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Twelve Totems of the Stone Clan One Half:

Ifor's story

Please prepare yourself for several major shocks. It seems that I may have gotten myself an Amazon wife." "…." "Mom….MOM?" The connection had been broken.

Ifor resumed her feminine form and immediately doubled over with cramps. She staggered to the bathroom for another pad, and then to Kasumi to see if they had any heating pads for her poor abused abdomen. When she was done cleaning up, a look in the mirror showed that her hair had grown about four inches since the last time she looked. 'Well, at least the embarrassment can be minimized.'

As Ifor entered the living room she saw Ranma and the Tendo sisters talking quietly at the table. Xian Pu was seated in front of the TV looking troubled. The two fathers were playing shogi and drinking sake…and talking about uniting the schools. This got an occasional battle aura from Akane and or Ranma, but it seemed that they were doing their best to ignore them. Ifor went to the young Chinese girl. "Xian…would you like to take a walk for a bit? We should talk." "Yes. We can go on a date" Switching to Mandarin as they walked out, Ifor began, "If you want to call it a date, okay. I am not going to consummate any marriage, besides, I went through enough pain staying male to talk to Mom. I figure that I'd best stay female the rest of the week." "Ifor, I need to tell you something. I have been keeping in touch with my great grandmother since before we left Hong Kong…" "Yes you have, great granddaughter, but you didn't tell me how lovely my son in law was." Ifor looked at the old, short mummified looking woman, "I felt you following us from the Tendo's gate. I take it that you were the one who sent Xian Pu after an underage husband. In America, that is statutory rape." "Call me Kho Lon, though you are not particularly tall your aura felt much older. For that, I apologize. However, Amazon law must be upheld, regardless of other nations opinions." "Elder, does that mean that you are so inflexible that you would hold to your laws while Beijing drops a daisy cutter on your village?" "I am free to negotiate to some extent, but I also feel free to encourage you to come to our point of view." She suddenly hit Ifor on the sternum. "Why did you hit me? Xian told you why I am here, I assume." "Yes, I look forward to meeting your mother and making the case for bringing you back to the village." Xian Pu spoke up, "Great grandmother, was that the full body cat's tongue pressure point?" Kho Lon nodded. "You should not have done that, I have been trying to be Ifor's friend and if we marry, she has convinced me that it should be an equal partnership and with some amount of affection on both our parts." Ifor said, "I felt your chi trying to interfere with my own channels. I used my mother's technique to block you. You see, I come from a line of Wiccans going back at least eight thousand years. I was the first one born male to come into my mother's powers. I fear that you will 'have' to listen to her opinion and she IS on her way now. Oh by the way, I did have a female form before Jusenkyo." 'She doesn't have to know that it was only a few minutes before,' thought Ifor. "Xian, let's finish our walk. I am sure that I'll see you again, for now could you give us some privacy?" The teens went down the street and around the corner. Kho Lon's curiosity got the better of her and she roof hopped to spy on them. Maybe she wouldn't have to force them after all. When she spied Xian Pu, she nearly fell off the roof. The girl was riding a giant bear. She had never seen such a large bear in her three hundred years of life. The bear paused and looked back, right at her and let out a low growl and sped down the street with a giggling Xian Pu hanging on for dear life. Kho Lon sat on the roof and stared, long after the great cave bear was out of sight.

When Ifor slowed down, she realized that they were back in the part of town where they had the run-in with that demon and those girls. She was about to turn around when Xian Pu spoke up, "Ifor, what was that flash?" Ifor let the girl down and transformed to girl form. "I don't know, but you know who lives around here, so let's be careful." The two girls headed to where the skyline was flickering. When they arrived, it was apparent that it was an apartment fire and the lower floors were heavily involved. Ifor said, "Xian, we have to help. You can hop on that building and you should be able to catch anyone I toss to you, okay?" "Sure Ifor, let's go." Ifor became an eagle and took off before anyone saw. Xian Pu got on to the neighboring building with a few leaps.

