Stay and Drown

Author's Note: All right, this isn't really Stay and Drown, it's a preview of another RaeStar I might write (I haven't come up with a title yet). If you like, tell me. If I'm going to make a fool or myself with this next story, also, tell me. (Please.)

Summary: It's finally happened. Robin has asked Starfire out. But we all know how obsessive (and possessive?) Robin can get. And Raven might be…jealous? Possible shoujo-ai.

Pairings: RobStar, maybe RaeStar later

Note: This scene takes place after Robin and Starfire's first date. Raven has sensed that Starfire is afraid and decides to check it out.

When Raven walked into Central Operations, even she, the ice queen, had trouble not letting out a startled gasp.

Robin was gripping the front of Starfire's silk dress, speaking to her in a low voice—almosta growl—that sounded patently furious. Starfire was reaching up, trying to calm Robin, to persuade him to let go of her. Her aura was tainted with waves of fear. Robin's, on the other hand, was baking in fury.

"Something wrong?" Raven queried, stating the obvious.

"Starfire and I need to talk," Robin replied woodenly. Starfire made a sound that might have been conjectured as a whimper.

"Maybe you should talk when you've calmed down a little bit," Raven fractionally raised an eyebrow. "You're scaring Starfire."

"How do you know?" Robin snapped.

In reply, Raven simply tapped one temple with a pair of fingers.

"Fine. We'll talk about this later," Robin said roughly, letting go of the front of Starfire's dress and stalking off.

Starfire leaned against the wall, trembling slightly, rearranging the mussed scoop neck of her dress. "Robin frightens me so when he's like this." She turned to the side, pressing her arms and her face to the cold white surface, as if that could placate her shaking.

"You can hug me instead of the wall, if you want," Raven commented in her usual monotone.

Starfire obeyed, throwing her arms around the telepath hard enough to break ribs. Raven lightly ran a hand over the alien's shoulder blades, trying to soothe her.

"Robin's just in a bad mood," Raven informed Starfire matter-of-factly. "He'll come around." She hesitated. "He loves you." Her last words were said rather quietly.

"Are you sure?" Starfire inquired.

"Yes." Raven could feel the alien's breath gently flutter her hair. She swallowed, finding herself unable to resist resting her head on the alien's shoulder. Starfire laid her cheek against the smaller girl's forehead, still shaking lightly.

What did Robin do to her? Raven wondered.

"But Raven, Robin claimed I was 'flirting' with a waiter. I haven't seen him so angry since he believed Slade was attacking him. You don't believe…you don't believe Robin would hurt me, do you?"

"He might be angry for a little while, but once you explain…what did happen anyway?"

Raven felt Starfire shake her head. "I…I am not sure. The waiter set down the glasses of water and winked at me. I thought I should be friendly, so I smiled and waved back. For the rest of the dinner, Robin continued…questioning me…about it, and I thought I convinced him I was merely being gracious. But when we left, the waiter called me 'sweet stuff,' and I giggled, and Robin…Robin became very angry."

Raven sighed. "He's being even more touchy than usual. He'll come around."

Starfire exhaled gustily and let go of the empath. "Thank you, friend Raven. Of course, you're right." She gave Raven another quick hug. "You're such a wonderful friend!" she squealed, back to her old self again. Raven felt the soft warmth rise deep in her abdomen again at the sight of Starfire's smile. She glanced away.

"Yeah. It's nothing. That's what friends are for." Raven knew she sounded flat and impersonal. It didn't matter, though; Starfire was already waltzing off. She had just needed Raven to convince her that everything would be just fine between her and Robin. Which, of course, it would be, and Raven would remain wallpaper as far as Starfire was concerned.

Starfire floated off to her room to change, leaving Raven standing alone in Ops.