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Tea sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. Today was the day she started the new school. She was new in the domino and had been assigned the "rich kids school." That wasn't the name of the school. The name was domino high but all the rich kids of domino went there so it was called rich kids school. She didn't know why she was going there because she wasn't even close to being rich. She didn't care about that though. She just hoped the kids won't be bigger jerks then she expected them to be.


"Domino High", said the board as she entered the school grounds. She glanced around and her mouth hung open. Rows of sports cars and Ferraris filled the parking lot. Some biked could also be seen. 'These kids sure know how to show their wealth,' she thought to den continued walking. "Beeeeeeep", a shrill sound surprised her from behind. She turned around to see a black limo coming straight at her. She jumped out of its way just in time or she would have been crushed, but in the process, she fell on the ground, her bag fell beside her.

"What the hell. Are you blind you moron?" tea yelled at the limo.

"Don't waste your breath at kaiba. He is not worth it." A voice from behind her forced her to turn around only to meet the purple eyes of a boy. He had tricolored hair, in a weird hairstyle. He offered her his hand with a heart-warming smile, which she accepted.

"Here's your bag." The boy said, holding it out to her.

"Thanks. I am tea Gardner." Tea smiled.

"My name is yugi motou. It's very nice to meet you," the boy said shyly.

"Same here."

"So, you are new in the school." yugi asked her.

"Yeah, first day. Glad I met you." He blushed, which made him look adorable. He was smaller then tea in height, with big eyes. "So, who is this kaiba freak who nearly ran me over with his limo?" she questioned as they walked towards the school building.

"He is the biggest jerk I know. He is the owner of a multi-billion dollar company called Kaiba Corp. he is arrogant and doesn't care for anyone." Yugi replied.

"I figured that much."

"You better not mess with him." yugi cautioned.

"Okay, I won't. What classes do you have?" Tea asked him.

"Let me see your schedule." He took it from tea and a biog smile appeared on his face. "We have all the classes together."

"Oh, thank God. At least I will be with a friend." Tea sighed.

"Yeah, let's go. The teacher gets really bitchy if you are late." And they ran inside the class. Once inside, tea looked around to find a seat for her.

"You can sit here," yugi pointed to a seat on his left. Tea thanked him and sat. Students started to come in, all talking to their friends. They all took their seats but no one sat in the row on her left. It confused her.

"Hey yugi, why isn't anyone sitting in this row?" she asked him.

"Because this row is reserved for the jerks and arrogant bastards of the class." A voice, rich in New York accent came. She saw a guy with blond hair and brown eyes stand in front of her. He was tall and muscular. "You are sitting in my seat", he said to tea.

'Oh, I am so sorry." She got up, gathering her stuff.

"Joey, I told her to sit there. She is new here." Yugi spoke.

"You should have told me that before yug. Sorry there miss." Joey replied sheepishly.

"My name is tea."

"Nice to meet you." He took a seat behind yugi. "So tea, are you smart?"

"What do you mean?" tea blinked.

"I mean are you good I studies?" joey asked again.

"I guess I am." Tea shrugged her shoulders. She got pretty good grades.

"Cool, so you can help me pass my courses. I don't want a tutor cause I just hate them." Joey said.

"It's no problem. If I can help you, I will." Tea said. Joey opened his mouth o speak but the teacher entered. She started taking attendance. Tea glanced at the row on her left, still no one there. Suddenly the teacher called her and she had to introduce herself to the class. After that, they started working on an assignment.


Her next two classes were with yugi and joey as well. Also she met their other friend, a guy with pointy brown hair, called tristen Taylor. He was like joey, funny and not too smart. He wanted tea to help him as well. It was her first day with them, but she felt as if she had known them all her life.

Tea felt happy at finding friends on the first day of school. Yugi was the sweetest person ever and joey and tristen were funny. She loved working with them. After the class, joey and tristen went to a separate class. Yugi told tea he had to talk to a teacher so she decided to walk to her new class alone. Yugi said he would meet her there, so she wasn't worried.

She turned around a corner and looked at the room numbers. 'I am getting closer', she thought and continued walking. Around her, kids were talking, going to their classes. Suddenly, she spotted tricolored hair and she new, it was yugi. He had his back to her and was walking with a guy with white hair. She crept behind him and decided to tease him a bit. He was oblivious of her presence, so she gently blew in his ear, tickling him, making him shudder. She giggled at his reaction.

