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"Lost by Time…Found by Fate"

Chapter 5: Just Enough To Breathe

"Nebilim…he wants to devour our souls and turn us into creatures of darkness."

This feeling…this darkness…I'm…alone

"Presea! Lloyd, Presea's body is possessed!"


"The Necronomicon! If we can do something to it!"

The emptiness in my soul, it's gone


She woke up, slowly, released from her nightmare. Everything was blurry at first, but things slowly came into focus. Trees were everywhere, in a forest, then. There was a small campfire close by. A silhouette was sitting directly in front of her, gazing into the flames, its shadow casting itself onto her.

"So you're awake now, huh?" claimed a voice.

A woman walked out from the darkness of the trees, cleaning her hands off with a small cloth.

"Where am I?" Presea asked, rubbing her head as it pounded in pain.

The woman thought for a second before answering. "Uh, somewhere near Meltokio if I'm not mistaken. Name's Loria," she answered, extending a hand out to Presea.

Loria was an elf with long black hair. Her garb consisted of a loose tunic and slender pants. The tunic was blue and big enough that her right shoulder peaked out from the collar. Her pants were jet black like her hair. Her boots, belt, and gloves were all a brownish color.

"Oh, I'm Presea." She reached her hand out to shake Loria's but the pain in her head drew her back. "Ow…"

"Your head hurt? No wonder, I found you unconscious in a tree nearby," Loria replied.

"What? How could that have…? The last thing I remember was being attacked by that man in Ozette," Presea whispered to herself.

"And just a few hours before, I found this kid sitting against another tree bleeding to death," Loria remarked, nodding her head to a teenager staring into the fire as she stirred a wooden spoon through a pot of food hanging above the flames.

Presea didn't notice at first, but the teen hadn't moved at all since she had woken up. "Is he okay? She asked, moving over towards the fire and finding a seat next to the teenager.

"To be honest, I don't know. He hasn't said a thing since I found him and his expression hasn't changed either," Loria pointed out.

Presea studied the boy's face. That empty look. It reminded her of herself when she had that Exsphere without the Key Crest on her. "Can you speak?" she asked him.

Loria shook her head. "Don't bother asking. I haven't been able to get a peep outta…"

"…Yes…" replied the teen, as he turned his lifeless gaze towards Presea.

Those eyes. They reminded her so much of all the isolation and loneliness she went through before she met Genis and Lloyd and everyone else.

The teen was built looking rather frail. He wore a white vest over a tight red sleeveless shirt. He pants were a slightly darker red than his shirt. Around his waist were two knifes resting in holsters. A long chain that now rested on the ground connected them together. His face was emotionless, his eyes glowing with the fire's reflection. They were tinted with a crimson color and seemed brightened even more by his messy brown hair that fell around his face.

The teen turned away from Presea and looked back into the fire. "…I'm sorry…if I make you uneasy, Ms. Presea…" he mumbled.

"N-No, it's alright," she replied quickly.

"Huh, well I'll be…Anyway, why don't the both of you stick with me for awhile. It's not exactly wise to travel alone," Loria suggested, flicking a strand of hair away from her face.

"I would be glad to accompany you, Loria. At least until I can find my companions," Presea answered, standing up from her seat on the ground.

The quiet teen moved not one bit. "…If I won't be in your way…" he said softly.

Loria waved a hand lazily. "Oh, you won't be in the way at all. By the way, what's your name?"



The large beast, Drames, threw a gigantic fist at Lloyd, trying to drive him into the ground. The swordsman jumped back, skidding across the floor. He held his blades in front of himself and quickly charged back at the monster.

"Spiraling Beast!" Leaping into the air, Lloyd tossed his left sword at Drames. It spun ferociously, eventually slamming the behemoth across the face. The Eternal Swordsman closed in, catching the spinning sword as it bounced back, and used the momentum of the blade to unleash a fierce blast of energy.

Drames stumbled back and punched a nearby wall in a show of anger. "Damn runt, I'll crush you!"

The monstrosity raised his huge arms into the air and let loose a howl that could blow even a brick house down. "Petrify!" He bashed his fists into the floor and shot a beam of faint light, at the red-clad swordsman, from his mouth.

Lloyd narrowly escaped the blast, the beam only hitting his right sword and leg. He rolled across the floor as he landed, finally colliding with a stone pillar. He tried to get back to his feet back a severe weight kept him from doing so.

He glanced to his right leg and was faced with the shock of it being encased in rock. The swordsman looked towards Drames only to see a large fist rocketing towards his face. He ducked underneath the powerful punch. His right sword wasn't as fortunate, as Drames pulled his fist back; the blade was seen shattered from the force of the attack.

"Not so high and mighty now, swordsman," Drames said tauntingly.

The beast clutched Lloyd's petrified leg and lifted high into the air. He held the leg straight up and swung Lloyd from side to side. The Eternal Swordsman cried out in pain, reaching for his leg as it was bent in ways it shouldn't be.

"You bastard!" was Lloyd's only reply to Drames.

