The Black Piece

Summary: AU: Taken as a child Rogue, the Black Piece, was raised by the Hellfire Club. With full control over her powers and stolen ones she was trained to serve the Club and take down their enemies. Romy to come. Rated for violence and possibly later for sexual scenes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters in any way or form... sadly...

Authors Note: Set in the future Xavier saw in the cartoon... kind of.

In this timeline Rogue has no connection to Mystique and thus none to Kurt. Apocalypse was never brought back and the Acolytes (Gambit, Colossus, Pyro, Sabertooth, Mastermind) still work under Magneto's control. The Brotherhood still consist of Quicksilver, Avalanche, Scarletwitch, Toad, Blob and is under Mystique's command.

I do not know much about the Hellfire Club or it's members as I was never that interested in them, so bare with me... Also I have no idea where this is going, no plot has been planned out so expect this to be very unpredictable with updates.

Please excuse my French and German, I am working off the language translator on-line so please do correct me if I get any of it wrong.

Also... can you spot the references/hints I have made?


Chapter One: Everyone meets their match, eventually.


"Are you sure?"

"That is what that blind witch said. The most powerful mutant will be born, today,"

"Good, send out a team. I want this mutant. It will be a powerful addition to our Club. What is it's powers?"

"Absorption, able to steal any other mutants powers and knowledge. With time and training Destiny says she'll be able to control them at will, to use others powers when ever she wants."




Assassin Guild Mansion.

New Orleans.

"This was not part of our deal Marius."

Marius Boudreaux raised his chin to look directly at the woman across from him. The blonde seductress known as Emma Frost leant forward on the table, her hands resting against the polished wood surface from where she stood. Her blue eyes held pure coldness as her skimpy skin tight white clothing left hardly anything to the imagination.

"The Black King will not be impressed." She continued in a voice of pure venom.

"Dat is not ma problem Frost. Da Assassins do not answer to ya King."

Pulling herself up to full height the White Queen kept the anger she felt from showing on her face. Damn Assassin Guild could never be trusted, she had warned Sebastian of this. But as much as Marius thought he was winning he was quickly going to be disappointed. "This is your last chance Marius. Follow through with the deal or pay the price for misleading the Hellfire Club."

Behind him Julien and Belladonna slowly inched their hands closer to their weapons as Marius smiled. "Pay da price? Emma, never threaten da 'ead of da Assassin Guild or ya goin' to leave 'ere in a body bag."

Ignoring his comment Emma spoke one last time, "Very well. Good-bye Marius." Then glanced to the figure standing to her left before exiting the room.

The Assassin leader raised one eyebrow at Frost's sudden exit and at the lone Hellfire figure left standing there. The person had not moved since entering the room over an hour ago, not even to change their footing during the argument between the two representatives of the groups. Hidden behind a heavy black cape complete with hood the individuals features had not been seen by anyone on his side, all they knew was the figure was of smaller build than most in the room and stood at 5'8 in height. Marius was sure it was female by what he could see of her frame but that did not tell him much.

Nodding to his son Marius stayed seated in his chair as Julien made his way around the table to the concealed person. Still she did not move as the young Assassin stopped in front of her, keeping her head aimed down so her face was hidden in the shadows of the hood. Pulling free the handgun that his hand was edging towards Julien pressed the muzzle against her chest, snapping his hand up to yank off the fabric protecting her head.

Appearing no older than 18 the once hidden girl still didn't move, her head angled down so her white bangs that weren't pulled into a tight ponytail with the rest of her brown hair framed her pale face. Her eyes remained close, her eyelids covered in a thick layer of black eye-shadow and eyeliner, matching her dark lipstick.

Julien smirked at the girl, placing a finger under her chin to tilt her head up towards him and allowing him to see her face clearer. Pretty girl, young but belle. (beautiful) Even this didn't gain any reaction from her. He turned his face back towards his father.

"Think she's dead?" His grin increased as he got a dark laugh from his sister.

