Staring out over the area he and Shadow had arrived at, Matt kept a neutral expression on his face, as all he could see was an endless field of snow. "You're sure that there is a Chaos Emerald here?"

Looking up from his own thoughts, Shadow didn't even show any kind of emotion as he gazed at the blond haired boy. "Trust me, Eggman would hide one in a place like this." Finally letting out a small grin, Shadow pointed at a nearby mountain. "Besides, that kind of gives away the location of his base, don't you think?"

Turning to face the direction that Shadow was pointing, Matt felt like groaning as he came face to face with a giant, Eggman statue carved out a nearby mountainside, the ground before it a lit with searchlights as Eggpawns moved around in a strict guard formation. "Man, doesn't he even know the concept of a secret lair? Any moron could find that place just by looking at it."

"I think that he gave himself the title of Doctor," Shadow said. "I want to go Mega and crush all that gets in my way." Matt nodded and soon his mega partner flew away.

Shadow flew to the base of the Eggman statue. "Chaos sword," he yelled. The statue tipped over and crashed into the base. Shadow smiled as the eggpawn came at him. "Come I'll prove that I am the ultimate lifeform."

In a dull flash, Matt appeared in the base. "I hope when this is over I get to keep chaos control," Matt said. "Time to get the emerald." He walked down the halls until he came to a large door.

The eggpawn standing before the door raise its blaster to aim at Matt. "Chaos spear." Matt thrust the energy rode through the robot. "Lets see what you were guarding." Matt said as he passed the confused Gabumon. He smiled at the glow of the emerald bath his skin.

"Matt." Shadow spat out the name as he spun around to see several weaker looking versions of Metal-Sonic advancing on both him and Matt. "We got more robots out here."

Turning around while holding the emerald, Matt grinned as he saw each of the robotic hedgehog like robots walk closer. "Heh, no problem." Holding up his free hand as power seeped into it, Matt grinned as he it off at the nearest robots. "Chaos Spear!"

As he did, the emerald glowed briefly as it sent some of its power into the attack, making the chaos spears grow in power. Each of them not just exploding against the robot they hit, but ripping through it and the ones behind the first one.

"Was, was that the power of these gems?" Matt mumbled out as he watched the smoking remains of the robots.

Matt stepped over the rumble of the building. He passed the many confused digimons. Then came to his partner. "Do you think we can keep this emerald?" Matt asked shadow.

"They'll whine about it," Shadow said, "I think it would be safe with us."

"I think you're right," Matt said, "After all we are the ultimate team. Come on the other teams need our help."

Ken and Davis just got to Eggman's base. There they found Metal-Sonic blasting the land away. He dug his claw into an eggpawn and yank out his digi-disk.

Ken turn to Davis and ask, "What's the plan?"

"Well, I'd try a frontal attack, but against him, we're a bit out matched." Gazing back at the battle, Davis grinned as he managed to pick out a small number of robots running out through a side door to charge Metal-Sonic. "Hey, maybe we can get in through that door."

Staring over at it, Ken nodded as he picked up wormmon, keeping a close eye on the battle as the robots attacked the robotic hedgehog. "Now, none of them are going to notice us now."

"Then Me and Wormmon DNA digivolve and then go mega and we rush out of there," Veemon said.

The group carefully made their way to the base. They were quite enough to let the battle mask their movement. They slip through on of the door as a robot left the base to face Metal-Sonic. They walk down the hall.

"Ken you smart where do you think the emerald will be?" Davis asked.

"If the emerald is being use as a power source we should search for the power source," Ken said, "I can get the information we need from a computer."

"Don't." Davis responded as he cast a look around the place. "I remember Tai telling me that he and Izzy tried something like that once, and that made it possible for Machinedramon to find them that way."

Glancing at him, Ken shrugged as he walked over to stare at the only computer terminal nearby. "We don't have time for anything else, we have to try this." Punching up the map of the base, Ken stared at it and grinned as he jabbed a finger at part of the map. "It's right there, in eth center bottom of the base."

Turning away, Ken stopped as a small red light began to flash behind him, followed by a loud siren turning on as several robots charged them through a nearby doorway. "Uh, I think I set off an alarm with that finger press on the screen."

"Lets run for it," Veemon yelled.

"I agree," Davis said. He grabbed Ken and pulled. "Lets just guess our way to it."

The group continued running until Davis and Veemon turned a corner and ran right into the robots standing before there. Davis and Veemon smiled before they turned and ran away again. The two robots chase them. The moment Davis and Veemon left the hall, a silk cord shot across the hall. The two robots slammed into the ground thanks to the silk.

"Lets go," Davis, said stepping over robots, "The Emeralds must be inside."

Standing at the end of the corridor, Metal-Sonic grinning on the inside as he watched the bats rush in to claim the emerald. Then he refocused on crushing the robots still standing. "It won't be long now Sonic, soon we shall see who the most powerful is, and who is the only worthy enough to be called Sonic."

A god deal way, Sonic yawned as he cast a glare up at the sky above them. "You know, this is more boring then I thought it would be." His comment making Tai grin as both of them focused on the area before. 'Not a lot robots around here are there. Seems like Eggman's missed this place.'

'Nope, but it could still be a trap of some kind.' Pulling out his d-terminal, Tai quickly punched in a message to the other digi destined. "Better check and see who's gotten a hold of their emeralds so far."

"That's good," Sonic said.

Tai read over all the messages. "Four of them gotten an emerald," Tai said, "and one lost it to Metal-Overlord. Davis and Ken think they have one near them."

"That's all of them," Sonic said," We should jump to the real world as soon as we can."

"I wish," Tai said, "Matt's playing leader and orders us to meet in one place."

Standing in the meeting place, Matt grumbled as first Joe, Cody and Yolei showed up, followed soon by Davis and Ken. "So, everyone got a chaos emerald right?" His voice snapping at them as he held out his glowing gem stone.

"Clam down, will you." Davis snapped back as he pulled out his and Ken's, his eyes turning to see Yolei hold the one form her group. "We have three alright, and Metal's got one of them, so there's only three to be found."

Watching as the sky darken with the arrival of Sora and Rouge in her mega form, the orange haired girl held up her chaos emerald. "We're here with ours, so we only need to wait for the last two."

"It's only one now." TK added in as he and Tails arrived, a gem held in his hands as he looked out at the group. "So, the one ones who hasn't return yet are Izzy, Mighty, Tai, Sonic, Kari, Cream, Mimi and Amy."

"Hey," Kari yelled running to the group. "Since my group already got our emerald we thought to help others. That's when I met up with Joe. The bad part is when we got to the base Mimi and Tai was looking the remains."

"So the fakers lost another," Shadow said, "Lets get back to the real world."

Meanwhile Metal-Sonic and Metal-Overlord were watch the Digi-destined. "They gathered them all in one place," Metal-Sonic said, "Time for me to get them."

Jumping off Metal-Overlord, Metal-Sonic grinned as he powered up two simple electricity based attacks. His red eyes picking out the right target before letting them fly, a dark laugh filling the air as he saw the TV set exploded right into the groups faces.

Landing right where the TV had been, Metal chuckled as he swept his arm out in a wide arc. "How nice to see you all again, now hand over the emeralds." Grabbing the one Matt had as he finished talking; he backhanded Sora and grabbed her as well. "And don't try anything funny, Metal-Overlord got his weapons locked onto each of you."

"You notice that them letting us go is not in there," Tai said. 'Sonic I have a plan,' Tai though to Sonic

"Yea," Sonic said, "It like we want us to hand over the emeralds and let Metal-Overlord to fire at us." 'What is it?' Sonic answer.

"Too bad we can't always get what we want," Tai said. 'When I say so grab as many emeralds as you can and run away,' Tai though to Sonic, 'Now!'

In a flash Tai and Sonic stole the emeralds and took off. "Come back here," Metal-Sonic yelled. "Metal-Overlord, go after the human." Metal-Over lord nodded and the to robots chase after the fleeing heroes.

Running as fast as they could, Both Sonic and Tai grinned at each other as they held on to the remaining emeralds. Then they frowned as a dark shadow covered them, the body of metal overlord flying overhead with it eyes firmly locked on them.

"Stop running Sonic!" Came Metal's voice as he began to catch up with them. "Trust me, you can't outrun me this time around." Holding up one hand as he kept gaining on them, he would have smirked as red colored energy shot out from each fingertip. "Garuru Blaster!"

Turning their heads, both Sonic and Tai screamed as the attacks hit right in their chests, pain shooting through them as they fell over. "I told you, you couldn't escape." Came Metal's comment as he shot past them, hands flashing as they grabbed the emeralds from them. "And now it's time."

Smirking as he saw them struggle back up, he tossed the emeralds up over his head. "Now watch, my true final form!" Shooting up at the same time as Metal-Overlord came flying down, he grinned as they met right in the middle of the flying Emeralds.



"Fusion into!" Grinning as the emeralds let out a blast of chaos power that pulled both of them, Metal gave a small gasp as he felt Metal-Overlord fused into his body, the massive dragon compacting and reforming along with himself. "Metal-Deity!"

As the light died down, Sonic and Tai stared at the massive figure above them, his red eyes glowing as he held out his hands, around him floated parts of raw chaos energy, and while he no longer had any legs, he had six glowing wings made of chaos energy coming out of his back that allowed him to hover and fly. "It's time Sonic!"

Spitting out the words as the colorless emeralds landed around him, Metal-Deity simply gestured and laughed as the ground around him, Sonic and Tai collapsed and left them stuck on a large pillar surround by a deep fall. "Our final battle starts now."

"Not good," Tai said, "Sonic I guess that you need to digivolve and see what you can do."

Now in his ultimate form, Sonic rush at the new form of Metal-Sonic. You can't win," Metal-Deity said. "Ruby blade." The red wing on his back faded away. He swung his arm with a red blade at the end. Tai scream as he grabbed his chest. "It seam that I've grown beyond you," Metal-Deity said as he landed near Sonic, "I need some way to force you to fight all out." He turned to Amy and Mimi running towards them. "I think I found it. If you won't fight me, then those pink ones will become part of me."

Holding out his hand as Mimi and Amy gasped at his new looks, Metal grinned as power flowed down over them. "You two will make a fine addition to my digi disk collection." laughing, as the power started turning not just Amy, but also Mimi into digi disks, he turned his head around to face Sonic.

"Second time you lose her, isn't it?" Grabbing the two disks as they finished forming, he laughed as he held them up. "Now, let's see if you can fight any better now." As he stopped talking, he pointed his other hand as Tai. "Giga Blaster!"

"Not good," Tai said.

The blast hit the pillar, the pillar crumble leaving a large dust cloud over the pit. "Tai," Kari cried out as she dropped to her knees. "He's gone."

