By Henrika

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She knew he would never bring her flowers.

It wasn't that she didn't like them or that he never thought of giving her them, but he never would.

It was a simple reason, one never spoken, but always understood by them both.

His father had given his mother transmuted flowers and it had been the last thing she asked for before she died. He had transmuted the flowers for her funeral, always transmuted the flowers he laid on his mother's grave.

He would give her other gifts, earrings and wrenches and chocolates, but never flowers. She told herself she didn't mind, but every time she passed through a field fragrant with country flowers or walked by the florist, she felt disappointed.

He would never give her flowers.

He always saw other men giving their girlfriends and wives flowers. The women seemed to enjoy them and he would think about giving her flowers. And then he would think of his mother and that thought would vanish.

This time, he was going to her for repairs and he had learned long ago that gifts were the easiest way to placate her rage. But he was stuck on what to give her. She had enough tools, she pierced her ears every time he gave her new earrings, and any other options just seemed pale in comparison to the work to be done. (He had shattered part of the metal plating.)

The boy disembarked from the train, his brother carrying his suitcase, which banged hollowly against his metal shell. He walked forward, fretting about the beating he would receive when a splash of color caught his eye.

He looked up; the florist's shop. He hesitated.

I'm not my father. He decided, ducking in.

They met at the gate. He showed her the damaged arm and winced as a wrench met his head. Then he thrust the bouquet of flowers into her hands. She just looked at them, surprised, then at him.

"They're real."

Real, not transmuted. She translated. She examined his eyes, filling in the rest of the words. Real because his mother was given transmuted flowers and he never wants me to pine away like she did. She sniffed the flowers, the scent sweet and fresh.

She threw her arms around his neck, smiling when he slipped his hands around her back.

He had given her flowers.

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