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Ending Two : The Sad One

Years went by and Alexander stayed in Babylon with his family like he promised. He watched his children grow up to be strong and wise. He noticed many differences between his sons.

Uraeus, his first born, was very much like him, in looks and character, he even had the slight tilt of his head.

Solon, his last born, was different in many ways, his hair looked almost white even though it was blond and you could never truly tell what his eye colour was, it seemed to change with his moods. He was also curious about the outside world, just like his father and brother, but read books instead of investigating. He was very smart even at the young age of three.

Hephaistion's daughters grew up to be very beautiful young girls. Euthalia was very much her mother, same looks and character. Nike's hair was a light brown and was more calm and observant, as she grew older she began to look more like her father. It was only noticeable for those who cared to look. They were already breaking hearts.

Both fathers were very proud. Alexander couldn't feel happier then during the times they spent together as a family.

But all this couldn't change the fact that Alexander's itch to explore and conquer the known world had returned, and in fact had never left. Slowly he began preparing his conquest of Arabia, when he told Hephaistion of his plan, Hephaistion told him;

"I swore to you once that I would follow you everywhere, even to the house of death. I stand by it still!"

When he told Eudora she protested, afraid to be left behind again but when he reassured her she could come along she gave him her blessing. Alexander couldn't be happier.

The next day Alexander called a meeting.

"My friends and Generals. We have been back for three years now. Enjoying our well earned riches, the company of our wives and children…." At this they all began cheering raising their goblets of wine. "…. But I fear if I let this go on, we will grow weak allowing our enemies in and eventually our treasure boxes will be empty…." Continued Alexander after he motioned for them to be silent.

"So, I planned a new campaign…" at this the whole room fell silent not believing their ears, "….in the summer we will conquer Arabia and after that we will head to Italy, they have strong tribes but we will beat them! What do you say? Are you with me men?" asked Alexander voice raised with excitement.

No one in the room made a sound, looking at each other not believing their king wanted to campaign again, after all that has happened. Hephaistion, who knew the men wouldn't be too happy about it, stood up from his chair shouting,

"I'm with you my king!" Alexander nodded at him feeling grateful. Soon, all his other companions, including Ptolemy, Cassander, Nearchus, Leonatus, Perdiccas and others joined him and Alexander felt relieved even though his generals had yet to move. He was about to speak when a voice cut through the room,

"I will follow you my King!" everyone turned to see Eudora standing there, wearing a blue dress. She walked closer until she stood next to Alexander kissing him on the cheeks.

"I will follow you my king, into the debts of hell if need be…" she added.

Seeing their Queen, who suffered when Alexander was away and hated to see him leave, and who they all loved dearly, agree with Alexander made them all stand up one by one shouting,

"I'm with you my king!"

Alexander nodded feeling grateful and relieved, began planning to leave during the summer. He organized games to be taken place during springtime; so everyone could enjoy themselves once more time before leaving.

Months Later: Spring

Today was the first day of the games and Alexander and his family were to be present. Alexander was to publically declare the games to begin down in the arena. Everyone wore their best clothes and everyone who mattered was present. Even the citizens were welcome, Hephaistion and the other companions were part of the royal guard that day before enjoying the games themselves.

The sun shone brightly on the packed arena when the chariots of the Royal family arrived.

Solon, now four, wore a white chiton with a red cloak and on his head he wore a golden band. Following their little brother were Euthalia and Nike, now nine, wearing a pale yellow and pale green dress, each having a golden diadem, shaped like a flower, in their long curly hair. Closing the ranks was Uraeus, now twelve, who also wore a white chiton but wore a royal purple cloak and also wore a golden band in his hair.

They were all being checked by their mother Eudora, who wore a soft purple, one-shoulder dress. On her head was a crown with little moons. Her hands were trembling slightly as she sighed, someone took her hands holding them still.

" What's wrong, my love? You are trembling."

"I do not know, Alexander, I have a bad feeling. Remember what happened last time you stepped in an arena…." Confessed Eudora referring to King Philip's murder.

"I know but this is different. My father did not allow any guards to enter. But we have…." And he motioned to his companions who were all armed and ready softly talking to each other waiting for Alexander's sign. Hephaistion, who had heard her confession, smiled mouthing 'Don't Worry' before turning back. She laughed slightly,

"Right… I'm just being paranoid." Alexander laughed as well, kissing her forehead, caressing her cheek. Then he turned and gave the signal, a trumpet sounded announcing their presence.

