Hey folks- I was listening to Dido today in the car, thinking about how to set up my next chap for ATCT and this idea presented itself to me. Very short, and the lyrics are changed a tad to fit the story, along with the real meaning. When I have "Ostia" in there, it's more symbolism that actuality- just to tell ya. But I hope you like it! Read and review, please! Chapter 2 of ATCT will be up soon! Thanks everyone!

Summary: Guy dawdles on his thoughts on Matthew. Matthew dawdles on his thoughts of Leila. Perhaps happiness can happen, after all… (Guy's POV)

Disclaimer: Dido owns the song "Mary's In India" 9the song I took these lyrics from) and Nintendo owns Fire Emblem. I only own the cartridge and cd. Yadayadayada…

Matthew is lonely 'cos Leila's in Ostia now
She said she'd write but that was three weeks ago
She left all her things, well, her books and her letters from him
and as the sun rises on Leila, it sets on him

Just dance, just drink and just see the things
I'll probably never get the chance to see

Guy of the Kutolah walked solemnly along the dusty road beside Matthew as they treaded back towards Pharae. Their journey was done; they had rescued the world from the hands of Nergal- the dragons were not to come any longer. But as the young Sacaen's heart beat in slow time, he felt his eyes travel to the thief's own, and he could tell- even that wouldn't pull his friend out of his sorrow. Would he ever be the same?

Matthew's not eating, he's drinking and sleeping
I saw him last night at a party, he's definitely thin
He says he's happy, he looked pretty good but I think
That as the sun rises on Leila, it sets on him

Just dance, just drink and just see the things
I'll probably never get the chance to see

The wind blew along the young Sacaen's brow and his dark hair floated gently along the breeze, his Killing Edge clinking quietly against his belt as the airstream hit it. His thoughts were on the same thing they'd been on since he and Eliwood's Elite™ had returned the first time from Dread Isle- Matthew. The young man was thinner, he seemed more weary- his cheeriness had seemingly lost its touch after his loss of Leila. It was hard for Guy to look him in the eye and not yearn to gather him up into his arms and whisper soft sympathies into his ear- but he knew Matthew wouldn't want it, and he stayed solitary by his side each time.

Guy looked up into the stars. The night before, when Lord Eliwood and his party had joined together for one last time and eaten and drank merrily- he'd done the same thing- stared into the never-ending sea of galaxies far away. And he hadn't noticed- but Matthew had done the same.

Matthew came over last night and I cooked for him
We talked about you Leila and how much he loved you still
He told me he's packed up your books and your letters and things
And as the sun sets on Leila, it's rising on him

He stared at him- sleeping there- it wasn't possible to tear his eyes from the thief's fluttering eyelids, his light brown hair falling softly across his face to frame his face. He reached out withone fragile hand to brush back a few of the tendrils and then let his hand caress the man's skin- and Guy smiled. Perhaps they did have a chance- perhaps hearts were able to mend. He'd make sure Matthew could do that… when he was ready. Perhaps there was a chance for happiness.

He looked through the window… again… up at the stars.

Just dance, just drink and just see the things
I'll probably never get the chance to see
Don't worry Leila, 'cos I'm taking care of Matthew
And he's taking care of me

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