Important – I wrote this with Demino. We don't own Digimon or Sonic

Tai, Kari, Matt, TK, Sora, Mimi, Izzy and Joe were walking to a digi-portal to return to the real world. Their digimon were next to them. "What's with all these random attacks?" Tai asked.

"Lets get back," Izzy said, "Davis group was already back. The group nodded and opens the digi-port.

Eggman smiled at the six emeralds he had. "Master Eggman," One of his robot said, "I found an emerald." It drop it on the others.

"You screw lose bot," was all Eggman could say before the room was filed with light.

Back in the digital world, the digi destined had just started to open their gate when a powerful wind swept through the area, their partner digimons barely having time to yell out a cry before they saw their human partners swept off in a different direction.

Their shock and fear increasing as a cold and hateful voice reached them as they continued to fall away form their partners. "Revenge will be mine." As it spoke, each of the digimons barely had time to blink before they were swept up as well by a quickly moving wall of energy, the wave quickly making them fade away as the voice started to laugh, well, until it too gave a cry, but one of shock and anger.

"What happened?" Eggman yelled out as he stood up, his base seemed okay form what he could see, but the emerald was gone, and the computers looked like they had been overloaded and had shut down. "Ah, how could this have happened!"

"You unleashed a powerful energy wave that swept through the barrier between our worlds, it freed me from digital limbo." Came the same voice that had spoken to the destined digimons as Eggman's computer screens turned on one by one, each of them showing a strange small digimon with a body made of metal, only a small bit of its body showing any kind of flesh. "Sadly it seems the energy has trapped me in your computers."

Turning to face the screens, Eggman's eyes narrowed behind his glasses. "You!" His left arm moving up to point a finger at the nearest screen with the digimon on it. "Who are you and how dare you enter the computers of the great doctor Eggman?"

Not showing any emotions, the digimon chuckles a bit before it grinned. "Well, seems you are just as sure of yourself as that stupid monkey was." His words making Eggman fumed as several of his robots moved up besides him. "But that doesn't matter." Giving Eggman his full attention, the digimon grinned. "I am Datamon, and this my friend, is the digital world."

As Datamon spoke, each screen in the room besides the main one switched from Datamon to a different image of the digital world. "Home of the digital monsters, or Digimon for short."

Slowly getting over his shock, Eggman grinned as he watched the images. "A whole new world, my, my." Turning to his robots he grinned darkly. "This is perfect, a world what that stupid hedgehog isn't around to stop me, a world where the Eggman Empire will become a reality!"

"Don't be so sure the world has its own heroes," Datamon said.

In the real world, Tai rub his eyes. He looks at the area before him. His body was sore. What was worst was his legs. He also felt something on him. At first he though that it was Agumon but the shape was not right. He opened his eyes and look down. He saw a blue fur quill. He carefully push the body off him.

Then he try to clime to his feet but found his legs strangely weak. He drop into a sitting position. He look around and found him outside his room. In the room, the other digi-destineds were lay scatter around the room. What he didn't find were the digimon partners. Instead what he found were strange creature he was sure were digimons.

He looks at the one that was on him. It is blue fur but for his chest and muzzle which was tan. Down its back were blue quills. Its wore white gloves and red shoes. Tai gave a few soft pushes until it woke up. "What is going on?" it said.

"I don't know," Tai, said, "I'm Tai Kamiya."

"Sonic the Hedgehog," the blue creature said. He try to stand but his legs gave out.

Tai caught Sonic. "Something strange is going on," Tai said.

"Tell me about that," Sonic said, "I'm chasing one of Eggman's robot next I'm here."

"We were returning from the Digi-World. I'm in the my apartment," Tai said, "But I'm sore all over and legs are so weak I can stand."

"I'm weak too," Sonic said.

"Lets wait for the others," Tai said looking into the room.

Sonic look into the room. "They're here too," he said

Back in the digital world, Eggman rubbed a hand under his chin, his face watching the images of these so-called heroes from Datamon's memory. "Digi Destined huh?" His voice slightly amused as he grinned. "Well, they won't matter, against my genius there is no match."

As he spoke a small robot rolled up to him, handing over a deck of cards. "All I have to do is chose the correct robot and watch it grind those fools to dust." Laughing, he grinned as the few screens Datamon didn't control began to show the digital world around his fortress. "But I need more factories to provide me with the armies I need to dominate this world, and someone one to build them."

Watching the screens as well, Datamon blinked as he saw Eggman focus on a Koromon village, the happy and brave little blobs of pink jumping around in happiness. "Those things can't help you build anything, they don't even have hands."

