Author's Note: This is my brand new fic. This is just the Prologue so that's why it's so short. Chapter 1, and all of the other chapters will be longer than this.

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Tales of Symphonia: Lost Soul Complex

The Nocturne Saga: Prologue

Journal entry, Date unknown...

Two years have past since that day. That day, when the worlds became one again after 4,000 years of seperation. The heroes who had reunited the worlds went their seperate ways, each with their own goals in mind as they left...

Genis and Raine began travelling the new world in order to ease the hold of discrimination against half-elfs. No one's heard from them as of yet.

Sheena, after bringing an emmissary of peace to Iselia, help move Mizuho to Sylvarant. She's now the village chief and is doing well.

Regal returned to his Lezareano company, finally removing his shackles, and donated company resources to help rebuild cities that were destroyed before. Presea is helping him as well.

Zelos, having finally been freed of his title as Chosen, became a traveler. Yet still, somehow, he seems to maintain his laid-back lifestyle as he goes.

Kratos left with Derris-Kharlan only a week after the worlds were rejoined. No one has seen him since.

And Lloyd left to collect all of the remaining Ex-Spheres in the world with Colette by his side. Their task is going well...or so I hear.

But...just because the worlds were brought together again, did not mean that evil had just simply died.'s hiding. Or maybe, it's searching for something. I have what it's looking for. My fate is looking grim as of this point.

In my final moments, I hold the book in my arms, darkness swirling around my body. If anyone finds this journal...please tell them...don't take your of the shadows...

The writer's name is ripped from the page...the only visible letter is a lower case "n".


So how's that for a prologue? Catching isn't it? I just made it up off the top of my head. Enjoy what's to come. R 'n' R Please. Thanks!