Escapism III

By: Thought

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He said "first let's just unzip your religion down"


It had been six months since I had last seen Andromeda. Not the ship, which I hadn't been aboard for at least a year and a half. No, to me Andromeda is only the beautiful avatar who came to visit me sporadically over about four months. She had brought news of the crew, always excited to inform me of Trance's latest miracle, or Haprer's newest project or Rev's newest pearl of wisdom. While one part of me treasured these occasional glimpses into my family, another, larger part could only sing repetitive 'I told you so's as I understood how well they were all getting along without me. Rommie's visits ended abruptly, and the only time I saw her was on the holonet, hanging off the arm of Tarazed Fleet Admiral Rhade. She had changed her hair to a soft brown, and taken to wearing clothing that I just knew the damned Uber picked out for her. She looked caged. She looked unnatural. She looked…happy. And I cursed her for it, because while I had all the freedom I could ever ask for, I sure as hell wasn't happy. The Flash helped a little, but I barely ever had enough money to pay for it, so had to ration myself quite harshly. In short, I was miserable.

I met John Crichton utterly by accident. Literally. We crashed in the middle of a busy spacelane, and got into a big fight over who was going to pay the other insurance fees. Finally, we ended up confessing that neither of us had insurance, anyway, me not being able to afford it, and he, to quote his words, being 'a little new to the timeframe'. I didn't know what that meant. Didn't think I wanted to know. I hate time travel.

I liked John. I liked him because he made the same sort of oblique cultural references that Harper did. Because he carried almost as many guns as Tyr did. Because he still stopped to help an old lady with her bags like Dylan did. I stopped analyzing at that point, realizing just how much of my life revolved around three men that I hadn't seen for years. So I decided that I liked John because he was like me. He was stubborn, cocky, insane and had left all his friends behind. And when I say insane, I mean that in both the best and worste ways. Neither of us gave a damn what other people thought, and were prone to taking risks just to see if we'd die or not. But John spoke to people. People that I couldn't see. He had long, drawn out conversations with them, discussing everything from quantum physics to pizza. There were three that were the most prevalent. There was 'Harvey', who always seemed to be there, even when John wasn't actively speaking to him. I could tell, whenever his eyes would flick quickly to the side, or he would make a face of some sort, or release a burst of emotion and then pass it off as nothing that Harvey was talking again. The second was 'Zhaan', or 'Bluey'. I liked this one out of all of them the most. Whoever she was, she had a calming effect on the pilot, making him utterly peaceful and happy for the rest of the day. But he never spoke to her when I was with him. I had witnessed his interactions with Harvey, and heard him whispering to 'Aeryn' at night when he thought I was asleep, but whenever he saw Zhaan it seemed to be a deeply spiritual experience for him.

He was like me. I didn't comment when I came back to the Maru one day to find an entire battalion of soldiers dead outside, and John inside humming to himself, and muttering about a chair. He may have been a little crazy, but, seriously. He named his guns! That's just my kind of crazy psychotic.

And you know what? I never heard from any of my Andromeda family again. I saw Rommie and Rhade smiling for the cameras, and saw Dylan giving rousing speeches of good will, and went to the crowning of Tyr Anasazi as the leader of the 'United Nietzschean Empire'. But I never met up with them again, and I didn't miss it at all. And yet, when it came down to it, I still had that obedient streak when it came to Tyr. And even though Dylan had never done much for me, I still believed in him and his cause. So when I found out that the Maggog worldship was coming, I set out to get rid of it.

It was okay, I thought, watching the little numbers counting down to zero on the self-destruct screen in front of me. John and I had nothing better to do, anyway, and if we could cause a whole shitload of damage to the Worldship, well, who were we to argue? I looked over, wanting to share my last few seconds with my traveling companion. He was curled up, speaking into a transmitter, speaking to that illusive 'Aeryn', telling her how much he loved her and paying no attention to me at all. Grabbing my own transmitter, I pressed a code that I had memorized a long time ago.

The needle was at the three.

"I hope you're satisfied, Anasazi."