"All those battle and this was it," Metal-Deity said, "I was hoping from a greater battle and them as digi-disk. I guess I'll keep these two instead." He waved his new disks; just then a golden flash stole them from him. He turned to see Mimi and Amy on the ground and a form hovering over them.

Amy and Mimi look up at their savior. He had a head like Super Sonic with armor covering the side of his head. Golden quills ran down his back. He wore black armor like Wargreymon over his golden fur. "Amy," he said in Sonic's voice, "Mimi," in Tai's voice. "Wait here," he said using both voices.

Of to the side, Matt and Shadow glared at the fused human furry, both of them rather mad at the fact that the two had found a new way to show off.

Turning back aroudn to face Metal-Deity, the fused creature smirked up at him. "Guess we managed to pull a fast one on ya, you big bucket head, we're Sonchimon now, and we're going to kick your butt!"

Pulling back his fist as he spoke, golden colored chaos power had begun to gather in the gauntlet-covered hands. "Chaos Wind!" The attack taking the form of a golden glowing sonic wind attack that pushed Metal backwards a bit. "Hmm, seems we may have to go all out against you after all."

"It still won't be enough," Sonchimon said. The two inter lock their hands.

"How can you with stand my might?" Metal ask, "I've have all the seven emeralds' power and all those digi-disks."

"In the Digi-World, the greatest power can't be held," Sonchimon, said. Both jump from each other. "I'm going to free each one."

Mimi and Amy watch as the two jumped from each other. Kari and Cream ran up to them. "We need to get out of here," Kari said grabbing Mimi arm.

"That's Tai and Sonic," Mimi said as Sonchimon punch into Metal-Deity.

"That's right," Kari, said, "They'll handle this.

"Show offs." Shadow muttered as he and Matt backed up, the red and black colored hedgehog just itching to use a chaos spear on that freakish metal robot, on the other hand, he couldn't wait to see when Sonic and that kid got beaten into the ground. "Matt, we should be ready to step in when they fail."

At the fight, Sonchimon glared up at Metal as the root laughed, one large hand slamming right down towards him. "You think you'll win over me just because you two fused?" Ripping his hand free form the ground and glaring up at Sonchimon hovering in the air, he smirked darkly at him as several dark red spheres shot out of his hands. "Chaos Spears!"

Ducking around the attack, Sonchimon groaned as he pulled on the chaos energy he had, one gauntlet-covered hand flashing as a large blade shot out from its tip. "Chaos Blade!" Swinging out at Metal with the sword, no one really bothered to notice the golden energy running across it.

Metal-Deity jump back only to have a piece of his armor cut. As it healed, Metal-Deity spoke, "You just got lucky."

"We're just getting started," Sonchimon, said, "I just hope your battery can keep up.

"I'll show you my true power," Metal-Deity said, slowly his six wings pulled into his body.

Shooting out from the bottom of his body, two large dragon like legs smashed into the ground, each one sporting a large spike on the knee, at the same time, his hands gained three jagged chaos blades that glowed dark red. "Now, meet my fighting mode freak, I'll enjoy using it to slice you to bits."

"Good," Sonchimon said, "You're old form was too weak." Sonchimon flew at Metal-Deity. His fist hit Metal-Deity's head. Then he jumped back. "Doesn't look like you gain any speed."

"I don't need speed I have power," Metal-Deity said.

Meanwhile Eggman watch the two fighting. "Not good," He said, "Each one has power that we have. We need to start work on robots that can face them."

"Maybe not." Datamon commented as he watched the last remaining metal copies. "We still have Metal-Wargreymon and Mecha-Garurumon, and when they fuse together, they will unstoppable."

Smirking as he went back to watching the fight, Datamon tapped a finger on the controls. "Besides, it is time we strike as well, we must reclaim those emeralds."

"This Battle would make perfect cover," Eggman said, "Some of my smaller bots should be able to sneak into that Pit and carry the Emeralds here."

Sonchimon drop to his knee as Metal-Deity did that same. "You're loosing power," Metal-Detiy said.

"Well, I still save more, your strong attacks must take some out of you," Sonchimon said as he rush back at Metal-Deity.

Smirking mentally, Metal grinned as the shoulder joints on his new body snapped open, several golden colored blasts ripping out. "Chaos blaster!" Each one hitting the area around Sonchimon or making a direct hit.

Rolling around as he fell back from the sudden attack, Sonchimon growled as he held out his right hand, chaos energy flowing into it's palm the it as he jumped up, his left hand also drawing in chaos power as he held both hands together. "My ultimate attack! Chaos Blast!" The attack shooting off as Sonchimon did a wide sweep with his arms.

Metal-Deity pushed himself to the right. The energy wave turn and rush into the metal body. He rolled over the ground. Sonchimon slowly walk over the pieces of metals. He jab his arm into the right side of Metal-Deity. Sonchimon yanked out a stack of digi-disks. Then he was kick off.

Metal-Deity pushed himself up. "How can you keep up with me?"

"Simple, there is only one true Sonic." Punching Metal right in the chest, Sonchimon smirked as he tore out another handful of digi disks. "And he's a part of me." Punching Metal again, he grinned as the robot went flying backwards. "Give up Metal, you can't win now, without these, you're even weaker then before."

Eyes blazing with raw fury, Metal spread out his arm as every single ┬┤chaos blade roared to life with all of his power. "We'll see who's the weak one here!" Shooting forward, he slashed the air with each hand. "Chaos Claws!"

"Sword of Courage," Sonchimon yelled. The crest of courage formed before him. He grab the bottom diamond like mark as the upper diamond mark formed into a long blade.

The two attacks met. Slowly Metal-Deity's claw broke up. Sonchimon put all of his might into that attack. The blade forced its way through Metal-Deity. As robotic remains fell to the ground, Sonchimon drop to one knee. He shimmered a little as they reverted back to Tai and Sonic.

"They did it," Amy and Mimi cheered.

"Showoffs." Matt mumbled out as he glared at eth remains of Metal-Deity. "So now what, we have the emeralds at last, but we still need to deal with Eggman."

Growing serious, Izzy nodded as he gazed down at the remains as well. "No to mention he still has two Metal copies left, one of Wargreymon and one of Weregarurumon, think of how powerful he can have made them by now."

"You'll just have to find out, won't you?" Came Datamon's voice as part of Metal-Deity lit up with a hologram. "And please, hurry up, we don't want our party to be delayed."

"I'm never late," Sonic, said just before he dropped to the ground.

"Sonic," Amy yelled running up to him.

"I'm alright," Sonic, said, "I guess the fight took a lot of energy."

"We all could use some rest. I say we get the emeralds and return home," Kari said.

"There a problem," Big said, "The emeralds are gone."

"Faker," Shadow yelled, "Why did you let them take the emeralds?"

"I was fighting," Sonic said. His body slumped even more onto Amy.

"I agree that Sonic need to be dropped off," Shadow said, "The faker is even more worthless at the moment. The rest of you..." He turned to see that others walking away. "Hey where are you going?"

"I need a bath," Rouge said.

Rubbing his stomach as he walked past the angry Shadow, Big groaned as a loud growl erupted from it. "I'm hungry."

"Yeah, yeah, but no fishing, I'll buy something from the market place." Joe added in as he walked past Matt, stopping only to stare down at the blond haired boy. "Hey, you two coming with us back, or do you want to stay here?"

"You don't order the leaders," Shadow yelled. "Fine I'll go back...Because I need to plan our next move."

"I agree," Matt said.

Eggman watch the heroes leave. "Good, we also need time to recover." He turned to see seven small robots hover into the room. Without making a sound they drop the seven emeralds on the table before him. "You got to love spy bots. Now I have all need to merge my two metals. But it never hurt to have a little more help."

"Anyone in mind, or do you want to built another robot?" Datamon muttered out as he sat about placing the Chaos emeralds into the machine. "There, now we have complete control of the entire digital world again, we could destroy it in a second if we wanted too."

Not really listing to his allies ranting, Eggman stared at the screen, one hand rubbing his chin as he tried of think. "Everything so far has failed, Metal-Sonic, the metal copies, the eggpawns." Eyes half closing as he groaned at the number of defeats, he stopped as he spotted Matt and Shadow's comments. "Hmm, so, Shadow and the blonde have a problem with Sonic and his human friend?"

Laughing darkly as he sat up, Eggman grinned as he stood up with a hurry. "I've got it, at long last, Shadow shall destroy Sonic." Letting out a laugh, Eggman stared down at the chaos emeralds planted in the machine. "And I know how to do it, I'll corrupt them with the negative power from one of these!"

"While Shadow and Sonic are fighting we send the merge Metal to fight the others," Eggman said. He pulled one of the emeralds from the machine. "Here," He gave one of the emeralds to Datamon. "I made sure your new body could handle one."

"Such power," Datamon said as he drop the emerald into his arm, "I can get the corrupting beam ready as I make my way to Shadow."

Meanwhile Shadow and Matt slowly walk back to the "The nerve of those Faker," Shadow said, "How dear the others act as it is not a big deal to lose the emeralds!"

Datamon smiled as he point his beam at the two and release the energy at the two. Shadow and Matt felt nothing; they continued to walk only to have their eyes having blackness outlying their eye apples.

"It's almost over." Tai muttered out as he looked out over the city, Sonic standing next to him as he watched the sun set. "I didn't think we'd make it once, but now, we've almost defeated all the metal copies."

Nodding in agreement, Sonic sighed a bit as he looked down at the street below. "Metal-Sonic's gone too, after all these years, we finally settled the fight for the role of the one and only Sonic."

Glancing down at the hedgehog, Tai frowned a bit at the tone of voice he used. "You miss him, even after he tried to kill you?"

"Metal." Sonic breathed out as he closed his eyes. "He was closer to me then anyone else ever was, I could almost hear him in my mind when we fought." Giving a weird, half smile half frown; Sonic turned away and sighed once more. "He could always give me a good fight, and sometimes, I thought of him as a brother I was always fighting with, he could always give me a challenge."

Tai smiled and look at Sonic "From what you told me I'm sure you'll see him again."

Meanwhile TK took a breath of relief as he dropped the last box of part in his room. "I hope mom doesn't look in here," He said looking at the metal parts covering the floor. "Are you sure about this? I mean it's Metal-Sonic."

"I'm sure," Tails said looking at the pieces, "As long as we don't active anything we should be fine. If I can some how get into his data I could find their main base."

Nodding, TK turned around and stopped, his eyes downcast a bit. "And then you and the others will be going home then?" His voice barely heard as he gave a faint smile. "You know, I haven't even thought of that lately, it is really starting to feel like it does with Patamon, I guess I was beginning to think that you'd always be around. "

Leaving before Tails could reply to him, TK left the two tailed fox behind with a sad feeling to him as he poked Metal's remains. "I'll miss you too TK, you seems like the only who's really interested in what I Build."