Ifor surveyed the flat roof and decided that the side facing the Amazon's roof was ideal. She landed and transformed to the cave bear form because of its strength and claws. She went to the far side of the roof to make her entrance, so that drafts would force the fire away from the rescue location as long as possible. She dug through the tar, gravel and few inches of reinforced iron as if it were only so much soil. She jumped down and realized that her head was still above the roof, "Oh well." She got down on all fours and carefully plowed through all of the walls in a pattern to let her check every apartment. After five minutes, she had cleared the entire floor and had placed six adults and five children on the roof. She would transform and let them know that she was helping them before transforming back and carrying and boosting them to the roof. She then dug down to the next floor where there were active flames. Sadly she found three for whom it was too late, but did save a mother and an infant hiding in a closet. At that point it was getting too hot, even for her, so when she made a new hole in the roof, she followed the mother and child out. She transformed and led them to the edge of the roof, where she could see Xian Pu waiting across and down the alley, on the other roof. She took another look at the gap and made another decision, since the side of the building with a fire escape was now fully involved. She explained to the rescuees what she had planned. She took the children and threw them to Xian Pu, one by one. The adults started to breathe easier when they observed the Amazon's competence. As the last child and infant were safe, Ifor returned to bear form and had the two weakest sit across her neck, holding tightly to tufts of fur. She then stood on her hind legs as the rest of the people caught hold of fur all around her back and sides. Climbing over the parapet, with every one hanging on for dear life, Ifor climbed down the wall of the building, using windows for hand…pawholds and making holes where there were none, down five stories to a waiting Xian Pu and the firemen. At the bottom, once everyone was safely off, Xian jumped onto Ifor's back and they were off into the night on a zig zag path through the streets and parks at speeds that only a giant cave bear or thoroughbred horse could achieve.

They arrived at the Tendo ke, where Ifor changed to human form. Xian Pu said, "Airen, every time I think that I have you figured out, you surprise me. Thirteen people are alive because you cared." "Xian, who caught those children and helped me. I think that your own heart is greater than you think." Xian Pu took Ifor into her arms and leapt over the wall. As she let Ifor down, she said, "Let's get a bath, you smell like you kept all of the smoke in the bear's fur." Ifor laughed and they went into the house.

The next morning Ifor woke to find Ranma being tossed through the attic window by Genma. "Genma the only way that you've been able to beat Ranma has been through sneaky, underhanded methods, why don't you grow some honor." "Child, he has to be ready for 'anything' that comes along." Saying that, the fat martial artist leapt out the window to spar with his son.

After a soak in the hot water of the furo (Ifor remained a girl, thanks to the magic of the female tattoo) Ifor joined the others at breakfast. The Tendos and Saotomes were watching the news as Kasumi brought a western style breakfast of eggs, shredded potatoes and a small amount of bacon to the table. Nabiki looked up at the young amazon and said, "Shampoo, that looks an awful lot like you riding that bear at that apartment fire last night." Xian Pu and Ifor traded nervous looks. "I-it could have been." Ifor jumped in. "There are some things that I haven't told you, yet." Nabiki asked, "So what do you have to do with a girl and a giant trained bear?"

Ifor glanced at Xian Pu before turning to the Tendos, "It has to do with more magic. To show you, I need to go outside, after we eat Kasumi's wonderful breakfast." The young unmarried housewife smile demurely in acknowledgement of the compliment. "All we need are grits and gravy and this would be a perfect southern US breakfast."

After they had eaten, everyone went to the porch. Ifor dragged Xian Pu with her to stand by the koi pond. "Ranma and Genma know of some of my forms, but not all, and I won't take one for Ranma's sake. This is what I had last night." Ifor remained standing, but grew into an eighteen-foot tall cave bear. She came down to all fours and Xian Pu climbed on to her back, which was still taller than everyone present. She crouched down and motioned to the Tendo sisters and they all clambered up behind Xian Pu on Ifor's broad back. She walked around the yard a few times and was pleased at the giggles of excitement from the girls, Kasumi had a particularly pleasant laugh. She changed to human form and it looked like an old fashioned dogpile as they all laughed at the situation. Xian Pu helped the other girls off of Ifor.

