A maiden voyage gone awry,

Spirited to unknown places,

Voyager proved to be their salvation

in uncharted far away places.

The crew a blend of many kinds-

Vulcan, Klingon and human,

with Ocampa and Talaxian

among her newest crewmen.

A captain of highest caliber,

with courage from an endless source,

Her determination never faltered

as they traveled along their course.

Her heart was taken when her mission began,

Though sadly there came a day,

She faced his decision to move on,

Her long absence that price to pay.

A fine first officer by her side,

From which she could draw strength,

Depending on him more and more

though keeping him at arm's length.

He understood her need to be distant,

By her rules he would abide.

For a time content just to be with her

on their journey side by side.

Rumors grew among the crew

of a love beginning to grow,

While on the outside only their friendship

was ever allowed to show.

Love behind a friendship's mask,

Forever present yet denied...

Simmered just below the surface

over a flame that never died.

If ever she weakened and let her guard down,

Allowing him too close to her heart,

Her Captain's resolve reappeared

forever keeping them apart.

And when their journey was over,

Having found their way back home,

He left Voyager with another,

She left her ship alone.