Turning his head to face Datamon, Eggman grinned slightly as he began to wake up his robots for a quick worker recruitment raid. "True, but once I put them through my machine and use them to power my worker bots, I won't have to worry about their lack of arms."

Watching through the security cameras as a small army of robots lumbered out to take up positions for a raid, Datamon had to smile slightly. For a human, this one seemed to have the same love for machines as he did.

But what to do about his current position inside this computer, he wanted out so he could get revenge on the ones who trapped him. "Say, Eggman was it." Datamon started as he stared at the human before him. "How would you like to help me with a small problem, in exchange for information on these digi destined." Voice as smooth as he could make it, Datamon grinned as he saw Eggman lean in closer. "With me my help, they will be less then a pushover, all I ask for, is a body, a way out of this computer."

"Shouldn't be too hard," Eggman said.

At Tai's apartment, everyone has woken up a while ago. Now they were talking about what was going on. "So you protect this world known as the Digi-World," Tails said, "With you partners."

"Like you and Eggman," TK said.

"I think we need to see Gennai at once," Izzy said.

"Don't worry," Kari said, "He's coming here. Everyone step away from the computer."

In a blinding flash Gennai appear in the room. In his hands was a suitcase. He looks around. "I'm guessing that have the digimon missing means something went wrong." He open up the suit case and pulled out what look like a ray gun.

"What that?" The rabbit names Cream asked a little afraid.

"It's a portable scanner," Gennai said, "I just want to take a quick scan of you. It won't hurt. See…" He pointed the ray gun at his hand as started to scan it. After that he scan each one of them. "Strange," He said, "I'm picking up a little of you partners in you. But what get me is that I'm picking more from the new comers."

"What means?" Sonic asked.

"You somehow replace the Digi-Destined' partners," Gennai said.

Getting a rather funny look on his face, Sonic quickly looked up at Tai then back at the older man before him with one ticked off expression. "Listen, I'm not the partner of anyone, I go my own ways and I don't take orders form anyone."

"We all know that." Came the rather rude response from a black and red hedgehog as he pushed his way past Matt and Sora. "But for once I agree with the faker here, no way am I taking any orders from anyone."

Turning his head slightly to the side, Sonic stared at the other hedgehog. "Listen Shadow, if anyone's a faker here, it's you." The words spat out as Sonic growled. "Besides, it's not like we're staying here, all we have to do is find a way back."

"And you know how to do it?" A pink hedgehog asked in a rather flat tone of voice as she looked over from talking with Mimi, her eyes half closed as she waited for an answer.

Eyes half closed as well, Sonic shook his head. "Geez, you too Amy? Look this is an Eggman plot, so we find him, beat him up and use his whatever machine he built to send us back, simple yes?"

Looking down at Sonic as the blue hedgehog finished speaking, Tai couched a bit. "Well, do you know where this Eggman guy is?"

Shrugging a bit, Sonic quickly moved into a determined smirk. "Nope, but he'll show up sooner or later, and then I'll nail him and his new bot."

"That is, if he's here." Came the quick reply from a white bat as she hovered up over them all, her eyes closed while she simply shook her head in a negative way. "Who's to say he's not back in our own world right now huh?"

"You mean, we can't go home Miss Rouge?" A young rabbit began to mumble out as she looked up at the flying bat. "But I want to see my little Cheese again, I want to, And Chocola as well."

Glaring up at Rouge, Amy quickly pulled the rabbit into a hug. "Don't listen to that mean jewel thief, we'll get back home again Cream, I promise."

Just giving a dismissive wave, Rouge landed on the ground and looked at everyone in the room with a bored expression. "Whatever pinky, but I wondering if you can even keep that promise you just made to her."

"Enough," Tai yelled. Everyone stop and look at him. "I'm sorry you're here but we lost some of our closest friends. What happen, happen. This is the way it is for now. Lets try to work together."

"I need to do more test to tell who is who partner," Gennai said, "Please come to my lab." The screen glowed bright once more. The entire group appeared in what looks like a stander hospital waiting room. "Wait here until I call you."

So they waited. Sonic and friends group themselves on one side of the room while the DD were on the others. After the last scan, Gennai walk from the room with Tai behind him. "I'll tell you want I know," Gennai said. "Most of the new comers are digimons also some how their partner can take some traits from your new digimon partner."

"What?" Mimi asked.

"Well," Gennai said, "Tai and Sonicmon…"

"Sonic," Sonic yelled.

