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Sasuke threw his jacket down, as he walked into his large apartment, Neji following closely behind. The Hyuuga slammed the door shut, and Sasuke looked up in mild surprise before scowling at the artist. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" he demanded.

Neji removed his own jacket, before looking over what Sasuke was wearing. Sasuke growled as his boyfriend stripped his clothes away with his eyes. "I am not a piece of meat in a shop window, Neji."

Neji raised an eyebrow. "Really? But that's your job, after all you ARE a model."

Sasuke's patented death glare was instantly brought to life, and honed onto a certain black haired male. Sadly, Neji was immune to it, as he also had a similar glare. "You're wearing too little."

The Uchiha's eyes widened. "Well, that's the first time you've ever said that to me." Neji turned away, hiding his eyes. Sasuke growled as Neji turned away. "Why won't you even look at me after that comment? What the fuck is wrong with you!"

Neji's head suddenly whipped back around, the look in his eyes pinning Sasuke to the spot. "You always wear too little around others."


"I don't want others looking at you like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like that stupid actor was!"

"Naruto? What's he got to do with anything?"

"He was looking at you like he was going to rape you right in front of me!"

"What's with you, Neji? You're acting so fucking over protective!"

Neji walked towards Sasuke, who fell backwards onto the sofa. As the model tried to get back up, Neji quickly went down so he was on top of him, staring into his eyes. Sasuke glared at Neji. "Why are you acting this way?"

Neji smiled. "Because…."

"Because what, you asshole?"

"I don't want him touching what's mine."

With that said, Neji pulled Sasuke into a passionate kiss, forcing his hands down his top and feeling his muscles. Sasuke blinked in astonishment, before deciding to talk about it later, and just letting his senses override his conscious thought.

The next morning….

Sasuke woke up first, feeling heavy all of a sudden. He looked up, to find that Neji was still on top of him, with his arms wrapped securely around his waist. Sasuke sighed, before looking at the clock. The digital clock blinked 7:30. Knowing Sakura, she would ring him earlier then she had said, and so he carefully prised Neji's arms off him, and pushed the artist off him. Neji stayed asleep, although when he tried to grab unconsciously grab Sasuke again, the Uchiha just gave him his pillow to hug.

Sasuke laughed quietly, wondering if he should take a picture of this precious moment, before deciding against it. Who knew what would happen if everyone saw 'the great Hyuuga Neji' hugging a pillow and smiling with drool coming out of his mouth? Smirking, Sasuke climbed out of bed, and went to go look in his walk in closet. Normally he'd take a shower first, but he didn't want Neji to hear the shower and wake up. Or even worse, join him when he was still sore from last night. Man, what was Neji trying to prove? He almost tore Sasuke in half!

On the way to his closet, he saw the pants that he was wearing last night on the floor. He almost blushed as he remembered how they got there. He picked them up, with the intention of putting them into the laundry basket, when suddenly a small piece of paper fell out of one of his back pockets. Raising an eyebrow, he picked up the paper, and unfolded it. He had to squint to read the barely legible kanji, before deciding he should see whom it was from first. When he saw the name 'Uzumaki Naruto' his curiosity was piqued. Why would Naruto send him a note? He moved his eyes back to the beginning, and read what it said. Once he had finished, his eyes widened.


Since Sakura told me you were a model, and your last name was Uchiha, I haven't been able to think straight. The thing is, I've heard of your brother, and what he does and I presumed you'd be in the same line of work as him. So I was kinda shocked when I found out you weren't. Anyway, when you go to see Orochimaru, please go with someone, you know the rumours right? I just want all my friends to be safe, ya know? I'm having coffee with my agent on Monday, and I was hoping that you would come too, with Gaara. You never know, you might be able to get a job on the set! Call me sometime, I'd love to chat, and tell your boyfriend to stop been so paranoid. I'm not going to eat you…unless you want me to.

