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"Then you won't mind taking the Veritaserum Mr. Evans?" Professor Potter (James) asked. Harry glared back and suddenly a gripped was made to his chin forcing him to open his mouth by Professor Black who quickly poured in the veritaserum.

Chapter 10: Of New Members and Deaths?

Hermione was beaming in triumph at her idea while Harry was coughing out some of the potion, since he was choked from being forced to drink it.

"Well since the potion is in effect. How about we start with the questions?" Professor Snape questioned as Harry became quiet and his eyes were staring blankly. He noticed that Malfoy was nowhere in sight.

"Who ARE you?" Professor Potter asked first.

"My name is Lucas Thomas Evans." was the flat reply.

"How do you know many types of magic? From what I heard from Professor Severus, you even know some wandless magic." Lily asked with curiosity.

"I learned them through a lot of practice," a simple reply came from the green-eye boy.

"Who taught you then?" This time, it was Professor Remus who asked as he stepped forward to be in front of Harry.

"My uncle, Thomas Evans," Harry replied as he kept his grinning face under the mask. Everyone would surely think that the person in front of them is telling the truth, when the truth was that Harry James Potter is not as much of a fool as to spill his deepest and darkest secrets just because of some potion.

Remus knew Harry was lying, but he never thought that Harry was able to pull his way out of the Veritaserum; he couldn't deny that this was somewhat expected coming from the dark lord's successor would be able to do.


Harry was collecting his books and, after packing all his belongings, he pulled out a small bottle; inside was a bubbling purplish substance. Harry lifted the bottle against his lips and gulped down the potion in one shot.

Harry shuddered at the bitter taste.

The Bubbling purplish potion was brewed by Rodolphus Lestrange. Harry sneered at the thought. He never liked the Lestrange family, especially Bellatrix. Rodolphus was Bellatrix's husband so he was wicked at potions- not falling far behind from Severus Snape himself, as they were, after all, in the same gang when attending Hogwarts. The potion's effect was to block the effect of the Veritaserum- it was a very difficult potion to make but Rodolphus never fails what Tom requests from him.

Harry decided it was time to leave; he closed the lamp and headed out of the library.

When Harry was leaving the library, he was waiting for the time when the D.A. will pick him up. He decided to leave the library late because he wanted his potion to have effect when given the Veritaserum.

As he was reaching the dorm a person grabbed him from behind and cast a spell on him. Harry was into a deep sleep. The person whispered a sorry and carried Harry to the Room of Requirements.

/end of flashback/

There was a small silence and Professor Dumbledore's eyes didn't show any glint of gladness- in fact they looked dull and he seemed to be lost in his thoughts until..

However the grey haired man was not convinced. "Very well then, Mr. Evans, are you the Phoenix?" Professor Dumbledore popped up the question, sure the boy in front of him was telling unexpected stories and making himself seem to be unconnected with the Dark Lord whatsoever.

Harry, who acted as he was under the Veritaserum, replied a simple answer, "No."

Everyone turned quiet and suddenly Cornelius Fudge, who seemed fidgety since arriving at the Room of Requirements, came in front of Harry and started to shake him roughly. "You are LYING! You MUST be the Phoenix!" Fudge spat out at Harry's face. "I Know YOU work for him! You're the reason why the others are not good enough!"

Lily gasped at the comment, "What do you mean by 'the others are not good enough'?"

Harry's hand was gripping on Fudge's sleeve as Fudge pulled himself away at Lily's comment. Harry ripped of one of the sleeves and appearing before everyone eyes was a dark mark on Fudge's left arm.

Albus Dumbledore quickly waved his wand and yelled, "Incarcerous!"; a rope was tied around Fudge and restrained him from moving.

"I will report him to be put into Azkaban." The headmaster stated as he stormed out of the Room of Requirements.

"You can't DO this to me! He intended for this to happen!" Fudge shouted as he tried wriggling to break free.

"Stop the nonsense, you traitor!" Sirius sneered.

Cornelius let out a loud laugh, "ME? A traitor?" he glanced to Severus Snape, "What about YOU, Severus? Aren't you a traitor as well? He will track you down and kill you!"

As Cornelius was cursing everyone and everything, Professor Dumbledore came in with the people from the ministry who then teleported Cornelius away to Azkaban.

Severus paled a bit from the comment Cornelius had shouted at him; Remus gave him a reassuring squeeze to his shoulder, making him feel some kind of relief. "Don't worry Severus, you'll be safe in Hogwarts," Lily gave him a reassuring smile.

"Well, that was.. unexpected." Hermione said with a shocked expression on her face.

"I always thought that there was something strange about Fudge, but it never occur to me that he was one of the followers," Ginny added her thoughts.

"Well, I guess since we now know for certain that he is not the Phoenix then we should invite him to the D.A. A boy with potential like him would be very useful. I'll be taking my leave and leave the rest to you." Professor Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Junior.. Ron," Lily called out. "Please take Mr. Evans back to the dorm."

