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Chapter 7 - Connection: Two years had passed since Siri had brought Anaia to the Citadel. In that time, Anaia had reached the top of her class in both Force control and lightsaber fighting. She still shared a room with Yuki, and spent her time with the Kyoton girl and Nik. One morning, she was summoned by the Triad.

When she got to the Chambers, the Triad was waiting, along with Siri. "Trainee Naberrie," Master Galima began, "we have watched your progress and have decided to elevate you to Apprentice rank. Knight Tachi has asked to serve as your Guardian." Guardians were Knights who had an Apprentice to train. "We have chosen to honor her request. You will move into quarters adjoining hers, and after you have done so, she will take you to build your own lightsaber."

Anaia's hand went automatically to the training saber clipped to her belt. Then she thought of the hilt she'd already made, sitting on her desk in the room she shared with Yuki. She wanted to smile, but kept a sabaac face in front of the Triad.

"Do you accept this new assignment, Apprentice Naberrie?" Master Kalan asked.

"Yes, Masters," Anaia said, and bowed. Siri bowed as well and they were dismissed. Once outside, Siri put a hand on Anaia's shoulder.

"Come on, I'll help you move."

They went to Anaia's old room and began packing things up. Yuki had a free second period, and she returned to the room and, after congratulating Anaia, helped them finish up. Once everything was in boxes, the three Jedi carted the boxes to Anaia's new room. Siri left, saying vaguely that she had something she needed to do, and so Anaia and Yuki unpacked without her.

"I can't believe you're an Apprentice already. With Nik already assigned, I'm the only one without a Guardian," Yuki said sadly. Anaia squeezed her friend's hand.

"You'll be picked. I'm sure of it."

"You think so?"

"I know so." A bell rang in the distance.

"Uh-oh, I gotta go. Bye, Ana!" Yuki ran off. Anaia shook her head, smiling.

She was just finishing her unpacking when Siri came back. She was grinning. "So, ready to make your saber?" she asked. Anaia nodded, though she was nervous.

"Of course," she said, using bravado to cover her moment of fear. Siri gave her a knowing smile and put a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder.

"I was nervous when I made mine, you know. Most are. But then, the Light Jedi way is tough."

"The cave, right, with the visions?" She'd learned about it in history.

"Right. I don't recommend the Ilum caves for a vacation." Siri's grin turned impish. Anaia laughed. "So," Siri continued, all business again, "let's get to it." Anaia grabbed the small bag with the saber components and hurried after her Guardian.

Siri brought Anaia to a room in which various jewels were arrayed. She was to pick the ones that called to her. Anaia walked around, her hand running through the air just above the jewels. The ones she found herself selecting were a diamond, an emerald, and a sapphire. They felt warm in her hands, comfortingly so.

She left the jewel room and followed Siri down a long stairwell to an underground cavern. "I'll wait for you here," Siri said with an encouraging smile. Anaia nodded and went into the cavern.

The air was cool and damp, but it didn't bother her much. Taking out her materials, she sat on a rock, falling quickly into the patterns of meditation that the last two years had drummed into her. She'd been told that during this meditation, the Force would guide her in the creation of her lightsaber.

She was in the place she always found inside when she meditated, a cool blue place that made her think of being underwater, her center. She drifted there, peaceful, calm, but suddenly, she was yanked out.

She was working on a speeder, deftly using the tools. But something was wrong. Her hands weren't her own. They were... a boy's hands. But that made no sense. "Luke?" a woman's voice called. She felt her head turn, and in shock, she broke free of the boy - her brother. She seemed to careen wildly in space, stars - and a ship, a Star Destroyer - whirling around her. She landed in an unfamiliar bedroom. Her hands gripped a brush as she ran it through her long hair. She was reading a datapad - the subject of the card inside appeared to be some kind of political tutorial. She finished it and turned to the mirror. A face not her own looked back at her, and -

Anaia's eyes - her real eyes, finally - snapped open. She looked at her lap. A lightsaber hilt lay there. The parts were gone. Holding her breath, she lifted the weapon, closed her eyes, and pressed the power button. The snap-hiss of activation made her eyes fly open. The cavern was bathed in the aqua light. She grinned with triumphant relief. Turning the lightsaber off, she clipped it to her belt and left the cavern.

Siri was waiting, like she'd said. The blond woman held out a hand for Anaia's lightsaber and Anaia gave it to her. Siri activated it, giving it a few twirls as though testing its balance. She shut it down and handed it back. "Nice, Anaia, very nice."


Anaia managed to suppress what she'd seen during her meditation until that night. There had been another meeting with the Triad, because an Apprentice wasn't fully official until he or she had made their lightsaber, and then Nik, Yuki, and the other kids Anaia had trained with wanted to see the saber. But once she was in bed for the night, there was nothing to distract her. What had that been? She knew children of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc,) who were Force sensitive shared a bond - there was a set of twins in her Force Balance class - but she'd never experienced it. She, Luke, and Leia had never met, how could that bond continue to exist? And another question plagued her; had they felt her presence? If they had, was it possible that Vader or the Emperor had? No, she knew they hadn't. The nature of the Shadow side, a balanced side, made its users blend in, hard to sense unless you knew just what to look for. But her siblings... they might have felt her jump into their minds. And that was an uncomfortable thought.

Luke Skywalker didn't know what had happened when he'd been working on his old speeder that morning. It had been like... something had taken him over. For some reason, when he thought of it, he got an image of a long, sleek curtain of black hair, that hid the face of someone from his view, a stranger who still seemed familiar...

Leia Organa tried to shake her uneasiness but failed rather miserably. What was that feeling she'd had? Like a spirit passing by her, she thought. She looked into her mirror, reassuring herself that she was, indeed, Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan, and not some ethereal presence. For a second, her brown eyes seemed to change, flickering between colors, but she blinked and they were brown again. Just a trick of the light, she told herself.

Vader frowned in his hyperbaric chamber aboard the Executor. For a second, he'd felt something, a presence in the Force. He told himself it was just Mara Jade, the young Emperor's Hand, experimenting with her Force skills. The girl was the sort to do that kind of thing, overconfident, powerful... like Anakin Skywalker. This ghost that had brushed against his mind was not like that, it was like... It was just a memory, he told himself. No more and no less. The Jedi were gone.

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