See you tomorrow! Uzumaki Naruto

(scene switch)

As Sasuke predicted, Sakura rang him earlier than she said she would, and woke up Neji. Luckily, Neji was not a morning person, and so he forgot to pull Sasuke into the shower with him. He only realised his error when he emerged, and Sasuke immediately ran into the bathroom and locked the door before Neji could say a word. It was very lucky that the model missed the Hyuuga's pout, otherwise he would have had blackmail material for weeks! As Neji got dressed into a pair of dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a black trench coat, Sasuke came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Neji licked his lips, but said nothing, smirking as Sasuke limped to go pick up his clothes.

Our favourite model was wearing a pair of black jeans, that clung nicely to his upper thighs and hips but flared out at the bottom, a black figure hugging shirt that allowed peeks at his flat stomach and a leather jacket. He accessorised with a silver studded black dog collar, a pair of gloves that went up to his elbows with the words 'hate' and 'love' on them and a single silver hoop earring. Neji smirked, but it quickly vanished when he realised just exactly how good his boyfriend looked. Enough…to catch the eye of a certain Uzumaki.

"You aren't wearing that," Neji said as Sasuke looked in the mirror to put on his black eyeliner.

"And why the hell not?"

"Because I said so."

"Stop been so childish. Now let's go before Sakura decides to smother me in my sleep."

The two arrived at Sakura's at just past 9:30, and she gave them both hell for been 'late'.

"We aren't late, Haruno! The Uzumaki hasn't even shown up yet!" Neji yelled.

Sakura scowled at his rudeness, but Sasuke intervened before she could say anything. "Why don't we all just shut the fuck up?"

It was quiet after that, until someone knocked on the door. Sakura ran to the mirror beside the door, and straightened up her hair, smoothed down her dress, and checked to see if there was anything in her teeth. Satisfied with her appearance, she opened the door as Neji and Sasuke rolled their eyes in the background. She beamed…until she saw who it was.

"Er…can I help you?" she said, whilst trying to be polite.

"You must be Sakura-san! Naruto-kun's in the limo, he told me to come pick you guys up! My name is Rock Lee, I'm the helper of the director! May I say Sakura- san, you look beautiful! Let's go out together!"

Sakura sweatdropped. "Gomen ne..Lee-san. But I've only just met you. It's nice to meet you though. Neji, Sasuke, Ikuzo!" she said, trying her hardest not to look at his eyebrows that seemed to have a life of their own.

Sasuke and Neji walked out of the house, side by side, and Lee bowed politely to the two. "Ohayo Neji-kun, Sasuke-kun. This way please."

After Sakura had locked her front door, the three followed the Intern to the stretch limo that was hiding around a corner to avoid detection. Rock Lee opened the door. "Ladies first," he said, signalling for Sakura to get in.

Not even noticing that he had spoken, Sakura climbed into the limo, with Sasuke and Neji following. Lee shut the door, and went to go sit in the front, as he was not allowed to sit in the back with the others.

Sakura smiled. "Naruto-kun!"

From his sprawled out position on the opposite couch, Naruto grinned. "Sakura-chan! Neji-san! Sasuke-kun! It's great to see you guys!"

Nobody noticed that he was looking at Sasuke as he spoke, as the model himself was too busy looking around the interior of the limo. Naruto smirked as he looked Sasuke up and down, and smiled as he saw Sakura's outfit too.

"You look nice, Sakura-chan."

She blushed. "Arigato Naruto-kun!"

Naruto would have said something to Sasuke, but seeing that Neji's glare was more intense then usual, he decided that he did not want to die young. However, Sasuke soon turned to speak to him first. "Can we stop on KazeKage Street? We need to pick up my agent."

Naruto nodded, Sasuke told him exactly where to go, and he relayed the instructions through a speaker to the driver. The blond then opened the liquor cabinet. Sakura was about to protest the drinking of alcohol so early in the morning, but had to restrain her laughter when she realised that Naruto stored instant ramen inside. He pulled one out, offering some to everyone, but they declined, and so he ate the already prepared ramen to himself.

Sasuke saw some Onigiri inside, but kept his mouth shut. Naruto, however, saw the look, and brought a couple out, offering them to the hungry model. Sasuke gave his thanks, and ate happily. They soon arrived at Gaara's home, and Rock Lee got out of the car to go and knock on the door.

