Hi, this is my second ff, I hope you'll enjoy it. Please don't be angry at my mistakes, you know, I'm from Austria and only 13 years old, so there'll probably be much spelling mistakes or things like that.

Now, on with the story...

Before the first chapter starts, I want to say, that the story is set in itHotG, two weeks after the end of the war at River Drell.

Chapter 1: At the library (A/N: I know it's a silly title, but well, nothing came to my mind)

Alanna had just managed to escape from the ball that was given because of Jonathan's 19 birthday (A/N well, I don't know if that agrees with the original story, but well,...don't mind) and now she was looking for some interesting book that should help her making the time pass faster. As she stood there in front of the bookshelves, she heard a noise behind her.

Alanna turned round to see Jonathan, leaning in the doorframe. "Alanna, what are you doing here?", he asked. Then he saw the look on her face and began to laugh. "My own squire doesn't want to celebrate my birthday."

Alanna frowned. She really didn't want him to be there right now. To be honest she didn't want to see him anytime recently. Since the war at River Drell she had avoided Jonathan as much as she could, what wasn't easy, because he was still her knight master, no matter what had happened two weeks before.

"Well, I think I can celebrate your birthday at another time just well. You know I'm no girl - or let's say 'boy' for that kind of party. Still, I'm sure you should get back to the ballroom, 'cause remember, it's, like you said, your birthday. You don't want that they send out a searching party for you, do you?", she finally told him.

"You're right, I'd better get back.", Jonathan said and walked out.

Alanna sighed. She was rid of him and that was all that mattered to her right now. Then she saw that Jon was still there looking around. What does he do there?, Alanna wondered. Suddenly Jonathan turned around and went back in the library.

Alanna raised an eyebrow. "I thought you wanted to go.", she said, hands on her hips.

"Well, I forgot something I wanted to ask you.", Jon answered.

Alanna was getting angry. "And that is...?"

"Do I get a birthday present?", he asked, smiling.

Now Alanna was confused. "I gave you one" That was the only thing that came to her mind. She didn't really know what to answer at such a silly question.

"I didn't mean that.", Jon said, coming closer to her, too close for Alanna's liking. His voice was soft as he said, "I mean something like...that" Suddenky he kissed her.

Alanna was shocked and she felt butterflies in her stomach. That was really the last thing she wanted, but somehow she liked it, though. Alanna realized that she wasn't able to move. A part of her wanred to push him away, butthe otherpart of her wanted to kiss him back.

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