Too Late

Chapter 6: Mixed Feelings

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(Inner most thoughts at the moment XD)

I was almost happy to hear that Naruto and Sakura had been refusing new members to our team. In some way it made me feel as though I still had a place among my friends, even if that wasn't exactly true. Whether or not they'd take me back was a different story; I wouldn't ever expect them to have to take me back. In fact, in the years I had been gone I'd come to the conclusion that I would probably die and when I did, no funeral of mourning would be held for me. They never go to so much trouble for traitors.

Sakura and Naruto walked on either side of me with Kakashi following behind. I was still unsure of whether or not he'd found me out but I knew that as long as I was around my old teammates, especially Sakura, that I would be safe.

"Mykosaki, have you eaten lunch yet?" Sakura asked her hands behind her back in an almost timid fashion.

"I…" my stomach let out a loud rumble and my face went up in flames.

(I guess I lost a lot of my composure not being around people for so long…)

What about the Sound nins?

(They don't count as people to me, I could care less what they do or why, most of them are just power-hungry)

Like you

"Well let us treat you to something to eat!" Sakura smiled.

"Yeah! Are you paying Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked eagerly.


"Aww come on Sakura!"

"You can pay for yourself! You eat too much for me to have enough money for everyone!"

(Some things never change) I smiled, my embarrassment wearing off.

"How about you sensei?" Naruto asked looking back.

"Hnn, I'll pay for three bowls max."

"Alright! How about you Mykosaki?" Naruto grinned at me.

"Naruto he's a guest!"

"So? We showed him around, he probably wants to thank us!"

"You dobe!" Sakura smacked him over the head and he began to whine.

"Ignore him Mykosaki." Sakura said hesitantly reaching for my arm to pull me inside, but stopped and simply walking in ahead of me.

I frowned, following her like a hurt puppy as Naruto behind me tried to coax more money out of Kakashi. Sakura sat down in a booth and I immediately moved next to her.

"What's wrong?" I asked softly as Naruto and Kakashi stood in the doorway arguing.

"What are you talking about Mykosaki-san?"


"It's nothing."

Kakashi finally came to the booth carrying Naruto by the scruff and tossing him into the seat.

"We decided what we want?" he asked eyeing me for a few seconds before turning his attention to Sakura.

"Oh, shrimp ramen please." Sakura said.

"Chicken please." I replied.

"Hmmm….beef and shrimp…and chicken and.."

"I said three and I meant it." Kakashi told Naruto as he looked over the menu."


"Naruto, I'll buy you one more bowl, but only one!" Sakura waved a finger to emphasize.

"Alright! That's my Sakura-chan! Thanks! So beef, shrimp, chicken, and probably oriental, what do you think Sakura?"

"Sounds good."

"Alright, what are you getting Kakashi-sensei?"

"Pork ramen."

"Aww man, that sounds good too…"

"NO MORE!" Kakashi and Sakura shouted at the same time.


After we all ordered our conversation came back to the two-member team that Naruto and Sakura belonged to.

"By the way, sorry for that stuff I said when you first came, it might've seemed like I was gonna kick your ass, but you seem pretty nice." Naruto said through mouthfuls.

I smirked and shook my head, "That's fine….you all seem to be getting along nicely with only two members anyway."

"We were strong when we had three members." Sakura murmured eating calmly.

"Yeah, but I think he's right Sakura-chan, maybe we're better like this." Naruto said.

"Don't be stupid." Sakura muttered.

There was uncomfortable silence and I had to keep from letting out a heavy sigh. Seeing my team…my former team, this way…made me feel guilty…not that it shouldn't. I WAS guilty, I was a betrayer.

(But you do what you have to… your also an avenger…) I reminded myself.

"I don't think you could've been any better with a third member." I said breaking the silence. Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura looked up at me in surprise.

"Yeah well you don't know our old teammate so you can't say!" Naruto said angrily. I wished that Naruto was in on my guise like Sakura, I wanted him to know as much as Sakura, that I was….in a sense 'proud' of how strong they'd become on their own. They really didn't need me anymore, but they still paid me respect, more than I deserved.

"We're pretty strong now though…" Sakura said trying to cool Naruto's temper. Naruto gave her a look of almost shock.

