WARNING: If you don't have a warped sense of humor, don't bother to read further.

Bold single quotes equals translation


Back on the planet, in a dark hidden cave, a group of shaggy piggy things mill about….

"Oink snort snuffle snort snuffle snort?"
'The one called McKay made it safely through the wormhole?'

"Oink snuffle snort"
'Yes, my lord.'

"Snuffle snort snuffle oink snuffle?"
'You are sure he is the promised one?'

"Oink snuffle snort. Snuffle snort snuffle oink oink snort snuffle snort "
'Yes, my lord. He is the one foretold of in the prophesy, the squishy pink one who eats anything.'

"Snuffle oink snuffle snort."
'You did well to save him.'

"Snuffle snuffle snort."
'Thank you, my lord.'