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Timeline: post-season 7, Buffy, post-season 4, Angel and during season 6, L&O: SVU

Rating: PG-13 (R in later chapters) for violence and swearing

Categories: Horror, Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure

Main Character(s): Buffy, Elliott, Olivia, Dawn, Angel, Cordelia

Pairing(s): Elliott/Olivia, Elliott/Joyce (a little bit!), Buffy/Spike, Willow/Xander, Angel/Cordelia, Fred/Wesley

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing a Law & Order: SVU fan fiction and crossing it over with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel so please don't flame me. Before I get on with the story, here's the lowdown.

-- This is yet another "Buffy's biological father" story

-- While Spike returns in this story, Anya will NOT return for those of you hoping for a Xander/Anya pairing (sorry!)

-- Fin, Cragen and Munch will make several appearances in the story

-- This is an alternate universe story for Angel. Cordelia was evil but was restored. It will be explained better in the story. Everything else in season four happened.

-- There will be some references from past episodes of both Buffy and Angel in the story.

-- This story is based on the songs When I'm Back On My Feet Again by Michael Bolton, Save Me by Remy Zero and Remember When It Rained by Josh Groban

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Summary: After spending two years in Italy, the Slayer and her friends & fellow Slayers return to the US and set up shop in New York after learning of the threat of the Hellmouth opening there. While digging through old things upon moving in, Buffy is in for the shock of her life when she finds an old box of love letters written to her late mother by an army man and something that suggests to her that he is her biological father. Armed with this information, Buffy meets the man alleged to be her biological father, NYPD Detective Elliott Stabler who is faced with tragedy when his entire family is brutally and senselessly murdered in a violent home invasion. Upon meeting Buffy, Elliott is suddenly thrown in a world where nothing made sense and where your nightmares are real. After a Slayer is brutally attacked and beheaded by a vicious demon, Buffy realizes that both the girl's death and the violent deaths of Elliott's wife and children may be part of a plan that if successful can destroy the world. Can she stop it before it's too late?

Remember When It Rained
By RaeAngel

January 25, 2005

New York City, New York

Buffy Summers glanced at the Slayers as they were helping each other unpack the moving van into one of the condos that each of them would share. After Angel bought the condos in New York through unofficial channels in Los Angeles courtesy of Wolfram and Hart, Buffy, the Slayers and the Scoobies immediately jumped at the chance to return to the United States. Then they would begin the process of training the Slayers who were recently activated. For her, Buffy felt happy to be back home in the States since she missed it very much. Her sister, Dawn, had already been accepted at New York University so she could study English literature and psychology. Willow got a job as a secretary at a local police station to raise money for hers, Kennedy's and Xander's living arrangements.

As for me, I'm stuck in a condo by myself. But then again I like it.

"Hey, Buff! Could you give us a hand with this?" Xander called out to her as he struggled with a heavy box.

Buffy chuckled to herself and went to help Xander with the box. Once they got inside the condo where she would live on her own, they put the box down on the floor in one of the bedrooms.

"What's in there anyway?" Xander asked. "Damn box weighed a ton!"

"Mostly old stuff from my old house back in Sunnydale." Buffy replied. "Papers, some of my mom's old things and a small box. Before she died, she left instructions to keep the box in case something happened to her."

"Did she ever say what was in the box?" Xander asked.

Buffy shook her head. "No." she replied. "She just told me that the box contains some stuff that would interest me greatly concerning my dad. I was just so emotionally detached after she died that I was never curious to find out what is the box."

"Now are you curious?" Xander asked.

"Now that you mentioned it." Buffy replied with a grin. She and Xander opened the big cardboard box and dug to find what they were looking for. After a few minutes, they found a large shoebox tied with a long piece of string. Buffy sat down on the bed, untied the string and opened the box. Inside the box were what looked like letters and an elevelope. Buffy picked up one of the letters and after a few words, she realized that it was a love letter to her mother from another man. Then she picked up an envelope that had her mother's name and her eyes scanned it to look for the sender's name and found it on the back of the envelope.

"Elliott Stabler." Buffy whispered.

Xander glanced at her with a very confused look on his face. "Buffy, what is it?" he asked.

