Chapter 16

An hour had passed since the demise of Christopher Halliwell and the silence that now surrounded the attic was deafening as the group prepared to send the shell that was once Wyatt Matthew Halliwell back to the future. As the others worked hard, trying to put the "event" out of their minds Future Leo sat with a heartbroken Wyatt who was staring down aimlessly at the attic's wooden floor.

"Come on son, please, talk to me" the man asked as his request went unfilled for the tenth time. "Wyatt please, your brother would want you to stay strong and continue on with your life. A good life that he sacrificed his life for"

Off of his father's words the older Halliwell boy shifted his gaze from the floor to his father's eyes and spoke in a low voice "What Chris would or wouldn't want is irrelevant to me. He's gone and there's no amount of good acts on my part that will ever bring him back to me"

"Don't do this Wyatt. Your brother's death can not be in vein" warned future Leo.

"Look Dad"

"NO damn it. Chris went through too much and paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you a better life. He loved you so much he was willing to risk everything for your sake and you will not disgrace him or his memory by doing something stupid, do you understand me?"

"Dad" Wyatt choked out before continuing. "How am I supposed to do this? How am I suppose live without him?"

Leo took his son in his arms and tried to comfort him the best way he could. He didn't know exactly how to respond to his son's question. But he would give him the best answer he could.

"I don't know son but I do know that your brother will always be with you. He'll always be watching over you and it's your job to make sure that he likes what he sees because if he doesn't, you better prepare yourself for a visit from a very pissed off ghost" the man said causing both men to laugh slightly.

Suddenly future Leo could feel himself getting lighter and lighter by the second. Knowing that the time was at hand he kissed his son on the cheek and smiled. "Thank you so much for correcting my mistake and for taking such good care of your brother"

"Dad wait" Wyatt pleaded.

"I'm so proud of you Wyatt. I love you son. Good-bye" with those last words spoken future Leo faded away.

"Are you alright?" Piper said taking a seat next to her son.

"No but I'm going to take care of that once I return to my time"

"What does that mean?" asked a very worried Piper.

Before the male witch could respond his father's voice broke in.

"It's time" the man spoke somberly as he handed the piece of paper to his wife.

"Wyatt please" she began. But the boy put a gentle finger on her lip to silence her before giving his Mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine" he said rising to his feet.

"So do I get a hug good-bye?" the boy's father spoke.

Doing as his father asked Wyatt Halliwell gave the man a hug good-bye before moving along and doing the same to aunts.

"Ok, let's do it"

The woman gave her son a slight smile before reading the spell that would take him back home.

"Our time together has now come to has come to pass

I know call upon the ancient power to remove what's not meant to be from the past.

Returning my son to his proper time and place

Removing what's been broken through time and space" the woman concluded as her son disappeared in a swirl of bright white light.


When he opened his eyes and noticed his surroundings, the man didn't think his mother's spell was successful. The attic was nothing like how he left it. In fact it looked just as it had a few moments ago when he was in the past. He wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or cry at his current situation. Laugh because his stubborn and sometimes annoying little brother had succeeded in changing the future or cry because he missed the boy so much.

Wyatt walked over to the love seat and sat down trying hard to collect himself before he faced this new future of his. This would be so much easier if Chris were here, he'd know exactly what to do, he thought. Chris always knew what to do. Tears formed in the man's eyes again as the horrid images of him holding his brother's dead body in his arms came flooding back to him.

Reaching in his pocket he pulled out the only picture he had of himself and his younger sibling. There they were arm and arm smiling happily, just like brothers should be. He became lost in the picture and the memories that surrounded it. Actually he was so wrapped up in the picture that he wasn't aware of the fact that he was no longer alone, that was until the person spoke.

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you" came a voice that the man instantly recognized. But he didn't look up. He didn't want to because what if this was a hallucination? What if he was hearing things and his mind was playing tricks on him.

"HELLO WYATT!" the person screamed into his ear forcing him to look up, and there he was. His little brother that was dead to him a few hours ago was standing in front of him, perfectly healthy and seemingly annoyed with him as he stood in front of him with his arms folded across his chest.

"Chris" the man spoke not knowing what else to say.

"No, it's the got damn tooth fairy. Now tell me where the hell you've been?"

The boy was barely able to finish his bitching when his brother engulfed him in a huge hug, completely covering his body.

"This so isn't going to get you out of this" the man said as his brother laughed hysterically.

"What the hell's so funny?" he questioned while trying to hold back a giggle of his own and failing miserably.

"Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you little brother" the man responded putting an arm around his brother's shoulder.

Chris was about to question his brother's sanity when their mother's voice rang out from down stairs.

"Wyatt, Chris! Come on guys it's time for dinner"

"Come on before Mom tries to blow us up for being late" the older boy spoke as he ushered his brother towards the door.

"Ok are you ever going to tell me what that fit of laughter of yours was all about?" the boy questioned.

"What's wrong Chris? Can't take thinking that I know something you don't know?" he laughed again.

"Wyatt" warned the man's younger sibling.

"Alright, alright, I'll make a deal with you"

"Ok, I'm game" the boy said not willing to give up until he got the truth out of his brother.

"If you beat me downstairs then I'll tell you everything, ok?"

"OK" he agreed, knowing that he was a much faster runner than his brother.

"On your mark, get set, GO!" Wyatt yelled as he watched his brother run ahead of him. "Some things never change" he smiled as he orbed out laughing as an annoyed Chris's voice rang out "HEY, NO FAIR WYATT. YOU DAMN CHEAT!"


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