"I'll show you some other forms now, so please don't get freaked." With that she morphed into a dire wolf as tall as Ranma's girl form." To get some laughs she playfully bowled over Soun and Genma and gave Genma a slobbering lick to the face. She feigned being sick and staggered to the middle of the yard where she played dead, to the amusement of everyone but Genma. Then she transformed to an otter and climbed up onto the young Amazon's shoulder as something clicked. "So that's how you hid from me, airen." 'Oops, forgot she hadn't seen me do that one.' Ifor did an otter shoulder shrug as the other girls, minus Ranma gathered round to ooh and ah with murmured kawaii's. Kasumi seemed to find the sweet spot behind her ears by instinct. She stayed otter longer than the other forms because of the attention, but finally returned to human with a shiver of residual pleasure. "I have several other forms and have yet to try them all. Something tells me that three would be ill advised in the city, something for the country where there are fewer people. There is one that makes me nervous as the tattoo is just a symbol, after this next form, I think I'll try it though. She then became a large golden eagle and submitted to another round of attention from the girls, though Xian Pu was beginning to have to fight a feeling of possessiveness. After a bit, Ifor returned to her female form. As she thought about the tattoo that was a symbol, a voice entered her consciousness, urgently advising against that just yet. "Don't child, just yet, you don't know enough of your family's past and must learn self control. Learn to meditate, learn from your mother and listen to those who come to you this evening, for they will help you." Ifor felt a shove and she was firmly in her body again and going through a fit of shaking. Xian Pu caught her before she hit the ground. "What's wrong airen?" Ifor croaked, "Just something…not ready…" She took Ifor to the attic bedroom and lay her down on the futon. The others had followed, but seeing that she was just sleeping, everyone but Xian Pu went back downstairs. "Xian, some of those girls are coming in a couple of hours. Please bring them to me and don't be angry at them for what happened yesterday." "Okay airen, oh by the way, your hair has grown back, it looks nice. You know I worry about you, even if you are male at times." "Yeah, well I'm kind of getting used to having you around too. Maybe we can really date in a year or two, if mom allows it."

At that moment, Nabiki rushed in, "Ifor, your mother just called. She was changing planes in Hawaii. She said to wait here because she'll have someone from the American consulate escort her here. She should be arriving at the station near Furinkan High School tomorrow at 3 p.m.! It's a school day, but I think we all would like to be there to see the reunion." Ifor suddenly felt dizzy. After all these months of waiting, it was happening so fast. What was her mom going to think? She still had three days at least before she could comfortably become male and wondered what her mother would feel on finding that her oldest son was also her daughter.

A couple hours later, a still stunned Ifor was sitting in Xian Pu's lap with Ranma and Akane sitting close by. Ranma spoke, "C'mon Ifor, it'll be okay. Your mom'll understand. Just be glad ya have good parents. Hell. I can't even remember my mom, its been so long." Xian Pu thought, 'Even though my airen is a powerful warrior with a big heart, she is still just a child becoming an adult. For some reason, that just seems to make her more special.' The doorbell rang and, after a bit, Kasumi entered with two girls following.

The girl who seemed in charge was a little taller than average and had long blonde hair falling in twin ponytails from two odangoes. Her companion was about Akane's height and had blue-black hair and a bookish air about her. When they came in front of Ifor they bowed very low at the waist. The taller girl said, "I am Tsukino Usagi and this is Mizuno Ami, Ifor-sama I wish to express my deepest apologies to you and your friends for the injuries caused by our group yesterday. I also want to thank you because you were instrumental in a change in us that may save billions of lives." Everyone listening sat there stunned. Ifor got up from Xian Pu's lap and looked up into the other girls face and could feel her sincerity with the same force as the peace that Kasumi radiated. "Please Usagi-san, can you explain this?" Usagi gazed at everyone, at Ranma, Akane, Xian Pu, Kasumi, Ifor and lingered on Nabiki a bit, then seemed to make a decision. "What I am going to tell you must not leave this room without discussing it with me, please." Some heads looked at Nabiki, who shrugged and nodded in the affirmative. Usagi then spoke, with a relieved tone of voice, "I want to let Ami-chan give you the first part of the story, which has to do with some 'very' ancient history. Ami?