"My apologue," Gennai said while taking a note to remove the mon at the end of their name. "Tai and Sonic are partners. Sonic has amazing speed so Tai now have the speed."

"What about the rest of us partners?" An armadillo named Mighty asked.

"Alright," Gennai said, "Mighty, you and Izzy. Matt is with Shadow, Kari, you and Cream. TK yours is Tails. Mimi and Amy are partners, Sora and Rouge. Lastly Joe and Big."

"At least I got the fashion smart one," Mimi said look at Amy. "Do you think those boots would look good on me?"

Looking up and down at Mimi with a critic eye, Amy gave a deep thinking sound. "Sure, pink goes together with every other color so nicely."

Over in the corner, both Matt and Shadow rolled their eyes at the comment, an almost faint mumbling of the word girls slipping out as they faced each other again. "You're my partner." The rather blunt statement from Shadow came, as he looked Matt over. "Humph, I'll only take orders from one human, and that's Maria."

Left eye getting a tick to it, Matt quickly shook his head abet. "Sorry Shadow, but I really don't want a new partner either, so how about finding that what-was-his-name so I can have Gabumon back."

Giving Matt another look over, Shadow cracked a small smile. "Not bad comeback, but you need to work on it, even the faker can do better."

"I hope you fight better then you do comebacks," Matt said.

Izzy was typing on his computer to get the data updated when his partner came up to him. "What this button do?" Mighty asked as he press the button.

"That's the reset button," Izzy yelled.

'Great way to start off a team,' Mighty thought. "Sorry," Mighty said, "I'm Mighty. I'll help you with what was lost."

"So you're Cream," Kari said, "I'm Kari." She her hand to be shake. "I hope to work well with each other."

The rabbit nodded and grab the hand. "I hope so too," she said, "but more I hope those two don't hurt each other." Cream and Kari both look at Tai and Sonic.

"Just listen to me and we'll be fine," Sonic said.

"I don't take orders from anyone," Tai said.

"You think I would do what you tell me to do," Sonic said.

"Tai," Kari yelled hoping to stop the fight. "I think we need to call the others."

"Why?" came the rather puzzled sounding question from Joe as he was busy reading his book while leaning against an oversized purple and white cat holding a mix between an umbrealla and a fishing pole. "We just need to find a way to get these guys back to their world, its not like we'll need more people for that?"

Staring at Joe for a bit, Kari shook her head a bit. "Are you okay Joe, I thought you'd be more willing to have some help on our time."

Shrugging a bit in return, Joe stood up and place dhis book back into his school bag. "Well, if we have to wait of rthe others, we'll be here al night, and we don't even know if there's a time limit on how long we have to get our partners back, plus I have a test tomorrow and I'd like to study for it."

"Okay." Kari mumbled out as she focused back on the ground, blinking as both Tai and Sonic were standing back to back, an annoyed expression on their faces. "Now what did you two do?"

"He told me to go home so I won't get hurt," Tai said.

"Well he said that I need his help," Sonic said.

Shadow watch as many of the Digi-destined try to at lest lower the tension between Tai and Sonic. "Please tell me he's not your leader," Shadow told Matt.

"Great the leader is team faker," Shadow said.

"I say we should find out what caused this moment," Sonic said.

"Well I say we go home and try to find out what we need to do," Tai said.

"This won't get solved if we just sit around," Sonic said.

"And running around randomly is," Tai said.

"Both of you stop!" Kari yelled. Sonic and Tai stop and look at her. "You both will only a risk to use. Lets go home and try to get to know our new partner and think of our next step." She look at the others. "Who wants to go home?" Most other them raised their hands. "Look like we spoken. Let's go." Kari walks away.

"Who said anything about taking a brake?" Tai asked, "I just want to plan our next move and then go from there."

"Why don't you go," Gennai said, "I need time to study the data completely. I tell what I learn when I learn it." Tai gave up and agree.

In the real world, Tai and Kari top and look at their mother. "What happen to Agumon and Gatomon and who are they?" She asked pointing at Sonic and Cream.

Kari started to tell her mother what happen. "So where we are with these two as our partners…for now," Kari said, "The problem is those to don't want to work together." She pointed at Tai and Sonic.

"I can fix that," Kari's Mother said with some string. She quickly tied their wrist together. "That string better not be cut or else." Tai and Sonic both nodded afraid of what the else is.

Back in the digital world, Eggman hummed a happy tune as he watched several buildings getting built around his base, it wouldn't be long before he had enough materials and robots under his command to make his presence known.

