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Chapter Seventeen: Making Everything Right

Xavier's School for the Gifted.


The chair he sat on swung dangerously on its back legs, threatening to fall either way and just barely kept in balance by the seater despite his closed eyes, arms crossed at his chest and head fallen forward. As his head fell backwards, mouth slightly parted, the chair followed suit, tilting back and dropping. It was only the back of the seat meeting the metal wall that prevented it from falling to the floor, his head hitting the same wall a moment later and a curse echoed in the room. Gritting his teeth an awoken Remy held the back of his skull with one hand, rubbing the spot through his hair where it made contact with the metal, allowing the chair to rest on all four feet now as he dropped his elbows onto his knees, scrubbing a hand across his face.

After finding her broken on the floor not far from Shaw's body the three groups had retreated, having done what they needed to and taking their injured back for medical care. Most sported minor injuries that were easily cared for compared to Rogue. Broken bones, torn muscles, she was in a bad state, the gun the Black King had used on her holding back her ability to heal herself or take another's healing for 24 hours. Little more could be done for her other than patching up the visible injuries and waiting, her refusal of painkillers and instead slipping into a self-induced coma in the back of her mind to escape the pain, at least according to Emma and the open link she kept with Rogue. It was after getting those who needed help – including the Hellfire boy and the precog – out of the mansion and onto their way back to the X-Men's base for treatment that the remainder of the teams found something worrying: Selene and Shaw's bodies missing. A spiteful comment from Emma said she didn't expect less, a glare thrown towards those who were suppose to be watching the two Black side of the Hellfire.

Rubbing a fist against his eyes to open them he glanced towards the bed next to him, where for the last day he had waited for the woman upon it to waken and recover from her injuries. But the bed was empty, the covers thrown to one side and the machinery that was attached to her to monitor her life signs left hanging from the equipment, leaving him alone in the room with a bundle of medical table and bandages littered over the bed that had once been wrapped around her. Shooting to his feet the chair hit the wall again.

"Rogue?" Racing out the door he ran down the corridor, stopping as he spotted a figure out of the corner of his eye in another of one of the in use rooms of the medlab. Pausing outside the glass doors he slowly pushed one open and entered.

Still in her tattered uniform Rogue was missing the cape, the finer details of the corset ripped off or hanging in threads around her torso as her stockings were slashed repeatedly, one of her shoes missing its heel as she had lost one glove completely. The dark material was stained red, as was her pale skin, the fronts of her hair now red instead of white. Dark streaks of black makeup ran down her cheeks, smudged badly as her hair was only half up in its normal ponytail, but any injury she had gained over the night before was now gone. She played with her fingers in front of her body, standing over the bed in the middle of the room as the multiple machines around it showed the person in it still alive.

"It's mah fault he's lahke this. All he wanted was a kiss." She said, startling Remy as he was sure she was too caught up in her own mind, not aware anyone else was in the room other than her and Cody.

"It wasn't ya fault." He tried to reassure her, hearing enough of the story from Sage to pick up the important parts. The boy, having been trained to be a person bodyguard for none other than Rogue herself was used by Shaw to activate her powers. "Ya 'ad no control over ya powers den, just like all of us w'en our powers first appeared. Enfer, Remy blew up everythin' 'e touched." (Hell)

"Yah don't know meh Cajun," Rogue narrowed her eyes as her voice got bitter, no longer seeing the blonde teen on the bed in front of her but looking through him. "Yah know the Black Piece. Yah have no ahdea what mah lahfe and mutation is lahke."

"Non," Remy's arms wove themselves around her waist and pulled Rogue back tight against him, his mouth lowering to rest by her ear. "Ah know da amazin', strong, belle femme who never, never, gives up despite w'at others say or do."

She gave a sarcastic snort of a laugh. "We've known each other nahne days and yah think yah know meh?"


A moment of silence passed over them both slowly before Rogue exhaled and closed her eyes, her chin dropping down to rest on her chest. "Ah don't wanna hurt yah lahke Ah did him."

Releasing his hold Remy placed his hands on her shoulders and turned the Goth around to face him, a finger under her chin he lifted her face up to his, breath brushing against her lips. "Ya won't Rogue."

