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Chapter 12: 'Alanna teaches Jon a lesson' or 'Something's itching' lol

Alanna returned from Mrs. Cooper's house at about 10 o'clock. She doubted that Jonathan was in his rooms yet, so she didn't try to be quiet or tiptoe into her room. How wrong she was...

She entered her room and sat down on her bed. Then she stood up and opened her window. The moderate summer breeze brought the scent of the flowers in the palace gardens to her. Alanna took a deep breath. She thought about the lessons about being a woman. She sighed. She doubted she would ever be as beautiful as Lady Delia or Lady Cythera, no matter what she did. The thought of the two ladies made her walk to her mirror and pile her hair on top of her hair.

The door opened, but Alanna didn't notice. Suddenly she heard something behind her. She turned around and blushed. It was Jonathan and he had an odd look on his face.

"Haven't you been told to knock before you come in?", Alanna asked and put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry…", Jonathan began, but then he began to grin. "Why are you piling your hair on top of you head", he asked, guessing the answer.

"Piling my hair?….Oh yes, I…well, something itched on my neck and I wanted to see if there was something. Not very important, so why do you ask?"

Jonathan raised an eyebrow and tried not to laugh. He knew what Alanna was doing and it was just to funny how she tried to deny it. "Something itched?"

"Yes, don't you believe me?", she asked.

"Not really.", Jon admitted.

"Well, why should I give a damn about what you think? You're thinking quite a lot of nonsense, from what I heard from you today."

Jonathan looked at the floor. "In fact, that's why I came. I wanted to apologize."

"You can't always apologize, you know. You just can't do everything you want and then say you're sorry. Life doesn't work like that. One day you'll be king. What if you execute someone because you think he's guilty and then you find out he's not? Do you think you can just apologize then?"

He looked up again. "No, but…I…", he stammered. Alanna was right. He couldn't always do something stupid and think it is forgotten when he says he's sorry.

"Could you -just once- think before you say something?"

"You're right. Good night." Jonathan turned around and left her room.

Alanna sighed of relief. She had taught him a lesson … Alanna began to giggle. The look on his face, she thought and laughed even louder, the great Prince of Tortall is taught a lesson from his little squire…Just too funny…

Hey, guys, (or girls)! I'm not sure if I'll continue this story because it seems to go nowhere. It's just arguments between Jon and Alanna over and over. I tell you something: The incident with Duke Gareth is forgotten and Alanna's 17th birthday will come and the story goes on like in the book. I don't have to write that, do I? I'll make one last chapter … perhaps.