"Sakura! You can't say that! You love-"

"Let's not make our guest uncomfortable." Kakashi cut Naruto off, his eyes on me.

I looked at him for a moment, expecting to see suspicion or anger directed towards me, but I only saw weariness. I panned the table of familiar faces and almost felt my heart rip apart in pain. I grit my teeth and suddenly became angry.

"Why are you still defending him?" I hissed.

"What?" Sakura and Naruto looked at me curiously.

"Wasn't your teammate, your third member, Uchiha Sasuke?"

I saw Naruto tense in rage and Sakura's eyes widened in pain. Kakashi sat seemingly unfazed and put a hand on Naruto's shoulder to calm him down, and it might have worked if I hadn't gone on.

"He betrayed you and everyone in this village." I said in a low voice, "and you refuse to take any new members to your team….but I'm sure you would never take him back!"

"What the hell's your problem!" Naruto yelled angrily grabbing my neck in a chokehold across the table, startling the people in the restaurant.

"You didn't know him! You have no right to say any of that!" he growled.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried.

I gave her a side-glance while trying to pull Naruto's arms from my neck, she was crying now. I felt Naruto's grip loosen and looked up to see him watching her as well.

"Sakura, you more than anyone I know would wanna defend him? What's wrong with you?" Naruto asked almost in pain.

"Leave her alone she knows what you don't seem to understand." I yanked his hands from my neck and made a quick motion, twisting them behind his back and slamming him down on the table.

"Uchiha Sasuke is a traitor! No one will cry when he dies and by now I know YOU wouldn't think twice before killing him!" my anger seemed to have spurred Naruto's fury even more and he threw me off and I crashed into someone's table.

"Naruto!" Kakashi's voice rang angrily as people began panicking

"If your gonna start a fight then get out!" the manager yelled. Naruto didn't seem to hear anyone and lunged at me, only to be stopped by Sakura who quickly jumped in front of me.

"That's enough!" Kakashi snarled grabbing both Naruto and I and yanking us outside. He threw us both to the ground glaring down. Sakura walked next to him tears still flooding down her cheeks.

"Naruto, you're wrong, I don't agree with Mykosaki…"

"What?" he asked sitting up.

"What!" I asked surprised.

"Please just calm down, both of you, neither of you understand it….or…maybe you do but…no matter what," she turned to me, "No matter what, Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, and I will always care about Sasuke, we were teammates, friends, and family we have always been bonded and that's what Naruto meant. Ninja teams usually grow up together and we did, but just because Sasuke left…doesn't mean we don't still love him. He was Naruto's best friend and mine, Kakashi will always think of us as his children…even if Sasuke never realized it and even if it wasn't enough to keep him here, he knows….that we will always be willing to give him a second chance, even if no one else will."

There was a long silence before she turned to Naruto and spoke up again, "But…it doesn't mean what he did was right. He never took our feelings into consideration and has always acted as if he's had nothing,"

I felt my heart ache, she wasn't only talking to Naruto, I knew, but it was the fact that she was telling me this, she'd become bolder and was now showing me what she felt in her heart.

"He lost his family Naruto, but you've never even had one, my parent's are never home, and Kakashi-sensei…." She turned to him her face stained but her tears still flowing, "his entire team DIED. Sasuke acted as if he was the only one whose life wasn't perfect or full of happiness and picnics with mom and dad. All these years together, our team has become our family so even if he DIDN'T have his mother and father, he had us." She took a deep shaky breath and turned back to me, "So your both wrong."

Everyone stood in silent shock, me most of all. I knew she had changed, but she was so different from the shy girl who gushed over me and acted as if I were her prince charming. In a few moments she had spilled out all her anger and sadness that had built up over the years, the worst part being most of it was directed me.

"Naruto…would you walk me home?" she asked suddenly. Naruto blinked and stood up, shooting me a glare but walking over to Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei, maybe you'd like to come too? I'll make dinner for you two later….i mean, company would be nice now, you know, I mean…"

"I'll walk you, I don't quite feel like going home." The stunned sensei murmured.

"It was nice meeting you Mykosaki." She said walking off with Kakashi and Naruto.

I frowned and stood up also, brushing myself off.

(She's taking them home to make sure I don't follow her)

I sighed and turned to see a few people who'd come out of the ramen shop to see what was going on. I scowled at them and quickly walked away.

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