Author's Note- This one shot was written for darthsnuggles on livejournal (Lady of Ithilien on as a Birthday gift. She likes Miroku a lot, so I tried my hand at him. This is my first time really delving into his character, and I did enjoy it. Hope you do as well.

Dear Friends

A One-Shot by Kelly O'Connor

The people Miroku had called friends in his life had been far from typical for a man of his age.

They consisted of an elderly Monk who valued alcohol as the finest manner in which to enjoy life, and an eccentric Tanuki who, despite his cowardice came in handy more often than not.

To the Monk, he was a disciple. Someone Miroku respected as an elder and one who the years have bestowed with wisdom greater than his own.

To the Tanuki, he was a lord. The youkai behaved as an occasional servant when needed, although quite often he assisted in Miroku's mischief as well.

Nineteen years took its course upon the young man's life before he found himself with the most crucial companions he could ever desire.

There was a Hanyou, younger even than himself, the boy held an aura of undeniable naiveté under his coarse exterior. However, despite that, his brash encouragement had saved the older man's life time and time again.

There was nothing InuYasha valued more than the lives of those he'd come to care for, and for that reason, Miroku knew he was the dearest of friends.

Like any other attractive young woman, Miroku had found his straying hands drawn to the young Miko from the future in the beginning. But there was far more to this headstrong girl than a pretty face. She was sunshine with only minimal shadows, optimism even to those such as himself who put up a cheerful front.

There was nothing that pleased Kagome more than seeing the people she cherished happy, and for that reason, Miroku knew she was the dearest of friends.

As a trickster, the young Kitsune excelled. His wisecracks and jovial nature along with his youthful innocence and tendency for impishness had brought the Houshi genuine companionship and a chance to relive his long lost youth at times.

There was nothing Shippou desired more than to see those he'd adopted as his family unite as one, and for that reason, Miroku knew he was the dearest of friends.

She was only sweet sixteen, but had lived through lifetimes of sorrow. Unyieldingly loyal and the last of the Taijiya. This member of the group was unique to Miroku, a special girl. All were his friends, but for her his emotions fluctuated in a different manner.

There was nothing Sango longed for more than the protection of the ones who had aided her in battling her own demons, and for that reason, Miroku knew she was the dearest of friends.

They formed an invincible team: courage, knowledge, friendship, and love.

He was a worldly Houshi of nearly two decades, the oldest of his group by three years. There was genuine wisdom reflected in his youthful features, love and loyalty for those around him. Death licked at his finger tips every day via the curse placed upon his lineage. However, he maintained patience. A patience that could only be shattered when one went against those who were precious to him.

There was nothing Miroku coveted more than the relationships he shared with those he held close to his heart, and for that reason, InuYasha, Kagome, Shippou, and Sango knew he was the dearest of friends.