Pg. 167 (Chap 12)

"The hearing wasn't anything like I thought it would it be. Besides Darry and Soda and me, nobody was there except Randy and his parents and Cherry Valance and her parents and a couple of the other guys that had jumped me and Johnny that night." I looked around at all the Socs that were there. I did a double take when I saw one of them. I'd seen him around in the last couple weeks, he was the one with the knife when the Socs had jumped me that day when I was alone, and he was the one who was holding me in the water the night when the Socs jumped me and Johnny. But those times when I'd seen him lately, I never recognized him! That was Tom Weaver! We used to be friends when we were really little. I don't think he distinguished me though. We were in kindergarten when we were friends I think. I can't really remember. He's pretty tall and he has red hair. He's not really strong-looking, but not weak-looking either. Darry saw me glaring at him and asked,

"What is it Pony?" But I hardly heard him… I was too busy still gaping at Weaver. Soda noticed this and looked at Weaver.

"Hey Pony, isn't that that guy who you used to be friends with? Tom something?" I snapped back to reality.

"Yeah, that's him." I said bitterly. Darry's face hardened and his eyes turned even more into ice, if possible. Now he was mad. Weaver and I were friends until we got to second grade. At that time, we both started developing into our gangs. We started fighting, and we stopped being friends. But one day, Weaver pulled a blade on me. Soda, Darry, Two-bit, Steve, Johnny and Dally just happened to be walking by. When they saw Weaver pull the blade, they all dashed towards me and with quick glance at them from Weaver, Weaver dropped the knife and ran. They never forgave him.

"Well, what the heck is he doing here!" Darry almost shouted. But Soda somehow sensed why he was there. "He wasn't one of the Socs who jumped you was he?" I gulped. "Yeah. He was. Both times." Darry was fuming by now. "That little…" Darry went on calling him every swear name he could think of.

"DARRY!" Soda and I both cried in unison, half shocked, half delighted. Darry wasn't likely to swear too much.

"Oh right." Darry answered with a mixture of anger and some laughter in his voice. But his eyes were blazing. He got that way every time the name Tom Weaver was mentioned. Darry started to walk towards Weaver. Me and Soda exchanged worried looks.

'Did Darry realize where he was?' I thought, starting to follow him. I'd have to stop him. If he did something in front of a judge… well I didn't even want to think about what would happen. Me and Soda would be taken away from him so fast…

'NO! I commanded myself. Don't think about that!' But luckily,

"All rise!" the hearing was starting. I sighed in relief. "First Randy was questioned"….