"Hey yugi. You finished talking to the teacher?" tea asked and "yugi" decided to turn around and she saw that it wasn't yugi. He had the same hair colour, same hairstyle, same face, same eye color, everything the same but he was still different.

He was taller then her but yugi was shorter. He had a slightly mature face and mature eyes, not child-like, like yugi's. Also, unlike the bright smile on yugi's face, he had a confident smirk. He definitely wasn't yugi.

"I am sorry. I thought you were someone else." Tea quickly said.

"You don't have to apologize. I didn't mind at all." He said smirking. "In fact, if you want; you can do it again."

"It was a mistake." Tea frowned.

" "Sure it was. That's what they all say. They all find a cheap way to get my attention but I must say, I like your way the most." He confidently said, pissing tea off

"Listen man, I didn't do it on purpose okay. I am sorry." She said and turned around to leave when someone grabbed her arm and spun her around to face them again. It was the white haired guy this time.

White haired guy: "leaving so soon. I don't think so," the white haired man said.

"Let me go." She tried to get out of his grasp but he was stronger then her.

"I am afraid I can't. You look like fun and I never miss a chance for fun," he said.

"I show you fun, you asshole." Tea yelled and tried to kick him, but he dodged it.

"Ooh, feisty, I like it." He wrapped his arms around her bringing her close to him. Tea squirmed again to get away from him but no use. "Why do you wanna leave kitty?" he brought his face closer to hers, lips, inched apart, "you should have know better then to step in the hounds territory. Now, we will play with you."

"You sick bastard." Tea managed to say. He laughed and pressed his body close to hers. Tea's mind was racing, looking for a way to get out of this situation. Then "yugi" spoke.

"Let her go bakura, for now." "Yugi" told the man calmly. Bakura turned to stare at the yugi-look-a-like, who glared back. Bakura then turned back to tea, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

Bakura: "do forgive me for I have to leave you, unsatisfied." He said.

Tea: 'unsatisfied. I would be happy if he dies right now.' tea thought. Bakura then leaned forward, as if to kiss her. She turned her head away, not wanting anything to do with his lips. He smirked and whispered in her ear.

Bakura: "don't miss me too much little kitty. I will come back to play with you.' bakura whispered in her ear and licked her earlobe and walked away, leaving a very angry, shocked and relieved tea. She looked at her watch, only two minutes left. She would have to run to get there in time, so she did.

She entered the class just in time to find out that the teacher was absent. She felt like screaming but she controlled herself. She saw yugi and walked to him. But before she did something she went in front of him to confirm that he really was yugi. Yugi just blinked, confused at her actions. So did the boy beside him. Tea turned her attention to the boy and nearly screamed. He had white hair and brown eyes. He was bakura, the freak who grabbed her in the hall.

"You", she pointed at him, "what the hell are you doing here, you freak? And how the hell did you get here before me?" the guy just stared at he, surprised, confused. Yugi also looked confused

"What are you saying tea?" yugi asked her, confused.

"Yugi, you won't believe what this bastard did. I was just walking towards the class when I saw someone just like you. I thought it was you so I went to talk but he grabbed me and started acting like some horny bastard. And how come there are two of you?" she took a deep breath when she stopped.

"I am sorry tea. It's my fault. I should have told you that." yugi said.

"Told me what. That you guys aren't as nice as you act?" tea huffed.

"No, that I have a twin in this school. The guy you met was my brother, yami." Yugi said.

"What? Are you telling me the truth?" tea couldn't believe what he said.

"It's true all right. We may be twins but we are very different. Yami likes to spend his time with girls. He pays little attention to studies and more to getting laid. That's why we don't hang out." Yugi sighed.

"So you are telling me that this guy also has a twin, who was with yami." Tea figured.

"Yeah. This is ryou. He is nice. But like yami, his twin is evil. He is a womanizer as well. You must have met him."

"I must have. I am sorry ryou." Tea said.

"It's no problem really. Many times, girls flirt with me thinking that I'm bakura." Ryou said.

"Any other twins I need to know about." She asked sarcastically.

"Actually yes." Yugi said.

"What? You are kidding. Tell me you are kidding." Tea said.

"No he is not. They are marik and malik. They have sandy blonde hair and purple eyes." Ryou told her.

"And let me guess, one of them is good an the other one is bad." Tea concluded.