Ami brought out what appeared to be a laptop and began typing on the keyboard. A slightly transparent three-dimensional display appeared in the space in front of everyone. It was the solar system, but some details seemed odd. "About twelve thousand years ago the entire solar system was populated and was ruled by the Moon Kingdom under the near immortal Queen Serenity. The earth was the birthplace of life here, but was an independent kingdom ruled separately from the rest of the solar system." The images illustrated the people and places being discussed. "The queen was supported by warrior princesses of great power, each ruling their own planet. Their powers were tied to their planets and also bonded to the queen. There were those who were dissatisfied with the status of things. Some complaints have been shown recently to have validity. However, there were some that wished to take over by violence and destroy the peace that had lasted a millennium during Serenity's reign, called the Silver Millennium. These people embraced the dark aspect of magical energy and assembled their armies in a pocket universe that was hidden away from the spies of the Moon Kingdom. When they attacked, it was a total surprise and all the inhabited worlds save earth became dead places that would support no life except for some of the palaces. The queen and all of her followers and allies were murdered. They were stopped, though and sealed away in the very dimension that they had used to prepare their invasion. The queen gathered the souls of her court and sent them forward in time to where they would be reincarnated to begin restoration of the kingdom. She also placed some advisors in stasis to aid the future princesses. There was one princess who survived, she was the guardian of the Gate of Time, The senshi of Pluto. Three beings were instrumental in the defeat of that dark kingdom. One was the senshi of Saturn, who destroyed most of their fleet. Another was the senshi of Space, who we think was lost to us when she sealed the boundary between our universe and that dark kingdom. The last being, the ancient mage Krons, sacrificed himself defending the earth from the still powerful remnants of their fleet that was moving on the earth. They were responsible for the survival of humanity, though the two greatest centers of civilization on earth, Atlantis and Mu were lost, along with the great crystals that channeled most of the planet's workaday magic. A Dark Age followed that set humanity back thirty thousand years."

Usagi then spoke, "This brings us to the near present. The senshi of Pluto did survive and watched and waited. She began to implement what she thought was her queen's final wish, the creation of Crystal Tokyo. What she, the queen and ourselves didn't know was that her healing spells had another spell tied into them, placed at the request of one of her advisors, thinking to be 'helpful'. It was a coercion spell that made the recipient a loyal subject to the queen. It was so subtle that one would mistake subservience for gratitude, honest friendship and loyalty to the crown. Pluto had been 'healed' before the end of the Silver Millennium and was carrying out an ill-advised wish of the queen. When I tried to heal you yesterday, Ifor, you rejected the coercion spell. I don't know if you did it knowingly, but you separated the spell out and it was flagged on Ami's mercury computer. I found that I had been ensuring the loyalty of my friends with what seemed to be just an innocent healing spell. Fortunately, all I had to do to release them was to say that they were freed from the binding. Even more fortunate, my friends all reaffirmed their oaths and are still my friends whom I love with all my heart. I would like to ask all of you to be our friend…and if you would be willing to be allies as well. There are some really bad things coming up over the next few years and we need all the help we can get to protect the peoples of our world. We've been trying to do it alone for too long."

Ranma, trying to absorb this, like the rest, said the first thing that came to mind. "A martial artists duty is ta help the weak. If ya need help just call, okay." Akane spoke up, "I'll do what I can to help you," 'I get to help my heroes, the sailor senshi. Maybe I can get some autographed pictures.' Nabiki thought, 'Maybe I can get them to let me be their agent. Then I won't have to worry about the house finances or college.' "I may be able to help with strategic, financial and logistic issues and improve your effectiveness that way." Kasumi said, "Oh my. I think that all I could offer is the use of the dojo and some meals if you get too busy to worry about somewhere to work from." "Yeah, Kasumi's the best cook in Nerima, Maybe Tokyo," added Akane. Ifor finally spoke, "Xian Pu and I may be leaving in a few days for America, but I'm willing to help in any way I can." Xian Pu nodded in definite agreement.

Now Ami spoke, "Usagi and I had another reason for being here in addition to our apologies and request for alliance. Since you have forgiven and welcome us, I have gifts of knowledge to help you improve your own abilities." "Ami! We were going to offer this regardless." "Sorry Usagi, I did not mean for it to sound that way. Will you all accept my apology?" "That's okay, I have a bad case of Saotome foot in mouth disease, myself," responded Ranma with a smirk. "Well Ifor-san, Ranma-san, Shampoo-san and now it appears Akane-san, it seems that you all have at least the basics to be what was called in the Silver Millennium, technomages." "What is that?" asked Ranma.