The other good thing had been Datamon's willingness to share secrets with him, he already had a great deal of info on these Digi destined and detailed readings on those so-called partner digimons from capturing some that had passed by his base.

And that info was something that was going to be put to good use. Watching the room below him, Eggman grinned as the first of several battle type robots walked out of a storage chamber. "Very well done, now, Metal-Lillymon and Metal-Garudamon."

The two robots built to look just like their digimon counter parts looked up at Eggman with red glowing eyes. "What is it master?"

Smirking slightly, Eggman pointed at a screen behind him as it switched on to show the nearby digital world. "I want you to go to these places and plant an Egg spire there, with it I can block those brats and their digimons from digivolving, making it easier for me to take over the world."

Kari rolled her eyes as Tai and Sonic were growling at each other once more. "Please don't fight," Cream said.

"I can't cut my meat if he won't let me use my other hand," Tai said.

"You're not the one that let me cut mine," Sonic yelled. In a rage Sonic kick Tai in his right leg. Tai grab his right leg with his free hand as he grunted. Sonic also grab his right legs by the sudden pain that came it.

"I had enough," Tai's mother yelled, "Both go to bed now." Both scream at the look on her face they ran away. After a fight both were tied out and fell asleep.

The next morning Tai rushed around trying to get ready for school. Sonic just rested on the couch with his eyes closed. Cream was helping Kari get ready. Tai open the door to see Mimi there with some one in a pink coat and large white hat.

"Hi Tai," Mimi said. "What do you think?" She asked pointing at her new boots. They were pink boots with black soul. "Not only are the fashionable they are also hiking boot. Now my feet won't hurt as much."

"That nice," Tai said.

"I brought Amy. She wants to be with Sonic," Mimi said. Amy took off the coat and hat and walk into apartment. "Care to walk my to school."

"Sure," Tai said, "The farther I'm from the blue rat the better."

The impact of a shoe to the back of Tai's head made him spin around to see Sonic flip him the bird rather angrily. "I'm a hedgehog, hedgehog, not a rat you furless monkey." Then the door slammed as Sonic left for the inside of the apartment.

"I see you two still haven't learned to accept each other." Mimi mumbled out as Tai removed the shoe from his head, a small bump forming where it had hit him. "Just what is it you two are so upset about anyway?"

Dumping the shoe back at the foot of the door, Tai shook his head a bit and turned to face Mimi as they walked off to school. "It's nothing really, nothing at all. He's just an annoying rat who can't accept the fact that he needs my advice." The rest of his complain was forgotten as another shoe sailed over his head. "Okay, you're a hedgehog, I got it."

Slamming the door again, Sonic grumbled a bit as he walked off, he knew listing through the key hole had been a good idea, that stupid messy haired boy had nearly gotten away with an insult again.

Thought in hindsight, maybe he shouldn't have tossed that shoe at him. Rubbing the small bump on his head, Sonic suppressed the urge to trash Tai's room as vengeance. Besides it was time for him to get in his daily run, it would also get him away from Amy for awhile, he could only stand so much romance at a time.

Sonic reach of the doorknob. "Where are you going?" Amy asked.

"I'm going for a run," Sonic said before he walked to the apartment door.

"What happen? There a bump on the back of his head," Amy said. She walk over to Sonic and rub his head.

"It's nothing," Sonic said, "I'm doing to search the city."

"Don't get spotted," Amy said.

"I know," Sonic said as he opened the door.

"Tell me what it's like," Amy said before Sonic ran off.

After a few hours of running Sonic found out where most of his friends were. Then he found a nice tree in the park to take a nap.

When Tai, Kari and Mimi enter the apartment, Amy ran up to them. "Sonic left a little after you left and he's not back."

"He left and he can come back," Tai said walking into his room to drop his bag.

"We need to call a team meeting," Kari said, "We need to find a way to get those two working together." Mimi nodded.

Sonic was woken by Shadow tying him up. Then Matt drops the blue hedgehog into a large bag. He was freed only to thrown into the room. He found himself on Tai in a bathroom. Both stood up and try to open the door.

"Nice job, Mighty," Izzy said watching his partner placing a couch in front of the door.

"So we leave them in there until we come up with a better way to get them to work together," Mimi said.

"I say we just leave team faker in there," Shadow said.

"We'll have to let them out at some point." Sora pointed out as she stared at the door, eyes slightly narrowed as if she was thinking about something. "Am I the only one who have noticed that it is rather silent in there?"

