When Harry met Emily

AN: This isn't my story, me and my cousin, Emily,decided that we should do this at 2:25 in the morning.

Disclaimer: Neither one of us is Sane OR JK Rowling

Harry woke up one morning with his scar hurting. (He had been at a gay club all last night, if you catch my drift) Just then Hermione bust into the room withthe help of A giant battery ram.


"Battery ram, as you can clearly see."

"Oh, er...yah right...umm" muttered Harry, not only had he been awoken by a battery ram, but naturally slow.

Dudley ran into the room

"We had FUN last night at the 'club'"

"Er..yah" Said Harry trying to remember what he was talking about

Seeing Hermione, Dudley Screamed, "THERE'S A BITCH-I MEAN A WITCH IN THE HOUSE!" Then he jumped out a window, comitting suicide.

A random dog bit Harry's ass. "Ahh, my ass!"

"Let's go learn!" yelled Hermione as if it was better than chocolate!

" How ' bout we fix myass!"

Emily magically appeared and healed Harry's wounded ass.

"My butt's fixed!"

Emily then changed the background to Hogwarts.

"YAY LEARNING!" screamed Hermione.

Ron was stuffing his adorable little red-head face with chocolate. Seeing Hermione he dropped the chocolate and jumped her.

"Oh my GOD! That feels good, ohhh yahh,"

Then BoBo, the adorable puppy with freakishly large eyes that Emily owned, jumped out of no where with a saxaphone and played.

Draco, appearingout of nowhere also, with an elephant gun.and shot BoBo.

Then Emily grabbed the gun and shot him.

O my god, I'm so rich & dead!" yelled Draco as he gave his money to Harry Hermione & RON!(Yes I know I have an obsession.)

They then screwed all the money on drugs got high, Hermione banged with both of her "boyfriends," she banged harder and longer with RON! Then Jo and Emi set her on fire.


Jo looked at Emi, they nodded, then the whole damn school burst in to flames. Harry and Ron were too busy banging with a flaming Hermione to notice.

The Damn Happy End!

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