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Chapter 17

Buttercup knew she was in the biggest of trouble now. She needed to find some way to get rid of her enemy that was smiling evilly in front of her. She immediately charged head on, which quickly became her first mistake. Archfiend almost immediately countered with an uppercut that grazed along the chest before making contact with the lower jaw. Buttercup went flying upward and Archfiend chased after her target. She moved so fast that it almost looked like she disappeared from view before reappearing just above Buttercup. The evil girl then shoved her right elbow between Buttercup's eyes. The full force of the movement made her go crashing into the abandoned streets below. She went further down, knocking away some water mains and electric pipes before coming to an abrupt halt in the smelly sewers below.

Shaking off the dirty water, Buttercup rose from her spot and looked around the area. It was unbelievably dark inside the tube. The only light inside was coming from the new opening that was above her, but she couldn't see much further ahead. She looked up above her and spotted Archfiend coming towards the new crater that was created. Buttercup figured that Archfiend was going to make sure the death of her was done, and, knowing that she was no match for her counterpart in her current situation, decided to make a run through the sewers to find a place to hide and figure out a plan.

Archfiend made her way to the new opening that was created. She figured that Buttercup had taken this chance to make a break for it. She decided to try and find her opponent inside the maze of pipes below. She jumped down and looked around. She saw no trace whatsoever of the one she was pursuing. However, she did think that Buttercup was still within the sewers, and that thought enabled her to come up with a rather brilliant plan.

"Hey Buttercup, I think you look great in a dress!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

As expected, the loud voice echoed through the vast amount of pipes and soon reached the sensitive ears of Buttercup. Buttercup heard the voice loud and clear, and the words made her ego get the best of her.

'Why that littleā€¦' She thought angrily to herself and came charging back in the direction she had come from to give the one who insulted her a serious beat-down.

It wasn't long until Archfiend spotted her opponent coming towards her at unsurpassed speed with a look of hate in her eyes. She smiled deviously at seeing her little plan come to fruition. The evil being then just put her fist into the air as Buttercup came charging towards her. Buttercup impacted with the fist literally head on, which made her come to a hard stop. Going at that speed and coming to an abrupt stop would normally destroy the brain, but the extra thick layer of liquid between her skull and brain protected her. Still, it hurt quite a lot, but she ignored the pain and continued to fight.

Archfiend predicted that this wouldn't kill her opponent and quickly dodged the on-coming right hook. She then delivered a strong left uppercut, which made Buttercup go flying back up through the ground and come to a hard landing on the pavement face first. Buttercup started to get up, but was quickly forced back down by Archfiend landing on top of her.

Her counterpart chuckled evilly. "A quick blow to the neck should finish you." She said as she powered up a laser in her hand.

Buttercup quickly turned her head around and fired a laser beam from her eyes. Archfiend was concentrating on making her attack so powerful that she didn't see it coming and couldn't dodge the attack in time. The attack was powerful enough to knock her opponent back a bit. Buttercup then got up and, seeing her opponent had been blasted away a bit, took the chance to make a run for it and formulate a plan.

Archfiend soon landed and quickly got back up. She looked around but couldn't find her opponent anywhere. She even tried to find her with the extra ability she possessed, but Buttercup was too far away by now.

"Looks like she got away, but I'll find her and destroy her for good." She said evilly.

Meanwhile, Buttercup had flown a good distance away from her enemy. She didn't want to fly away, but she knew she had to be smart and find a way to win. She was currently wracking her brain, trying to come up with an idea, but she couldn't think of anything. It just seemed so hopeless.

As she began to sulk within the alley where she was hiding a voice started to enter her mind. "If you need the help at any time, contact me and I'll see what I can come up with." She remembered Blossom telling her.

With her mind made up, Buttercup pushed the red button on her VLC to contact Blossom.

As for Blossom, she was lying in bed trying to get some rest, but sleep couldn't come to her. She was worried about her sisters. For the first time in her career as a Powerpuff Girl, she felt completely useless. She always came up with strategies and ideas to help them win. Sure, they didn't always work, but for those that did work, they were always handy. However, with her current condition, it seemed impossible to win.

Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Blossom, it's Buttercup! Come in!"

Blossom noticed that her VLC was going off and pushed the green button, which made her see Buttercup's face. "Blossom here! What's up Buttercup?" She asked.

"We're not doing too well against Archfiend. She's definitely a lot tougher than Angst was."

"How much tougher are we talking here?"

"Well, Angst is a pushover compared to her. Seriously, Archfiend seems to define the word 'strong'."

"Hmm," Blossom started to think for a bit. "Is there anything unusual that happened during the battle that you can think of? Anything that seemed strange? Anything at all?"

Buttercup thought hard for a minute. Suddenly, one specific moment came to her. "Yeah! There was a point when Bubbles got Archfiend off guard and she had hit her so hard that we could see her heart."

This completely shocked Blossom. "Whoa! Bubbles did that? She must be getting really strong." She interrupted.

"Hey, I'm still stronger!" Buttercup boasted back. She then continued. "Anyways, the really weird thing was that Archfiend's heart was made of wood."

"Wood?" Blossom asked, being rather shocked.


Blossom thought on that for only a split second before an idea came to her. "I've got it! Buttercup, her weakness is fire."

"Fire? Are you saying I have to just burn her to death?"

"Basically, but I bet you'll need one powerful heat source. I doubt your laser eyes could do it."

"But where am I going to find one that powerful?" She asked in frustration.

"Just look above you."

Buttercup looked up and saw the sky, but then she took a glance at the only possible object her sister was talking about. "Are you suggesting I hurl her right into the sun?" She questioned.

"It's the best chance we've got!"

"Okay, I'll do it!"

"Best of luck to ya, Buttercup." After Buttercup gave Blossom a simple nod, the two were disconnected.

Now with a new plan in mind, Buttercup was ready to face her foe. She exited the alleyway and flew back towards her opponent. It didn't take Buttercup long to find her adversary, who was still searching for her and had yet to notice her presence. The green puff decided to make herself known.

"Hey, you!" Buttercup shouted, getting Archfiend's attention. "Looking for someone?" She asked.

"So, you came to me did you?" Archfiend unemotionally joked. "Ready to die?"

"Yeah, sure! Such a strong threat coming from someone so weak!" Buttercup taunted.

"What did you just say?" She asked, starting to get irritated.

"You heard me! I bet you couldn't even take out a puny little bug."

That really got Archfiend worked up. "All right! No more playing around! I'm going to kill you right now!"

"Then come and get me!" She dared.

Archfiend accepted the challenge and started to come towards Buttercup. Seeing her plan starting to work, Buttercup started to fly at full speed towards the sun. A part of Buttercup hoped this plan would work, because at this point, she had no other options.

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