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"And that is the whole story. I have always loved seto and I still do." Tea explained the whole story to the gang, who sat in joey's living room, with mouths open.

"So all that time when you said you had to work, you were at mansion?" yugi asked.

"Yeah." Tea admitted shyly.

"And you spent nights there as well, didn't you?" marik asked slyly. Tea blushed crimson.

"No wonder whenever we called her at night, n one picked the phone." Malik said.

"She was busy with other "interesting" activities. I bet she couldn't even hear the sound of the phone, because of the screams." Bakura said laughing.

"Yes. Now shut up, or I'll shut you up." seto growled, wrapping an arm around tea. He sensed her embarrassment and came to her rescue.

"Well, I'm happy for you tea. If you love kaiba, then we all accept it." ryou said comfortingly, trying to make up for his twin's damage.

"Yeah. I still don't trust kaiba, but if he does something funny, tell me and I'll knock him god for you." joey said.

"I bet she likes the funny stuff he does." Duke commented and everyone smiled.

"So basically, you played yami." Serenity spoke, who had been holding her tongue all this time.

"No. It wasn't like that." tea said.

"When you lost seto, you went for the next best thing, which happened to be yami." Mai said.

"Shut up. No one asked your opinion." Tristen said.

"She acts innocent but she's clever. By dating yami, she managed to anger kaiba and get him back. And when she got him back, she dumped yami." Miho said.

"That's not true." Yami spoke in tea's defense. "I was the one who asked her on the date. She wanted to say no because she was confused of her feelings, but she didn't want to hurt me, so she said yes."

"That's what you think." Mai said, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"That's what I know. She's not like you whores who use people. She's different. She's special." yami said slowly, staring at tea. It still hurt him to know that he had lost her to kaiba. Seto noticed the look in yami's eyes and tightened his grip on tea. Yami almost took her away from him. He won't let that happen again.

"Whatever. All I know is that he will get tired of her soon." Serenity said confidently.

"I never grow tired of people I love." Seto spoke firmly. Tea quickly turned to face him and he smiled.

"I'll never get tired of seeing your face, your smile, hearing your laugh… or this." with that, he passionately kissed her. Just to give he audience a little show, he shoved his tongue in her mouth. Tea moaned loudly and kissed him back. Everyone was either amused or surprised by their actions to notice yami's painful eyes as he left the room. No one, except ishizu.

Yami couldn't bear to see seto kiss tea like that. He had always dreamed of holding her and kissing her breathless, but seto had the pleasure of doing that. He knew tea loved seto dearly and would never leave him. And seto loved her as much as she did and would never leave her. He knew that and told his heart to forget tea. But it refused. It would take some time, but his heart would heal eventually.

"Yami, are you okay?" a voice behind him shook him out of his thoughts. He turned around to stare into ishizu's concerned eyes.

"Yeah." He sighed loudly. Ishizu stepped closer and stood beside him.

"It seems that you've lost your power to lie as you used to," she said. A small smile appeared on his lips.


"You really loved her, didn't you?" ishizu asked. Even though she tried her best to keep her voice normal, the pain she felt seeped through.

"It hurts." Yami whispered. "She made me feel something special, something unique. She became the most precious thing in my life. I was willing to do anything for her. But I lost her. Infact, now that I think about it, I never really had her. It hurts. It hurts so much."

Silence filled the air. For yami, thinking about tea reopened old wounds and brought back pain he desperately needed to ignore. As for ishizu, her heart was also wounded. The only man she loved was in love with someone else.

"Yami." Ishizu called.

"Yeah." He said without facing her.

"Do you… do you think you can ever love someone like that again?" she hesitantly asked. At this, yami faced her. Her face was hopeful, eyes searching his, begging for an answer.

"I don't know ishizu." Yami honestly replied. Her face fell and she looked away from him. His hand reached to hold her chin and lift her face up to face him. "But I can try." Ishizu's face lit up like a light bulb with happiness and hope. A smile appeared tugged at his lips at her reaction and he said.

"Infact, I would like to. I'd definitely like to." and before he knew it, ishizu was hugging him tightly.

"Thank you," she whispered. Yami slowly wrapped his arms around her, letting her warmth take away his pain.

Serenity swiftly entered the kaiba mansion, short brown hair covering her face. A maid quickly spotted her and approached her.

"Hello miss tea. How are you?" the maid asked.

"Uhh… fine?" serenity answered, happy that her disguise was working.

Even after seto declared his love for tea, she wanted to make him hers. She knew seto wasn't going to let her touch him, but she wanted to. All her life, she had hoped and believed seto liked her and was playing hard to get. But now she realized he plain disliked her. She craved his touch and was willing to do anything for it. Watching seto kiss tea had lit a fire in her. She wanted to kiss him at least once and feel the ultimate pleasure.

So to satisfy her craving, she had disguised herself as tea. She had gotten a wig, identical to tea' s hairstyle. She had it custom made for perfection. She also purchased identical clothes to tea's and wore the same perfume. And to finish the look, she wore blue contact lenses. From far, she looked exactly like tea. But she knew all this wasn't enough to fool seto. She needed just one more thing.

"Is seto busy?" she asked, trying to imitate tea' voice. The maid seemed confused for a second.

"No. He is waiting for you miss. And if I may ask, what happened to your voice? It sounds different." Serenity frowned.

"I caught cold and have a sore throat. Besides, it's none of your business." She barked the maid seemed shocked at her behavior. The tea she knew was kind and friendly.

"Where is the kitchen?" serenity asked.