"I just hope that some of your smart carry over to me," TK said as he grab to parts. He started to fiddle with the pieces as he continued to talk. "Most of the things you made around here are way beyond what we can make. Beside even if Sonic is not interested in what you build, I'm sure he appreciate them."

"You right," Tails said looking at TK, "You may want to be careful with that."

"Why?" TK ask looking at the two parts he joined together.

"You connected those pieces the right way," Tails said, "Look like you gotten some of my skill after all."

Smirking with pride, TK nodded as he tapped his screwdriver on the small device. "Heh, just call me doctor TK, master of electronics."

"Master of burnt out wiring is more like it." Tails muttered out a puff of black smoke erupted from the device, a puff of smoke that quickly turned into a small cloud that had both him and TK coughing. "Maybe, you should, try a little harder."

"Well I heard Tai ran into a tree or two while learning to run fast," TK said.

Mimi and Amy were looking in the mirror. "I think we need to rethink how to get Tai and Sonic," Mimi said.

"How so?" Amy asked.

"Kari should know about Tai and Tails should know about Sonic," Mimi said.

"I like that ideal," Amy said, "Since Sonic and Tai is at Kari's so It may better if we talk to Tails." Amy grabbed her coat.

Rubbing his eyes as he stepped back, Tails nodded as he had finally rebuilt the very device he had taken apart so many days ago. "There, I'm all finished." Placing the screwdriver on the table, he reached out and picked up the remote. "Let's see if it works."

Next to him, TK nodded in agreement as he watched the rebuilt TV set before him. Only a small bit of concern on his face. "That's great Tails, but did it use to look like that?" Pointing at the rounder TV set; he grimaced as the multitude of antennas on it. "It looks like you can take every channel on the planet with it."

Sora sat on her desk doing her homework. "This is boring," Rouge said as she rest on Sora's bed. "Lets go some where."

"No," Sora said, "Every time you go somewhere we end up getting chased and I need to do my homework or else I'm grounded."

"So I'm grounded because you don't want to be grounded," Rouge said.

"If you want to do something go help my mother," Sora said.

"There are two thing I can't do, one is cook and the other is working with flowers," Rouge said, "so I'm going to take a nap."

At Izzy's, Mighty yawned as he was busy using the living room couch for push ups again, the rather strange exercise getting on the red haired boy's nerves as he was currently sitting in it.

Leaning forward, Izzy grumbled as he attempted to figure out just what was being said on the TV, the subtitles of the foreign movie dancing up and down in perfect sync with each of Mighty's push ups.

Just then Izzy mother walk into the room. "Izzy," She yelled, "What are you doing up there? It's not safe."

"I was watch TV when Mighty started to use the couch for his workout," Izzy said.

"I need to keep in fit," Mighty said.

Meanwhile in the Digi-World, Joe sat under a tree reading a book. He looked over the book at Big sitting by a lake. He hummed as he waited for a nimble.

"Having fun yet brat?"

Snapping his head around at the mocking tone of voice, Joe dropped his book as he found himself staring right into Datamon's robotic face, the red glowing eyes showing just much he was enjoying the encounter. "You know, coming here without your friends was a big mistake, we've been waiting for something like this."

Snapping his fingers, he let out a chuckle as two robots tore out of the lake, one of them grabbing a screaming Big in one hand, knocking him out, the other one glowing as a massive cannon formed on both its hands. "Now, come with me quietly, or I'll be more then happy to hurt you."

"Big Digivolve," Joe yelled.

Big digivolved to Servalmon and ready himself for battle, one of the robots came charging at Big. "Desert Kings Claws," He cut the robot only to have another hit him in the back.

"So, he wasn't knocked out after all." Datamon mumbled out as he lifted up one hand to tap his metallic chin. "No matter, electro Blaster!"

Screaming in pain as several thousand volts ran through his body, the large desert kind type digimon dropped to his knees in. "Hmm, you need even more, very well, Nightmare Wave!"

Chuckling as he sent out a combination of Myotismonls and Ladydevimon's attack, the robotic digimon laughed could as Big's body turned dark gray before evolving backwards into Bigmon again.

Lifting up Joe while the remaining robot grabbed Big, Datamon cast a dark look at the scared off human boy. "Perfect, now that I have you as bait, I just have to lay a trap and wait for my victims to spring it."

Eggman sat before the computer. "Lets see," he said. He started to type. "Dear fools. We have the blue haired boy and his large pet cat, if you want them back. I want Sonic and his human to meet me at the place I've pointed out."

A little later, the digi-destined sat in the Izzy room. "They have Joe," Izzy said, "They want Sonic and Tai to meet them."

"I think it's a trap," Mighty said.

"That why I trace where the message came from," Izzy said.

"Where what were going to do," Sonic said jumping to his feet, "Me and Tai will go to the meeting while the rest of you to the base."

"No, we'll go to the meeting Tai." Matt spat out the words as he glared at the messy haired boy along with Shadow. "And don't try and talk us out of it, we're going either with or without you"

Staring a bit at Matt, Tai finally sighed and nodded. "Okay Matt, but try and stay calm, we don't need a fight at this time." Turning to regard the others, he grinned as he saw the others getting ready to leave for the base. "Okay, let's get going."

"Look like we're working together," Sonic said.

"Whatever," Shadow said, "Lets just get this done.

Meanwhile Izzy lead the group. "It shouldn't be long before we reach Eggman's base," Izzy said.

"I hope Tai will be alright," Kari said, "Him and Matt are fight a lot lately."

"I let Rouge lead us, she has some helpful information," Sora said.

"I do," Rouge, said landing before them, "The Base security is too tight for us to sneak in, we're going to need to fight our way in."

"Or you could just surrender to us." Came a cold voice from behind as a large metallic shadow fell over them, the body it belonged to shaped much like a humanoid would, but with several sharp spikes jutting out it's back. "Trust me, you don't stand a chance against both of us." Mecha-Garurumon spat out as he spread out his arms.

Dropping to the ground on the other side of them, Metal-Wargreymon eyes glowed red as he stood up in his full height, gauntlets updated to have small saw blades instead of sharp claws. "Of course, we'd prefer if you didn't surrender." Slashing the air in an aggressive manner as he spoke, the large metal copy stomped closer. "I do so want to avenge Metal-Lillymon's death."

"Why should you care?" Amy asked.

"Because you hurt Metal-Lillymon," Metal-Wargreymon said, "I'm going to take you down."

"We need to digivovle," Mimi yelled.

"We know a new trick as well," Metal-Wargreymon said. Both him and Mecha-Garurumon broke into pieces. Slowly they came back together then they yelled. "Say hello to Metal-Omnimon."

Lighting slowly rose from the ground around them. "Like it," Metal-Omnimon said, "The field goes over and under the ground."

Meanwhile Matt nodded at Shadow. Shadow smiled as he face Sonic.

"Hey Tai?" Matt called out as he walked closer to the messy haired boy. "There's something we have to talk about."

Turning around, Tai stared as the blond haired boy grinned at him, his eyes narrowed halfway and looking like they were completely black. "What is it Matt? We have to hurry, Joe's in trouble, remember?"

Smirking, Matt lifted up both hands in a friendly gesture. "Oh I remember Tai, it's just." Lashing out as hard as he could, Matt grinned as Tai flew backwards with a yell. "I'm the trap that been waiting for you."

Next to them, Shadow laughed as he watched Sonic fly backwards from a chaos spear attack, the blue hedgehog hitting Tai as they both landed. "And thanks to Datamon, we've gained a new power as well."

Lifting up is digivice, Matt laughed as his and Shadow's eyes flashed jet-black. "Shadow, let's do it! Matrix Digivolve!"

Grinning in response, Shadow held up his hand as it glowed with chaos power. "You got it! Shadow Matrix digivolve too!"

Turing into two dark spheres, Matt and Shadow flowed together, the blond haired boy laughing while his body twisted and warped, spikes shooting out of his arms and back as his body took on a more monster like form. "Shatomon!"

Snapping open his red colored eyes, Shatomon grinned as twin chaos swords blazed to life in each of his hands. "Are you ready, Fakers?"

"We have no choice," Sonic said. Tai nodded. "Sonic Matrix digivolve to Sonchimon."

Both digimons stared at each other. "Why?" Sonchimon asked, "We are you fight me?"

"We're tired of you out staging us," Shatomon said, "We are better but you still win when we can't. I make us sick to see you think you are better then us."

"I never thought that way of you," Sonchimon said.

"You're going down," Shatomon yelled. He rushed at Sonchimon, his spikes ready to strike him.

Sonchimon grab the spikes. "Datamon is using you," he said keeping the spike from him.

"No," Shatomon said, "It was a free trade. He gives us the power to fight and we get to prove to you are fakers."

Jumping back, Shatomon crossed his chaos blades, a dark grin filling his face. "Now, taste this, Chaos Cannon!" A blast of energy shooting out from the blades as he spoke.

Moving to avoid it, Sonchimon cursed as the ground he had been standing on exploding as a chaos energy swept outwards, destroying the very ground itself.

Pulling out his own chaos blade as the dust settled after the blast, Sonchimon stared as calmly at Shatomon as he could. "I don't want to fight you, but if it is the only way to make you two see reason." Holding up his sword, he glared harshly across the clearing. "Then bring it on!"

Laughing darkly back at the statement, the two chaos blades were held out in a battle stance, Shatomon's eyes glowing darkly. "As you wish, Faker!"

Shatomon charge a Sonchimon. "Sword of Courage," Sonchimon said, Sonchimon block one of Shatomon's swords with his blade. Sonchimon jumped back from Shatomon's other blade.

"You're fast faker," Shatomon said.

"If you beat me, then what?" Sonchimon said thrusting his sword at Shatomon.

"Then we will stop Eggman and Datamon," Shatomon said using his sword to block the attack.

"You think they wouldn't plan for that," Sonchimon said.

Meanwhile Sora watch Rouge in her mega form hit the ground. "This is good," she said, "We need a plan."

"No kidding, that damn field stops every one of our attacks." Izzy spat out as he watched Mighty pound lose as the electric field. "Damn it, we need something to short circuit it."

From their places, Kari and Mimi winched as stray bolts of lighting from the field hit both Cream and Amy in their mega forms. "Kari, we should, call Tai and Matt. Maybe they can help."

Meanwhile Shatomon's attack hit Sonchimon. Sonchimon cover his wound as he lay on the ground. "You just don't have the power to beat me," Shatomon said, "You're still recovering from the fight with Metal-Sonic."

Just then, Sonchimon's eyes became white with pink diamonds forming a star in the center. Sonchimon push himself to his feet. "The others needs us," he said. "Rage of Courage!" His fist became a blur as he struck Shatomon. Shatomon's sword slip from his hands under the countless punches, then Shatomon was kicked.