Returning his gaze her body suddenly sagged against his, her forehead falling to his shoulder and only his hold on her keeping Rogue on her feet. Remy's arms were back around her once again, supporting her against him and mumbling against her hair everything would be ok. Dropping an arm around her shoulders Remy led her towards the door, watching as she shot one last look over her shoulder at Cody before leaving the room, her head falling to his shoulder upon their exit. Leading the way to the elevator that would take them to the upper floors both stopped as a voice called her name, their attention focused on the last of the medical rooms taken up with a patient. Lying back in a bed identical to the one Rogue was in Irene sat, her back propped up with several cushions and lines of IV ran through her arms, looking much less frail than she ever did during the time with the Hellfire. At her side and seated on the bed next to her Mystique held one of the woman's hands in her two, gentle stroking her knuckles.

"Ahrene?" Moving to the door of the medical room Rogue quickly crossed the room to take the precog's outstretched hand, holding it tightly in hers.

A soft smile crossed the older woman's face. "It is good to hear you are alright."

"Same to yah." She replied, her eyes leaving Irene to the blue woman beside her bed, and the closeness between them, "Yah know her." Her comment more of a statement than a question.

Keeping her grip on Irene's other hand Mystique gave the slightest of nods, never taking her eyes off her. "Years ago, before she disappeared."

"Before da 'ellfire took ya." Remy spoke from his place at the door.

Irene gave a nod of her head, "Exactly." Giving Rogue's hand one last squeeze. "Go and rest, you deserve it. I will see you later."

"No yah won't." Rogue answered, a small smile on her lips.

Understanding the joke Irene gave a sigh of laughter. "Then I will hear you later."

Slowly releasing the older woman's hand Rogue gave her fingers a light squeeze before letting go. "Nahght Ahrene." Allowing Remy to guide her out once again.

Once alone Mystique trailed the couple with her eyes, returning them to her old friend. "She was the one you saw, wasn't she? The one you wrote about?"


"Then the future has changed?" She asked hopefully.

A sad sigh escaped Irene, eyes seeming to gaze at something Mystique couldn't see. "No, it has just taken a longer path to reach it. The time will still come. This was only a delay."

From within the lift Remy had to hold an arm around Rogue's form, the girl looking ready to collapse at any second as she leant heavily against him for support, eyes closed and head lowered. Reaching their floor instead of letting her get a chance to hobble out on her broken shoes Remy swooped her up in his arms, getting no complaint as her arms found their way around his neck, just hanging onto him as he carried her into the upper level of the mansion. At a bit of a loss to where to go next for her to rest he headed back towards where the teams had been meeting the last few days, hoping someone would be up despite the time of night, but never reaching it as a figure walked across their path. Eyeing the Cajun for a moment his eyes dropped to the person in his arms before with a motion of their head to follow Logan stalked back in the direction he came. Up the stairs and through the corridors it wasn't until they reached the guest rooms of the house before Logan stopped, opening one and allowing room for them to enter. As he carried her through the doorway Rogue mumbled a 'thank yah' from her face against Remy's shoulder, one eye peeking open towards Logan as she got a nod in return.

"Night Stripes."

The door closed behind them as the X-Man disappeared back into the halls of the mansion, leaving the two alone once again.

Rogue raised her face to Remy. "Did he just give meh a nickname?"

"Sound like it," He replied with a grin and placed her on the bed. "Looks like ya made a new friend."

A soft smile answered him as she glanced wearily down at her body, touching a finger to the dried bloodstains upon her uniform as if seeing them for the first time. Running a hand over her face and up through her hair Rogue pulled it back to see smears of make-up mixed with more red coating her palm, her eyes darting to the private bathroom the guest rooms held. Following her gaze Remy helped her once again to her feet, giving her a gentle push towards the room, adding one last comment. "Want Remy's 'elp in dere?"

A tired smile tugged at her lips as she glanced back over her shoulder at him, "Maybe next tahme." The door closing gentle behind her.

Staring at the closed door Remy ran his own hand over his hair, his fingers tainted with its own blood from the fighting that he hadn't taken time to clean from him. Considering the options he threw his thieving equipment onto the chair in the room, his boots and the headpiece of his uniform joining it, vaguely remembering the student bathrooms somewhere along the mass of hallways. One more quick glance towards the bathroom as he heard water running within and convincing himself she would be fine Remy slipped out of the room.

