By: Thought

Disclaimer: An atom is made up of electrons, neutrons and protons.

On Dylan

Another Friday morning and things got screwed up again.

She's sitting, watching and wondering when someone's going to figure it out.

So far, no one has and it doesn't surprise her.

Remember to breathe.

They're all falling over each other trying to please him.

She couldn't care less if he's happy or not.

She stands by the window and waits for everything to slow down.

Remember to breathe.

He doesn't acknowledge the things that they do for him.

He tries to drag her out of her shell without success.

She just smiles and walks away as fast as she can.

Remember to breathe.

On Tyr

Walking alone she doesn't think about where she's going.

She runs into him at some point and cries out.

He lets her fall; sneers as he walks by.

Remember to breathe.

For a while she chases him but he's too fast.

She just does not need this right now.

But the voices won't shut up.

Remember to breathe.

She tries to outrun their taunting catcalls.

Tries to remind herself that they're just in her head.

Tries not to screw things up again.

Remember to breathe.

He's angry with her and pushes her into a mirror.

The glass shatters as he stalks away.

She clenches her hand around a shattered fragment.

Remember to breathe.

They say she lost a lot of blood.

She doesn't believe them, because she had no blood to begin with.

And then he walks into the room.

Remember to breathe.

He doesn't hurt her, this time.

He doesn't mention the mirror at all.

He tells her that her brother is dead.

Remember to breathe.

She curls up and tells him to piss off.

For once he obeys her wishes.

But she can't breathe.

"I can't breathe."