"No, they're both bad. Yami, bakura, marik, malik, kaiba and duke are buddies. All of them, except kaiba, are Asses. They are the playboys, not just in this school but also in the whole city. Especially duke." Yugi said.

"Duke devlin?" tea questioned.

"Yeah, devlin. He has good looks and he makes good use of them. He flirts with everything that is female. Same with the others. They cut classes, so they can make out with girls. They never get in a relationship." Ryou said.

"Are you kidding? They are not planning to get in a relationship. They plan to live like this forever, screwing a new girl every day." Yugi said.

"That's gross. But you said kaiba isn't like them." Tea said.

"Yeah. He is smart. He cuts classes too but he doesn't have to attend them. He knows everything already." Yugi shrugged his shoulders.

"And I haven't seen him with a girl, yet. The only reason he hangs out with the others is because they are all "hot" and poplar." Ryou said.

"You can never be too sure. Kaiba is a CEO. All the supermodels throw themselves at him, begging to be touched. Maybe he screws them everyday and doesn't want to ruin his reputation." Yugi said.

"Maybe." Ryou said.

They continued talking. Yugi telling her stories about yami and the others, warning her to stay away from them. Ryou also added some stuff to her knowledge. The lunch bell rang and they walked into the cafeteria. Joey and tristen were already there, saving them seats. Tea sat with them. Yugi told them about her encounter with bakura and they weren't very happy. Tristen starting talking about duke's habits and joey went on ranting about kaiba.

"I didn't bring my lunch today, so I will go grab some. Be right back." Tea said and walked away from them and after 5 minutes, returned with a hamburger, fries and a can of coke. Joey and tristen looked at her lunch hungrily.

'Don't mind them. They love food more then life." Yugi said.

"Sorry guys. But I am really hungry right now. I need to eat all if it." Tea said.

"What? All of it? But you can't." joey said.

"Why can't I?" tea asked.

Tristen: "you aren't worried bout getting fat?" tristen asked.

"I will burn all the fat. So I am eating it all." She smiled at their faces. She was still standing so she decided to sit down. She lowered her lunch to place it on the table when someone bumped into her. She almost dropped her lunch but yugi grabbed it. She glared at the person and all she saw was a trench coat, white coat.

"What the hell? He didn't even a apologize." Tea yelled angrily.

"It's kaiba. He would never apologize." Joey said, clenching fists.

"I am gonna make him. First he almost runs me over with his limo and now this. It's like he is doing it on purpose." Tea said.

"You shouldn't so that tea. Bakura and the others are there too." Ryou advised her.

"I don't care. He needs to see where he is going." Tea said determinedly.

While she was talking to yugi and the others, yami and the others were talking as well, about her.

"There she is." Yami pointed at her.

"Yep. It's her all right." bakura confirmed

"So she is the one who came on to you." marik asked.

"She what? Yami, what did you tell them?" bakura yelled.

"I told them the truth." yami replied coolly.

"Yeah right. Maybe you forgot to tell them the real truth. She thought he was the midget yugi." Bakura sneered.

"Yugi?" malik asked.

"Yup." Bakura replied.

"How come those freaks got her hotness?" marik complained.

"I don't know how. But it's only a matter of time guys. Soon, she will be like the other girls, begging for one glance from us." Yami said confidently.

"I would love to give her more then just one glance." marik said.

"I already did. I had a taste of her and she is delicious." Bakura said with a smirk.

"You bastard." Marik said smiling.

"Just look at what those losers have. They don't deserve it." Malik said frowning.

" Just look at that tight little ass. I wanna squeeze it so bad." Bakura said.

'Check out those legs. They go on forever." Malik commented.

"What I want is what lies on top end of those legs. She has toned stomach so she must be tight." Marik said licking his lips.

'I can't take my eyes off those breasts, just the right size." Yami said.

"All together, she is worthy of getting fucked by us, right?" bakura said.

"Definitely." Marik said.

"What do you think kaiba?" yami asked kaiba who hadn't said a word.

"She is okay, I guess." Seto replied.

"What? OKAY. You have to be kidding me. Just look at her." marik yelled.

"Look at her, standing there, talking to those losers, standing on those beautiful legs, now walking towards us. Wait. Walking towards us?" bakura stopped.

"It is happening sooner then I expected." Yami smiled.

"No one can resist us. We are just too damn sexy." marik said.