"Would he remember any of this?" Ron asked his professors.

"Yes, Veritaserum just forces the person to speak the truth without their consent." Professor Snape answered thoroughly.

"Would he want to join us? I mean what we did to him was not really a nice welcome, if you ask me." Lily asked with concern in her voice.

"I'm sure he would love to Lily," Remus said with a smile, "After all, I'm sure Mr. Evans here would love to hang around with his fa…"the words didn't come out from the oath "Friends." Remus smiled again this time to Harry.

Harry was gritting his teeth at his professor's comment but had to keep it to himself.

Junior and Ron lifted Harry's arm onto their shoulders and start walking back to their dorm.

Meanwhile the others were still in the Room of Requirements.

"Well, at least we could catch one of Voldemort's followers," Sirius shrugged his shoulders from the comment. "That's what's important, right?"

"Look! An owl at the window," Fred and George Weasley said in unison as they pointed their fingers towards a long-eared owl, which had brown and whited feathers, with a note in its mouth.

Luna Lovegood turned the window locker, which made a 'click' sound, and pulled the window open to let the big bird in.

The owl flew to James as it dropped the letter into James' hands then quickly flew out of the window with a heavy flap by its wings.

"Who is it from, dear?" Lily eyebrows creased in curiosity as she stepped further to her husband.

James started to open the letter while Remus and Sirius walked behind their friends to see who sent the letter, "Hmm, it says;

Dear James Potter,

I am writing this letter to give you certain information about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name's successor, the Phoenix. He is a powerful wizard; I came across him murdering one of their traitors in Nocturne Alley last night. I came to warn you and Dumbledore's Army to be prepared and be careful, they are approaching.…"

"No one signed it?" Lily questioned, "This is peculiarly weird, and he or she knows about the D.A. too…" She eyed the letter suspiciously.

"Wait, Professor, the letter mentioned that the Phoenix was at the Nocturne Alley last night was it? Then surely Evans can't be the Phoenix." Hermione tapped her chin as she was thinking about yesterday night. "Because he was in the library, I saw him there until the library was closed; we walked back to the dorm together."

"What? I thought you weren't on good terms with him Hermione," Ginny tilted her head, a questioning look on her face.

Hermione averted her eyes from the younger red head. "Well… Sure we're not on 'good' terms but he did offer to walk back to the dorms together because it was late. You could say that he was being nice." She let out a small laugh, "I can be overprotective to Junior in certain times but I do realize that I was the childish one." She shrugged at her comment.

"So? Why did you still insist on using the Veritaserum then?" Cho, who was practically eavesdropping, asked in an annoyed voice. After all she was the one opposing Hermione's idea; Hermione rolling her eyes at Cho's comment.

"Just because he's being nice doesn't mean that we can trust him right away," Hermione replied while glaring back at Cho.

The two were cut off by Professor Remus saying, "That's enough from both of you. Everyone who's here we might as well at least practice some more magic before heading off to bed." With that, the professors start dividing their students into groups, teaching them to protect themselves with expelliarmus and the Patronus charm.

-On Harry's side-

Harry was starting to feel sleepy on the way back. 'Guess it can't block all effects,' He thought when both of his arms were occupied by Junior and Ron.

"Well mate, I'm sure you're happy that he's not the Phoenix," The red-head grinned at his friend. "and from now on, I promise I won't be overprotective to you when he's around."

Junior laughed at his friends comment and smiled back, "Yeah, I'm glad." He turned his face to look at Harry.

"You know Ron, He reminds me of Harry,"

The Weasley pursed his lips before saying, "You know he's.." Junior cut Ron off from finishing the sentence.

"He's NOT!" Junior sneered, "You know I hate it when people says that," Junior was mad because he knew what Ron was going to say and he didn't liked it.

Ron gave a quick nod, "Sorry mate, you know I didn't mean it in a bad way," He said sheepishly as there was an awkward moment between them.

When Junior saw the look on his friends face, he bowed his face in embarrassment and quickly apologized to his friend, "I..I'm sorry Ron when it comes to Harry.." The boy was giving his friend a reassuring smile.

Ron just shrugged and smiled back "I know Junior, don't worry 'bout it."

Harry's head was nodding up and down as they walk and he couldn't help but smile at his brother's reaction; protecting himeven when he's not around. 'Well, they did say blood is thicker than water,' Harry thought to himself.

After that, Junior changed the subject and they talked about quiddich and the upcoming finals. Harry was put on his bed as his lids seemed to feel very heavy; his eyes closed and the feel of his even breathing indicates that he was deep asleep.

Ron sat at the end of the bed and stretched his tiring arms. "Lucky mate, he got the whole room to himself." Ron said jokingly.

Junior laughed. "I'm sure the floor wouldn't fit six beds. Just the five of us is cramped enough."

"I know but, man, at least he could divide us to share this wicked room!" Ron looked around the room with a bit of jealousy at the space that Harry was given.