The children walked first followed closely by their parents, flanked on each side by the royal guard. Someone yelled for everyone to hear:

"The Royal Family!"

Everyone stood applauding their King and his family. Eudora manoeuvred her children to the side while Alexander stepped forward, preparing to make his speech. Eudora suddenly felt uncomfortable again and scanned the cheering crowd, her neck hairs standing on end. At first she saw nothing, quickly looking at Hephaistion and the royal guard but they were all busy scanning the crowd as well.

Then she saw it, a slight reflection from the crowd that didn't belong. She looked at the top of the arena and saw someone pointing an arrow strait at Alexander. Looking between that person and the guard, who had yet to notice anything, she knew she had to act quick. She quickly pushed her children down with a great shove and began running to her husband just as the arrow was released. It all happened like in slow-motion, she ran yelling,


Who turned towards her in wonder, just as he turned she jumped in his arms turning him away from the arrow. She felt a sharp stinging pain in her back, gasping out loud, she sagged through her legs, hands clinging to Alexander who looked shocked.

Eudora heard people screaming, the public running away and the guards yelling orders left and right, catching the perpetrator, who was executed on the spot.

She felt hands touch her back trying to stop the endless flow of blood staining her dress and the sand. She heard someone yell her name and she opened her eyes despite her feeling very tired. Looking up she saw Alexander clinging to her with bloody hands, crying and begging her to hang on. She tried to speak but ended up coughing, she felt blood trickle down her chin. She stilled Alexander's frantic hands and caressed his face whispering,


"Eudora. Don't leave me please. Hang on, just hang on." She nodded slightly and heard a small voice yelling,

"Mommy…" she looked to her side, breath laboured, and saw her children being held back by Ptolemy and Nearchus. When she tried to reach out worried for their safety, she heard Hephaistion yell,

"Get them out of here. Take them inside, it's much too dangerous out here, there could be more of them out there." Ptolemy and Nearchus nodded, escorting the protesting children away. Eudora watched them leave trough blurry eyes but felt more at ease when they were out of harms way trusting them to keep her children safe. She turned around again to see Hephaistion trying to calm down Alexander who was yelling for a doctor.

"Where is that doctor?"

When she started coughing again, spitting blood, they both sat down next to her.

"Alexander…. Alexander…" whispered Eudora, her strength leaving her. When she knew she had his attention, she continued, "Take care of the children… they are still so young, they need…."

"I will but don't talk like that…" interrupted Alexander shaking his head, "You will get better…"

Suddenly Eudora began crying as well as she nodded, she reached out taking both Hephaistion's and Alexander's hand and linking them as she slowly caressed them. She looked at the sky smiling slightly before first looking Hephaistion in the eye and then Alexander before whispering,

"I will be with you forever…. I love you…." And she slowly closed her eyes, her hand falling still.

Alexander stared at her for awhile before yelling and shaking her.

"Eudora… Eudora!" when no reaction came forth, Alexander screamed his pain towards the heavens before falling down sobbing over Eudora body. Clinging to her as he held her close in his lap. Hephaistion, though heartbroken and crying himself, rubbed Alexander's back offering some comfort.

Nothing would ever be the same again.

Within the week Alexander had planned the most grand funeral anyone ever saw for a queen. The whole city was present for this event, for they all loved Eudora dearly. Alexander and his family all wore black, claiming all colours left their lives when Eudora died. When the children found out about their mothers dead they were devastated, the girls refused to eat and Solon hid himself away. Uraeus tried to be strong for his brother and sisters because Alexander could not. He locked himself away and drank too much when his grieve took over. Even Hephaistion could not help when Alexander's dark mood took over.

But they were all present, standing side by side, as they all lit Eudora's pyre at the same time. Someone played an old myrmidon song as the pyre lit the evening sky. Everyone paid their respects and left leaving the royal family to grieve. Alexander, Hephaistion and the children stayed until there was nothing left but ashes. They put it in an urn and together they climbed the nearby hill, Eudora loved so much, and together with some rose peddles, her favourite flower, they released the ashes in the wind. At that exact same moment, the moon shone brightly and they swore they could hear Eudora's voice telling them how much she loved them and they all smiled. The healing could begin.