As Shatomon just rested on the ground, Sonchimon took off to get to the others. "Don't think this is over," Shatomon said as he looked down at a pill in his hands, "Datamon gave us something in case something like this happen."

Quickly swallowing the pill, Shatomon grinned as he felt it hit his stomach, then he suddenly frowned as a funny feeling spread through his body, followed by a silent scream as his eyes glowed completely black.

"Ah." Datamon grinned as he watched the scene, one hand curled up in a gesture of success. "He fell for it." Holding out his hand, the robotic digimon grinned as the green chaos emerald shimmered into view. "And now, for the final."

Turning his head around to face the one talking, Shatomon barely had time to scream as he saw the chaos emerald get shot at him.

Raising a hand to block the shot Shatomon gasped as he felt the emerald hit him, raw negative power crackling out and flowed into him, trigging a new form. "Shatomon, mode change too, Chaos Shatomon!" His body glowing with a bizarre mixture of colors around is hand and feet as he finished mode changing. "Sonchimon, it's time, for you to die!"

"Give it up," Metal-Omnimon said mockingly, "You can't get through my field. how can you wven think of defeating me if you can't hit me." Just then, a blade struck the field.

"You don't mind if I try," Sonchimon said as pulled his sword away. "Sword of Courage." His sword glowed orange. The glowing blade slipped through the shield. The energy exploded into Metal-Omnimon forcing him back.

Sonchimon readied his sword to strike once more but a blade landed before him. "You're fighting me," the new Shatomon said.

"Looks like I have no choice," Sonchimon said, "Get ready Matt and Shadow, even with Datamon help you can't win." He leaped at Shatomon.

Blocking the attack with his remaining weapon, Shatomon grinned as he kicked out, his foot connection with Sonchimon's stomach. "I can't believe we haven't done this before." Making a cut with his sword, he laughed as Sonchimon backed away with a wound on his left shoulder. "The ultimate lifeform, and the perfect digi destined, together we are invincible."

Ducking and blocking the following attacks, Sonchimon glared right ahead as he watched Shatomon eyes glow with pitch black darkness. "Right, and when you defeat me, then what?" Kicking the sword away, Sonchimon held out his blade. "Do you think Datamon will let you turn on him and Eggman?"

"No." Shatomon replied as power surged into his hands. "But it won't matter, Chaos Cannon!"

"Matt," TK said, "Matt and Shadow combined like Tai and Sonic but they're fighting."

"Do worry," Cream, said, "I'm sure that they did something to them."

"Remember," Joe said, "This isn't the first time that Matt has acted like this. Remember when he sent Metal-Garurumon at Wargreymon. And the way they been acting lately. Datamon just needed to push them a little to get them to fight."

"So the problem is worse then mind control," Rouge said, "Datamon just help Matt and Shadow act on their hatred.

"It seams they're busy," Metal-Omnimon said, "So I'll take care of the spectators." He flew at the other Digi-destined.

"Look out!" Moving in fast while he yelled, Imperialdramon smashed Metal-Omnimon backwards a bit, his won body smoking from where it had hit the force field. "Heh, you're a tough one aren't you?"

Holding up his hands in a defensive manner as he spoke, Imperialdramon looked down at the other digi destined. "Sorry I'm late, Davis and Ken been trying to get in touch with the other digi destined again, but they sent us to help you win this fight when they saw you losing."

Glaring at the new digimon who had attacked him, Metal-Omnimon grunted as he swung up the Mecha-Garurumon head. "Another one to deal with, guess I have to get more serious." Smirking as light began to glow around the mouth as a medium size cannon popped out, the large metal copy level the cannon at the digi destined and their digimons. "Metal Cannon!"

Roaring in pain as he got hit, Imperialdramon went flying backwards. "At least they took care of the field for us," Cream said as she placed Kari back on the ground.

"There only one," Rouge said, "If we attack from different directions he can't block all of them."

Metal-Omnimon block Rouge's Emeralds attack. When a powerful attack crack through his armor. He turned and used his Metal-Wargreymon head to knock Amy away. He watched as Big came at him.

"You're need to do better than that," Metal-Omnimon yelled flying full speed at Big. Before he could hit Big, a force hit him in the back and then Big slam into his head.

"Stop watching them," Shatomon said as he swung at Sonchimon. "You're fighting me."

Glaring at Shatomon, Sonchimon landed on the ground with a glowing sphere of light in each hand as he had removed his sword. "Why, do you hate us so much you'll leave them to die just to win a fight?" Leveling out both hands, he sighed as he let go of the power. "Chaos Wind!"

The twin spheres of energy turning into a circle as mini twister shot out from its center, the powerful air attack hitting Shatomon as he came rushing in to attack. "Sorry Mat and sorry Shadow, but we're through holding back."

Just then Sonchimon attack hit Shatomon. He screamed as the tornado rip into his skin.

He screamed as he slammed into the ground. Sonchimon then slammed into him. He stomped on Shatomon until he went limp. "How could you win?" Shatomon asked weakly.

"Unlike you I don't fight to prove anything to myself," Sonchimon said, "I fight for others." As Sonchimon turned to the fight against Metal-Omnimon, Shatomon was replace by Matt with Shadow resting on him. Their eyes lock on Sonchimon as we watch the battle. "I can't fight for much longer," Sonchimon said, ''I will still fight Metal-Omnimon. I order to protect those I care about I will push myself to be stronger."

Grunting at those words, Shadow pushed himself up and glared past Sonic and right into the eyes of Metal-Omnimon. "I remember, that jerk Datamon didn't even try to bargain with us, he just inject us with that damn stuff."

Below him, Matt snarled out a response as he stood somewhat slowly as well. "Yeah, what do you say we pay him back?" Holding out his digivice, the blond haired boy grinned as a powerful wave of energy shoot out from Shadow. "Use the last of the chaos energy we got and help Sonchimon!"

Glowing brightly as he shot off into the air, Shadow grinned as he felt the chaos power flow through him again. "Shadowmon warp digivolve too, Super-Shadowmon!"

Sonchimon block Metal-Omnimon's attack. The others watch the two battled. Sonchimon swung his sword at the robot. Metal-Omnimon forced the sword from Metal-Wargreymon head. The two swords hit and the two twisted in the air. "I'm monitoring your power level," Metal-Omnimon said, "You levels are very low. You can't hold me back for long."

Sonchimon jab his sword into Metal-Omnimon waist. "That's it," Metal-Omnimon said. Sonchimon grab his sword but Metal-Omnimon aimed his cannon at his chest. Sonchimon scream as his chest burned. "You're weak," Metal-Omnimon said as he aimed at Sonchimon once more. Behind Metal-Omnimon, Sonchimon watched a digimon flying at the robot.

"Chaos Sword!" Shooting past Sonchimon, Shadow ignored the approaching digimon as he lashed out with his sword, scoring a direct hit as the Mecha-Garurumon head were cut in half, sparks of electricity flying out form the cut. "Now's you chance, he's defenseless!"

Moving to lift up his Metal-Wargreymon head, Metal-Omnimon stopped as he felt something rip through it, even more electricity shooting out as a sick laugh filled the air. "Silly one, it is Vulpmon who shall face these two in the final battle."

Tossing away the entire right arm from Metal-Omnimon, Vulpmon didn't waste much time as he was already moving, his laughter filling the air as he vanished.

"He's a strange digimon," Sonchimon said, "but he gave us an ideal. Do you know that Omnimon's only attacks come from his arms? You can't attack if you can use your arms. Sword of Courage!" Sonchimon stab his sword into Metal-Omnimon's remaining elbow. "The rest is up to you," Sonchimon yelled before shining. Soon Tai was there resting with Demi-Sonicmon on him.

"We need to keep him from getting away," Amy yelled as she readied her attack. "Golden hammer," Amy yelled. Amy threw her hammer at Metal-Omnimon. The glowing gold hammer struck the robot and forced him to the ground.

"He may have damage my arm but I can still move my cannon," Metal-Omnimon said as he began to raise his remaining head.

"After he's scrap I say we should clean up the mess," Tails said, "That way Eggman doesn't get it."

"You got it." Mighty commented as he punched out, using his strength to knock the robotic digimon backwards.

Coming in behind him, Amy used her hammer to knock a large round mark in the upper armored parts of Metal-Omnimon, weakening it. "There, that should do it."

Grinning as he came back into the fight, Imperialdramon leveled his arm cannon right at a cursing Metal-Omnimon struggling to get his remaining arm to move. "Heh, looks like we get to finish this after all, Positron Laser!" Firing off his main attack, the dragon man like digimon let out a yell of victory as the laser tore right through Metal-Omnimon.

Tails smiled as he picked up the pieces from the robot. "TK where are you going?"

"I'm going to get Matt and Shadow," TK said, "If they are still nearby."

"I'll take Tai and Sonic back home," Kari said, "The rest of you go get Joe and Big from Eggman's base."

The fully digivolved partners rush to Eggman base, they came to the large dome with no robots. They push the door open to see Joe and Big tied up. "Look like since Eggman lost Metal-Omnimon he gave up on this place," Rouge said.

Walking further into the room, they stopped as a small light formed in the center of the place, a platform rising up thought the floor with Datamon standing on it. "Hello again Digi Destined. I trust that Metal-Omnimon gave you a workout?"

Grinning as he watched Joe and Big being released, Datamon chuckled as he tossed a small data pad down at them. "Now, I've talked about this with Eggman and we've decided it's time for the final battle, so come to this place tomorrow, and this time, it's only going to four brats, and four furries who are allowed, so pick your fighters carefully."

"So we rest and then send four pairs to meet Datamon," Mighty said, "I am ready."

"Who said you'll be chosen," Rouge said.

"We want the strongest," Mighty said.

"Who says you're strongest," Rouge said.

"Lets rest tonight and come up with the group when we're all refreshed," Joe said. The group nodded and walked away.

"Are we going along with what they said?" Sora asked.

"Don't know," Ken said, "Well see what everyone thinks."

Groaning as he woke up on the bad in his house, Tai blinked his eyes as all he could see for one moment where something pink lying next to him, then he scrambled backwards as he recognized it as the backside of Mimi's t-shirt. "Wha, what are you doing here?"

Landing heavily on the ground, he let out a curse before spotting Sonic landing next to him, the blue colored hedgehog having a expression similar to his, the faint mumbling from Amy reaching him after a few seconds. "I see Amy snuck into your bed?"

"And the pink loving girl into yours." Sonic replied as he pointed one finger in Mimi's direction, the girl in question yawning as she turned around to face them.

"Tai, Sonic you're awake great," Mimi said, "You know how tiring it was to carry you here, we just fell asleep before we could leave."