"There." the maid pointed in a direction. Serenity walked inside and got some wine out. She poured it in a glass and secretly took out a small pack from her bag. The maid wasn't paying attention so she spilled the contents in the glass, mixed it good and called the maid.

"Take this to seto. Tell him I'll be with him shortly." She told the maid, who obediently complied and took the glass upstairs. After 10 minutes, serenity walked towards his room, hoping the powder had worked.

It was a kind of sleeping powder, which if mixed with wine or any alcoholic drink, made the person immediately drunk. She knew that by the time she would go to his room, seto would be in a drunken state and wouldn't notice he difference.

"Who is it?" seto asked as she entered his room. He was sitting on the chair, the empty wine glass beside him. She smirked.

"Hi seto. It's me, tea," she coyly said. His eyebrows rose.

"Your voice is different." He commented. Her face paled. Had the powder not worked properly on him?

"Sore throat." She said.

"Hmm. I think I drank too much today." He said as he stood up, wobbling a bit. Serenity breathed in relief. The powder had worked.

"That's okay seto. I like you more this way." she said as she walked closer to him.

"You do?" seto asked, unsure of what he heard. She told him she hated it when he drank. This was confusing.

"Seto, I think you're sexy when you're drunk." Serenity whispered and kissed him. As soon as their lips touched, seto knew something was different. This kiss seemed desperate. Tea's kisses were always passionate and teasing. Also, the lip-gloss she wore was banana. Tea always wore apple or strawberry. He pulled back. But she wasn't done. She quickly started opening the buttons of his shirt and touched his chest.

"Tea, are you okay?" he asked, trying hard to focus and concentrate. She was acting weird. The tea he knew never was this desperate or quick. She always took torturously long to undress him and her.

"I want you seto. I need you." she said and kissed him again. Seto's mind was starting to process slowly.

"Tea…" he tried to talk again, but she planted an open mouth kiss on his chest, flicking her tongue over his skin. He groaned in pleasure and ran his fingers through her hair. But his hand seemed stuck. It felt like her hair were tied but he would see them open. He abruptly pulled back and tugged on he hair as well. To his surprise, brown hair fell into his hands, to reveal copped colored hair. Now his eyes snapped wide open and his brain woke up from that hazy state.

"Who the hell are you?" he growled in anger. The girl tried to run, but he grabbed her arm and yanked her back. Her hair fell lose and he exclaimed in shock.

"Wheeler. You bitch." He wanted to slap her, but restrained himself. He wouldn't stoop so low as to hit a girl.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Where is tea? What did you do to her?" seto yelled in her face.

"She is at the docks. I--."

"Shut up. I'll deal with you later." seto said and grabbed the phone. He called tea and found out that she indeed was at the docks. Apparently, she had received a call from him telling her to meet him at the docks. After telling to come home immediately, he turned back to serenity.

"You are the biggest whore I know. Pathetic." He exclaimed as he waited for tea to come. Soon she came. After explaining everything to her, they headed outside, serenity accompanying them.

"Kaiba? What are you doing here?" joey asked in surprise. Kaiba never came to his house unannounced.

"I brought something back to you." seto said and pushed serenity before them.

"Serenity? What the hell is happening here?" joey asked.

"Your sister gave me something that made me drunk. Then she disguised herself as tea and whored herself to me. Lucky for me, I recognized her sluttish attitude and saved myself in time." Seto said distastefully. Everyone seemed shocked.

"Is that true serenity?" mai asked, surprised serenity would make such a daring move. Serenity didn't say anything. Instead, she ran upstairs to her room.

"If I was you, I'd do something about her." tea said suggestively. Joey sighed and fell back on the couch.

"I apologize for her behavior. You won't have to endure it for long. I talked to mom about her." joey said.

"What did she say?" yugi asked.

"She is sending her to some all girls catholic school." joey said. Marik broke into laughter.

"Shit man. Catholic school? She is doomed." Marik said between laughs.

"I bet she'll commit suicide in the first week." Bakura said.

"Or at least try to run away." malik said.

"With her gone, we only have two sluts to worry about. Mai and miho." Duke said. Since ishizu was with yami, she was excluded from the slut group. She was never one to begin with anyway. With everyone talking, seto and tea walked outside.

"I was worried about you." seto slowly said to her. "I thought serenity did something to you."

"You were?" tea asked in surprise.

"Of course I was." Seto said as a matter of factly.

"Thanks seto." she whispered.

"It's my job to take care of you, to protect you." seto said. "I thought I failed."

"You are always taking care of me seto. You are always there for me. I don't mind if on occasion or other when you are not." Tea said.

"But I feel guilty." Seto admitted. What if serenity had done something to her? What would he have done then?

"You should never feel guilty seto. I love you no matter what." Tea said. Still, seto felt guilty.

"Here, take this." he said, handing her something. Tea took a look. It was the locket he and mokuba wore.

"For me?" she asked, unsure. Seto said only kaiba's wore this.

"Yeah. This will keep you connected to kaiba corp.; satellite and it'll be easy for me to track you down. Tea, I want to know you're safe." He said. Tears came into her eyes.

"Thank you so much." She hugged him tightly.

"I love you tea," he said as he opened his locked. Now it contained a picture of mokuba and tea. "I don't ever want to lose you."

"Me neither. I never want to leave you seto. I'd never leave you." tea whispered.

"I won't let you leave tea. Never. I'd always protect you and love you." seto said and sealed that promise with a kiss, a promise that would last forever.

the end.

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