Disclaimer: Anaia is mine, but I'm borrowing most stuff from Mr. George Lucas or the

brilliant authors who've continued his great saga, mostly Jude Watson (Jedi Apprentice/

Quest) and Timothy Zahn.

Daughter of the Shadows

Prologue: Obi–Wan Kenobi looked around Darshi, the capital city of Nar Shaddaa with some misgivings. He didn't like the looks of the place, but he had one last Skywalker child to place, and Shmi Skywalker, the child's grandmother, had a brother here. Hopefully, he would be willing to take the last of Anakin and Padme's triplets, Anaia, named for her father. Obi–Wan sighed sadly. Thoughts of his former apprentice pained him because he saw both the kind, earnest boy he remembered as well as the mechanical monster called Vader that Anakin had ultimately become. Thinking of Padme was hard too, because in her he saw so much promise that she never got to fulfill.

Shaking his head to clear it, Obi–Wan headed down the street he'd been directed towards earlier. Feeling the baby shift in his arms, he stopped to check on her. Looking down, he saw that Anaia's eyes were fixed on him as their color changed from light blue to gray to pale green. He shuddered slightly as a chill ran down his spine. Her shifting eyes were unsettling, but more so was the clouded future he sensed for her. Unlike the fates of her siblings, Luke and Leia, Anaia's path was uncertain. He could see only that she would learn the use of the Force in an odd way and that she would have to make the same choice her parents had, to accept love or to fight it .

A man opened the door and Obi–Wan quickly explained the situation. After a quick blood test using the man's data pad, everything was settled. Obi–Wan returned to Tatooine to watch over Luke, leaving Anaia to find her destiny.

Chapter One: Stranger: (12 years later) Anaia Naberrie walked the streets of Darshi, hurrying past all kinds of people, from smugglers to pirates to slavers and even favored slaves enjoying a respite from hard labor. Naia merely glanced at them, pushing a stray lock of black hair out of her eyes. After all, none of this was her concern. All that mattered was getting to the Thief–Lord's den before the next hour. Not that she knew why he'd summoned her; he had even said it wasn't for an assignment. It didn't matter, really. She was a thief under his command and she followed his orders. She knew the rules, and she'd known them her whole life. Her uncle had been a thief, and even before his death, she'd begun stealing. Now, of course, thievery was her profession. Still, she wanted more. Even smuggling would be a step up: she could finally get off this rock and see the rest of the galaxy. But she could do more. Her uncle's friends had introduced her to another world besides that of a pilot (one friend had taught her to fly and she was good at it); the world of the slicer. She could hack any program if you gave her a terminal and told her the target. She knew how to use a blaster and knife (she carried a dagger in each boot), and she could fight hand-to-hand. Anaia had skills to get her somewhere, but first she had to leave Nar Shaddaa.

Stopping at a stall, Naia bought a turnover for lunch. After all, she didn't need to steal it; she had some money. Glancing at her wrist–chrono, she broke into a run. It was almost time to report.

After running 3 blocks, she reached her destination. Giving the signal to the hidden guards, she went inside. Walking down the passage, she wondered again what was going on. It had to be big, because the Thief–Lord's message had sounded worried. She reached the entrance to her boss's main room and walked inside. Standing there was her boss and a middle–aged woman with blond hair and blue eyes.

"Hello, Anaia," the T-L said. "Impeccable timing as always. Let me introduce you to Siri Tachi. She's here to see you."

Siri studied the girl carefully. When the Triad had sent her here, she hadn't expected Anaia to seem so very like how Siri remembered Obi–Wan's young apprentice. The girl was Anakin through and through, which could be bad or good, Siri realized.

Anaia felt odd under the scrutiny of this stranger. It was like this Siri Tachi knew secrets about Anaia that Anaia herself didn't know. What did she want? Naia decided to find out.

"What do you want with me? I mean, I'm just another thief when you get right down to it."

"Actually, you're more than that, which is why I'm here. Those who sent me want me to take you to join our order."

The T-L gasped indignantly. "Take her! You can't do that! She owes me! She's bonded to me until her debt is paid!"

"Actually, check your bank account. We've paid her debt. Well, Anaia? Are you coming?"

Naia blinked, the blue–gray of her eyes showing her confusion. Leave Nar Shaddaa? Of course! But for what? Still, she'd be away from here, which was all that mattered. "Sure," she said. "Let me get my stuff." She went to her quarters, packed her things, and followed Siri out. She never looked back.