Alexander declared a six month morning period and postponed his campaign until spring, next year. After Eudora's death Alexander changed, he became slightly paranoid trusting almost no one and became overprotective of his children. It became so bad he even sent his children away one day, not trusting they were safe. Hephaistion thought he carried his promise to Eudora too far but could do nothing to change his mind. So, they were sent away to stay incognito with someone he trusted and knew when he was younger. No one, not even Hephaistion knew where they were.

After six months, when the mourning period was over, Alexander began to turn to his normal self and allowed the games to continue. He often visited the hill with Hephaistion and they both stared at the sky for long periods of time before going to watch a play or something or other. Alexander often received letters from their children, letting him know they were alright. Everything seemed to be going great until one month later.

Alexander stormed trough several halls of the palace passing numerous slaves and guards, who all bowed when he passed. When he reached his destiny he slammed the door open and came to face with Glaukus, who was Hephaistion's personal doctor. He switched between the doctor and the trembling form of Hephaistion on his bed.

"What's going on? I thought this was just a minor cold."

"It was my king but I fear it progressed into the flu. I know it looks bad now but after plenty of rest and lots of fluids he will be better in a few days…" stuttered the doctor,

"He better be, or else…" said Alexander menacingly, the doctor nodded frantically and made a quick exit, closing the door behind him.

Alexander turned and headed towards a trembling Hephaistion, falling down on his knees beside the bed caressing his forehead. Feeling the heat, he looked at Hephaistion face and he gasped, his eyes were blood red and had circles of exhaustion round his eyes. He was also sweating and trembling.

"I know I have looked better…" muttered Hephaistion smiling slightly,

"Hephaistion…" whispered Alexander with tears in his eyes,

"Sssshhh…" shushed Hephaistion, caressing Alexander hair and face,

"Don't leave me. You were the only one who never let me win, the only one who was ever been honest with me. You saved me from myself. Please don't leave me Hephaistion." Pleaded Alexander as Hephaistion trembled harder, whispering,

" My… Alexander…" he curled his hand around Alexander's fingers, "… I remember the young man, who wanted to be Achilles and then outdid him."

"And You Patroclus! And then what happened?…." Asked Alexander crying, "….Those are myths only young men believe…" muttered Alexander feeling he lost that dream when Eudora died,

"But how beautiful a myth it was…." Whispered Hephaistion still believing it,

"We reach…. We fall…" quoted Alexander what his father said when he was young and teaching him about myths. He sighed and closed his eyes shaking his head but opened them quickly when he heard Hephaistion's moan of pain, seeing his body spasm in pain,

"Oh, Hephaistion…." Cried Alexander. Hephaistion sighed as the pain subsided and looked in Alexander eyes,

" I worry for you without me…." Whispered Hephaistion,

"I'm nothing without you…." Confessed Alexander, as tears streamed down his face, "… Come fight Hephaistion, we will die together, it's our destiny…." Referring to Eudora's prophecy. Hephaistion nodded trying to keep his trembling under control. Alexander sat more upright but stayed with Hephaistion, still holding his hand.

"I need you when we go to Arabia, I won't leave without you. When our mission is over, we will both retire and call our children back, watch them grow and get married. We will grow old together, standing on our balcony watching the sky until our time is done and we join Eudora and be together again." Rambled Alexander, his head tilted to the side, Hephaistion just listened to Alexander's voice feeling grateful he was there.

"Alexander…. I …" Hephaistion suddenly went rigid, his body spasming in pain and Alexander immediately hold him close rubbing his back trying to sooth him.

"Sssshhh, you will be alright. I know you will. You need to rest…" murmured Alexander as they held each other close, when the pain subsided Hephaistion hugged him close,

"You are my breath…. You are my soul…. my reason for living…" whispered Alexander kissing Hephaistion's neck, "I love you… My Patroclus…" Hephaistion clutched him closer,

"And I love you… my Achilles…" suddenly Hephaistion's arms went slack and his head rested on Alexander's shoulder. Feeling no movement, Alexander laid Hephaistion down,

"Hephaistion?... Hephaistion…." When no movement came forth Alexander screamed out loud, his voice echoing in the long hallways.. "Nooooo!"