Behind them, Amy looked up at those words and frowned, she had a pretty good idea why it was so silent in there. "Um, is there a window in that room?"

Turning to face her, both Matt and Sora stared at her with a look of curiosity. "Yeah, why?"

"Then Sonic's already gone." She replied as she kicked open the door to point at the open window with a tired expression. "And it looks like that Tai boy went with him."

"Well he had to, they were tied up when they came back home remember?" Kari mumbled out as she walked into the room, looking at the window as well. "But how did they escape through that?"

Looking rather unsurprised at the question, Amy shrugged a bit. "Sonic's fast enough to run up a wall or across a ceiling, it wouldn't be any problem for him to get out of this place if he wanted to." Walking off, she didn't see the DD's shocked expression at hearing just how fast Sonic was.

Meanwhile in a nearby ally, Sonic was removing the last robe from his body. "Nice group of friends you have," He said looking at Tai.

"They not normally like this," Tai said, "but you're here…"

"What dose that mean?" Sonic asked.

"You're not trying," Tai said.

"You're not helping," Sonic said before walking off. He then ran off the tree he was sleeping in before.

"Fine," Tai grunted as he walked to the park to practice soccer.

A little in the park, a rip formed in the sky was formed, then a form leap from it. It was man shape only a little larger. It wore a black jump suit with two large swords handing from his back. He had silver armor covering his for-arm and lower legs. His had the head of a fox. "Bountymon find Tai," It said before running off. "Digi-Warlords wants him gone.

Tai was bouncing a soccer ball off his head when he was kick in his back, nearby Sonic fell from his tree. He stood up rubbing his back and look around. He ran off to find what happen.

"Digi-Warlords orders you to be destroy," Bountymon said. "I'm here to obey." He grabbed his two blades.

Sonic ran between the two. "I don't think so," Sonic said, "I'm not going to get hurt because you hurt him." Sonic jump at the digimon.

"Twin blade crush," Bountymon yelled smashing Sonic between the broad sides of the blades. Then he forced Sonic to the ground. Tai scream grabbing his side as he drop to the ground.

Pushing himself up, Sonic shook his head as he noticed the digimon heading towards Tai with both blades ready to strike. Whatever that creature was, it sure didn't fight like one of Eggman's machines, but it didn't matter to him. No one could beat Sonic, no one. "Hey tall, dark and ugly!" Yelling out the insult, Sonic grinned, as the monster turned to face him with a confused expression, how nice that all villains were so easily distracted.

Looking up as the pain began to fade away, Tai blinked as Sonic curled up into a ball and hammered into Bountymon's face, the large digimon screaming in pain as he stumbled backwards. "Sonic, go for his feet, try and knock him over!"

Shooting an annoyed look over at Tai, Sonic nearly flipped him the bird again, when he found that he was forced to move aside as the two blades crashed down where he had been standing. "Nice try, but you're just too slow. And you bush hair, I can handle my own fights okay, I don't need a sideliner to tell me what to do. "

"Shock Waves!"

Looking back, Sonic blinked as Bountymon stomped a foot down on the ground, a wave of air shooting out to hit the blue colored hedgehog. "Hey!" The cry coming as Sonic landed on his butt next to Tai, both of them grumbling as they could feel just how hard that landing had been.

"Bountymon win," the fox head digimon cheered.

"I never lose," Tai and Sonic said in one voice as they stood up.

Sonic charge at digimon. As he did, his entire body glowed. "Sonicmon digivolve to Rapiermon." Sonic change into a woman with blue armor and blue hair. Hanging from her belt was a rapier. "What the," was all Sonic said. S/He tries to run and found Sonic's new body's greatly slower.

"Bountymon will crush your champion form," the digimon yelled running at Sonic. He attack Sonic with his swords.

In a flash, Sonic block both swords with his/her one. "Slow legs fast hands," Sonic said. Sonic prepare to attack. "Thousand Strike," S/He yelled, as his/her blade became a blur. S/He struck the other digimons. Bountymon broke into pieces of dust.

"Tell no one," Sonic said in a high voice.

"We need to get back to the others," Tai said.

"Not until I'm back to normal." Sonic spat out as she/he crossed her/his arms. "You got that?"

Facing Sonic, Tai shook his head a bit. "Fine, but all you have to do is will yourself back to your old form."

Giving Tai the evil eye, Sonic took the advice and focused on it, nearly breaking out into a cheer as his body tingled and returned to normal. "Okay, the hedgehog's back."

