Too Late

By: Vampire Toy


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Summary: Sasuke tries to talk to his old teammates after joining Orochimaru but finds that trying to reach them is going to be a little harder than it used to be and that he's not the only one who's changed.

. Implied SasuSaku, if you really look into it you might find NaruSaku. Enjoy.

She's gotten so much stronger since the last time I'd seen her, it was amazing I could even recognize her. I watched silently as she brushed back some of her short pink locks out of her face as she sat on a bench under the tree I was in; how beautiful she was. I wanted so badly to go down to her to surprise her, she'd be happy to see me, she always used to be.

Then again, I'd left her for so long, her and Naruto. I couldn't show myself, who knows, she might even attack me. But would she do that? After all the affections she's shown me? It was hard to imagine that she'd attack me; I knew Naruto would, my rival, but Sakura-chan….then again, I'd never shown much interest in her feelings towards me, has she moved on?

I waited, watching from the tree branch. My chakara was concealed so well not even an ANBU would be able to detect me…. something Orochimaru had recently taught me. Perhaps I could just let my chakara show a little, enough for her to sense me….maybe she'd missed me….like I'd missed her….

"Sakura-chan!" It was Naruto's voice, any hope of talking to Sakura alone was gone, but I didn't leave, maybe I still had a chance? Maybe I could even speak to them both; they had always cared about me…

"Huh? What is it Naruto?"

"Hey come on! You've gotta see what Lee's doing!"

"Lee-san? What's he doing?"

"Nooo! You have to SEE it or it's not as funny!"

"Funny? What did you do to Lee-san!" Sakura stood up angrily her hands on her hips.

"No, not me! He did it himself! Come on!"

No, she's leaving? He's leaving? My heart began beating faster. Lee? I'd forgotten about him. Sakura seemed so worried about Lee, could it be that he and she…?

"Naruto! He'd better not be getting hurt!"

"Nah, I woulda helped him."

"Agh, Naruto! Fine, where is he?"

"Come on!" he grabbed her wrist and the two ran stumbling down the street with Sakura screaming at Naruto for going so fast. I sat silently; I had missed my chance. Not that it was much of a chance to begin with, but still I should've said something.

I let out a small sigh, then again, maybe it was better this way. They'd never understand anyway.

VT: Short and icky, well, a mini SasuSaku, SasuNaru, NaruSaku whatever you want. Mostly Sasusaku, obviously. Set after Sasuke left them and joined Orochi. XP reflection, semi-angst, ahh Sasuke you little loser, I love you so.

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