Several people stormed in the room, to see Alexander crying over Hephaistion's lifeless body, Alexander looked up screaming,

"Where is this doctor?" someone shoved the trembling, stuttering doctor forwards, who fell on his knees pleading,

"Please, my king…" but Alexander, grief-stricken, showed no mercy,

"Execute him at once…"

Several people tried to pry Alexander away from Hephaistion's body but he lashed out,

"No, you all hated him. I know you did. You were all jealous of his position in my life! Leave! Leave at once." They all scrambled out afraid to be executed and no one dared enter for days as Alexander grieved. They often heard sobbing and crying but eventually Alexander allowed them to take Hephaistion away to be washed and dressed.

A few day later, the second more grand funeral in seven months time took place. Many people did not understand why a general from no royal lineage deserved such a funeral. Only people who had cared to look knew what Hephaistion meant to Alexander over the years but even they found the funeral too much. They resented Hephaistion even more and began losing faith in Alexander as a king, fearing he lost his mind because of the losses he suffered that year.

Alexander cut his hair short in honour of Hephaistion, following Achilles' example and threw the hair on the pyre. When nothing but ashes remained Alexander put the ashes in an urn and went to the same hill he stood on seven months ago and threw the ashes in the wind falling to his knees sobbing for his lost love.

In the months after Hephaistion's dead, Alexander's closest friends and generals, saw him slowly lose himself. He became a mere shadow of his former self. He locked himself away, for days at a time, and wrote endless letters to his children. Perfected his campaign to Arabia and seem to write, to those who caught a rare glimpse, his story. The story about Alexander The Great.

His friends became worried and sometimes even afraid when they saw him, he lost a lot of weight, seemed very pale and often forgot to shave. He also drank a lot of wine and had moments of sheer madness in which he destroyed his possessions and cried for hours. Sometimes he seemed his former cheerful self and he talked about the old days but mostly he was very subdued and silent.

Many thought he was unfit to remain king and rumours grew of a plot to assassinate the king. Ptolemy and the other companions tried to stop the rumours from spreading and reaching Alexander's ears. They hoped they were successful but sometimes Alexander would stare at them, like he saw in their souls and minds. Knowing exactly what was going on.

One day Alexander appeared from his room; after a few days of locking himself away; and decided they were leaving for Arabia in one months time. He threw a party that same evening and demanded everyone to come. Everyone came, wearing the most strange clothes they could find, because Alexander thought it would be fun for everyone to dress up for a change. Most people found it strange but obeyed none to less and wore furs and jewels, Cassander even stuck gold leaves to his face. Alexander came wearing Persian clothes, wearing a golden necklace made of coins and wore a lion's head on his own.

As the evening progressed, most people were very drunk but kept on drinking none the less, Alexander included. At some point in the evening someone took Alexander usual cup away and gave him a large new one. He took it and stared at it for awhile, feeling eyes on him he looked around with a strange look on his face before smiling slightly and drinking, the rather large cup, empty in one go. People cheered and applauded as Alexander threw away the cup, wiping his chin. He swayed and stumbled for awhile, the room spinning in front of his eyes, suddenly he clutched his stomach in pain, doubling over and gasping. He felt hands catch him as he lost unconsciousness.

Remember, I will still be here,
As long as you hold me, in your memory

Remember, when your dreams have ended,
Time can be transcended,
Just remember me

The next time Alexander opened his eyes, he was on his bed and all he saw was a big fan moving over him. He heard someone talking and slowly turned his aching head to see his companions softly talking, he heard someone crying and turned to see but saw nothing because of his blurry vision. Someone wiped his forehead and moistened his lips, the water made him cough and soon he was surrounded by his friends.

"Alexander, how are you feeling?" asked Ptolemy, Alexander tried to answer but was unable to from words and all he produced were croaking sounds. Alexander's body suddenly went rigid in pain and he gasped. Feeling the end coming closer, he sighed, tears stinging in his eyes.

I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,
It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun

I'm with you,
Whenever you tell,
My story,
For I am all I've done

He looked to his left, strait at the bust of Hephaistion and behind it the portrait of Eudora and his children. He smiled slightly, knowing he will see them soon. Someone shook his shoulder gently and he looked up seeing the fan again.

"Who is your successor Alexander?"

"Who will rule when you are gone?"

" Or tell us where your children are so Uraeus can be trained."

Alexander whispered silently,

"To the best!" soon a buzz of speculations filled the room,

"What did he say?"

"He said Craterus…"

"Craterus? Why would he say that?"