Five minutes later, an angry looking red head entered the limo, as a shaky looking Rock Lee hastily ran back to sit in the front of the vehicle. Sakura's smile to the agent was strained, as she had never got over her slight fear of him. Sasuke and Neji nodded to him, and Naruto gulped at seeing him in person.

When Gaara caught everyone staring at him, he wasn't too happy. "What are you all staring at?"

Sakura quickly turned away, and Neji just sighed and shifted in his seat.

"Where is this idiot taking us, Sasuke?" Gaara asked, rubbing his hand over the tattoo on his forehead.

Sasuke sighed. "To the set of his new film. I brought you along because I presumed that you would like to scare the shit out of more people with the excuse of 'getting me a job'."

Gaara's eyes narrowed, but his smirk widened. "Nice outfit Sasuke."

Sasuke laughed under his breath. "Thanks. Glad you noticed, nice to see you didn't screw up your eyeliner today."

The smirk disappeared for a brief second, before quickly reappearing. "Same to you."

It went silent for a few minutes after that, the only sound was Naruto finishing off his third instant ramen. When he looked up, and found Sakura looking at the floor, Sasuke and Gaara having a staring competition, and Neji rotating between glaring at him and the previously mentioned two, Naruto decided that he should strike up a conversation. He coughed.


Gaara turned to glare at him, angry that by him answering this idiot he lost the competition. "What is it?"

Naruto started to sweat under the look Gaara gave him. He made sure to breath, and tried to convince himself not to be scared. The red head could probably smell fear. "Er…why do you have….the kanji for 'ai' on your forehead?"

Sakura and Neji gave him a look as if to say 'you idiot'. They were mildly shocked, when Gaara answered. "That is none of your concern." The agent looked at Sasuke out of the corner of his eye.

"We're here!" The voice of Lee came over the speaker.

No less than one minute later, the door was opened and the five climbed out. Naruto was immediately bombarded by a guy with two red triangles painted on his face. "Naruto! You ass, we're supposed to be starting soon and you don't even have your make up on yet!"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Calm down Inuzuka! You sound like a woman!"

" I do not! Hurry up, your slowing us down! If you make me look bad just because your late I'm going to kill you! They should have made me the lead character, not you." Kiba said, muttering the last part under his breath.

Naruto grinned good naturedly, before sticking his tongue out at the other actor. Kiba copied his actions. The Uzumaki turned to face the other four. "Guys, this is Inuzuka Kiba! He's the other leading guy, and my best friend! He'll show you around while I go get ready, see you at the set!"

With that said, Naruto ran off quite quickly. They soon found out the reason for his quick departure, as Gai was running after him, yelling something about youth and their tardiness. Sasuke inwardly smirked at the sight of a large bandage around the man's nose. What was even funnier was that Rock Lee had abandoned them to chase his elder copy, and that a make up crew were chasing him with a pair of eyebrow tweezers.

Sakura let out a few giggles at this, and Kiba's attention was turned back to them.

"Right, since that ass ran off without giving me any clue who the hell you are, then introduce yourselves!"

Seeing that none of the men were answering, Sakura spoke first. "Hasn't Naruto told you anything about us?"

Kiba looked thoughtful. "Weeell, I did talk to him on the phone last night and he'd said he'd met a few people. Oh, I get it! You must be Haruna Sakuya!"

A vein popped in Sakura's large forehead. "It's HARUNO SAKURA!"

Kiba waved his hand about carelessly. "Whatever, nice to meet you though. Sorry I don't know any of the guys names except for one. Which one of you guys is Uchiha Sasuke?"

Sakura was slightly angry that the actor in front of her had remembered Sasuke's name but not hers. Still, she pointed the model out to him. Kiba looked Sasuke over and smirked. "Now I see…."

Everyone raised an eyebrow. "You see what?"

"Oh nothing, so come on then, who are you two?"

"Hyuuga Neji."

"Sabaku Gaara."

Kiba jumped back. "Gaara!"

Gaara glared at him, and Kiba quickly changed the subject. "So…er…would you like me to show you guys around while the ass is getting ready?"

They nodded, and Kiba showed them to their set for the day.


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