"Great, can we get back to the others now?" Tai asked with a rather impatient tone of voice as he watched Sonic cheek his body just to be sure that he was back to normal.

Looking up at the question, Sonic shrugged and grinned a bit as he looked around the city. "Sure, we could do that, or I could go out and see what this city is like." Not waiting for Tai's response, Sonic had already taken off running, a dust cloud the only thing left of him.

Gritting his teeth, Tai cast a look after him before shaking his head. "This is going to be a very trying partner ship."

As Tai walk back to the apartment. "Should I tell the other about Sonic champion form?" Tai asked. "Na, I think it would be better if they saw it for themselves."

When he opened the door Kari ran up to him. "Where were you? How did you get out?"

"Kari," Tai said stopping Kari, "Sonic got us out and I went to the park."

"And where is Sonic?" Amy asked.

"He ran off," Tai said, "So what about the Digi-Warlords?"

"The other are handling them," Sora said.

"Tell him," Shadow said with a smile.

"Tai," Matt said placing a hand on his shoulder, "We that if you and Sonic can't work as a team then it may be better that you two stay out of fighting."

"I can't believe this," Tai said before walking away.

"You think we're being hard on him?" Mimi asked.

"No," Matt said, "If him and Sonic can't work together then they'll only hurt us."

"I'm going after him," Kari said before leaving.

"I'll come with you." Cream added in as she took of flying, using her ears to fly with as easily as if they had been a pair of bird wings.

Leaving the group staring rather shocked after them as they, well the DD parts of the rooms occupants as they had not expected to have anyone of their new partners being able to fly, let alone one like Cream.

Walking towards the bedroom she shared with Tai, Kari couldn't help but stare at Cream as she hovered so easily through the air simply by making a few downward strokes with her ears. "How can you do that?"

Giving her a short confused look back, Cream landed on the corridor floor and looked up at Kari with a thoughtful expression. "Well, I'm not sure, but I've been able to do it since I was little and got my first Chao, I wanted to fly like it could, but I didn't have any wings so I tried to use my ears, I tried for a long time and one day it just worked." Her tone of voice showing just how convinced she was that all it had taken was for her to train in order to learn it.

Giving Cream a less convinced look, Kari shook it off as she continued to walk towards the bedroom, when another question formed in her mind, something to do with what Cream had told her. "Chao, is that what your friend Cheese is? Is it some kind of pet?"

"Cheese is not a pet, he's my friend." Voice a bit loud and tainted with annoyance, Cream gave a good impression of a small child that had been deeply insulted by Kari's question.

Not wanting to have her new partner mad at her, or having to be stuck in a partnership with like Tai, Kari quickly stopped to look down at Cream with a look of regret on her face. "Cream, I'm sorry, it's just, I didn't know what a chao was, and you never told me much about Cheese, so I thought he was a rabbit like you."

Smiling once more, Cream nodded a bit as she began to fly again. "That's okay, but I think the others were a bit harsh on Sonic, he's not used to have to wait for others or having to work with them."

"True." Amy's voice mixed in as she came out of the bathroom, a bright smile on her face. "He's just independent and used to be able to do just what he wants whenever he wants."

"Don't blame just Sonic," Kari said, "Tai plays the leader but sometimes he wants to do what he wants to do." Cream started to giggle. "What?" Kari asked her partner.

"I was just thinking about how much the two are alike," the bunny said.

Kari smiled. "At times it like watching someone fighting a mirror." She gave Cream the coat Agumon normally wears. "Put that on and let's go."

As Kari and Cream left, Mimi walked into room. "Hey Amy do you want to search for Sonic."

"Sure," Amy said, "I don't know if we can find him."

"We can try," Mimi, said, "Beside there may be some new fashion to look for."

"At least we won't be wasting our time," Amy said.

"I say while we wait for them to return," Rouge said then look at Sora, "You show me some jewelry store."

"Why?" Sora asked.

"She a thief," Knuckles said.

"No way is some one who steal is going to stay in my house," Sora said angrily, "Knuckles make sure she dose not steal anything."

"I say we show them more of the Digi-World," TK said, "We need to tell the others what happen."

"I'll go with you kid." Knuckles voiced out as he turned to face both TK and Tails, the two of them looking a bit surprised at the echidna's sudden decision. Facing Sora before she could say anything, his eyes narrowed into a determined glare as he crossed his arms. "And you can't change my mind, I have no time to stand guard over Rouge, I've already spent far to much time near her for my liking."