Both boys started to take there leave, Ron crossing out of the door first with Junior following. Junior was closing the door when he heard something rolling. His eyes caught a small glowing ball rolling towards him.

It gave him a familiar feeling, he decided to pick it up. He shook it as he knew it was one of a message ball but no message appeared. The back of his mind told him to keep it and Junior glanced towards the sleeping figure on the bed as he plopped the ball down to one of his pockets, seeing Harry was still fast asleep. Junior left the room with click sound of a closing door.

"Mission accomplish," Marine giggled to Sil and Sil grinned back at her as he swooped his tail to the wolf for a high five. After all they were the ones who rolled Junior's present to him. "Lucky for us..ss…ss that we hid well under the bed ss..ss.." Sil mentioned as he curled himself on Harry's bed.

"Agree-Haww," the wolf yawned as she started to curl herself on the floor and soon the two were dozing off to sleep.

As Saturday morning arrived, Harry woke up with a groan and lazily pulled up the covers to block the sun's light shining on his bed.

He was pulled out of the bed by Marine causing a loud… Thud! Harry groaned in pain as he rubbed his soring bottom. "Hey! What did you do that for!" He mumbled but woke up anyway.

"Harry Potter, do NOT forget to apologize to Draco if you see him, and it's time to wake up," Marine said to him with a glare.

Harry mumbled as his brows tied together in annoyance. "Fine… Fine." Harry didn't have a long and deep sleep for a long time; since he was living with Tom, he didn't have much sleep because he had to be alert at all times. It was like his brain was finally allowed to have the time to rest.

He dressed into his casual clothes, wearing a black t-shirt with fitted jeans and put on his usual sneakers. He headed for breakfast in the great hall.

The great hall didn't have many people and the professor's table had only a few people; there was Hagrid, professor McGonagall and professor Sprout sitting.

He headed to the Gryffindor table, there was hardly anyone there as well, and saw that the Golden Trio was nowhere to be found. Harry noticed Neville sitting alone so he decided to sit across the gloomy looking boy.

"What's up Neville?" Harry smiled at the gloomy boy in front of him. "You don't look so good." He said as he started with his toast.

Neville didn't utter a word and quickly left the table. "Was it something I said?" Harry mumbled as he continued with his breakfast.

Meanwhile, at Snape's classroom an owl appear with a letter. Dropping the letter, the owl flew out again.

Snape grabbed the letter and headed out to meet with the other professors -mainly James, Lily, Sirius and Remus- at the Hog's Head. 'Meeting at a pub this early…' Snape thought to himself. He was sure that they were not going to start for a drink.

The Hog's Head was managed by Aberforth Dumbledore, the headmaster's younger brother. Although both of them weren't on very good terms due to 'family issues', the younger brother did give his cooperation in helping the D.A. out.

At the counter were Sirius, Remus, James, and Lily. Severus plopped himself down beside his best friend -Lily- after he had said hi to everyone else.

Lily turned from her husband to Severus. "How's teaching Severus?" She asked with a smile as her green eyes shone brightly.

"It's been well, although Lily, I don't understand how your son can be so bad at potions… You were brilliant!" he turned to eye himself with Lily, then he glanced at the person next to her and said, "Oh, I forgot who he got that from." earning a small giggle from the woman.

"I heard that!" James snapped back. Lily put her hands between them to knock of the fight, jokingly saying, "Cut it out boys…"

"Years passed and you guys are still at each other!" Sirius laughed and Remus joining him.

While they were laughing jokingly towards each other, Severus started to open his letter. He read its context and folded it back in place.

Lily didn't want to pry in his personal business so she didn't ask anything, but Severus could see the curiosity in her eyes and said, "It's nothing Lily, just a mail about my purchase items for potions. I have to get it at the Three Broomsticks tonight."

Lily laughed sheepishly at her actions but knew she couldn't change her curiosity in everything.

After the five of them had their relaxing time, it became time for work, and they would meet and discuss certain things to help improve the D.A., including what their action plans for the upcoming month would be.

By the time they finished discussing and having fun along the way, it was already evening. Severus separated himself from the rest after they left the Hog's Head inn and went to the Three Broomsticks.

As he entered, he was greeted by Madam Rosmerta's big smile as she mentioned the person who appointed him was upstairs. Severus walked up the staircase to the second level of the inn and he entered the second room where he was appointed.

Inside, Madam Rosmerta's inn was nicely decorated, giving a warm feeling like the owner herself was embracing her guest. At the center was a small round table with comfortable looking chairs in front of the small fire place, to the left you could see two doors leading to the bedroom and the rest room.

Severus plopped himself down one of the chairs. Normally the delivery man would be waiting for him but as for today, he was nowhere to be found in the warm room.

As Severus was resting his eyes from another tiresome day, the door opened and…

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Before Severus knew what was going on, a flash of green light appears in front of his eyes, the last sight he saw before everything turned black.

To be continued….

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