"Good morning lovebirds," Kari said entering the room, "We have a meeting with the others so get clean."

"I'm going to freshen up a little," Mimi said before she left the room.

"What this meeting about?" Tai asked.

"Eggman and Datamon wants to fight us," Kari said, "We're going to pick the group to face them. We're meeting at Sora's. I'm going to make something for use to eat. The others would love to hear this."

Grumbling darkly as his little sister left the room, Tai turned to stare at Sonic, his hands clenched up tightly. "So, Datamon want a final showdown, well I'm all ready for it, that tin can just bring it on."

"The same goes for Eggman." Sonic added as he held up his own fists. "It's been fun fighting his goons, but I'm ready for the big one now." Glancing over his shoulder, Sonic grunted as he noticed Mimi and Amy staring at them. "What, don't tell me you don't want this over with?"

"We should go now." Tai spoke out softly as he lowered his fists, his eyes full of determination as he looked at the others in the room. "If I know Sora right, she'll tell me and Sonic to wait this one out with Matt so we won't start a mess."

Soon Tai and the rest entered Sora's apartment. Tai look at the large group before him. "So what are we doing here?" he asked.

"We're going to see who's going to face Datamon," Sora said.

"We need a team of four," Mighty said, "Me and Izzy are one. We just need three more."

"Like I said before how do you know that we'll pick you?" Rouge asked.

"Tai and Sonic can merge so I think they should go," Tails said.

"I'll go with Tai," Kari said, "He's my brother."

"I don't know if I can merge with Matt again but we will be very important in the battle," Shadow said.

"I don't know," Mimi, said, "You might go after Tai and Sonic once more."

Giving the pink loving girl a death glare, Shadow grunted as he gazed at the rest of the room. "So what? While we could decide to go after the human faker and the real Faker, both of us wants to trash Datamon for what he did more then we want to out do team fakers"

Coughing a bit at the very blunt comment from Shadow, Matt settled for staring over at Tai while trying to avoid showing to much contempt. "So what do you say, a truce for now or what?"

"Truce," Tai said. "So the four of us what about the other two pairs?"

"I'm ready," Mighty said.

"Izzy, your the brains," Rouge said, "You should stay back. You could monitor the fight and bring us in if needed."

"Good ideal," Tai said, "Ken and Davis will be the last two if that alright?"

"They can't." Kari spoke out as she looked at him. "Datamon said that only the older digi destined could come, it will have to be either me and Cream, Sora and Rouge, Mimi and Amy or Joe and Big."

"Sora and Rouge," Matt said, "And I hate to say it but Mimi and Amy."

"Really," Mimi said.

"Yes," Matt said, "We need to leave some powerful outside as well."

"Great," Mimi said. "I'll watch your back Tai."

"Wonderful." Came the reply as Tai regarded the rest of the room. "So are we ready to go or what?"

Shaking his head at the rather impatient comment, Matt walked over to stare at the computer with a cold glare. "We're ready, and waiting for us to get in there and kick Datamon's butt."

Shrugging, Rouge glanced around the room and as she casually pulled on her glove. "I'm ready, and I guess my partner is too. And remember, the sooner we beat hose two jerks, the sooner I get back to my jewel collection."

"I'm ready to go anyway as long as you are Sonic." Amy added in as she swung her hammer around, a glint of determination to do her best in them.

The group stopped and looked at the large base before them. Countless steel building rose from the ground. "I don't like it," Izzy said, "Datamon could be hiding anywhere and who knows if there traps."

"That's why you're waiting here," Tai said, "Keep an eye on us. If anything happens come in for us. Beside we have Rouge. She must be great with traps."

"The best," Rouge said.

"Come on," Shadow said.

Tai lead the group. Standing in the center of base Datamon stood. "Come my pray," he said as camera showing him the digi-destined and furries walking through the base.

Also watching it, Eggman were busy smirking as his newest battle machine were busy powering up, several weapons already ready for use as he began to move it forward. "Just you wait Sonic, this new combat mech will leave you and your friends with no other choice but to die."

Pressing the final start up button, Eggman laughed as several engines kicked in and the whole machine began to move forward, a loud roar filling the corridors of the base as he began to move into a battle ready stance. "All systems are good, Egg-Robo mark 3, launch!"

"Greetings Datamon said walking out. "It's so great you could come to your doom."

A large gate open behind them, they turn to see a machine with an egg-shaped body. Its feet have tracks on it. It had large arms moving through the air.

"Matt," Tai said, "you and Shadow will fight Eggman's...thing with while we take on Datamon."

"And what should we do." Mimi yelled out as she focused on Tai and Sonic as they faced off against Datamon. "Sora, do you think... AHHH!"

Turning around at the loud yell, Tai and Sonic, Matt and Shadow watched as the floor vanished from beneath Mimi, Sora, Amy and Rouge, the four of them screaming as they fell down below while the trapdoor closed again.

Smirking, or at least doing so mentally, Datamon grinned as he watched Tai and Sonic's enraged expressions as they turned back to face him. "There, a bit of extra motivation, if you lose this fight, they become my new test subjects."

"And speaking of test subjects." Datamon mumbled out as his eyes glowed. "I think you met one of them, Vulpmon, come on out and greet our enemies." As he spoke, the large form of Vulpmon came down from his hiding place near the top of the room. "See him Yagami? He more then just a lackey, each time he fought you and Sonic, he got stronger, storing you biological and digital data inside of himself, he even added in that giant cat's data as well, don't know why though."

Reaching out with both hands, Datamon began to laugh as his body, and Vulpmon's began to glow with a cold, blue light. "And thank to the chaos emerald Eggman gave me, I can now do this!"



"DNA digivolves too... Omni-Datamon"

"So entire time you been studying us," Tai said, "Then why did he help us?"

"To learn," Datamon said, "The stronger you are the stronger he will become. He seemed to be eager to fight you and wanted you at your best. Mask cannon," A mask cover his hands. The mouth of the masks open and energy gather there.

Tai jump from the attack. "Sonic ready?" he asked. Sonic nodded.

Shadow ran at Eggman. Eggman sent a claw at him. Shadow kick the claw away but they claws was released as the new claw grab him. Matt growl as he ran at the claw with his chaos spear ready.

"You two are nothing!" Hammering down a hand on his control panel, Eggman laughed as a powerful arc of energy shot out, knocking Matt backwards. "So, the Ultimate lifeform finally get beaten, by a human no less."

Grinning as he pulled down a lever, he broke into a full laugh as Shadow scream in pain, blue white arcs of electricity cursing over and through the hedgehog's body. "Such a waste of time, no, to deal with Sonic once and for all."

"I'm not down yet." Came the cold reply from Shadow as he glared down at Eggman, both hands gripping the claw as a powerful, red aura formed around him. "I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate lifeform, and I will not lose to the likes of you, Chaos Blast!"

Landing on the ground in a mass of broken metal, Shadow stood up and he watched Mass stand up as well. "You, Matt, let's do it, let's show this loser the true power of the Ultimate lifeforms." As he spoke, the same red aura flowed across Matt's body, the blond haired boy getting drawn closer to the black and red hedgehog. "Shadowmon, matrix digivolves too, Shatomon!"

Crossing his arms as he fully formed, Shatomon glare dup at Eggman as anew claw reformed on his battle machine. "Now Eggman, prepare to face the ultimate battle lifeform!"

"How can you prove that you're the ultimate lifeform if you use that human to help you?" Eggman asked.

"How much cromedigizoid did you use in that robot," Shadow asked.

"Shut-up," Eggman yelled.

"Come on Tai," Sonic said. Tai nodded.

As Sonic and Tai merged Datamon just watched. "Yes," Omni-Datamon said, "I wanted to see the power you two have."

"Sword of courage," Sonchimon yelled. Before Sonchimon could react, Omni-Datamon slammed his fist into Sonchimon elbow. Then he grab Sonchimon's wrist and flip him to the ground.

"I know all you attacks," Omni-Datamon, said, "You can't win."

"Chaos Wind!" Letting lose with the attack as he glared up at Omni-Datamon, Sonchimon grinned as the robotic monster went flying up into the air. "But you still leave yourself open." Jumping up and reforming his sword, he grinned as Omni-Datamon landed in a battle ready stance. "And I don't care how much you boast, you're still going down."

Smirking as he lifted up his left arm, Omni-Datamon simply watched the expression of Sonchimon's face as the large hand morphed into a rather large cannon. "Heh, you battle data isn't the only ones I've picked up, Metal-Cannon!"

Ducking to avoid the powerful blast, Sonchimon glared as he shot up and began to run forward, his sword glowing as he came closer. "Chaos..."

"Terra Force!" Sending out the orange glowing blast with a loud scream, Omni-Datamon watched as Sonchimon went flying backwards again, the sword he had been holding landing blade first in the floor before him. "Like it? And it isn't just like your old partners attack. It is his. "

Watching the hateful look filling Sonchimon's eyes, Omni-Datamon held up both hands as they morphed into Zudomon's right arm, and mega-Kabuterimon left arm, from his back, Garudamon's wings formed as he laughed. "Yes, I've accessed the void I was sent to when I was sucked into the black hole along with Etemon's goons, and there, I found your digimons, all of them, and turned them into digi disks. And now, their powers and attacks are mine, just like you and your blue bozo's attacks are mine."

"I will free Agumon," Sonchimon yelled as he rushed at Omni-Datamon. Before Sonchimon could hit Omni-Datamon, the mad digimon slammed into Sonchimon.

"You can't free him," Omni-digimon said, "You can't even hit me. You'll make a good add-on for me." He smiled a Sonchimon on the ground his eyes closed.

Tai look around at the smoke around him. "Tai."

"Agumon," Tai called, "here are you?"

"Tai," Agumon's ghostly voice said, "Call me."

"What do you mean?" Tai asked.

Sonchimon open his eyes and kick at Omni-Datamon. Omni-Datamon jumped back. "You do have Agumon," Sonchimon said, "I can hear my partner reaching for me." Sonchimon raised his arm.

An orange disk came from Omni-Datamon and flew to Sonchimon. The disk melted into Sonchimon. "Sonchimon mode change to War Sonchimon."

Staring at the new form of Sonchimon, Omni-Datamon allowed a cold laugh to fill the air as he clenched up both his arms. "I see, so you want to go all the way do you? Than I shall follow your lead."

Screaming as he twisted his back, Omni-Datamon's side twisted as two more arms shot out, these one looking like Angemon's and Angewomon's, and on his face, his eyes twisted until they looked like Lillymon's and his had Were-Garurumon's tail moving back and fourth behind him. "Let's see if you can keep up with me now."

As he screamed, all four arms had snapped open their hands, the glow of their different attacks spring fourth as electricity, holy power and sheer force shot out at War-Sonchimon. "I'll destroy you and the rest of your friends!"