Her eyes getting a strange tick to it, Rouge crossed her arms as she snorted loudly. "Fien by me Knuckles, who needs a hotheaded, easy to fool, idiot like you around." Her eyes closed as she spoke, she never noticed that Knuckles had already left the room, followed by TK, Tails, Izzy and Mighty.

"Rouge." Sora started as she looked down at her new partner. "He's already left the room."

Snapping an eye open to check it, Rouge ground her teeth together as her eyes narrowed into slits from sheer anger. "That Echidna."

Sora started move away. Biyomon was never like this. "Lets get some ice cream."

In the Digi-World, Knuckles follow the two humans. "So where are the others digi-destined?"

"We're meeting them at Primary Village," Izzy said.

"Here we are," TK said pushing the tree away. Tails, Mighty and Knuckles look at a field filled with small creatures hopping around play and cheering. There were thousands running around.

"This is Primary Village," Tails said with his mouth open, "What all these creature?"

"Those are younger form of digimons," Izzy said, "There they all." He pointed at a group of humans running to them.

"Who are they?" Cody asked.

"Their our partners for now," Izzy said.

"There was an error yesterday and they became our partner while we lost our normal ones," TK said.

"So Patamon not here," Veemon said with a smile.

"So is Gatomon," TK said.

"What!" Veemon yelled.

"We came to tell you they never digivolve," Izzy said, "You're now the strongest."

"They could try while we go searching for control towers," Yolei said.

"What is a control tower? And what do they mean we're weaker then them, I tossed around a sofa earlier." Mighty asked as he leaned on a nearby plush block easily three times his own size.

Beside him, Knuckles had simply stared at the place with an absent expression on his face. "Mighty, think you can keep the group together for a while?"

Giving a startled look at Knuckles at his question, Mighty slowly rubbed a hand on his chin. "Sure, but why, aren't that Shadow and that Matt boy's job?"

"They may have chosen themselves, but I doubt Shadow can stand the leader's job very much, he's too much of a loner." The comment making mighty shrug a bit. "Besides, I have to leave anyway."

Standing up straight Mighty cast a concerned look at Knuckles. "Why'd you want to leave? It would be best if we were all together in case we found a way to get back home"

Facing mighty with a haunted look in his eyes, Knuckles shook his head a bit. "I can feel it, the Master Emerald and Angel Island." Voice sounding just as haunted as he looked, Knuckles turned to leave. "It is my duty to guard that gem, like I always have, and I feel it's presence coming from somewhere in that direction."

Looking into the horizon that Knuckles had pointed in, Mighty nodded after a second. "Okay, I can understand that, I'll try and keep the group from killing each other while you're gone."

"Hey, where's he going?"

Turning to see Davis and the others look in the direction of Knuckles as he left, Mighty simply shrugged his shoulders. "He has something that he has to find, but don't worry, we'll meet him again."

"He not anyone partner," Izzy said, "Lets just take care of the towers."

A little bit later Mighty was standing before a black tower. "So this is a control tower," Mighty said, "Should not be too hard to bring down." With two punches the tower fell to the ground.

"Not bad," Veemon said, "For a rookie."

"What? Why you!" Mighty said.

Veemon nodded to Davis and then he change into a larger dragon. He jump into the air and yelled, "Fire Rocket." The large fire balls from his gauntlet. As he landed five towers fell down. "Don't take it hard," Flamedramon said after landing, "I'm a higher level."

"What is going? How did you change?" Mighty asked.

"I digivolve," Flamedramon said, "It makes me stronger but I use up energy faster."

"So I can after all I'm a digimon for now," Mighty said.

"In the name of the Digi-Warlords you must pay," An Ogremon said as a group of digimon walk up to them.

"Look like we have a fight," Mighty said as he smiled.

"Stand back and watch this rookie." Flamedramon mumbled out as he stepped up to the Ogremon, pushing back Mighty while he was at it. "This is how you deal with a evil digimon."

"Pummel Whack!"

Staring at Flamedramon as he was sent flying back a vicious strike o Ogremon's club, he sighed a bit as he shook his head. "Over confidence is the way of the loser." Smirking he quickly punched right down onto Ogremon's foot as he came close enough.

Screaming, as he was sure something broke, Ogremon glared down at Mighty while holding his injured foot. "You little, get him!"

The group of digimons stopped laughing over their leaders humiliation at his order, and stormed forward, each one wanting to be the one to beat up Mighty.

"Mighty," Izzy yelled at a digimon charge his new partner.