"These are all love letters from someone named Elliott Stabler to Mom." Buffy said. "But I don't understand. Why would Mom want me to find these? Why would these letters concern my dad?"

"Maybe your mom was trying to tell you something about this guy." Xander suggested. "Check the other envelope."

Buffy took the large brown envelope out of the shoebox and opened it. Inside it was what looked like results from a paternity test. It had her name and the name of her mother's mystery man on it and what the results showed sent shock waves throughout her body. Then she put two on two together. This guy, Elliott Stabler. He's my biological father. Mom tried to tell me but she died before she had a chance to tell me.

"He's my biological dad." Buffy said in a whisper. Then she turned to Xander.

"This paper contains results from a paternity test." She explained. "According to this, this guy, Elliott Stabler, he's my biological father."

Xander was shocked. "Why would your mom keep this from you?" he asked.

"I don't know. But I think in the end she couldn't keep it a secret anymore and was going to tell me." Buffy said. "But she died before she had a chance to tell me or Dawn."

"So we know who he is and that he's your biological dad." Xander said. "The question is where does he live now?"

Buffy glanced at him. "There's only one way to find out." she took out her cell phone and dialed the number to Wesley's office at Wolfram and Hart. After a few rings, Wesley answered on the third ring.

"Hello?" Wesley answered.

"Wes, it's Buffy." Buffy said. "I need you to gather some information for me on someone. Can you do that?"

"Sure, I could do that." Wesley said. "What's the person's name?"

"Elliott Stabler." Buffy replied.

"All right, hold on." Wesley said. The line was silent for close to a few minutes before he went back on the line.

"According to my online source, Elliott Stabler lives in New York and is a police officer with the NYPD. He was in the army for a while back in the early 1980's. He's married and livesin Queens." Wesley replied.

"Do you have the address?" Buffy asked. After he told that he didn't have the address, she thanked him, hung up and turned to Xander.

"He's a cop and lives here in New York." She said. "He was also in the U.SMarines for a while back in the 80s. He and Mom must've broken up before I was born."

"If your mom knew that Elliott was your dad then why bother with the paternity test?" Xander asked.

Buffy thought hard before answering. "I think it's because she knew if she told me I wouldn't believe her and had the paternity test done as evidence to back her up so that if she decided to tell me, she would be able to give me solid proof that's it's true."

Then she went to leave but Xander stopped her. "Buffy." He said. "It's going to be okay."

Buffy smiled with tears in her eyes. "I know." She said. Then she left the building and began to run and kept on running.

Scooby Gang/Slayers Residence

Two months later …

"Hey, careful! That's my mom's crystal!"

"Ow! Shannon! That's my foot!"

"Why is the power out?"

"What the hell is going on?"

"Would you ladies please calm down?"

"Easy for you to say, Giles! Telling us to clam down!

"Would all you knock it off?"

The darkened living room of the Slayer's condo went silent at the slightly annoyed tone of Buffy's voice. The power had mysteriously gone off in every building on the street including their own and for nearly three hours, everyone was bickering and arguing. At point, Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies had enough of the bickering and were now in the process of restoring calm in an already tense situation. With a flashlight, Buffy counted the heads of all the Slayers who had come to the condo and to her surprise & dismay, she saw that two of them were missing.

"Where are Jennifer and Kennedy?" Buffy asked.

"You sent them out to patrol the neighborhood, remember?" Shannon said.

"That was three hours ago, Shannon." Rona pointed out to her. "They should be back by now."

Rona's right. Buffy thought. It's not like Jennifer and Kennedy not to report back to us after three hours. Then again, I'll never know with Kennedy. I mean, she's been acting strange since we arrived here in New York.

"We'll give them ten minutes." Buffy said. "If they're not back by then, we'll go out and look for them."

Faith turned her. "I hate to be a big pain in the ass, B, but I think we should go look for them now."

"I agree." Giles said. "This is the third time in two weeks that Kennedy has not reported back to us and this time, she's taken another Slayer with her on patrol and she could put her in danger if she's not careful."

