It's only forever—
It's not long at all!
Lost and lonely—
That's underground,

He stood next to the dusty marble table, resting his palms against the pale surface, leaning far over as he gazed with intense eyes into the glowing glass orb before him…

The light that emanated from within its seemingly fragile core was piercingly bright and colorless, curling in wisps within the glass.

Slowly, a picture formed.

He could see her world now. He could look down upon it, and glimpse her from time to time. Now he could fondly and longingly watch the changes that came over her face as she went about her day, unknowing of him and his world. Deep within his shadow-infested soul, his one and only, greatest consolation was that his eyes and mind could travel with her, even though his flesh-and-blood self could not.


H smirked, and pushed himself away from the table and turned around, in one fluidly graceful movement, his floor-length robes catching and swirling in the dust that lay in a thick film upon the marble floor.

That will all soon change.

He had waited so impossibly long for this…

For her.

Millennia—or had it been more?—had passed since the beginning of his imprisonment in this world, while mere years had passed in the other. Time sped by in that other world…her world…but he was trapped by the powers that governed him and his kingdom, and he could not leave the prolonged eternity of his world for long.

Even so...

He had waited with relative composure all the while, hoping against hope that the time would come when she would be his, when she would at last come to him and end his loneliness, his unbroken solitude. Oh yes, he had been patient! He had waited through the long years, biding his time. He had not broken any of the solemn rules that bound his world, and his magic, together…yet. He had been lenient and watchful. But patience and other such qualities were vastly overrated, he had determined long before.

And he was not, by nature, a patient man.

Slowly now, he let his eyes travel across the cavern that he stood within: a royal chamber of peerless gothic grandeur. Its ceiling was like that of a cathedral, vaulted and tall, made of excellently carved stone that was beautiful and cold. But though this place was undeniably exquisitely elegant and pleasing to the eye, it was veiled in dust and neglect—

As was the rest of his domain.

Here was silence. Here was loneliness, and regret; bitterness, and the remainders of secrets long kept, dreams long denied. No one ventured this far into his domain for many centuries. No one but him, of course.

It will all change, very, very soon, he thought.

Then, gathering his darkly shimmering robes around him, he scowled, without knowing why, at the spiraling patterns in the dust on the floor once again—

And vanished into the shadows of his realm.










A note from the authoress: "Once again, she returns..."

Yes, my dear phriends: 'tis I, Kates, and I bring you, now,a new tale full of magic, wonder, and beauty, of darkness and passion and dreams, wit and mystery, danger and fun. Hope it makes amends for my long absence.

So, yes...this is a Labyrinth/Phantom of the Opera crossover, as is probably obvious to any of you who are familiar with both of these truly MARVELOUS stories. There were just too many similarities between Phantom and Labyrinth for me to resist, and I thought we could all use a good new crossover story. Interpret this, then, as my attempt at being original in this day and age of Phandom. From now on, I think I shall assume the place of reigning Queen of the Crossover Phan Phics. Hehehehehe. Now, whether you should be afraid and run away, or remain where you are and hang on for this wild ride (and it WILL be wild, I promise you that!) is a choice that I leave to you.

If any of you have read my other crossover phic, Le Fantome et le Belle, you will be familiar with the format of this story; for those of you who are not, I shall explain. This tale will feature the events, words, and basic characters of those in the movie, Labyrinth, but the characters from Phantom will "play" the roles of the characters in this story. To translate...

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera - Jareth, the Goblin King.

Christine Daae - Sarah Williams.

Etc., etc., et al. Hope this explains things to you a bit.

Anyhow, please feel free to ask any more questions that you might have as the story goes on; I tend to write in such a way that everything is clear to ME, but is unclear to my readers. Call it an absent-minded habit of a silly phan girl. The cast list for this phicwill follow soon, with characters added on as the story progresses. I shall try to update this as much asI possibly can when I don't update for a while, though, blame it on Starbucks. 'Cuz that's where I work, and it's trying to eat my life. Ugh. Oh! And for those of you who are interested, I am planning on going back through Le Fantome et la Belle and editing it, and then reposting it here, and possibly with new chapters and/or scenes. Just thought I'd give you a warning.

Now...let my opera begin!

(Here Kates grins impishly at you,and disappears with a swirl of her cloak, leaving behind only a sparkling shower of black and violet magic dust: which smells, curiously enough, of fresh-cut roses and sandalwood...)

PS The lyrics used at the beginning of this chapter belong to their respective writers...David Bowie, I believe...and certainly not to Kates. She is merely borrowing them for the sake of her phan phic.