Twenty or so minutes later – ten of them being used to find the damn room – Remy stalked back along the line he took, his uniform over one arm, a towel around his waist – that he stole of someone's laundry pile –and his coat tightly closed around it, cause as Mattie said, 'not in front of the enfants' (children). His tan skin pink from having to scrub the blood from his skin without the help of cleaning products – the kids here must have had their own personal stuff – his hair hung in his eyes as he tried to rub it dry with one hand, only resulting in it sticking up in different angles. Forcing open the door of the room before anyone could see him wandering around Remy threw his grimy clothing on top of his other possession, finding Rogue sitting on the bed. Water still ran down her skin from the shower as a skimpy towel just covered her body, a glance towards the open bathroom showing her ruined clothing littered over the tiles. With her eyes on the floor and arms wrapped around herself in a form of self-hug she didn't look like the woman he had seen take down the leader of the Hellfire and kill off half of his army. She looked innocent and fragile, vulnerable.

Rogue didn't raise her vision as Remy took a seat next to her but closed her eyes and leant in towards him as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against his body. Pulling them both down to the bed he ran his fingers through her wet hair from where her head rested against his chest, the curves of her body merging perfectly against his form as she hugged herself closer to him.

As she stayed in a state of withdrawal from the world around her and lost in thought Remy pressed a kiss to her forehead, "Ya were amazin' chèrie, ya did bon." Hoping praise would help raise her mood. Getting only a glazed over look in her eyes he went to push on but was interrupted.

"Ah killed the Guild."

Taking a moment to get his brain around the words Remy moved his mouth a few times before getting any sounds out. "Quoi?"

"The Assassins," Snapping out of her state Rogue looked up at him. "Ah was the one who killed them. They betrayed the Hellfahre and Emma ordered meh to kill them off."

"O'." Was all he said.

"Yeah." Her gaze dropped again and eyes misted over. "Ah thought yah should know what Ah really am."

"Ya not 'er," He said, still stroking her hair. "Dat was Shaw's weapon, 'e's gone, ya no longer dat."

"Ah'm a killer Remy, lahke yah a thief. Yah tellin' meh yah can just give up stealin' one day and never go back to it?" When she got no response Rogue's fists curled up against his chest. "Now Ah'm just a weapon without a cause."

Unsure how to help the situation or even continue it without making her feel worse he stroked a finger along her cheek, dropping a light kiss against her lips. The kiss only meant as a form of comfort, to tell her he was there, but when she responded more passionately than he expected for her current mood Remy pulled back, confused by her sudden change. "Rogue?"

"Ah don't want to think 'bout it, 'bout any of this." Brushing her lips ever so lightly against his. "Please."

"Ya sure?"

"Ah just had everything Ah knew mah entahre lahfe change in one nahght. Those Ah thought were mah family betray meh, used meh, or dahed. Ah got no place to go, no orders. Ah don't want to worry 'bout what will happen next, at least not tonahght."

Cupping her face in his hands and locking his eyes with hers as if to study her emotions Remy pressed his lips more firmly against hers, holding her in place before weaving a hand through her hair. Pulling back at once last attempt to lighten her chaos of emotions he grinned down at her. "Remy knew ya only wanted 'im for 'is body."

She gave a small smile before their lips found each other again, moving her body to straddle his as her hands wandering downwards towards the buttons on his coat. Her lips formed a 'thank yah' against his - but what it was for he wasn't completely sure - tugging at the brown leather as he sat up, allowing her to slip it off his shoulders and to pool on the bed beneath them. Running her hands down along the lines of his chest and abdomen Rogue sat them at the edge of his towel, their lips teasing each others into deepening the kiss and explore more of the others mouth. Raising his hands to her face Remy traced the edge of her jaw with his fingertips, the pads of his thumbs brushing over her cheeks and closed eyelids, the natural paleness for once not concealed under the thick layers of make-up. His fingers continued down the line of her neck, sweeping over the dip just above her collarbone and following the line down to the centre of her chest, pausing at where the towel was knotted at the verge of her cleavage. Tugging at where it was tucked in against her skin Rogue was working on his own around his hips, head thrown back as his mouth trailed over her neck, catching the loose droplets of water trailing down to the hollow of her throat.