"Da 'ellfire must be desperate." Belladonna added to her brothers teasing, unable to see any threat nor why Frost would leave this girl behind.

Marius shook his head at his children's comments but wondered himself why the White Queen had brought then left such a young woman here. Maybe she was a mutant with some dangerous power. Either way... "Get rid of 'er."

"Oh, Ah'll get rid of 'er, once Ah'm done with 'er." Julien sneered, gentle stroking his fingertips down the pale girl's cheek.

As if triggering some part of her Julien let out a cry of pain as the teens hand snapped up to grab his, forcing his hand back into an unnatural angle with a loud 'snap'. Her other hand shot out to grasp the gun pointed at her chest as a kick to the stomach sent the Assassin Prince flying back into the solid table, so much force behind the attack that it caused the piece of furniture to break under the strain.

Marius jumped out of his seat as Bella's mouth fell open with shock, but it wasn't enough to stop her from drawing her own gun. Across from them the girl's grip around the weapon tightened, crushing the metal in her palm and allowed the remains of the gun to fall to the ground with a metallic 'thud'. Still her eyes remained close as Julien moaned in pain from his position on the floor.

Narrowing her eyes Belladonna fired and with perfect Assassin accuracy hit the girl right between the eyes... only to leave a slight indentation in her skin from the impact, the shattered bullet fragments falling to the ground.

"Dieu." (God) Gritting her teeth Bella continued to empty her weapon at the Hellfire girl, gaining no reaction and no advantage as like the first shot the bullets just bounced right off her.

Reaching into her pocket to grab a new clip the gun flew out of Belladonna's hand before she could eject the empty, smashing into the wall and shattering both the metal of the weapon and the wood of the wall.

Slowly the girls eyes opened and she rolled them down without moving her head, making it so she peered at them down her nose through half closed eyes. The emerald stare held no emotion in it, making her eyes even scarier than the White Queens. Raising one arm from underneath her cape the black gloved hand rested palm up as she slowly lifted it into the air.

From amongst the remains of the table Julien gave a cry of shock as his form elevated into the air, shards of wood splinters falling from his clothing. His breathing picked up and a gasp caught in his throat as he felt sudden pressure on his shoulder and hip joints, strain against his ribs and breastbone. A scream ripped from his throat as the ligaments in his arms and legs tore, shedding his muscles and straining the joints until they let out a sickening 'pop'. As his limbs pulled away from this torso Julien's skin stretched and finally snapped, causing the loose covering to contract violently and roll up his body.

From inside his chest the Prince Assassin's ribs creaked outwards, straining at his skin and clothing, distorting his well toned body. As his eyes rolled back into his head from the intense pain in such an advanced form of shock the bones angle finally became too much and burst out of his chest with a spray of blood. Stretching out at all the wrong angles his ribs finally snap as his sternum pressed against the walls of his heart, crushing the organ. Julien's head tilted back towards the ground below him, his eyes glossing over with the distinct look of death.

"Guards!" Marius roared as his son's body dropped unceremonially to the remains of the blood splattered table, the shock of what this... freak just did finally snapping him out of the trance of watching his child die.

Drawing two more guns hidden at points on her body Belladonna squeezed the triggers, firing every thing she had in the weapons at the mutant girl as she ran towards the door. Before she could get away Bella felt her body lift off the ground but was kept in an up-right position. A ear-piercing scream came from the blonde woman's throat as she clutched at her chest, trying to stop the pain spreading through her upper torso. Her body convulsed as a trail of blood ran from the corner of her mouth.

Blood poured out of her ears, mouth, nose, eyes and pores, streaming down her body and staining her clothing before dripping into an increasing pool on the floor. Sobs came from her throat as the blood flow increased from her body, her heart literally collapsing in on itself and forcing its contents out of her system. Assassin guards flooded into the room just as the Princess's head fell forward, her arms falling lifeless to her sides as the majority of her bodies blood blended into the wood remains of the table.

