This chapter takes place four months after Adrian and Natalie returned from their honeymoon. Just FYI.


"So what do you think?" Asked Captain Stottlemeyer as he watched Monk pace in his office. Randy was standing by with his note pad ready to take notes on whatever Monk said.

"I know there was something wrong with that crime scene!" said a frustrated Adrian Monk.

"What?" Stottlemeyer asked.

"I don't know…let me thing" Monk said as he closed his eyes, held out his hands and began to pace again.

Then Natalie burst through the door. "Adrian!" she said.

"Hi honey," Monk said as he kept thinking.

"Adrian we need to talk."

"Can't this wait? I'm a little busy."

"No Adrian. Now!" Natalie said sharply…but not to the point where it sounded mean or harsh.

Monk turned around and faced Stottlemeyer so his back was to her and he could think. "Okay, I'll be there in a minute," he said.

Natalie couldn't hold it in any more so she just closed the door and said it, "Adrian...I'm pregnant."

Monk's eyes shot open but he didn't turn around. Instead…he stared at the ground for a while then slowly brought his eyes to meet Stottlemeyer's who was standing right in front of him with his eyebrows as high as they could go.

Stottlemeyer looked at Natalie…then at Monk…then at Randy (who had a very large grin on his face)…then back to an also smiling Natalie…and then…back to an awe struck Adrian Monk. Stottlemeyer grinned at his friend as Monk stared at him with his mouth wide open.

Then Monk slowly turned and faced Natalie. He walked towards her slowly. "A baby?" he said…frankly he was surprised he could get anything to come out of his mouth.

Natalie nodded.

"So…" Monk began. The he slowly pointed to Natalie…then to himself…then he looked down at Natalie's belly and pointed to it before looking back at Natalie.

"Uhuh!" Natalie said with a huge smile and nodded her head.

And finally…Monk smiled. The biggest smile anyone had ever seen on his face before! He gave her a quick kiss then lifted her off of the ground and spun her around.

"Ooh, oooh I'm sorry!" he said quickly putting her down. "Did I hurt you?" he asked with a look of concern in his eyes.

Natalie giggled. "No honey, I'm fine."

Then Monk gave her another kiss and then got on his knees and lifted up her shirt a little and kissed her belly. Then he put her shirt down and pressed his ear up against her belly and closed his eyes as if to listen closely.

Natalie looked up and gave Stottlemeyer and Randy a smile and mouthed 'He's so happy'. They both nodded.

Then monk smiled like a little boy and opened his eyes. He got up and said, "You shouldn't be standing in your condition." Then he pulled Stottlemeyer's chair over and sat her in it. He bent over and placed a hand on her belly. He smiled then looked over at Stottlemeyer. "Come here, feel this," Monk said as he pulled Stottlemeyer's hand over and placed in on Natalie's belly just as he had done.

"Do you feel it?" Monk asked.

"Yes, I feel it." Stottlemeyer said even though he couldn't feel any signs of life in Natalie's belly. But that was understandable considering Natalie was only a few weeks pregnant. But Stottlemeyer didn't want to ruin the moment so he played along. "It feels nice, Monk," he said with a smirk.

"That's my baby in there!" Adrian said with a grin. Then he calmed down and looked at Natalie "…I love you," he said.

"I love you too."


Every night after that, when Monk would get home, he would walk silently into the bedroom where Natalie would be lying in bed, asleep. He would walk over to her and gently kiss her belly, then climb in bed and snuggle up to her and kiss her goodnight.

That's what happened night after night for 8 ½ months.

Then one day Monk was sitting in Dr. Kroger's office talking about…well everything.

"So…how's Natalie doing?" Dr. Kroger asked.

"She's fine." Monk replied.

"How are you holding up, Adrian?"

He sighed, "It's hard…she is so emotional."

Kroger snickered at this.

"Sure, you think it's funny! But let me tell you, it's hard! …Last night she woke me up at fou o'clock in the morning and asked me to go and get water melon and…let's see…what was the other thing…oh yeah RICE!"

"I remember those days," Kroger said with a nod.

Monk ignored him and went on, "She wanted me to go to the store and get her WATER MELON AND RICE! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a store that is open at four o'clock in the morning!" Monk asked in a shout.

"No, I don't Adrian…and I wish you could tell me but…our time is up."

"Okay." Monk said as he and Dr. Kroger both stood up.

"Well Adrian I think you cou…" Dr. Kroger started so say something but was cut off by Adrian.

"Ooh!" Monk started to feel around his waist. "I'm having a baby!" he said.

A puzzled Dr. Kroger took a step back. "What?" he asked with a very confused look on his face.

"It's Natalie! She beeped me," Monk said as he pulled a vibrating beeper off of his belt. He looked at the screen. "Yep it's her! This is it!"