"Technomages were the scientists of the time. They were the ones who crafted the magic that we use to fight youmas and do nearly everything else. They designed the propulsion systems for space ships, magic artifacts and weapons to defend the kingdom. Not all were magic users, but they could create and modify magical artifacts." "How did they do that?" asked Ifor. "They used their ki to manipulate the spells and to scan and analyze the materials that they worked with. The artifacts were like magic collectors that allowed practitioners to access greater amounts of magical energy." Ami reached into a subspace pocket and pulled out a sheaf of papers, separating them into two sets. "Please, don't let these out of your control." She handed a set to Ifor and another to Ranma. They have a little of the history of technomages and the basics to practice the art. You can learn the fine control of your ki that you will need to go to the next step. When the Mercury computer determines that you are ready, I can give you the next set of lessons." "Thanks." Chimed Ranma and Ifor simultaneously. Ranma placed his into his own subspace pocket. "Ranma, can you teach me that trick?" "Sure, Ifor, tonight." Usagi broke in, "Ranma, Ifor, when you get good enough, could you do me a favor and fix my healing spell? I may have to use it as is until then, but I swear on my honor that I'll free the recipients of their compulsions." Ifor felt an urge to give Usagi a hug, and did so. Xian Pu grumped a bit, but brightened when Ifor sat beside her again.

Ami cleared her throat, "Ifor, I have more information for you. My computer gave you a different designation than the others. Your ki and magic signature is very similar to that of Krons one of the last of the immortal mages, a child of Gaia, the earth goddess." "I found a flint medallion and when I put it on…I think that it became part of me." Ami typed furiously into the mercury computer for a minute or two. "Okay. I think I've got it. That amulet and your tattoos are the physical manifestation of the seal of Gaia. Only the chieftains and lieutenants of the Stone Clan had them and only a descendant of the wearer can merge with them. The seal can separate from the wearer at death and can be copied at the birth of a child of the wearer's female form. That doesn't make sense, you are a girl, so it seems redundant." Ifor said, "No…it's not. My birth form was male." 'I'm glad that the Jusenkyo curse doesn't attract cold water as much if I voluntarily stay female.' She became a boy for a minute, watching the shock on Ami and Usagi's faces, then shifted back, grimacing a little at the pain rising from her lower abdomen. "I've been having to stay female because of my monthly visitor." Then Ifor shook as she realized something. She whispered into Xian Pu's ear, in mandarin, "That means that if I want to pass my abilities on, you may have to visit the spring of drowned boy, still want me for your airen?" Xian Pu's eyes widened. After a few moments, she hugged Ifor, "Wo ai ni. I may actually be crazy, but I think I really love you, you are a powerful warrior, after all." Ifor sat there with a disturbed look on her face, "I want to think about this for a long time."

"Ifor, here is some more printed material. There is a short history of Krons' people written by Krons and a primer, as well, on his abilities and cautions, also. I brought three communicators in the hope that you would be able to help us and to let you call us if there is any way we can help." Ami gave Ifor the papers and a small device resembling a cell phone. She gave one to Ranma and another to Akane. "One thing that I recommend, we all have disguise fields built into our uniforms. This is to protect our families and some of our families don't even know we are senshi. I recommend that you figure out a way to disguise yourselves in public. Otherwise, your home could come under attack. Ranma said, "I was on a ten year training trip and I never paid attention to the news. Could ya transform for us? Ifor, ya could show a couple of your shapes too." The tall blonde said, "I'll show you my transformation, the others will have to decide for themselves." She held up a small pen-like object and said "Moon crystal power makeup!" and went through a light show, making Ranma almost have a nose bleed as her clothes disappeared, to be replaced by a fuku. "In this guise please refer to me as Sailor Moon. As the last of the transformational energy dissipated Ami noticed a symbol form on Ranma's forehead for just a moment. She thought, 'No, I thought that she died and wasn't going to be reincarnated. Plus Ranma's a boy…I wonder if he's as cute as a boy as she is as a girl? Darn! I think they said that he was engaged to Akane.'