"You must have misunderstood…"

Alexander shook his head, trying to ignore all the voices talking at once. He simply kept staring at the fan, suddenly the eagle on the fan seem to come alive and he knew this was it. He slowly took of his ring, he got from Hephaistion and Eudora, and raised it high, gasping for breath. Suddenly his body went rigid before going slack, the ring falling to the ground, everything going black as he closed his eyes. So was it that, three months after Hephaistion died, Alexander The Great, King of Macedon and Asia, died.

Remember, I will still be here,
As long as you hold me, in your memory,
Remember me

I am that one voice, in the cold wind,
That whispers,
And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky.

Alexander heard birds and he frowned opening his eyes again. What he saw was not what he expected. He stood in a large grassy field, the sun was shining, there were no clouds in the sky. Birds where flying around and he could hear a stream nearby. Looking at himself, he noticed he wore a simple white chiton and sandals, feeling around he noticed his hair came to his ears again. He walked to the stream and looked at his reflection seeing he looked about 25 again, younger and less scarred.

Suddenly he heard a dog and he turned around, when he saw nothing he continued walking in the direction of the sound. Passing some trees he was suddenly knocked over by the dog he heard earlier, sitting up he recognized the dog as his when he was younger.

As long as,
I still can reach out, and touch you,
Then I will never die

"Peritas? I'm so happy to see you…." He ruffled the dogs ears and received a lick in return, suddenly the dog barked and seem to motion with his head for Alexander to follow. Alexander stood up and followed Peritas when he set off. Walking up a hill, he saw someone standing, staring over the countryside, hair billowing in the wind.

Suddenly Peritas barked again and said person turned around, smiling widely,

"Eudora?" Alexander couldn't believe his eyes, Eudora looked exactly like remembered her. Green eyes shining brightly, black curly hair billowing in the wind, a simple white dress over her divine shaped body.

"Alexander. I missed you." Said Eudora, when Alexander crushed her to him. They hugged and kissed for the longest time, crying with happiness. Suddenly they heard a horse and they parted,

"There's someone else here who would like to see you again…" confessed Eudora and she wrapped and arm around his waist. They both waited until they heard the horse coming closer, Alexander gasped as he recognized his horse from a long way away.

Remember, I'll never leave you,
If you will only,
Remember me

Remember me...

"Bucephalus?" Alexander squinted his eyes as he tried to see who was riding him, "… But who is…" suddenly the horse stopped and he recognized the rider,

"Hephaistion…." Eudora smiled and pushed him forwards, Alexander began running just as Hephaistion, who also wore a simple white chiton, dismounted. They ran into each others arms yelling each other names laughing like lunatics. They both fell to the ground wrestling, as Eudora walked closer rolling her eyes, smiling at the display. Alexander's kissed Hephaistion hard until he was breathless before hugging him hard. When they parted Alexander smiled widely, saying,

"So, this is paradise?" the other two just smiled knowingly and they all set of talking about what they have done and what they will do, happy to be together at last. And they had all eternity to enjoy one another. Many years later they were joined by their children who had lived long and rich lives, all having families of their own. Alexander never felt more at peace then he did right then. He might have died in the mortal plain but here he will live forever together with his loved ones.

Remember, I will still be here,
As long as you hold me,
In your memory

When your dreams have ended,
Time can be transcended,
I live forever,
Remember me

After Alexander's dead, his so called friends and Generals fought over his lands before his body was even cold. Perdiccas tried to calm them down but it was to no avail and was murdered for his efforts. They all scattered, each fighting over their own piece of land. Ptolemy, after taking Alexander's body and burying it, fought from Alexandria and Egypt where he declared himself Pharaoh. Cassander, who showed his desire for power, murdered Alexander's mother and sister and fought from Greece and Macedon. Lysimachus fought in Thrace. Antigonus ruled for a while in Asia Minor and Syria. Seleucus in Mesopotamia and Iran. Even though they were friends their whole lives, and were often happy to see each other again, they still fought for power.

No one ever found Alexander's children, it was even said they never even tried because they all loved Eudora and Alexander too much to even think about killing their children. They were never heard of again and soon they were forgotten.

But Alexander will always be remember as the man with a vision for a better future and a world united, Alexander The Great.

Remember me,
Remember... me...

Here you go, this was the sad ending but with a slightly happy end.

Hope you liked it!

'Remember Me', is not mine. I took it from the 'Troy' soundtrack to use.