Hello, everyone!

I just want to apologize about the lack of updates. I've been extremely busy with work, and writing two other fan fics that I've totally forgot about this one. So again, I apologise. I will not abandon this story completely but that doesn't mean that my updates will be speedy due to work, computer problems and writing other fics.

But there is some good news, there will be two sequels to this story that are in the works. Here are previews for them.

When You Believe, a BtVS/Angel/Harry Potter fan fiction. This story takes place right after the end of Remember When It Rained (which is already written but won't be uploaded until all of the other chapters are written and uploaded).

A Hero Lies In You, a BtVS/Angel/Law & Order: SVU/Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings fan fiction. This one picks up where When You Believe left off. This will be an Elliot/Buffy centric story but will focus on other characters too.

Well, that's it for now. I will update soon and happy reading!