"I won't let you," War Sonchimon yelled.

Meanwhile Shatomon knock another claw away. "You need to do better," he said.

"I will," Eggman said as he pressed a button. Shatomon look around to see the claws he knocked off hovering at him.

Ducking each claw as it came closer to him, he chuckled as he regarded the claws hovering a bit off from him. "Really doctor, can't you think of something more dangerous then that, I'm not even getting a..."

Slamming the fused creature with new weapon he had formed while Shatomon had been distracted, Eggman grinned as he watched the fused creature fly backwards after a direct hit in the stomach with a spike covered sphere hand. "You were saying?"

Pressing a few buttons as he spoke, Eggman began to laugh as the body of his new machine began to open up, several metallic tentacles moving our from with in. "My dear boy, I think that you will find this toy, far superior to anything else you might have faced in the past." Hitting the firing button as he finished talking, Eggman laughed as electricity streamed out from each tentacle and right towards Shatomon.

Shatomon scream as the energy ran through his body. The tentacles slammed him into the ground. "Having fun?" Eggman said with a smile, "It's only going to get better."

Shatomon scream loader as more power was forced into him. Then he was slammed into a wall. "The best part is they drain your power and use that power to attack you."

"We won't let you win," Shatomon grunted as he freed his arms. "Chaos swords." He broke through the wall of the building. He dragged himself into the building.

"Come on out," Eggman yelled slamming down on the button, increasing the voltage. He blinked when he did not hear a scream.

"Looking for us," Shatomon said standing in the hole, "You find you're robots tied up." He leapt at the robot body.

Glaring down and watched Shatomon smiling smugly back at him; Eggman began to let out a small chuckle as he leaned back in his chair. "My, my. It does look like you beat me this time." Pressing a simple button under his control panel, Eggman face lit up with a dark grin. "Or did you?"

Turning to face the sudden clanging sound, Shatomon found himself facing a metal plate blocking him from Sonchimon's fight. "What is this Eggman? Trying to." Glaring at the empty robot shell before him, Shatomon looked up as he caught sight of Eggman's Egg-O-Matic. "Where do you think you're going?"

"No where boy." Came the cold reply as Eggman turned back to face Shatomon again. "I just thought it best to put on a more, battle ready unit." Laughing as a more agile and sleeker robot shell attached itself to his hover unit, Eggman began to grin as two large arms came out of the much larger round hover unit. Each hand on the arms covered in deadly spike. "Now, try the final hyper Egg-O-Matic!"

"That won't stop us," Shatomon said.

The hyper Egg-O-Matic started to spin. Spikes came from the spinning arms. Shatomon flew away from the spikes to have them explode.

Meanwhile War Sonchimon blocked an attack. "Come on. You need to do better," Omni-Datamon laughed.

"Like this," Sonchimon said raising his sword up. "Terra Sword." His sword glowed orange as he raised it above his head. He swung the sword downwards as the sword released the energy at Omni-Datamon.

Letting out a cry of anger as he flew backward, Omni-Datamon eyes flashed blood red as he watched the damage his new body had taken. "You, you will pay for that." Letting lose with several powerful energy blasts, the wings on his back began to beat as he took of flying. "Let's see how you do in air to surface combat!"

As he spoke, his Zudomon arm changed its hand into Lillymon's flower cannon. "I got a big fat target lock on you kid." As he spat out the words, Omni-Datamon laughed as the air was filled with more shots as he began to blow up the floor in an attempt to get Sonchimon.

Sonchimon jumped back from the blast. He stayed inches from the blasters. He hit the wall and jumped to the right. 'I can't run forever,' he though as the heat came on to him. He continued to run, only slowing down as he used his swords to cut through the wall, and into the area where Eggman where. "Hey Shatomon," he said running by the digimon. He used his sword to block the spikes.

"Switching partners," Shatomon said. He grabbed the side of the wall and hurled himself up.

"Hold still," Omni-Datamon growled as he aimed at Sonchimon as he dodged Eggman's attack.

Just then a cutting edge force his arms up. Then a foot stop onto his head. "Payback time," Shatomon said.

Simply glaring back at him, Omni-Datamon responded by firing off several attacks, his eyes following Shatomon as he kept ducking each blast. "Why do you interfere, this is between me and that blasted kid, not with you two."

Landing in a kneeling stance, Shatomon snarled at the comment as he pushed himself up. "You dare say that after the stunt you pulled, you tried to control us, us, the Ultimate lifeforms." Holding out his arms, Shatomon eyes flashed as powered flowed into his fist. "Now, taste the ultimate power, Chaos Spear!"

Letting out a roar of pure anger as he went flying, Omni-Datamon used his wings to pull himself up into the air. "Ultimate power huh?" Smirking as held out all of his wings, Omni-Datamon allowed a small laugh to leave him. "This is the ultimate power, Omega Blast!"

Cursing as a big fat glow formed in the hands of Omni-Datamon, Shatomon began backing up as he could feel it start to pull on his body.

"You like this attack? I made it myself," Omni-Datamon said. He watched, as Shatomon was drag closer to him. Shatomon watch as the attack was released at him. Before he could react, the blast smashed him into the ground. "That must have hurt," Omni-Datamon said.

"That felt good," Shatomon said, "A powerful opponent to fight." He ready himself to attack as he said, "These are the only good type of fights."

"You're still weaker," Omni-Datamon yelled as he rush at Shatomon.

Shatomon jump over the charging digimon and kick Omni-Datamon's back. "It's not just about power," Shatomon said turn to face.

Once again, Omni-Datamon was hit in the back. "Hey," War-Sonchimon said, "I just wanted to tell you that he has Gabumon in him. And he's been studying my moves so I can't fight him." He started to run off. "I need to get back to Eggman."

Staring down at the fight from his position, Eggman allowed a cold smirk to fill his face. "You know hedgehog, I've dreamed of this moment before." Letting lose a series of quick plasma blasts, Eggman followed his opponent as he jumped away. "Too bad it would have to be that our last fight would involve you fused with a simple human."

Growling over the insult to his human half, Sonchimon stopped moving as he held up one hand, power streaming into it. "Eggman, you'll pay for that, you hear me, you'll pay!"

Laughing, Eggman simply hit two red buttons at the same time, his laugh growing as Sonchimon barely had time to scream before the robot shells two hands smashed into him from the sides. "Now then, as I finally have my hands on you at last, I think I'll enjoy watching you as I crush you body to the size of a grass straw."

War Sonchimon scream as he got crush more. Eggman laughed but he stopped when he saw a sword stab through the robot hands. Quickly a hole was cut from the hand. "You'll need to do better," War Sonchimon said as he pulled himself from the hand. He ran along the arms.

Eggman press a button. War Sonchimon scream as the arm was covered in energy. War Sonchimon hit the ground. He had little time to recover before the robot forced his foot down on him.

Meanwhile in the dim light, Mimi watched Rouge try to force the lock. "What taking so long?" the pink hair teen asked.

"Look, I'm trying to unlock a lock I never dealt with before and I can barely see it, okay!" Rouge said.

"It too strong for me to brake us out," Amy said, "And to seams to block us from digivolving."

"I think I may have got it," Rouge said.

"You really shouldn't open the cage." Came a soft voice as a small light formed, the emotionless face of a robot staring right back at them as it hung up side down from the ceiling. "After all, my orders are to kill you if you leave your confinement."

As if to prove its point, the robot held out a rather large hand, each finger giving way to a small gun barrel as the fist reformed into a Vulcan cannon. "Please return to you places, and await the outcome of the battle."

"I'm not a big fan of waiting," Rouge said. She jump up and spin her body. She hit the robot. Then Amy ran up and knocked the robot down.

"We don't have long before the robot start moving again," Amy said.

"Lets run," Sora said. The four took off down the hall.

Sonchimon breathing heavily ducked into the shadow of a wall. 'How can I destroy that machine/' he asked himself. "Some help would be useful."

"Well, look no further!" Came the response as a hammer came flying through the air, hitting Eggman's robot shell with a loud clang.

Turning his head around to face them, Eggman snorted as he punched down on a button, several flashing lamps going off all over the room. "Sorry, but your help is canceled, say hello to my elite Eggpawn squad! They'll help you die nice and easily, and without leaving a mess on my floor."

"Full of trick aren't you," War Sonchimon said.

Coming to the four, the robots surround them. The largest slowly moved its thick armor body to them. Large shields covered his forearms; near it was a robot with a cannon on the shoulder. Hanging from the side of its legs were missile packs. Hovering around them a robot aimed his gun turret at them. The smallest robot had four arms, each with spinning saw blades instead of hands. "Amy it's time to digivolve," Mimi said.

Smirking at Sonchimon as Amy and Rouge digivolved, he grinned as he moved his robot shell to face him better. "There, now it's just the two of us again." Firing off several missiles as he attacked, the large human grinned. "Nothing will stop me from getting revenge."

Growling, as he had to move backwards, Sonchimon stopped as he reached the center of the room, Eggman hovering just above him. "I don't care what you do Eggman, this will end." Removing his sword, the large fused creature began to call up power. "I didn't remember it until now, but since Agumon added his power we gained a new fusion attack to try out."

Ripping out chaos power from the surrounding air, Sonchimon hovered up into the air as he took direct aim at Eggman. "Chaos Blast!"

"You don't have the emeralds," Eggman said, "How can you make this much Chaos Energy."

"A skill I gain by becoming War Sonchimon," War-Sonchimon said as the chaos emeralds appear around them.

"Nothing you try will help," Eggman said.

"That toy is set to run on Chaos energy," War-Sonchimon said. Eggman eyes widen as the tentacles started to glow. They started to erupt. Eggman ejected from the explosion.

Landing harshly on the ground, Eggman glared at War-Sonchimon as he pushed himself up. "How could you win, that machine was perfect, you shouldn't have been able to win. Xi, Pi!" Turning to stare at his elite Eggpawn squad, he smirked as two of them turned to face him. "Destroy him!"

Drawing out his chaos sword, Sonchimon turned to face the large shield wielding Robot and the fast looking one as they began to advance on him. "You just don't know when to give up, do you Eggman?"

"What wrong with a little determination?" Eggman asked as he flew off.

War-Sonchimon ready himself to chase him, but the robot appear inches before him. War-Sonchimon was force to use his sword to block the attack, War-Sonchimon strike at the robot only to have the attack blocked by a large metal arm.

"This is going to be harder than I though?" War-Sonchimon said.

Meanwhile Shatomon watch Omni-Datamon hit the ground. "How could you cause Sonchimon so much trouble?"

"I've study their moves," Omni-Datamon said, "just as I copy yours."