"OH WOW! Do you need me to drive you?"

"That would be great."


On the way to Monk's house, Monk used Dr. Kroger's cell phone to call Julie and tell her to get ready.

"Hello?" Julie said on the other end of the line.

"Hey Julie listen…" Monk began.

"Oh hi daddy. Listen...can this wait…I'm on long distance on the other line." Julie asked.

"Who are you on long distance with?" Monk said taking a parent tone.


"…Oh…okay…well tell him I say hi." Monk said totally forgetting about why he called in the first place.

"Adrian," Dr. Kroger said.

"OH YEAH! No Julie tell him you'll call him back cause were going to be at the house in just a second and you have to come with us to the hospital cause your mother is in labor!"

"HOLY CRAP!" Julie said then she went back to the other line, "Benjy?"

"Yeah?" Benjy said.

"I'm gonna have to call you back later. My mom is having the baby right now!"

"Wow. Okay well in that case I guess I can forgive you for so rudely ending our conversation," Benjy said sarcastically.

"Benjy stop being funny and hang up the phone," Julie said with a giggle.

"Alk right," Benjy laughed. "Talk to ya later."

"Kay," Julie said as she hung up the phone and got ready.


By the time that Monk, Julie and Dr. Kroger got to the hospital Capt. Stottlemeyer and Randy were already there.

"Monk!" Randy said. "Good timing! Natalie's in the delivery room right now!"

"Okay." Monk said as he was led to the door that led into the delivery room. "I wanna be there when it happens."

Leland, Randy and Kroger looked at each other and smiled.

"You wanna be there?" asked Dr. Kroger.

"Yes…I thought about this a lot and I am going to be there for Natalie." Monk said.

"Well alright Monk, it's your decision," Stottlemeyer said with a smirk.

"You don't think I can do it, do you?" Monk asked. "Well watch this."

Monk disappeared through the door. Randy, Leland and Dr. Kroger waited for 2 seconds before hearing "Oh my word!" and then saw Adrian reappear through the door. They all had the same smile on their faces. When Monk saw them he bent over to catch his breath.

"I-I just umm-ne-needed to take a break for a little while," Monk said with a shaky voice.

Then Monk went back inside the delivery room…but still didn't make it very long. A few seconds later there was a big thud (The kind of thud you hear when a human body falls to the ground) and one of the nurses said "Mr. Monk! Are you okay?"

Then they could hear Monk slowly say… "I-I-I…I think it would be best if I wait outside."

So Monk did the old fashion thing and waited outside the delivering room until the "messy part" was through.


When Monk stepped inside he saw Natalie holding what Monk thought to be, without a shadow of a doubt, the cutest little thing on earth. He stepped slowly towards the two of them with a HUGE smile on his face.

Natalie smiled, "meet your new daughter, Adrian."

Monk smiled at the little one and sat down next to the bed. Natalie passed him the baby and he held her close. His head was faced down, staring at his baby but Natalie could still see that big gentle grin on his face.

Monk looked up. "What are we going to name her?"

Natalie thought about it… "I always liked Stephanie for a girl…after Julie that is."

"Stephanie," Monk whispered as he looked down at the little one in his hands. "Stephanie Ann Monk," he said.

"Why Ann?"

"It was Trudy's middle name."

Natalie smiled…she liked it that he still stayed true to his late wife. Even after all these years. "Stephanie Ann Monk…I like it," she said softly.

Monk looked up from Stephanie and looked at Natalie. "You've made me so happy!" He said with a huge grin. Then he leaned in and began kissing her.

And it was this sight that greeted Stottlemeyer as he walked through the door. "Don't you two ever stop? The thing just popped out of her and you're already at it again."

Natalie began to laugh and Monk began to blush. "Come on in guys!" Natalie yelled out the door and everyone came in.



Monk got so happy that he took Stephanie and ran into the halls. "Look at this baby!" he said. "Isn't she cute? Hey Doctor! Come look at my baby girl! Isn't she cute? Come on, you can not look at that face and honestly tell me that she isn't cute," Monk said with the pride of a father.

The Doctor smiled and agreed. "Yes, Mr. Monk, she is beautiful."

"Yeah isn't she?" Monk said holding her closer.

"Yes Mr. Monk I work at a hospital. I see them every day."

"Yeah, but I bet you've never seen one like this!" Monk said still glowing with pride.


When Monk finally settled down…and they were all alone…he looked strait into Natalie's eyes and said, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For making me the happiest man alive." He said then leaned in to kiss her…and just before he did…he flashed her one of his "Adrian Monk smirks". The kiss lasted for a total of three minutes and when they came apart Natalie looked at him and said…

"You're so mean."



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