Ami hesitantly spoke up, "S-sailor Moon. C-could you and I speak to Ranma in private?" Ranma spoke, "Hey, I thought we were all open and honest, now. What you have ta say is okay to say ta my friends." "I don't know if you want everyone to hear this." "Go ahead I ain't afraid of nothin'." "Okay, well, when Usagi transformed I saw a symbol on your forehead. I think that you may be the missing senshi." "WHAT! No way! I'm a guy! I only turn into a girl because of Jusenkyo." "Usagi came up to Ranma and detransformed. This time everyone saw the symbol. Kasumi said with excitement, "Oh my! My future brother in law is a sailor senshi. How wonderful." Usagi said, thoughtfully, "Ranma, there's only one way to find out. I'll see if Luna, my Moon Cat advisor, has your henshin stick. If you transform and have at least some memory restored from your past life, that will definitely prove it." "Yeah, I'll do it ta prove that it ain't so. I ain't gonna be no weak girl-URK!" Ranma was slapped, punched and generally pounded into the floor. Nabiki was thinking of potential agent's fees if Ranma was really a senshi, she needed to go to visit Usagi with a well-researched plan. Ifor dragged the red haired girl up to their attic bedroom with Xian Pu's help.

Before the two girls left, Ifor ran up to them. "I just had a thought. Did you say that you had a cat?" "Yes we have two moon cat advisors." "Well don't let Ranma see them or you could all be in danger." "Why?" Asked Usagi. "Ranma went through nekoken training as a child and now has a ridiculously intense ailuraphobia and when his fear gets intense enough, he thinks he is a cat, a cat with long ki claws that can cut through ten inches of steel plate like it was paper. I'm lucky that he is a good friend because I accidentally triggered it when I was trying out my smilodon form." Ami asked, "You have a sabertooth tiger shape? How many forms do you have?" "I think, twelve, counting male and female human. I think that I'll walk you home, for your protection and to know how to find you. Okay?" "If you want, yes, though we could probably take care of ourselves." "Yeah, but no one will bother you if an Amazon and her pet tiger are with you. Hey Xian, come on, we're walking them home." She transformed into a large juvenile sabertooth walking beside the young Amazon. As they walked along, in quiet friendship, Ifor suddenly changed to her girl form, "Usagi? You said you were the Moon Princess, right? What if instead of ruling over Crystal Tokyo, you restored your kingdom on the moon? If you can restore the terraforming magic on the moon, you should be able to solicit immigrants to escape the overcrowding on earth." "Why Ifor that's a great Idea, we have been so blinded by Pluto's plan for Crystal Tokyo that no one even thought of it. Will you help us?" "Sure. Actually I would think that Gaia considers the moon to be her child and would provide spiritual support." She resumed her tiger form and listened in as Usagi and Ami talked animatedly about how they could set about restoring the moon, starting with the palace and the terraforming magic.

Ifor was torn between a feeling of excitement and fear standing at the station with her friends. They were waiting on her mother's arrival. It was three p.m. and the train was due to arrive any second. She hoped that her mother would understand what she was going through. It was about that time that three communicators began to vibrate simultaneously Akane answered first, it was Usagi, "Akane, thank heaven I got you. An army of youmas is overwhelming us. A dozen are attacking the trains and draining passengers and more are at a mall and park." The communicator's speaker was loud enough for everyone to hear. Ifor shouted, "Mom! We gotta help. I'm taking the fast way, follow me, please, Ranma, Xian." Her eyes leaked tears as she became an eagle and flew off in the direction of Juuban.