The green eyed killer aimed her vision on the Guild leader but flicked her hand towards the guards, sending them flying backwards out of the door as it locked behind them. With an added sway to her hips the Hellfire assassin strolled closer to the retreating man, who on his part didn't bother to pull any weapon on her after seeing how miserably his daughter's gunfire failed.

"Never mess with the Hellfahre Club." The girl finally spoke, her voice laced with a Southern accent.

Raising her palm to his head green and black energy flickered along her glove before streaming out to hit Marius's forehead. Marius Boudreaux released his own outcry as the flesh on his face bubbled and fell to the floor, the heat from the attack destroying his vision. The last sight he saw was the dark smirk of his killer.


Half a mile away Emma was casually retouching her lipstick with the aid of a hand held mirror as she sat in the back of a pure white limo. Done with the fresh coating on her lips the White Queen snapped shut the small mirror and placed both it and her lipstick into a small bag that matched her outfit.

A moment later a large explosion rocked her ride and set off alarms on the cars surrounding the limo. Light seeped through the darkened windows, lighting up the nights sky with a dazzling green and black fireball. For any onlookers the sight would prove to be supernatural, but for Emma she knew it was all part of the Black Piece's show, the green and black representing her favourite colours.

The door of the car opened smoothly and the Southern teen slid her body into the leather seat next to her Queen, closing the door quietly behind her. Emma allowed a cruel smile to grace her perfect lips as the driver separated by a darkened screen pulled the car away from the curb.

"Well done Rogue."


Acolyte Base.



Gambit closed his eyes and rubbed a hand over his face at the voice on the other end of his cellphone. "Jean-Luc." As far as he was concerned this man who had used him so many times didn't deserve to be called father. Concern for what his 'Père' was calling for hit the thief. "W'at's 'appened? Is everyone all right?"

"Calm down Remy, everyone be fine... on our side."

Frowning at Jean-Luc's words Gambit felt his body relax. He may not be close to the man who adopted him but Remy was to his foster brother, cousins and Tante Mattie. If anything had happened to Henri, Mercy, his nephew, or one of the boys that were his cousins... "W'at is it?"

"Da Assassin Guild 'as been destroyed."

"Quoi!" (What!)

Jean-Luc continued as if he was never interrupted. "Marius, Julien 'nd Belladonna 'ave been murdered, as well most of da rest of da Guild."

"What 'appened?" His free hand went automatically to a deck of cards in his pocket, only to realize he had left his trench coat in his room when he went to get something from the kitchen to eat. Instead Gambit started to tap his fingers against the top of the kitchen bench, needing something to keep his free hand busy.

"Not sure yet, even da police ain't sure w'at 'appened. All Ah know is dere was an explosion, but from w'at we 'ave learnt is dat da Bourdeaux's didn't die in da explosion. Dey were killed before it, violently. Looks like ya 'ave no reason to stay away now, non?"

Remy tired his best to ignore Jean-Luc's stab at him, but couldn't stop himself, "Dat not da only reason Remy left." A heavy bitter note entering his voice.

At an attempt to mend the years of bloodshed between the two Guilds Remy and Belladonna were arranged to marry on his 18th. As close as they were as friends Gambit couldn't stand the idea of being married to anyone, let along Bella. Just before his 18th birthday Gambit had left New Orleans to do freelance work as a thief for hire before meeting up with Magneto and becoming an Acolyte. The fact he was being used by Jean-Luc because of his powers also drove the Prince of Thieves away. Agility, fast reflexes, being able to blow up anything with a touch of a finger including making convenient holes in glass... such as display cases, even his empathy all added with his teachings made him an almost unstoppable thief... everything Jean-Luc abused.

A chuckle came over the line, seemly amused with his tone of voice. "Au revoir mon fils." (Good-bye my son) Jean-Luc said cheerfully before hanging up, not letting Gambit get another word in.

Remy looked down at the phone in his hand before he snapped it close with a scowl. In one night someone had done what the Thieve Guild had been trying to do for years, get the Assassins off their back... Gambit just never thought it would be this effective...