Mighty started to yell, "Mightymon digivolve to Brawnymon." Mighty was now his normal shape but three times the size with silver knuckles on his fingers and he wore pants like Leomon's. "Fist of the mighty," He yelled as he slammed his fist into digimon ran at him.

"Nice," Flamedramon said as he grabbed Ogremon, "I knew a little danger and you'll digivolve."

"You planed this," The Ogremon said.

"That right," Flamedramon said, "We're out number they only way to win is to use you as a shield."

Two more digimons ran at Mighty he did two more of his 'fist of the mighty'. He pick up one digimon on the ground and throw him at the charging at him. When they got to their feet they found the other digi-destined digimons, fully digivolve standing next to him. Both side prepare for a fight.

"You fools, return at once, they're too powerful for you."

The voice coming from everywhere had Ogremon and his friends stand still as they looked up into the air where a large image of a cloaked digimon could be seen. "The warlords."

Nodding at Ogremon's words, the image gave a dark laughter as it began to fade away. "Yes, and this battle is lost, so return at once, we must plan a new one." At hi last words, both Ogremon and all the evil digimons faded away.

Left behind, mighty and Flamedramon looked in several directions with a puzzled look. "What just happened?"

"Look like you scared them off," Izzy said.

"Back to landscaping," Davis said. The group nodded and returned to knocking down towers.

In the real world, Sonic found his way back to the park. He failed to find a place to stay as nice as Kari's place. He pushed away a branch and saw Tai juggling a soccer ball. He decided to watch the one that clams to be his partner.

Meanwhile, Kari and Cream was walking in the park when they seen Tai. He was too busy working with a soccer ball to notice them. "Hey Tai," Kari said walk up to him.

"Why are you here?" Tai asked as he hit the ball off his knee to his head.

"We here just to see how your doing?" Cream said.

"Thanks," Tai said. He stop to rub Cream's head. "Why am I the only one that's having trouble?"

"Well Cream did yell at me," Kari said, "Matt though since you two are not getting along you two should stay out of danger until you do."

"Sonic and I may no be friends but we can work together," Tai said.

"I know," Kari said, "I other don't believe so."

"I know we can," Tai said.

"How do you know?" Kari asked.

"Because," Tai stop before say about Sonic digivolving, mainly because he dose not want to hear Matt mocking him. "Because I know."

"The other won't let you two n the Digi-World until you can prove you two can work together," Kari said, "The others are not home. I'll race you there."

"You're one," Tai said before he turns into a blur. Kari found him lying under a tree rubbing his face. "What happen?" Tai asked.

"You ran into the tree." Came the reply from Sonic as he popped out next to him, a sudden gust of wind showing that he had just stopped running. "Seems you might have gotten some of my speed, not as much but it is there."

Pushing himself up, Tai gave a disbelieving stare at the blue hedgehog. "I ran into the tree, with speed like yours?"

"No." Sonic replied as he crossed his arms with a rather annoying smirk on his face. "Almost as fast as me, cause there is no one who can outrun this hedgehog"

"Be nice to him mister Sonic." Cream's voice added in as the young rabbit tried to hide the fact that she had been giggling at Tai's accident.

Looking over at Cream and Kari, Sonic gave a small shrug before rubbing a finger under his nose lazily. "Well, maybe, if the kid stops complaining all the time."

"Who's the one complaining?" Tai muttered out as he stood up completely, his eyes locked onto Sonic who stared back with a non-caring look. "I seem to recall you being the one who's done nothing but complain."

"Are you two going to fight again?" Kari asked out loud as she looked form one to the other. "The faster you two become friends and learn to work together, the faster they get home and the faster we get our old partners back."

"We don't need to like each other just work together," Tai said.

"I'll try," Sonic, said, "I'm doing this to get home."

"I'm doing this for Agumon," Tai said.

"Great," Kari said, "tomorrow we'll go to the Digi-World to do so training."

"I don't need training," Sonic said.

"You promise to try and training is the best way," Cream said, "Beside Tai need to get his new speed under control."

"From now on you can't each other names," Kari said

"I know something ra…Sonic won't refuse to do," Tai said, "I say we get something to eat. I'll go to a fast food place and get some carry out."

Meanwhile Joe was trying to study but fount it imposable with out Gomamon making some type of noise. He looks at his new partner sleeping calmly in a corner. He found it strange, years ago Big was the way he wanted his partner years ago but now he was Gomamon and all his noise.

Eggman smiled at his plan. Slowly he influenced using the Digi-Warlords as cover. He just needed to wait for the right moment and then he'll show this world their new ruler.