"What?" Spitting out the words, Shatomon focused completely on Omni-Datamon, the metallic body glowing as he rose back up. "What do you think you're doing?"

Laughing as he focused on his opponent, Omni-Datamon simply lifted up one hand. "Now that I have both yours and Sonchimon's data, I can finally obtain my true form." Crossing both arms as Chaos Energy flowed in around him, he grinned as he focused on Shatomon. "Omni-Datamon mode change too, Chaos-Datamon."

Growing to the same size as Sonchimon and Shatomon, his body shifted to a more streamlined humanoid metallic form, several spikes sticking out of his head and back, his hands ending in claws made of chaos energy, while his feet were simply made of metal.

Revealing his new body with a cold laugh, Chaos-Datamon chuckled as he held up one arm. "Metal-Sonic was a foolish machine, but he had a real good idea, using others data to build a stronger body with." Drawing in chaos energy, he grinned as he focused on Shatomon. "Now then, let's see how long you can last, Chaos Blade!" Holding out with a broadsword like energy as he finished talking, he grinned as began to advance on Shatomon.

Shatomon rushed up and jumped. He swung his blade down only to have Chaos-Datamon block the attack with his sword. Using the sword in his other hand he swung at Chaos-Datamon side but the blade was stop by a Chaos-Datamon grabbing it.

Meanwhile Rouge rushed past the wall. 'I need to find a way to get behind it," she thought as the flying robot kept blasting at her.

"Battle formation Alpha Theta!" Came the cry from the lead robot as it watched two get called off to fight Sonchimon, the remaining two robots moving closer together in order to fight off both Rouge and Amy at the same time.

Gritting her teeth as she jumped back, Rouge glared as both robots began to shoot at her more precisely. "Damn it, Amy, can't you distract them?"

"I've been trying," Amy said. She ran the robot armed with a cannon. She kicked at the robot but the robot just back. Then Amy flung the hammer down smashing into the ground. Amy continued to pound the robot.

"Adding allied," the flying Eggpawn said turn to Eggman.

Glaring at it, Eggman reached down for his remaining means of fighting. "I can't believe I've been reduced to this." Hitting a button on the remote control he took out, Eggman grinned as the only remaining attack robot left emerged from a hole in the ground. "Okay, let's see how you fools will deal with, Metal-Eggman"

Striking a pose along with the twice as big, robotic copy of him, Eggman laughed somewhat hollow as he gazed at the fighting around him. "Anyway, go get them Metal-Eggman, and I'll make my get away."

Turning its head to face its creator, Metal-Eggman watched as the real Eggman ran off, a doorway opening to allow him to escape. "Order understood, destroying all target's present."

Sonchimon walk up to the new robot, his sword resting on his shoulder. "I hope your worth out time."

"Egg Bomb," Metal-Eggman said. Its chest open as egg shape came. Sonchimon jumped from the object, just then it exploded.

Shatomon rush as Chaos-Datamon but a small robot appear be for him, it quickly sucked in a larger metal form to use. Shatomon look up to see a robot head looking down at him.

"What the." Turning his head to face Chaos-Datamon running away, Shatomon fumed as his chaos sword flared up. "What do you think you're doing? Running away like a coward!" Lashing out in the direction of Chaos-Datamon with his sword, Shatomon blinked as a bright light erupted from it.

Screaming, Chaos-Datamon looked back as the glowing outline of Gabumon flowed out of him, the digimon vanishing in a beam of light that hit Shatomon.

Feeling anew rush of power as the light entered him, Matt, inside Shatomon blinked as he felt the presence of his old partner again, knowing that he was adding his strength to this fight as well. "Shatomon, Mode change too, Metal-Shatomon!"

Metal-Shatomon quills were now dark blue metal. He held a cannon in his right hand. His chest was now dark blue chest plate. From his back came two gold thrusters. They heated up pushing Metal-Shatomon up into the air.

The large Eggpawn try to block Metal-Shatomon. Metal-Shatomon kicked the robot head. Quickly he placed his cannon under its chin. "Chaos blaster," Metal-Shatomon screamed as his cannon discharge into the Egg pawn's neck.

Stumbling back as smoke erupted from it, the Eggpawn let out a small, robotic scream before blowing up, metal parts flying around the room.

Lowering his arm, Metal-Shatomon let out a chuckle as he turned to face the other end of the room. "Hey Sonchimon, I got rid of Datamon's robot friends, how are things going over on your side?"

"Great," War-Sonchimon said, "This Metal-Eggman is built just like Metal-Sonic but it doesn't have any data. He swiped his sword. The metal copy of Eggman fell to the ground.

Meanwhile Amy hid from the cannon blasters. The cannon armed eggpawn did not notice the flying robot rushing towards him. The two robots collided. "That was easy," Amy said looking at the tangled remains.

Just then, a large earthquake hit the room, the floor buckling and breaking apart as several spikes ripped through it. "Mwahahaha!" Came the cold laughter from Eggman as more of the floor ripped apart to allow the huge machine beneath it to emerge. "I still win, for with this, and all the chaos emeralds, I can control everything."

"No, you won't." Came the reply as Chaos-Datamon stepped up behind Eggman, his hands uncurling as power ran down over them. "With this, I shall destroy everything, you along with them as well, and then, I will rebuild the digital world in my image.."

Lifting up his hand, Chaos-Datamon began to let out a cold laugh as the seven chaos emeralds appeared around him. "Behold digi destined, the birth, of a new god!" Letting all the negative chaos energy from the emeralds flow through him and into the machine, Chaos-Datamon laughed as both the machine and his body began to glow. "Now, I truly am the most powerful."

Watching each chaos emerald fall down, void of their color and negative energy, Chaos-Datamon laughed as his lower body had fused with the top of the machine, several bone like fragments sticking out from his body, forming a set of featherless wings. "Farewell digi destined." Spitting out the words as he began to hover upwards, he grinned darkly. "Eight minutes, then I will have fully charged up the needed power to destroy everything."

"I guess that we have a time limit in this fight," War-Sonchimon said before chasing Chaos-Datamon.

"I hopes he's a challenge," Metal-Shatomon said. He took off after the new Chaos-Datamon.

"We don't have a choice," Amy said as she flew up.

"Well I think the nice fight is over," Kari said, "Should we join in?"

"You better do so." Mimi yelled out as she glared upwards. "That jerk's got Palmon inside of him, and I don't want him to have her."

Nodding, Sora held out her digivice, glaring at Rouge. "We don't want him to have any of them."

Moving to respond, Rouge blinked as Eggman tore out through some ruble, his body looking a bit dented as he glared upwards. "If that little tin can thinks he can double cross me, he's got another thing coming."

Turning to glare backwards, he snapped out a hand holding a small remote. "Launch, Egg-Yacht." A small, yacht like ship broke out of the rubble next to him, a series of Eggpawns holding a row of weapons waiting for him. "All right everyone, it's take off time, and remember, I don't want that robot to survive, got it?"

"Looks like the partners are going after each other," Izzy said.

"Enough talk more fight," Mighty said.

Chaos-Datamon watched as the two groups came towards him. "You going to need to do better." A black shield formed around him. Ghostly forms came from the black shield.

A bit away, Kari pointed at on of the ghost form "That's Angewomon," Kari said pointing at one of the ghost form standing guard for Chaos-Datamon.

"He use their data to make the forms," Izzy said.

Head turning around, Chaos-Datamon let out a cold laugh as he focused on Sonchimon and Shatomon following him. "You fools think you can win over me? There's only seven minutes left."

As he spat out the last word, a bolt of lighting ran across his body as a long spire moved out from the machine part of it. "Yes, yes, the first control antenna is in place."

Hissing in anger, Sonchimon ducked backwards, chaos sword blazing as he blocked an attack from the shadow of MegaKabuterimon, the shadow of Lillymon hovering nearby, her cannon ready to fire at the first chance she could get.

Just then Cream's mega form smash into the shadow of Lillymon. "Go take care of him," she said.

War-Sonchimon flew toward the shadow of Angewomon. He spun his sword cutting their the wing on her glove. Then he pushed off the shadow of the angel digimon.

"I may not be at full power but I can still defeat you," Datamon said as an energy wave rush towards War-Sonchimon.

Moving to avoid it, War-Sonchimon let out a grunt as he was tackled by the shadow of Angemon, the angel digimon punching him right in the face before getting hit by Datamon's attack, the shadowy body ripping apart before the attack hammered into War-Sonchimon.

Further down, Metal-Shatomon growled as he watched it, kicking back shadow Zudomon as the large digimon came closer to him. "That idiot, Datamon's overpowered with chaos energy, he going to need the same if he wants to win this."

Reaching down one hand, his eyes glowed as each of the chaos emeralds flew up to him, the seven gems floating around him before getting shot off towards War-Sonchimon as he lashed out with his arm again. "Hey Faker, catch!"

War-Sonchimon turn to see the emeralds flew at him. The glow was reborn in each as it started to hover around him. War-Sonchimon raised his sword up. The emeralds speeds increase as they spun behind him. He flew at Datamon. "War Chaos Blade," War-Sonchimon yelled.

His blade cut into Datamon. Then the seven emeralds with am energy wave. Datamon scream as the attack dug into him. Then the seven emeralds started to spin in a circle behind Datamon. War-Sonchimon appeared in the center of the emeralds.

"You think you've won?" Datamon spat out as he lifted his head up to stare right into the face of War-Sonchimon. As he spoke, power ran across each of the spires as they shot out. "I can't destroy the digital world, but I got enough to wipe out you, your friends and that idiot Eggman!"

Laughing as the power began to build up, Datamon kept glaring right up at War-Sonchimon, no answer coming to his little threat. "Oh, you think you can win this?" Spitting out the question, Datamon's body cracked as cables shot out, each cable wrapping around one of War-Sonchimon arms or legs. "There, now you can't escape!"

"Don't think it would be that easy to capture me," War-Sonchimon said. The chaos emeralds flew at the cables.

"No, obey me," he yelled as the emeralds rip through a part of the cable. "You may have control of my emeralds but I still have the master of them, you fools forgot to secure it, and now, with the guardian imprisoned and the emerald inside of me, I can beat you."

"The master emerald is the main power for you," War-Sonchimon said, "I take it and you lose." He flew at Datamon once more.

Sending out more cables, Datamon began to pull backwards, eyes glowing with raw hatred as he watched each cable get cut by War-Sonchimon. "You think you can win, well, think again!" Spreading out each arm, Datamon laughed as his store dup power began to go off. "I'll take you all with me,"

"No you won't" Came the cold reply form Eggman as his Egg-Yacht crashed right into the back of Datamon, several Eggpawns getting knocked off. "This is for betraying me!" Hamming down one hand on the red button on his Egg-Yacht, Eggman laughed as a small, yet powerful laser ripped out from the front of his ship. "Take that!"

