worth a try. But won't they… will our families and friends accept that we adopt a child… I mean, so soon after…"

James enveloped his wife in his strong arms. "They don't even have to know it isn't ours! Not for years. I mean… adoption potions and spells are nearly perfect. You said it yourself!"

Lily nodded and smiled a bit. "Let's talk… to them as soon as possible!"

A few hours later the Potters talked to a ministry wizard.

"Mhh, you seem to be very lucky. There is a newborn boy who's… hemhem… they gave it up for adoption. There are no demands made to remove the spells at any time."

Lily and James looked at each other. Who wanted to really give up their children?

Adoptions were total in wizarding world. With a potion and several spells the child did even look like they were their adoptive parents children.

But usually there was a demand to remove the spells after some time, unless the child didn't want the spells to be removed.

"So… hemhem… as I said… a healthy little baby boy. Do you want to see him?"

Both Potters nodded and made their way to a small room with several cradles.

All were empty, except one.

A small boy lay there, wrapped in soft blue blankets. Lily walked over and carefully stroke the soft black hair. Two almond-shaped eyes snapped open and green eyes met ice blue ones. They flashed silver and the boy stared at the woman.

Lily's eyes filled with tears and she nodded.

"Yes James! Yes…" her voice trailed off and she was lost in the fascinating eyes.

"Well… hemhem… then we can go over to the office and fix all the papers…"

They left the dim lit room and Lily leaned against James.

Neither of them saw the shadow bending over the cradle and kissing the tiny boy on the forehead.

"Farewell my son! You're better off without me!"

About sixteen years later a boy in Surrey stirred in his sleep.

He dreamed, dreamed he was sitting in a car which was driving down a lonely road.

There was laughter and proud voices but he didn't understand a word.

The sky had a dark blue colour and there was a black silhouette of a forest to be seen at the horizon. A car drove in the distance, small red taillights the only evidence of it's presence.

Harry noted that the red lights came nearer and nearer, the other car must be slowing down. And then Harry screamed but there was no sound to be heard.

That was no car.

A shadow with red glowing eyes was standing – floating? - in the midst of the road.

The driver shrieked and tried to steer to the side, but his car wouldn't react until he had hit the shadow. The shadow's eyes seemed to be fixed on the driver and constantly looked at him as the creature slid over the front window.

The car suddenly steered to the right and then made contact with a tree.

Green eyes shining with tears snapped open and Harry suddenly sat upright in his bed. A chill ran down his back, nestling in his lower spine and crawling back up the spinal cord.

This odd shadow hat given him a real fright.

The feeling remained, spread to his shoulders and slowly filled his head. It was cold, almost painful. Like the feeling you got when running warm water over a sunburn. So strangely cold but still hot – somehow.

He looked at the alarm clock and realized how late it was. His Uncle would beat him into the next week if he would waste any more time.

He stumbled through the room, putting on some baggy jeans and an overlarge tee-shirt. A weak attempt to straiten his hair with his hands failed and so he hurried down the stairs.

The teen burst in the kitchen and muttered apologies until he saw that he was alone.

He walked over in the sitting room. And found another empty room.

Where were his relatives?

He was about to walk back up to his room, he didn't even want to think about what would happen if his uncle found him alone in any room but his own, when the door opened and a distressed Petunia Dursley entered the house.

Harry stopped half way up the stairs and watched his aunt.

"Uhm… Aunt Petunia? Where is Uncle Vernon?"

The woman looked up and barked at him, "Why do you want to know that?"

"Uhm… I have some school form he needs to sign," stumbled the teenager.

"Give it here, I will sign it!" replied the woman and Harry hurried up to his room to fetch his class selection form. He had received his OWL results a week earlier, together with a selection form for him to decide which classes he would take in his last two years of school.

Surprisingly he was allowed to take potions, although he only had gotten 'Exceeded Expectations'.

"Here!" said Harry and handed his aunt the parchment. He wondered why his aunt would sign the form. Normally she didn't even sign her own son's school forms, leave alone her hated nephews highly unwelcome and annoying school forms.

In that moment someone rang the doorbell. Petunia opened the door and Harry stared at the policeman standing there.

"Ma'am, here is the box of what belongings were at least a bit intact. The rest was totally destroyed."

Harry glanced in the box and saw two expensive watches with cracks in the glasses and bloodstains on them.

"I'm sorry for your loss," said the policeman and turned away from the house.

Ragged breaths escaped the teenager's throat and tears welled in his aunt's eyes.

"What happened?" he asked, his eyes wide with shock.

"A car accident yesterday. They were on their way home from that fight in the evening and the car hit some deer or a human and then they hit a tree and died. The front of the car was covered with blood," sobbed Mrs Dursley.

Harry was unsure about what to do but then carefully placed one hand Petunia's shoulder. She didn't protest and Harry pulled her in his arms.

"It's going to be okay!" he whispered and patted her back. "I'm so sorry for you!"

When she had calmed down a bit, Harry guided her to the couch and made tea for his aunt.

"What will happen now?" asked Harry after some time.

"Move your things to Dudley's room, if you want to. But first clean his mess up."

Harry nodded and went back upstairs.

His aunt didn't spoil him in the next weeks, not at all. She barely recognized that he still was in the house. But he was, however, allowed to eat whenever he wanted and whatever he wanted. For once he had a quiet summer and he didn't have to worry about being beaten up.

Yet, he felt that something was terribly wrong.

Yeah, this is a very looong prologue, I guess.

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