From the air and following the tracks, she saw the youmas attacking a train and another figure 'standing' in the air watching. Something about him said that he was controlling this attack. Well, she would take him out and then go after the youmas. She got above him and transformed, but not into a mastodon. The man sensed something and looked around nervously then up as several tons of Allosaur hit him with the business end. Ifor's jaws snapped shut and the head and legs fell away. She shook her head to get the torso out of her mouth. The dark energy in the body left a vile taste behind. She transformed to cave bear form and landed near two of the demons. Martial artist or not, her six inch, steel hard claws ripped two demons to dust and she proceeded down the track taking out each youma viciously and efficiently. One had managed to hit her with a ranged attack, but she shrugged it off and kept going. Only two more to go and she could look for her mother, if she were still alive. There were several bodies of the innocent tin the youma's path of mayhem. She saw the last demon reach out and jerk the end of a car off, exposing the people within, and saw…her mother come out as if to stand between the monster and the people. Ifor roared and disposed of the youma in front of her with a slash and began running toward the last youma, knowing that she wouldn't be quick enough when she saw her mother manifest a mana ball and throw it at the beast. When the ball of energy touched the youma, lightning surrounded it in a halo of destructive energy and the creature collapsed. The attack was not enough to dust it, not quite, and it slowly stood and began to reach for Ifor's mother again. Then a huge clawed paw burst from its chest and slashed sideways through the demon dust. Leaving the huge cave bear looking at its mother. Gwynne looked at the new monster, but saw something familiar, and let her second mana ball dissipate to nothingness.

The bear stood up and looked around as if searching for more enemies then appeared contemplative. Before her the bear shrank, becoming a young girl about the age of her son. She went up to the woman and said, hesitantly, "Could you please come with me. I…your son is very glad that you are here." "You know Ifor?" "Yes, I know him very well, actually. Please come, I'll give you a ride, okay? You'll be safe with me." Then the cave bear was back and crouched low allowing her to climb to its back. It took off running, but making sure that her mother had a smooth ride." Even though she wanted to take her mother to the dojo, she had to check on her friends. As she approached the mall battlefield, she found a store in a solid looking building and stopped, people running in fear from her. She crouched low and made a rumbling, yet plaintive noise and got her mother to dismount. She became a girl again, "Ms. ap Rhys, could you wait here, inside. It should be safe and I'll be back after I help my friends get rid of these demons." "Sure, go ahead. If any get this far I 'can' defend myself." "Sorry, but please understand how important Ifor's mother is to him." "Okay, go on dear." The girl became a bear again and took off down the street. Gwynne found a bench and sat down. 'That girl looks enough like Ifor to be his sister. I don't know of any relatives in Japan. But. Oh my, doesn't she have a talent. We haven't had a shape shifter in the family for I don't know how long without looking it up.'

Ranma didn't know how much martial art training these girls had had but knew it was little better than nil. But they sure had lots of power and stamina. She thought it was ridiculous that those two thought that she was one of them. 'I'm a guy, dammit!' she thought. For the past half hour, she, Akane and Xian Pu had been running interference, setting up the monsters so the senshi could get clear shots with their magical attacks. What they used wasn't ki, but it acted and felt enough like it that she felt close to being able to reproduce one. It would just take some time and practice, maybe using her confidence as the source.

Though Akane was nowhere in Ranma's or Xian Pu's league, Ranma was developing an admiration for her determination and the girl could do one thing that she, Ranma couldn't do yet. Akane's ki mallet had provided an intense distraction to several of the beasts, allowing the Jupiter girl to dust them with her lightnings. Nearby Xian Pu was doing similar duty with Sailors Neptune and Uranus. They were almost done with the battle and most people had run away when Ifor came barreling in, blowing away the last two youma with a few slashes and paw punches. Sailors Uranus and Neptune were taking offensive stances toward Ifor when Ranma and Xian Pu leapt in front of them. Xian Pu shouted, "That is Ifor, my airen, she is on our side and not another youma!" They cautiously relaxed their attitude and showed shock as a young girl stood where the huge animal had been.

The communicators buzzed and Sailor Moon let them know that their battle was finished, thanks to the arrival of Sailors Saturn and Pluto. They were relieved to hear that the others were as successful. Ifor declared, "Okay, I need to go get my mom now. Xian, do you want to come along for support?" "Where you go airen, I'll go too." "We'll see you back at the dojo, Ranma, Akane." Ifor and Xian Pu took off to the storefront where they hoped her mother would still be.