Calmly, Datamon watch the beam coming at him. It stopped short to a darkness shield. "You'll need to do better," Datamon said.

Eggman watched on the screen. "Have you forgotten who built that body of yours?" The laser changed color.

Datamon watch the laser phrase through his shield. The beam smash Datamon.

War-Sonchimon flew at Datamon and jammed his sword into him. "When will you learn you need to do better," Datamon said as cable wrapped around War-Sonchimon, "That doesn't even hurt."

"I not trying to hurt you," War-Sonchimon said, "I'm trying to use my emeralds to take control of your toy." As he War-Sonchimon scream the black phantoms fighting the others slowly gain color. The soon change to their lower levels and drop toward the ground.

Struggling to get free, Datamon glared as he turned his head backwards, the red glowing pupils staring right into War-Sonchimon's face. "I'll kill you for that, you hear me?"

On his Egg-Yacht, Eggman glared upwards he pressed the firing button again, a sick grin on his face as he turned the laser up to max. "Datamon, don't you even think I'm done with you." Firing it, he laughed as it ripped right through the digital world controller machine part of Datamon.

Screaming as he fell backwards, Datamon stared as the negative chaos power ran wild, the spires holding it back breaking off along with several other parts. "My power, it, I can't control it." Letting out a scream, he struggled to stay still as the wind kicked up around him. "Wha, What's going on?"

A bright light came from around the two. Tails wait a gold loop form around the two. He watched as a window to another world open. "That's my workshop," he said, "They our world. The emeralds must have opened a way to our world."

"Tails, what happening to you?" TK asked as the fox was lifted up.

"It look like we're being pulled back to our world," Tails said, "It's been fun. When I get back I hope we can still digivolve. I'll find a way to allow us too again."

"I'm sure you will," TK said placing his hat on Tails head.

Staring through the gate, Amy smiled as she could see her apartment in Station Square, the few people walking past it having stopped to stare at the gate. "It, it's my home." Turning her head lightly to the side, she stared up at Mimi as she glowed and returned to her state as a simple hedgehog girl. "Looks like it's over, we're going home."

Frowning as she watched Amy talk, Mimi suddenly sat down on her knees and hugged her pink colored friend. "I'll miss you, you know. Just as much as I missed Palmon." Pulling out her cell phone, she smiled at Amy. "Here, it's got a couple of pictures of us on it, you, you can use them to remember me by."

Holding the cell phone gently, Amy smiled back at Mimi before pulling out a piko piko hammer, placing it in Mimi's hand. "Thanks Mimi, I'm sorry, but this is all I have to give you." Smiling as she stepped back through the gate, Amy waved at her friend. "I'll remember you always Mimi, trust me."

"That's my home," Cream said, "I'm going to see my mom."

"It's been fun," Kari said, "I never got the chance to see if I could fly." Kari wrapped Cream in a hug and started to cry.

"Don't be sad," the bunny said, "You are like my big sister. I'll miss you but I still would not want to forget you to get rid of the sorrow."

"See you," Kari said as cream floated to the portal.

Smirking as the gate opened, Rouge tilted her head to gaze back at Sora as she returned to her normal form. "Well, it's been a ride Sora, but it looks like it back to my own world now." Letting out a friendlier smirk, she reached into her outfit and pulled out a ruby. "Here, a little something to remember me by."

Reaching out a hand, Sora gasped as the ruby landed in it while Rouge moved towards the gate. "I'll miss you Rouge, I'm sorry I don't have anything to give you."

Responding by pulling out Sora's wallet, Rouge grinned as she pulled out a small photo of Sora from it. "Don't worry, this will do." Ending her sentence by tossing the wallet back, she gave a simple wink as her gate swallowed her up. "Take care girl."

"Mighty let go," Izzy said.

"No way," Mighty yelled, "Digivolving make me some powerful."

"It nice have having someone strong but you need to go to your world," Izzy said.

"We'll be known as the strongest," Mighty said as Izzy slip from his grip.

Smiling as he looked ahead at the gate before him, Big grinned as he spotted a small, frog staring right back at him. "Froggy." Running forward, he stopped and looked back at Joe behind him, the teenager smiling at him. "Thank you." holding out his hand and fishing pole, he grinned at him as he tossed it. "Here, it's for you."

Grabbing it, Joe stared down at it with a puzzled expression, looking up to see that Big was already gone. "Yeah, thanks Big, I'll miss you."

Shadow pulled from Metal-Shatomon. "I'm going back. It's...been good." Matt just nodded.

War-Sonchimon woke up. He looked to be in a black area with golden swirl around him. He watched as a golden being flew past him. "Tails," he said. More gold pass him. "Everyone." He pushed himself up right. He found himself in a tunnel with pictures of the Digi-world on one end and Sonic's world on the other. "Where am I?"

"The void between the two worlds," Chaos-Datamon said, "The Emeralds are holding it opening, meaning that they can't help you this time."

Spinning around, War-Sonchimon glared at Chaos-Datamon, his eyes glowing as he pulled out his sword again. "That might be so, but I notice you lost the machine parts, meaning you can't destroy anything."

Grinning as he held out his own hands, Chaos-Datamon went into a smirk as power rushed out along each finger. "I can destroy you, at least." Forming the power into two spheres of chaos energy, he moved backwards a bit. "Last battle fool, Chaos Blaster!"

War-Sonchimon flew above one sphere and blocked the other with his sword. He rushed at Chaos-Datamon. He used his sword to strike at Chaos-Datamon three times. Chaos-Datamon smiled as he block the three attacks and then kick War-Sonchimon away. "Have you forgotten?" Datamon asked, "I study your every move."

"I'll just need to make new ones," War-Sonchimon said.

Sending even more spheres of chaos power flying, Chaos-Datamon chuckled as he got closer and closer to hitting War-Sonchimon. "As if I would give you that chance, Chaos Control!"

Feeling the world slow down around him, War-Sonchimon could only stare in shock as Chaos-Datamon moved far to fast to even be blocked or evaded, a powerful double strike hitting him right in the chest. "You."

Smirking as he felt the power of his attack wear off, Chaos-Datamon hovered a bit off. "Like it, you're not the only one who's power I have copied." Pulling in as much chaos power as he could, Chaos-Datamon glared down at Tai. "Now, if you don't mind, die! Chaos Crusher!"

The blast hit War-Sonchimon. He recovered just before he enter Sonic's world. He recovered to see Chaos-Datamon laugh. Golden energy came from the tunnel into Chaos-Datamon. The walls came closer into him. "He draining the energy from the tunnel," War-Sonchimon said.

Smirking as he watched the horror filled expression from War-Sonchimon, Chaos-Datamon chuckled as he spread out his arms. "Wonderful isn't it? The home world of your little furry friend?" Letting out a bark of laughter, he began to focus the power he was drawing. "Almost as nice as the digital world, I think I'll conquer it after destroying you, and after that, I'll go back for revenge on your friends and the conquest of the digital world and earth."

Laughing darkly as he prepared to fire off his attack, Chaos-Datamon suddenly let out aloud yell as something heavy smashed into him. "Who dares!"

"Conquer this world you say?" Revealing himself, Eggman chuckled as he looked down at Datamon, his Egg-yacht having emerged from the dimensional tunnel. "Fool, it is I, the great Doctor Eggman who shall conquer this world, the digital world and any other world I choose." Snapping out a finger, he pointed right down at the Chaos-Datamon. "Eggpawns, fire all weapons!"

The weapon fire slammed into War-Sonchimon. Chaos-Datamon smiled at War-Sonchimon acted as a shield for him. 'I can dodge their attacks while inside the tunnel," War-Sonchimon thought, 'I need to get out of the line of fire.

Eggman smiled as the way between the worlds shrunk. "Soon they rip between the worlds will be close and the blue menace will be gone."

Turning his attention to Chaos-Datamon, Eggman chuckled as he pulled out a simple plasma rifle. "All that's is left now, is to destroy you, Datamon." Pulling the trigger, Eggman laughed as powerful blast went off, smoke filling the air. "Yes, at long last, all my problems are gone!"

"Chaos Blaster!" Flying out the smoke, Chaos-Datamon let lose several powerful blast a she got closer to Eggman, each one sending the Egg-Yacht flying backwards as more damage was done to it.

"No Eggman, it is you who will be destroyed, now, be gone!" Sending out a final blast, he watched as the Egg-Yacht began to fall down, fire and smoke pouring out form it. "Ah yes, now where were we?"

Glaring down at Chaos-Datamon from the tunnel, War-Sonchimon began to draw in power from the tunnel, forming it into a sphere between his hands, adding in power from his own hands. "We were about to end this, Chaos Force!" Hurling the attack downwards, he watched the shocked expression on Chaos-Datamon's face as the blast flew out from the tunnel.

Chaos-Datamon flew up from the attack. Chaos-Datamon smile as he gained distance the attack. Just then War-Sonchimon appear above him. He slammed his feet into Chaos-Datamon. Then he jammed his sword into Chaos-Datamon. Chaos-Datamon was slammed between the sword and the blast. The blast forced the blade through Chaos-Datamon.

Screaming as sparks flew out of his body, Chaos-Datamon focused his eyes down at War-Sonchimon as a thin line of oil slipped out from the wound. "Damn you, both of you." Pulling in what power he had left, he snarled as he reached out and grabbed the sword. "Damn, you, Chaos Control!"

Letting out a scream of his own, War-Sonchimon exploded with light as Chaos-Datamon's power flew through the sword into and into his arms. "Let go of us!" Yelling out the words while dropping his sword, War-Sonchimon gasped as his body lit up again, seven glowing gemstones shooting out from it and into the sky. "The, chaos emeralds?"

Glowing again, War-Sonchimon felt his body shake again, only to reform as a blue colored body fell out of his chest and into his arms. "Sonic?" Looking up, he glared as Chaos-Datamon's body shattered completely, the Master Emerald erupting with a bright light as it fell out from it. "What's, going on here?"

"Sonic left your body," Tails said, "What I want to know is why are you not Tai?"

"I guess Agumon and Tai are still merge. I'm War-Taimon." The digimon that was War-Sonchimon said.

"I don't want to cut you byes short," Tails said, "But the portal is closing."

"Right," War-Taimon said, "Don't worry. Let me show you on of my powers. Worlds gateway." A hole appeared showing the other digi-destined. "I'll see you."

Emerging on the other side, War-Taimon felt a wave of fatigue wash over him as he

began to glow brightly, seconds later as the dimensional gate closed, Tai found himself sitting on the grass with Agumon next to him.

Glancing through the gate before it closed, Tai smiled as he could see Sonic grinning back at him while holding up his thumps in a goodbye greeting. "Yeah, I'll miss you too Sonic."