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Fiction: A Nobody

Summary: REWRITTEN AU: Harry's parents are still alive, everyone thought it was junior, his twin who is the savior of the wizarding world. How wrong they are. DMHP Please read and review

Disclaimer: I don't own anything around here except for Marine and Sil.


What does the word "justice" mean? Why is this world filled with diversity? Why do all the good people have to die early? Why aren't we treated equally? Why is life so unfair? Well, in this story you will find the unfair life of Harry James potter.

Chapter 1: it's my Birthday too!

Harry James Potter one of the potter twins who looks just like a copy of his dad, James potter, except for the big green emerald eyes that indicates pure innocent-ness from his mom, lily, a tiny nose but goes well with his face and unruly brown hair that makes his eyes stands out even more.

Junior James Potter, the younger twin, was named junior because he himself looked even more like their dad James. There is nearly no part where he looks like his mother, Lily. But he has one thing that Harry doesn't have that is junior got all the love from his parents, uncles and nearly everybody else.

Harry who will be turning six tomorrow can feel that his parents treated him differently from junior. While he was walking past his parent's bedroom he heard people talking about some prophecy.

"Why does it have to our child, Albus?" the voice of James Potter asking to a well-known person in the family, Albus Dumbledore. To Harry, it was grandpa Albus.

"It is what the prophecy said. I'm sorry James. It is destiny and I can't do anything to change it." Was the calm voice of Albus trying to calm Harry's parents down.

"James, what are we going to do?" Lily's voice was filled with concern. "We'll do our best to protect him Lily, I guess that's all we can do." Was James tired reply.

Harry didn't understand why he wasn't mentioned in their conversation. He counted. "Grandpa Albus talked about Junior. Mommy talked about Junior. Daddy talked about Junior. Then where's Harry?" the small child didn't understand. But that matter was quickly forgotten as he hopped on to play with his brother, junior.

Today is Harry's and junior's birthday everyone was preparing a surprise. When it was time for the big surprise Lily quickly got Junior dressed up. Harry tried to get her attention but it was no use.

"-Sighs-th..That's okay mommy, I can get dressed by myself" Harry smiled and quickly got himself dressed.

"Happy Birthday Harry!" junior held out a small box to Harry. Harry smiled at his brother. He putted Junior's present in his pocket and quickly went to get his present that he had prepared for Junior.

"Junior, what are you doing here. Shouldn't you be down stairs already, come on" with that James picked up junior and went down stairs.

Harry was shocked, didn't his dad see him or something. He shook his head vigorously. He didn't have the chance to give his present to junior yet. So he put them on Junior's bed with his card lying besides it instead. He walked down stairs to find that his mom, his dad, uncle Moony, uncle Pad foot, uncle Worm tails and his friends were singing Happy Birthday to Junior.

'Why does mommy and daddy, not wait for Harry, Harry don't understand.' tears started to fall from those eyes and Harry started to cry. He decided to run and hide in his bedroom.

"Why are you crying?" Harry looked up for a tiny voice and saw a wolf cub with dark brown furs and big blue eyes, and a beautiful white snake with green patterns along its sides slithering beside the wolf cub.

":sniffs: mommy and daddy don't love Harry anymore." and more tears starts flowing from the boy's eyes.

"Aww.. Please don't cry, you are a big-boy aren't you? Aren't boys supposed to be brave?" The wolf cub distracted Harry from his cries. "Brave?" Harry looked at them with interest.

"Yess..ss." the snake replied.

"I'm Marine and this is Silver" the wolf cub AKA Marine introduced herself to Harry without not forgetting to mentioned her friend Silver, the snake.

"You can call me S..S..Sil." the snake hissed.

":sniffs: where did you guys come from?" Harry asked

"We were traveling in our town and god knows what dragged us here." Marine replied thoughtfully. Suddenly someone came through the door.

"Hi, Harry" Harry turned to see it was uncle worm tail. He looked around to find that Marine and Sil weren't around anymore. "Uncle Peter what are you doing here?" Harry stared at his uncle waiting for an answer.

"I didn't see you down stairs so.. Umm I want you to come and meet somebody with me. "Harry gave his uncle a questioning look "where to?" "To see a friend of mine." Peter held out his hands.

'I heard mommy told Junior to never leave the house with strangers but uncle Peter isn't a stranger and mommy never told Harry. I think it's alright.' Uncle Peter was walking out of the door.

"Umm Uncle Peter could you wait outside? I need to go get something." he closed the door and quickly ran back into his room and asked for Marine and Silver.

"Are you two still here?" Harry asked quietly. Both of them appeared out of no-where. "We're still here!" both of them chanted.

"How did you hide so fast?" Harry asked a bit amazed as he was grabbing the present that Junior gave him.

"We didn't go anywhere silly." Marine chirped. "We could transform ourselves into objects. As the man came in we just transformed ourselves. I'm a pin and Sil over there can turn into a necklace." She explained.

Harry putted Junior's present in his pocket. "Would you like to come with me?" Harry asked a bit afraid that both of them would decline the question.

"Of course we will come with you! That's what friends are for, right?" and they quickly turned themselves into objects and attached themself with Harry. Harry smiled. His heart was filled with warmness. At least there are some people who still cares about him. Harry opened his bed room door facing his uncle who was waiting for him.

"Who were you talking to in there, Harry?" Peter asked the child. "Just talking to my friends. Let's go uncle peter." Harry said that without knowing that this was going to be his last day of ever seeing his parents or Junior again.

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