Disclaimer: Don't own Ranma ½ or Sailor Moon, and this is for my own entertainment.

This is an alternate universe story with a Shampoo emphasis on interaction, initially. Ranma will show some dazzling responsibility to help a lonely lost person. I intend for it to be a one shot that I'll tweak and add some text to a couple of times, depending on c&c. Thought I had a pre reader, but ran afoul of anti spam programming. Sorry.

Ifor ap Rhys (pronounced Ivor 'Price, a Welsh name) is my own invention. His situation is a fabrication based on my idea of a magical Stone Age North America combining with a Druid/Wiccan heritage.

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Stellar dragon




Cave bear

Sabertooth tiger (smilodon)

River otter

Golden eagle

Dire wolf


Twelve Totems of the Stone Clan One Half

A great blue and white dragon soared up so high that it was obvious that it wasn't the thin air that provided support for the backswept wings. He was up here to provide a last line of defense for his mother. He was one of the last of the stone clan, children of Gaiea. The queen had sent him a warning, almost with her last breath. The dark forces had ravaged the other planets until they were uninhabitable and what was left of their force was in transit from the dying moon to claim the earth or to do the same thing to her as her sister worlds. The Earth Mother, Gaiea, was determined to survive, so one of her avatars was sitting here at the edge of space to defend her ecosystems.

Three million years before, a space going animal had come to her surface, fatally wounded. Gaiea saw that its spirit was as gentle as it was powerful, so she merged it with one of her infant children and added its body to the totems of her children. This allowed her reach to extend to the planets and even the stars to find her brothers and sisters, to provide company in the long trip to the end of time.

The dragon sensed that it was time. A fleet was approaching. He drew on his tie to the planet below him and a grid of force lines formed outward, spreading, joining to form a shield of insubstantial superstrings waiting for a triggering force to react with. Dark energy came from the capital ships, intended to wipe out all evidence of civilization. Here and there, a few of the more powerful beams punched through the shield. Atlantis and Mu were gone in a flash. Other cities merely burned. The rest of the attacking beams were absorbed and the shield contracted on the dragon like a rubber band snapping. It was a suicide defense like the avatar of Saturn's. It couldn't be helped. The black hole that formed rapidly dwindled to a dot and disappeared.

The white hole formed in the midst of the fleet. No one saw the wave front coming. No one felt themselves die.

At the point where the dragon had died, a disk of flintlike stone was gradually picking up speed as it fell to earth.

The other members of the stone clan either found a place to sleep or joined the mortals, tiring of long life in the newly chaotic world.

Chaos descended upon civilization for a while.