Tea walked towards them, angry as hell. Kaiba had his back to her so she couldn't see his face, but she knew he was good looking. Yugi said that all the girls die for him so he must be. But that didn't stop her. She would knock come sense into that big head of his. She stood behind him noticed the smirking, confident looks on everyone else's faces. She frowned at them and turned her attention back to kaiba.

"Kaiba, what the hell is your problem?" Tea said. He sharply turned his head to look at her, and when he did, tea felt like she couldn't breath. He had the most handsome face she had ever seen. He was glaring at her with an intense gaze, his cold, piercing eyes boring circles in her head. He had nicely combed, brown hair, some locks fell on his forehead and tea just wanted to run her hand through them.

'I knew he was going to be handsome but not this handsome. How the hell am I suppose to say anything when I can't even stop staring at him.' tea thought.

"What do you want?" he asked, his voice cold, like his eyes.

'I want you to stop trying to kill me." She said. He raised an eyes brow, making tea want to scream. He looked so cute, all confused.

'Control yourself tea. He is just the hottest guy you have ever seen. Control.' Tea thought.

"What do you mean, kill you?" he asked.

"Today is my first day here. I don't even know you and you already tried to kill me twice. First, in the morning, you tried to run me over with your limo. And just now, you bumped into me, knocking me over. What is your problem?" tea said angrily.

"I was not driving my limo. It was my driver. You are lucky you are still standing. You should know better then to stand in the way of a limo." Seto coolly said.

"Maybe you should know better then to hire a blind driver, who can't see a human standing." Tea said.

"Now I am starting to wish he had killed you." seto said smirking.

"You ass. I can't believe you. You don't care, do you?" tea yelled.

"I don't care if some pathetic being like you dies." Seto replied.

"Pathetic being. PATHETIC BEING. You are the one who's pathetic. Thinking you is so superior." At this, he stood up, surprising tea. He was at least 6 2, an intimidating height. But she wasn't intimidated, maybe not a lot.

"But I am. I am the owner of a multi-billion company. I am one of the most powerful people in the business world. What are you, just some poor girl?" seto said.

"At least I am not a jerk like you. Your money has escaped from your wallet and has gotten into you head. I think I should crack it open for you." tea said.

"I won't let a filthy person like you to touch me, got that." seto said angrily.

"I am already disgusted by your presence. What do you think will happen to me?" tea said.

"Don't lie to me. I know why you came. Like all other bimbos in this school, you came seeking my attention." Seto said knowingly.

"You are so full of your self. I came here to tell you to never bother me again. And I think I just did. So good bye." Tea said shaking her head.

"You are telling me to not bother you, when you have proved that you are the most bothersome creature alive." Seto said smirking.

"Creature. Why you bastard." Tea yelled.

"Hold your tongue girl. No one talks to seto kaiba that way. Since you are new, I will let it slide, but if you ever cross me again, you will find yourself out of the city. Now I already have wasted a lot of my time on you. Go back to your loser friends and get that ugly face of your out of my face." Seto said.

"I will be the one getting nightmares because of your face, you jerk." Tea said and with that she left.

Once she left, yami and the rest stared at kaiba.

"Did I just hear right. Kaiba, you tried to run her over with your limo?" marik asked seto.

"How could you destroy such a beautiful thing." Malik said.

"Such a sexy thing." Bakura added.

"I didn't. The driver must have. I will fire him today." Seto said.

"You better. I don't want her to die before I get a chance to screw her." yami said.

"You mean I get to screw her." bakura corrected him.

"Well, I have to give her credit for her bravery. She stood up to me." seto said.

"Not only that, she ignored us and focused solely on you." marik added.

"Which gave me a chance of looking up her skirt and I can tell you that. Who ever gets laid will be the luckiest man." Marik said smirking.

"That will be me." yami said.

"Not if I can help it." Marik said.

"Hey kaiba, you wanna try your luck?" bakura asked seto.

"Are you nuts. Kaiba and her. He just told her she was ugly. No way is she even going to consider him." malik said.

"I don't care. I have better women dying for Me." seto said.

"What ever kaiba." Yami said and continued commenting on tea's body with the others.

'I have never seen anyone like her. She came to me, to yell at me, to tell me that she didn't like me. No girl ever said that to me before. And her eyes, the way they twinkled when she got angry, the way she moved her head, swinging those silky hair of hers. She wasn't fazed by my looks, my power. Nothing. Impressive. She might even be worth my time.' Seto thought.


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