Seeing that neither her sister Slayer nor her Watcher was going to back down, Buffy nodded her head slowly and then turned back the Slayers to begin the search party. After splitting the group of Slayers into seven, she gave them maps of the areas to search in. Then she, Giles, Shannon, Rona, Xander, Willow and five other Slayers went to the area where the two missing Slayers were assigned to patrol in. After nearly three hours, they were about to turn back when they heard sirens a block away in another apartment building. Buffy felt her Slayer senses going as a feeling of dread went over her. She and her group ran toward the source and saw that a crowd formed around the front of the building. Buffy ran into the crowd and then she felt the strength go out of her legs when she saw three bodies lying on the ground. One of them she recognized.

"Oh, my God!" Buffy gasped. One of the Slayers, she and her friends were looking for, was lying beside the bodies of a woman and another girl. The Slayer's severed head laid about inches away from her body. Buffy was shocked and horrified at what she saw. By looking at the other two bodies, she could tell that the woman and the other girl died from broken necks by looking at the unnatural angle of their necks. Buffy didn't hear her Watcher gasp out loud and said in a soft voice. "Bloody hell!" or her sister Slayer swearing under her breath or the other Slayers gasp in horror and grief. But she was knocked out of her shocked state when she heard a voice yell. "Where's my wife? Where is she?"

Buffy turned to see that a man was running toward the building and was held back by police officers. He was visibly struggling to get through. Then she saw a woman get out of a black car and she went to the man and the group of police officers holding him. What happened next happened in a flash, he broke free of the officers, pushed past the crowd. When she saw that he was inches away from her, Buffy moved out of his way. Then he started screaming in agony.

"NO! NO! Kathy! NO! It's not happening! NO! NO! Oh, my God!"

Then he broke down into uncontrollable sobs and without realizing it, he grabbed onto Buffy's waist and sobbed with no self-restraint or even realizing that he grabbed onto a total stranger. But at that point, Buffy didn't care. She just held him in her arms in an attempt to comfort him.

They're dead! Every single of them! Kathy, the kids! My God. Oh, my God!

The moment that Elliott Stabler received the phone call in his office about his wife and kids, he knew that something was wrong but he was unprepared for the tragedy that was about to unfold. When he had reached the apartment where Kathy and the children were staying and saw the mangled bodies of his wife and daughter on the ground of the front of the building, he felt as through his heart had been ripped out of his chest and had been returned to him in pieces. Elliott lost it completely and broke down into uncontrollable sobs. When the reality of what happened finally took hold, he let out a scream of agony and then he continued to cry. Without realizing it, Elliott grabbed on to a young woman who was standing beside him and he clung to her not caring if he hurt her. She didn't try to push him away and just held him in her arms. After a mere ten minutes, Elliott lifted his tear-streaked face to look at the young woman. She looked beautiful with long blonde hair and green eyes and in them were a strange mixture of worry, sympathy and pity.

"It's okay." She said gently.

Suddenly falling back into his misery, Elliott burst into fresh tears. "No, it's not." He sobbed. "My family is dead. My daughters are gone. There's no-one else."

As he sobbed, Elliott heard the young woman speak again this time with emotion in her voice.

"I lost my mom three years ago and my boyfriend just two years after that." She said. "So I know what it's like to lose people you love. Hell, I just found out two weeks ago that my mom once had a relationship with an army guy who turned out to my biological father. And he's a cop with the NYPD."

What the young woman said next nearly made Elliott choke on the unshed tears in his throat. "And his name is Elliott Stabler."

Now very shocked, Elliott began shaking with both shock over what he had heard and grief over the deaths of his family. Fighting back tears and against his better judgment, he spoke to her again.

"What if I were to tell you that I am Elliott Stabler?"

Did he say what I think he said? Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Buffy had never been that shocked and surprised in her life. She couldn't believe that the man she was comforting was in fact her biological father, Elliott Stabler. She felt tears welling up in her eyes and all of the pent-up emotions that she had in check for the last two weeks burst forth and she broke down crying.

"Oh, my God!" Buffy was sobbing. "Oh, my God! I can't believe it's you. I've been trying to find you for two months! Oh, my God!" With no control over herself, she fell onto her knees and continued sobbing uncontrollably. She didn't feel Elliott's strong arms wrap around her body and pulling her closer to him but she could hear him crying again on her shoulder. For the longest time, they held onto each other crying in each other's arms not caring who was watching them but each of them expressing their own grief.