As both of their towels lay in a heap with his coat a hand cradling the back of Rogue's neck and the other on the small of her back kept her balanced as her spine arched, Remy's lips and tongue making an almost painfully slow path along the contour of her shoulder. Rogue's hands came up, holding his face close to her skin, fingers digging into the mass of his hair as the joint rocking from their hips brought a groan from each. Reaching the point where the towel once sat against her skin Remy laced his hand up against the back of her head, bringing her face forward once again to claim her lips as he lay her back against the bedding. With their legs intertwined and hands finding each curve of the others bodies Remy's hand came down to grasp one of her ankles, encircling it with his fingers and dragging his thumb along the swell of the bone that lay beneath it. His palm forming around the curve of her shin he continued his pathway up, drumming the tips of his fingers against her calf before looping them around the back of her knee, finding a sensitive area there that caused her breath to hitch against his mouth. Tugging at the hold he had Remy raised Rogue's leg up, wrapping around his hips before finishing the trail along her thigh, the light touch idling upwards towards her hip. Grasping her hips in his hands he shifted his forwards as a tug pulled her towards him, sinking into her as he felt the leg around him tighten.

Wrapping her arms around his torso Rogue brought his weight down against her, warmly pinned under his mass as she gazed up at him through her half closed lids, lips grazing against his, "Thank yah." Before pressing them firmly against his mouth as they began to move together.



Throwing himself across the ground Gambit pulled his body into a roll, sliding out of the way as the remains of what once use to be a traffic light exploded in the spot he had just been. Leaning back against a half fallen building he glared out at the surrounding fog that covered the area, cursing at the lack of sight as he slipped a hand down to the gold belt of his new darker uniform and palmed more cards from the holders attached next to the red X. His eyes widened suddenly, a glowing pink light building up from its source an instant before it fired, shattering the remains of the building Gambit was using for cover. Flinging himself out of harm once again he answered back with the handful of cards, the impacts doing little more than bouncing off the metal surface.

A quick glance showed the machine focus on a new target, the energy firing once again from its chest at it's new attacker as her own strike did nothing to slow the giant. It was only Emma's diamond skin that saved her, the human gem able to reflect the attack without it doing harm to her right back at the robot, causing it to stumble. The remains of her white cape hung in tatters, destroyed almost instantly at the beginning of the fight, her white uniform charred and even torn covered more than her once Hellfire one, the long gloves and matching hipster pants leading down to heels from the high neck top.

Sprinting past them both and making the action look easy Colossus scooped up the shell of a car, hurdling it through the air, his black uniform almost causing him to vanish in the darkness if it wasn't for the offsets of gold on his belt, gloves and boots, and the silver of his skin. An explosion of metal meeting metal caused all to duck for the shards of debris, the machinery falling to one knee before it was able to pick itself back up, the plate on its chest cracked and sparking as the metal exoskeleton rolled back over to cover the injury. Raising its arms the armour clicked back to expose several nasty looking guns, aimed right at them and ready to fire an instant before it's head snapped to the side, one of its eyes now dull compared to the orange flare of the other. In equally skin-tight pants of Emma's but coloured black instead of white Sage's gold team belt hung at her waist like the boys, the X turned towards the small of her back. With her top resting only over one shoulder and leaving the other exposed her gloved hands lead down to the gun in her hands, her perfect precision and computer mind blinding their enemy in one eye.

This didn't stop the robot, two viscous looking claws extending from one hand as the guns fired on the other, a human size glob of some sort of green gel hitting a car that Emma ducked behind, reloading her own guns. Crushing everything in its path Gambit threw himself out of it's way at its attempt to step on him, charging up the ground beneath it and sending the machine balancing on one and a half legs. Guns firing Sage aimed at its other eye, ducking with ease at every attacked aimed at her as Emma's white guns barked right behind her black. Slamming a shoulder at the robots already damaged balance Colossus was plucked from the ground by his claws, but the mutants strength outweighing the metal claws they held them, bending them with little effort to land on the ground, cracking the concrete around him.

A high-pitched whistle drew the Sentinel's attention from them, spinning to the last of the group, who was just floating off the ground. The hood of her black trench coat hiding her features in its shadows as she held her hands towards the machine, long gloves missing the first, little and thumb of the fingers as gold bands held them securely to her wrists, reflecting in the dull light along with the red and gold of her X belt that just hung on her hips. Reaching down to grab at her the Sentinel froze, its body shaking with the strain as its own arms turned towards itself, the guns flaring up an instant before it fired on its own chest. Riddled with holes the machine tilted on its remaining leg, threatening to fall at any moment. Kicking up a pothole cover with the help of his staff for leverage Gambit charged it before allowing Colossus to take it, the metalled up man throwing it directly at the back of the Sentinel's remaining knee. Thrown forward by this last attack the robot fell, what remained of its limbs limp at its side and its one eye dead as a instant before it was to land on Rogue's position it shattered, pieces of metal held suspended in the air and floating around the battleground.