When they got there and saw Ifor's mother standing there looking about anxiously, Ifor could contain herself no more, "Mom!" She ran to her mother and hugged her, while Gwynne, mystified said, "I'm sorry, dear, though you look a lot like my daughter, you seem a little older." Ifor looked up at her and said, "Sorry Mom, I forgot, just a second." She became male and Gwynne swooned but didn't quite lose consciousness, as the girl became her son. "It is you, but what was all that shape shifting about?" "Mom, can I explain it all at the Tendo dojo? And can you accept that for now I need to be your daughter for a few more days? I can survive being hit by a bus, but if I don't remain a girl, my period can totally disable me." "Okay hon, it is just taking all I've got to accept any of this as anything but a fever dream." Ifor switched back and immediately bent over in pain. "Oh my! You really have it bad. I'm just glad that our 'talk' when you were ten was thorough. I just didn't know that you would have a practical application. Who is this other girl with you?" "Mom, that is part of a long story that I have to tell. Meet Xian Pu. According to the laws of the Joketsuzoko tribe, she is my wife." Gwynne decided that she had finally had enough and lost consciousness, to allow her brain to reboot. "Xian, please help me get her on my back and then hold her in place while I take us to the Tendos, okay?" "Sure airen." Soon a great bear was seen moving through the streets of Nerima, stopping at the front gate of the Tendo ke. Kasumi spotted them and helped Xian Pu carry Ifor's mother as she transformed into the form that had become familiar over the last few days.

A man dressed in an American military uniform approached and spoke, "I'm major Joe Kapolowicz, attached to the American consulate, I was too far back in the crowd to join you at the train. I must apologize for my failure to protect Mrs. Price. May I join you, as the United States government has an interest in what is going on here and I have some diplomatic leeway in negotiating an understanding." Nabiki had been watching when the major had arrived and decided that this was an opportunity to boost her and her family's position in what might become a dangerous international incident. Nabiki said, "Joe-san, would you please follow us to the living room, where we can speak more comfortably as well as privately." The American officer acquiesced to Nabiki's request with a sharp look. As they entered the house, Ifor's mother was just awakening on the couch. "Mom, can we go up to my bedroom? It has gotten too crowded in here for what I need to tell you and the house may soon be under surveillance." She gave the major a pointed look. "Come with us Xian. It concerns you as well."

In the attic bedroom, Ifor looked down the stairs and saw that Ranma had arrived. She gave her friend a meaningful glance and Ranma smirked as she leaned against the wall at the bottom of the staircase. No one was going to disturb them. She shut the door and turned to her mother and fell into Gwynne's arms and began to cry. "Mom, I've been dreaming for the last six months of being with you again!" "Its okay darling, we hunted for you and the sheriff said that you were probably dead, but I knew that you couldn't be. I never gave up and believed that you would come home or be in touch, somehow. And here you are, I feel that I've missed a big part of your growing up, though it has only been months. Please tell me what happened." With a few sniffles, Ifor began to tell his mother of what had happened since that schoolday afternoon.

"And Sailor Mercury told me that I had found Krons' soulstone and that it merged with me because I was a direct descendant." Ifor then opened up her shirt to reveal the tattoos setting above her pert assets. "There are two forms that I haven't tried yet and one that someone who called herself Gaia told me that I wasn't ready for and she pushed me back into human form." Gwynne had sat for over an hour listening in wonder to her child detailing some things that had been a mixture of legend and prophesy in their family for what she believed thousands of years. "Ifor…I…love you…child. Among the wiccans there was a prophesy that a wiccan would bear an immortal child of Gaia, two in one, who in turn would bear more, restoring the twelve totems of the tribe, in turn defending and serving the Earth Mother in a time of great need. There are other parts of the prophesy that were judged to be figurative or possibly allegorical, but I see may be literal. You may actually bear children. I approve your desire to wait a couple years to marry. Xian Pu, do you understand that this involves uniting two ancient tribes and compromise may be required where your laws are involved?" "My airen is important enough to me that I will leave my people behind if I must. But my great grandmother is nearby, if a treaty has to be negotiated." "I think that this union may be destined though the Amazons are in for some shocks, if I know my child. Ifor, I think that I'll teach you the offensive aspects of your wiccan heritage as soon as we can get some private space. Now cover your chest and we can go see what the Major, and whatever national security agency he's involved with, wants. I have long felt that we were being watched and he just stimulated my paranoia."

Well, sorry but I have just run out of steam and think that I'll work on S.A.K. and some shorter one shots. My original character is with his mother and Ranma is potential senshi material. They can all take care of themselves for a while.