The Watcher

A/N: After a while of not being able to write anything, be it my own work or a fanfic, I came up with this while listening to The Tea Party's song The Watcher. It has nothing to do with my other fic Whispers but it needed to be written. It's just a little thing with Steve and Ghost that reminded me of events between me and the one I love. This is for you. 3

Disclaimer: Steve and Ghost belong to Poppy Z. Brite. Not me.

Steve and Ghost were always there for each other. Tonight was no different.

Ghost had heard Steve's footfalls on the old floor making their way to the bathroom. He could hear the faint rush of water as Steve turned the sink on. And he could hear uneven heavy breaths, holding back sobs.

Without any hesitation, Ghost climbed out from the warm cocoon of his blankets and went to Steve. Whatever was wrong he had to help. It was he did.

Steve was bent over the sink, his shirtless back glistening with nightmare-sweat, and tears shimmering on his cheeks. His body shook ever so slightly and it was impossible for Ghost to tell if it was from the cold water or being so upset.

"Steve," whispered Ghost. "Steve are you okay?"

"No." The word sounded so empty and scared that it seemed to echo off the bathroom walls. Whatever dreams Steve Finn dreamed this night had really gotten to him.

Ghost put an arm around Steve's shoulders and turned the faucet off. "Come on. We can go lie down and talk about it." Ghost led Steve down the hall back to his room that smelled of sweat and beer. His guitar was shoved in a corner with a dirty shirt thrown on it.

Once on the bed Steve curled instinctively into Ghost. "I'm so scared Ghost." Then silence came. Ghost ran slender fingers through his friends' hair soothing him. At last when Ghost began to think that Steve had fallen asleep, he spoke; "I dreamed that you died Ghost. I don't wanna lose you. Not ever." More tears fell and Ghost kissed them away.

"I'm not goin anywhere, you can count on that. I'll always be here for you. Nothin's gonna change that." Ghost's words held such promise and certainty that there was no way Steve couldn't believe him.

Steve buried his face in Ghost's neck and hugged him tighter. "I know that, but sometimes... sometimes they're just too real ya know? I mean I know you're right here with me, but somehow part of me is still convinced that you died. Sometimes the dreams just don't wanna let me wake up and that's what scares me the most." A shudder ran down his spine at his realization. "What if something happens to you? What will I do?" he paused for a moment. "Ghost..." Steve trailed off as more tears came.

"What is it?"

Steve let out a pitiful sob. "I can't live without you Ghost. I need you too much. I can't lose you, not ever. I love you..."

Ghost kissed Steve's forehead and murmured, "I love you too." He pulled the blankets over them and entwined his hand with Steve's.

After a long time of silent crying and unspoken pleas for Ghost to stay with him the rest of the night, Steve finally fell into a dreamless sleep. Ghost kissed his eyelids and gave his hand a small squeeze. "I will always be here for you... I will always watch over you... I promise." With that, Ghost let himself be lulled to sleep by the steady breathing of his friend.

The dawn would find them sleeping, limbs entangled, and fingers still entwined both sleeping contently. That was the way things should be; two friends, utterly inseparable with undying love for one another. They would always be there for each other... Always.