The background to their battle gave a shimmer, as if being affected by static before it flickered away, leaving the silver walls of the Danger Room in its absence. Turning to the observation room held at the top of the room Rogue tugged off the hood of her coat, allowing it to fall down her back as she swept a piece of her now chin length hair out of her eyes. During training she was restricted to using only one other power other than her natural, something that turned out to be a bit of a betting competition to see which would be the next chosen for her. So far Jamie seem to be winning the most…

"That it?"

"Don't get cocky Stripes." Came the reply over the speaker system.

Retracting his staff as Colossus helped Sage to her feet Remy flung his arms around Rogue neck from his place behind her, holding her close as a grin appeared on his face, enjoying his taunt in the more serious members of their new team, especially the man who had taken quite a shine to his chèrie. "Why not Monsieur Wolverine? We got a one femme army right 'ere."

Getting only a growl back at him the door to the room unlocked, allowing the new members of the X-Men to leave their training before they would have to join the rest of the team later in the day for another session. Still leaning against her with his chin on her shoulder and arms now around her waist Remy following right behind Rogue, restricting her pace as the other three joined them. A general chatter started between them, Rogue making a few snide comments on Emma never being able to keep her clothing on as their little team split up to go their different wants, Kitty bouncing down from the control room and claiming time with Piotr as Sage headed to the observation level, the form of Logan heading their way causing Remy to slide away into the shadows to get out of the impending lecture.

"Yah know," Rogue said to Emma now they were alone, making their way into the elevator to the higher floors, brows drawn together in concentration as she searched her memory. "Ah still have the feelin' we forgot something."

"Obviously nothing important." She answered, a cruel smile pulling at her darkly painted lips, well aware of what the 'something' was...


Hellfire Club Mansion.

New York City.

Lower Levels.

"Let me out!" Carol screamed, pounding her fists against the door with the little strength she had left. It had been over a week since any of the guards had came to her cell, either to replenish her food and drink or even to take her to 'training' with Rogue. Kicking a foot out she slid down to sit on her feet, hands falling to her sides as she caught her breath, trying to keep her eyes off the little water she had left least she be tempted to finish it in only one mouthful. She had to get out of here! Somehow. She wouldn't be able to survive much longer. Had she been forgotten about? Had Rogue finally became bored with her? Carol thought she would at least have the decency to finish her off quick instead of allowing her to die of dehydration or starvation. The thick walled cell she was held in didn't allow her to know what was going on around her, only that she was feeling very alone now. A cry of anger tore free of her throat as she slammed her fists against the metal once again, bruising and bloodying them even more that they were before. If she wasn't so dehydrated Carol was sure she would be crying, whether it be of hopelessness or rage she wasn't sure.

Her eyes snapped up at the sound of the door being unlocked, the metal slowly swinging outwards as Carol braced herself, reaching to attack whomever it was if she had to. Rather than the masked guards or even the bitch herself in the doorway Carol gaped up at the figure before she caught herself, gritting her teeth and pushing herself up on her feet. As the blonde reached out towards her she went to counterattack, freezing upon realising they held a gloved thumb against the chocker around her neck, some sort of device in their other hand. With a click of a button the words 'Unlock' came so clearly it was if it was spoken by the person itself, a voice Carol would know anywhere: Rogue.

A metallic clunk echoed in the room as the collar hit the floor, Carol rubbing a palm along the skin it once covered as the devices disappeared into the person's coat. "Why you letting me free?"

"For revenge."

"Against who?" She snapped, hands curling into fists at her sides as her anger returned at full force. She was sick of being used.


Staring at the person in the door way for a moment Carol gave a snort of a laugh, her own smile matching the man's. "Perfect."


AN: The costume for Colossus is taken from the future version of him seen in the last show. Emma's is from Steven E. Gordon's (the designer of the characters) sketches done for her. Sage is based around her uniform in X-Treme X-Men while Rogue and Remy's are made up but with inspiration from various versions of their uniforms from all versions.