Drames cackled aloud. "Hah! You're a pesky little bug aren't you? I'd petrify you whole if I weren't interested in your mind. Someone who defeated that traitor Bixir should have plenty of dreams for me to devour."

"Bixir? I don't know who you're talking about!" Lloyd argued.

"Of course you don't. He probably used his real name," Drames answered. "Abyssion was a fool, no doubt. He thought he could take over if he, himself, resurrected Nebilim through his own body."

Lloyd was taken aback. "Abyssion?"


The room wasn't very large, for it was only a shrine room. Old candles burned weakly with age and dimly lit the room. On a pedestal, there was a book that emitted a dark aura.

A man was seen kneeling before the shrine, mumbling something in an ancient tongue. Long silver hair hung down from his head. He wore a long red trench coat adorned with several black leather belts. A single-edged sword lay in its sheath in front of him. The sheath itself was red and black as well.

Watching him from the room entrance was a woman. She had thick black hair. Her skin was gray and seemed somewhat metallic. She wore a similar coat to the silver-haired swordsman. Hers was royal blue and was cut on either side of her hips, revealing her long legs and bare feet.

"You take your worship to the darkness much too seriously, Kejiro," the woman said lightly.

Kejiro got to his feet, having finished his worship. "And you pry too much in others business," he retorted.

The iron maiden smirked at her associate. "It's what I do best. So, how many do we have left to find?"

Kejiro picked his blade up from the altar and turned towards the woman. "Four. My subordinate lost the Catugal, so I'm leaving to get it myself," he replied.

"Caris is still looking for the body," the woman remarked.

"She still hasn't found it?" Kejiro sighed and turned towards the door. "I'll be back."

He left, leaving the metal woman alone to herself. "Too bad, really, I wanted to get him myself," she said to herself.


A stranger calmly walked out of the burning village. Over his left shoulder an unconscious woman was strung. She was dressed in unusual clothes, not commonly seen at all. She was a master of the art of summoning. She was Sheena.

The stranger nonchalantly had strolled into Mizuho and razed everything in sight. All for one purpose, to acquire the Summoner. The woman should feel honored that he would do something so time consuming as decimate an entire village just for her, the man thought.

The Summoner foolishly fought back at first. She took up arms with her enchanted seals and stood against the man in the dark green trench coat…


The village of Mizuho was now only a burning inferno around them. Sheena was the only one left. Her legs felt weak and she could hardly lift her arms. But still she fought on.

She raised her seals and stood against the man that had effortlessly ravaged the entire village. His face was concealed by long black hair and he wore a long green trench coat.

"Why are you doing this?" Sheena demanded to know.

I do this for you…

Sheena growled at the stranger's reply. "I've had enough of you!"

The Summoner charged at the man, one of her seals shone brightly with blue light. Taking the card up, she threw it at the man. "Undine Seal!"

The card exploded with a huge burst of force, water blasting out in a concentrated beam. Yet the man crossed his arms as the water passed right through him, like he was a ghost.

Now, now, that wasn't very smart. You can't touch what is untouchable…

She was overcome with rage. This man had killed the entire village, and now he mocked her openly. She channeled all of her mana into her last two seals. They now brimmed with light and dark energy.

"You'll regret everything you've done here!" Sheena shouted, as she charged recklessly.

Tossing both seals at the same time, the elements fused and unleashed a wild burst of mana. "Luna! Shadow! Double Seal!"

The man didn't try to dodge at all. He only stood there as the blast engulfed him. A chaotic explosion erupted outward in a brilliant flash of light, practically blinding anyone in the area.

The Summoner shielded her eyes from the luminescence, but as it died down she lowered her arms. Before her was an unfathomable sight…

The stranger was completely unharmed and now he was strolling towards her.

Sheena thought to herself, "That's it…I can't do anymore."

She then felt a heavy boot come down against her throat, pushing her onto the charred earth. She tried futilely to fight back with what little mana she had left. Consciousness was slipping from her grasp as she weakly glared up at the man in the trench coat.

She tried to say something but she was too weak.

Sleep, woman…There is no use in killing yourself now…Not yet…


Drone after drone after drone…

Such is the life of a liberator…

The rogue seeks the power, fades in death…

The beast lies in waiting, hungers for a mind…

The blade requests a god, pleads for a leader…

Drone after drone after drone…

...Such is the life of a liberator…


Night blanketed the sky with the help of the moons and stars. One certain star shown somewhat brighter than the others.

It's radiance gradually grew brighter and brighter. The star was falling.

Plummeting from the sky, it fell past the highest mountain. It fell past the tallest tree.

It landed in a forest but caused no scars. Instead, it unraveled itself and vanished.

Something emerged from the light. A few shimmering blue feathers floated onto the ground.

A man stood up from the light, a man filled with mystery. He crossed his arms and took in the scenery for a brief moment. He knew this land, this earth. He had helped restore it to what it should be. He was a hero of the Ancient War. He was once a friend of Mithos. He was the father of Lloyd Irving.

He was Kratos.


And that does it for the Nocturne Saga. And keep a close eye on that poem. It holds a significant meaning…

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